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  1. Just heads up cuz i didnt know but press x on your selected perk in your big list of perks to unselect your perks to run without them for power moves. I doubt that makes total sense.
  2. There is 30 more with the additional chapters and going to be 6 more added tomorrow Mgs4 guns of the patriots nice job that's a lot of replays
  3. Yakuza kiwami that game kills me
  4. Has anyone seen the trophy list yet for the chapter?
  5. I am quite surprised to see such a dialogue heavy game. Havent seen anything similar since mass effect, at least that i can remember. Loads times are terribly rough though. Enjoying the game so far, much better than i thought going in.
  6. I cant determine if this game is a healthy obsession or not. As it is now i almost only play it when a new chapter comes out.
  7. In the loading screen i think for contingency price explains how to end the war with a bigger bang. Shepard brushes him off cuz he needs the war. Then price goes on and cuts off the call when he doesn't hear what he wants to hear. That is the best explanation i know of for the original question on why price launches the missle.
  8. dead nation - that game drives me nuts not sure if I will ever finish that plat
  9. Hellblade - also got to say I love how you play games in order lol
  10. Any of those yakuza games I got Kiwami and got super burn out on those challenges.
  11. Currently working on battlefield bad company, Lego ninjago, and cod ww2
  12. I would say kingdom hearts or bayonetta.
  13. Fallout 3 - I am tying to get back into that one
  14. Idc to be honest just nice have a fun looking killer and new chapter. His gameplay looks great and her perks seem interesting. Can't wait to play this
  15. Until dawn - I can't wait to play that one