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  1. would the minigame trophies be included in the ps5 version?
  2. as far as i know, you can only get the minigame trophies if you bought the old ps4 edition beforehand.
  3. dm me on psn/psnprofiles if you have a trophy world for the ps3 version of minecraft. cant have 100% on one platform without the other! (i already have 100% on the ps4 verion)
  4. unless you're going for the minigame trophies after bedrock came out you should be fine.
  5. You only need the base game trophies to get the (platinum). Getting all other 126 trophies is not required.
  6. 2 years later and still no replies. R.I.P.
  7. does anyone watch aphmau? if so, reply to this what you ship. my ships are in the spoiler of my signature. (NO EINMAU SHIPPERS PLZ)