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  1. If I recall correcly, the Zero series has a different timeline and story-wise it is darker and more mature than any other Mega Man series. I guess there is no problem starting with Megan Zero and play the collection in the natural or release order. Answering your question, yes, you can play only Zero/ZX collection and fully enjoy the story of that saga. With that said, I hope you enjoy it and pick up more Mega Man games after that!
  2. Good job, congrats! Certainly a platinum to be proud of, hopefully Im joining you there in the upcoming weeks!
  3. Yes, way easier.
  4. I can see it happening and I would love it so much! Fingers crossed.
  5. I want Dino Crisis 1 and 2 and a game called Jersey Devil. Anyone here remember this last one?! Lol
  6. I found it, thankyou!
  7. I just realized there is a new trophy set for HiQ Ace which is called HiQ Ace Deluxe. In which ps store is this trophy set available? Is it paid DLC or is it free? Anyone knows?
  8. Great, thankyou for the info, it was really helpful!
  9. I will play the ps5 version first as well. Do you recommend things like leaving 1 Kodama or hotspring for the collectable trophies? Or can I just play and 100% everything including all DLCs in Way of Demon?
  10. Typical From Software list. I wonder how hard or time consuming will be the "acquiere all..." trophies. I hope everything can be done in one playthrough and a couple backups before the 3 endings. I would embark on this journey soon if so, otherwise I would wait a bit because I have played many Souls games recently. Great list overall, probably everything can be done offline and this is one of the things I love the most in FS lists: plattable forever.


    Now that my Demon's Souls journey is finally over, I can sit down and rest...




    Not before I make another Gravity Rush reference, though, with my 6.000 trophy milestone!

  12. Haha, I have the exact same amount!
  13. I just saw a trophy cabinet of a non-premium member with 10 trophies. Anyone knows if this happens when  people transfer their premium membership to another profile (by contacting Sly, for example) or was it a change Im not aware of? I hope it was a change, I think everyone deserves to display 10 trophies in the cabinet.

    1. kevao97


      Tem o plano de assinatura de 1 ano e o plano lifetime. Depois de expirar o 1 ano, os troféus continuam organizados no cabinet.

    2. GravityQueeen


      Ah, então é isso! Valeu pela resposta xD

  14. Yeah, I personally only found matches on Europe and Australia (bots). I didn't get a single match in NA server for instance, it would search forever and wouldn't match me with AI.
  15. Oh no! So @Caterpillar91needs to change the thread's title again... Are these trophies now broken easy to get once they fix it at least?