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  1. I just unplugged the hard drive and it's just like before, very good. It must be the hard drive... I don't get how some people have the same one but it doesn't lag for them.
  2. Its 5400 RPM and I never had this problem before. The cable is 3.0 as 2.0 is not compatible I think. I I just want to fix it I'll unplug it later I also bought it in Argos so I don't know if I can return it?
  3. I think it happens in the XMB too and it doesn't only lag on the external hard drive all the other games lag too. Any solutions what I can do?
  4. Hello, recently I bought a 2TB Seagate Rescue Edition Hard drive. The first day it worked like a charm but the second my controller started to lag. When I press a button it recognises it 10 seconds later. I cannot play any game like this. It happens every 2 minutes I'd say.