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  1. @Lance_87 Once again you told your answer Next one ?
  2. @Martain2 Thanks a lot thank you for helping me.
  3. Memebers told me 2 or 3 sounds ship is not problem if it is 4 or more you gonna be flagged you can see this massage in first page of topic @TazDevilz1986 Not a reasonable answer.
  4. Where is the owner of this site ? I want him to be here now and i want to speak to him , these people are kid and they cant tell me a convincing word some say i cheated and some say i didnt cheated , so which justice you want me to believe ?
  5. You guys see those beards ? Because of how many hours i put to gaming i couldnt get a free time to cut them and now that you are saying to me i got max payne 3 trophies by using saves ?!
  6. I accept two of my sound shapes are cheated but for the max payne 3 you are wrong its full legit And you guys cant prove anything its cheated , if you dont believe me i play your max payne 3 too . @TazDevilz1986 http://xup.ir/images/23029717080109297121.jpg
  7. No evidence available Why would you turn it off ???
  8. Once again you told your answer Next one ?
  9. You are not a cheater with a hidden list huh ? you can't acuse me becauase you are cheater who knows every possible way to cheat , I can't waste my time here talking pep like u who think is a judge here do whatever you want cuz Im leaving this awesome site with awsome judges good luck @MMDE Thank you very much.
  10. @hBLOXs did you understand something you wrote???
  11. yes unfortunately I trusted @commodore for sound shapes because he said that's completely legal that's my fault, but those are only 2 of them and I didn't used any other cheat , If u don't believe me whatever , because I played mp3 ,deadspace and unlocked their trophies , but @hBLO says u cheated because he think my trophies unlocked like his dinglling cheats , why u don't ask him to show us his trophies if he is right
  12. I unload 2 games. ss Then will the matter be closed?
  13. no mp3 I did not copy to mp3 @TheYuriG There is no evidence in your hand.
  14. I swear I loyally told you.
  15. yes