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  1. Saints Row 2 Oblivion Soul Calibur IV Assassin’s Creed Lego Star Wars Saga
  2. Level 26 to 385
  3. Thank you I was able to move it with L2
  4. Just got done with tutorial and want to move on to different island however when I get into my raft I cannot move it. I get to the button to operate and it just sits there and I’ve tried pressing everything. Is there something I’m missing guys? Thanks
  5. Ok so I got 5 assists in my 2nd my career game (1st game they didn’t play me) with the lakers but didn’t pop. Do I need to advance further in the story? Only thing I did was change the quarter minutes from 5 min to 8 so not sure If that makes a difference. Let me know when you guys got yours
  6. Yeah the stats change for me every time I boot up the game
  7. I’ve been getting those gift card winner pop ups on this site lately also. Using iPhone and safari
  8. Ive had my PS3 for almost 2 years since Christmas 2009.
  9. Mine is 54.09%.
  10. Pretty good deal. Wish it had trophies though.
  11. I always keep all my games.
  12. Just wondering about it. Couldn't find anything about it.