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  1. Wow, so I have one viewer already lol Thanks The speedrun trophy doesnt have to be in one sitting. It is ingame time, not real world by any means. I reaload and retry many times, especially on stage 4 because the boss glitches if you use the special. So I guess the speedrun trophy only pops if you face Corruption. Damn! When I got the trophy my time was 57 with Gabriel's ending and 58 with Corruption. Sadly the time I recorded it was 59 minutes with corruption. Im currently writing the trophy guide and will mention you regarding the bad ending, ok? Im putting the difficulty as 7. What do you think since youve done the speedrun?
  2. When the speedrun trophy didnt pop, were you doing the neutral ending? It didnt pop to me when I did the neutral ending, I had to do the "You died before my eyes" for it to pop. Please try it again and tell us if it works. What a discovery youve done regarding the bad ending! I got it once naturally the first time I played but I was having a hard time to get it again. Me and a friend were sure that beating the game in coop mode and getting the good ending had glitched this ending. I had experienced all the glitches you mentioned, even the desert area but I cant remember how I triggered that.
  3. It is good to see Ubisoft announcing the Just Dance games shutdown with a full year in advance. The games have grindy online trophies but there's plenty of time to get it done.
  4. You know what? Gonna be happy again, right now, hygge!

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      Early happy birthday 🎂 

  5. Yeah, I need this information as well. Does the skip work on version 1.0? Also can someone detail how to do the skip? In which screen we can double tap L1 and R1? Edit: ok, now I have the information: EU version on patch 1.1 has this feature of skipping stages, what makes the speedrun a breeze (need downgrading though since it is currently version 1.2), NA version was launched without the feature cause it is already par with the EU version, the only existent version in NA is 1.0 ,só no downgrading thus NA is very, very hard but still possible. The secret is dying at long enemy encounters right away, this is the only possible way and gotta be done on easy difficulty. Thanks to @Dark_Overlord for providing this info.
  6. I'm hyped for Deathverse as well! I think it is gonna be good, it reminds me of Drawn to Death which was a game I loved to the bones. I have a taste for the gore, cartoonish and weirdness! Haha Let it Die was the most enternaining game I played in recent years. I think I only stopped because the trophy hunter side of me obbliged or I simply wanted to put a meaningfull end, Idk. Anyways I see you in Deathverse?! Ah, just a tought: reading "spin-off" in your post I thought this for the first time: is Let it Die 2 a thing? Damn, never tought about it, but, dude!, how I want it now!
  7. Nice words! The DLC guide is perfect indeed. Kamas is god tier. So, about the naked fighters, a lot of the times they wont never get knocked out because they were not set to defend (by the other player), this is a hidden mechanic I think the game has, and thus if they are naked and without any weapon these fighters probably were not assigned to defense. This is what I believe and I got this mindset by raiding hundreds of naked/unnarmed players. But of course this is questionable once there is no oficial information and I believe in you, but I Wonder if the naked and unnarmed fighters you knocked out were set to defend, it is rare but it happens. Finishing up: I think the mechanic I mentioned exists but sometimes you will knock down naked/unnarmed fighters that were manually set to defend. What do you think, @Gr4de_04 ?
  8. Hey there! My most recent platinums were very enjoyable and only good games, starting with Plat # 136: Shantae and the Seven Sirens (ps5) The Shantae series is one of my all time favorites, and with the latest entry it was no exception, and that is why I made this game my 100th platinum one year ago. But, by playing the game again, twice on the ps4 to get the free DLC trophies and twice on ps5 to amass the 100%, I started loving it way more than I did back then! I love, for example, that this time the TRANSFORM!ation is done by simple inputs, like the squid transformation that is basically a double-jump, or the drill form activated by pressing down on sand surfaces. What about the boss battles? Amazing! And they got tougher than when the game was first launched by the way, sweet. Trophy-wise this Shantae is no different, requiring speedruns at any % and at 100%, a couple miscelaneous ones and one trophy for collecting all monster cards, which is the most noticeable incrementation, what adds some variety and playstyle. The writing here is superb as always, the game is reaaaaaaly charming. Love you, Shantae! Plat # 137: Everybody's Golf Damn! I don't even know how to begin with or how to express how I adored this one. I bought it in 2019, it was my birthday, me and my wife were at the shopping mall and the game was only 20 bucks here in Brazil, where the games range from 100 to 250 mostly, basically a steal. I bought it without even knowing golf rules, let alone terms like par, birdie, eagle and so on. During these years that the game rested in my shelf, I always had it in mind but always postponing it. Here and there my dear friend and golf enthusiast @OJ9999vr would ask me when would I play it, and I finally started it due to the upcoming server shutdown. It took me a month and about 150 hours of play. It was the kind of game that stuck with me and everything I did was especial. I wish the servers would stay for longer because there is a solid community built around the game. I love sports games when they are cartoonish and cute like this one. And hard and huge like this one! Here goes my platinum video: Plat # 138: Tomb Raider (ps3) I have skipped the ps3 era but I am having a blast with my ps3 everytime I turn it on. It was the third time I got the platinum in the Tomb Raider reboot, but first time getting it on ps3. I did the multiplayer in january and got the campaign trophies recently. I think Tomb Raider is special to me because it was the franchise my mother was always playing when we had the ps1 in early 2000's and ps2 after that. I inherited Lara from her 🤗 And plat # 139: Jump Force Another game whose announced shutdown worried me, Jump Force was a weird experience. At first I liked, even being a 3D fighting game which is something I avoided at all costs in my life, but then the campaign was extremely boring, I even skipped dialogue and cutscenes (it is a crime, dude!) but I guess it isn't here, then there was a difficulty spike in the story mode and I hated it, only to understand things better and like it a little more. Once done with the online and story, there were the free missions, where most of the platinum journey consists of. Tons of missions to do and plenty of S ranks to acquire, what isn't particularly hard until you reach very hard difficulty. That was when I felt burned out, but I sticked to the trophy guide here and boom!, platinum achieved, right when it was becoming a real chore to me. I think I should have approached the game like wanting to play a good fighting game (the game is good) or like an anime fan or whatever. Not like a rushed and non-skilled trophy hunter as I did. But in the end I really ended up liking it. And my custom character was inspired by Shantae!
  9. I think the game is safe for now and will not shutdown without a warning. I would say go for it! Tera is a joy to play, I had a blast playing with my Brawler character, I remember taking so many screenshots of my adventures Lol
  10. That is a good idea, I would like to see it implemented and would love to scroll profiles searching only for ps1 games, for example. I want to see anything new happining, ANYTHING. What is being proposed actually sounds like a standard thing from now on, just like it was necessary a secondary tag for VR games back then, and specially if the number of these legacy titles increases.
  11. If I recall correcly, the Zero series has a different timeline and story-wise it is darker and more mature than any other Mega Man series. I guess there is no problem starting with Megan Zero and play the collection in the natural or release order. Answering your question, yes, you can play only Zero/ZX collection and fully enjoy the story of that saga. With that said, I hope you enjoy it and pick up more Mega Man games after that!
  12. Good job, congrats! Certainly a platinum to be proud of, hopefully Im joining you there in the upcoming weeks!
  13. Yes, way easier.
  14. I can see it happening and I would love it so much! Fingers crossed.
  15. I want Dino Crisis 1 and 2 and a game called Jersey Devil. Anyone here remember this last one?! Lol