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  1. Thanks took about 5 tries but I got it
  2. I cannot find a purple relic for anything. Can someone please assist in where to farm and such?
  3. Thank you, it's been years since I played and couldn't figure it out.
  4. Thanks
  5. I am not sure how to get the lets fight trophy and basically the same trophy for mad dog in the completion list I have had Majima for his way into fights 10 times and mad dog Majima force his way in 5 times and I still can't get these trophies are they glitched or something?
  6. I cannot figure out how to play the playset. The only options I can find are for the toy box. I don't know if pieces are broken or what?
  7. Bloodborne - in my backlog just haven't got to it yet
  8. During the winter solstice they are very common it definitely takes longer than the guide says. Only maybe 1 box per level usually
  9. Battlefield bad company - such a great game
  10. A.c. unity plus dlc is free
  11. I would finish up dark souls remastered, then dark souls, then move on to dark souls 2 or nioh
  12. Witcher 3 - want to play that one some day
  13. Infamous first light - it's in my backlog I just can't get to it yet