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  1. Mine is GoldenEye! Tina Turner is "simply the best". The same applies to the N64 masterpiece.
  2. It is unobtainable right now, unless you had at least 2 flags from wars and is willing to buy a DLC containing 10 flags. It is possible to get only 8 offline flags.
  3. You can see that on psn statistics people have unlocked the plat, so it is achievable, but this game has close to zero owners and I suspect that maybe only the developer team (Mandragora) have platted it. It is just hard and very, very time consuming. Well, I own the account MagnnaCentipede (my NA tester account) which is currently on top of leaderboard, I stopped "testing" Freaky Awesome when I reached the point of unlocking challenges, so I know eventually "On the razor's edge" will be unlocked. One trophy that still worries me is the one for completing the viscera location because, damn it, I completed it dozens of times, including 100%ing it, but I guess it will be unlocked at some point. I plan on starting Freaky Awesome on this account still this year. Good luck to anyone starting it, though, it is no joke trophy-wise. PS.: "Matters of the Heart" might be bugged. I reached the point where beating the game doesnt unlock anything, I completed all challenges and nothing. If I discover anything I will share information.
  4. The fastest way to get rank S is starting any travel quest and selecting return to base, just keep doing it until you are done. The rank is increased by completing quests, entering and then leaving a travel quest counts as quest clear. Congrats for the upcoming plat!
  5. @minh2t and @Obscure_Ale thankyou for the valuable hints! Gonna invest everything into VIT and AGI for my valkyre. 😄 Be carefull with cloud save exploit, guys. I mean, I got 20 flags and the trophy, but after messing with cloud save, trying to hire @Dragon-Archon valkyre, switching factions and all, I ended up with only 18 flags! And the last story mission I did was erased, had to do it again . Dont know exactly what happened, but I decided to stop with save manipulation. Well, just be carefull, ok? And lets get our plat in the upcoming days or weeks, right!? Lol
  6. Got "Short Sights"! Yaaayyy Lol Curiously I havent used paladins or valkyries for any trophy so far! But this morning I started growing a valkyre named Penelope Haha So, for the 99hit combo trophy any valkyre at max lvl would do the job? I already have a lvl 99 witch with Chase Down. Im not in the mood to mess up with class up... Ps.: not risking even a 1 day contract to hire a valkyre now.
  7. Just passing to give a huge thankyou to @Dragon-Archon and everybody else helping with information! Sometimes we gotta love the community, right? So, looks like the flags are the real deal. Personally, I have 4 (the one from the beggining and 3 from the old guy at the plaza), with the game running until September 30th or October 1st I will get more 10 or 11 flags, which means Im safe, considering those 6 flags from infiltration quests and 1 from achieving rank S. If there is anyone afraid of not getting the 20 flags, I would say just go for it!, even if you need to buy the DLC flags. Im loving the game and I definitely recommend it! Ps.: I'd like to remember that we actually don't know if getting 20 flags will be unobtainable once server closes. My guessing is "no", I think the menu "go the the capital" will remain there, and so will the old fellow at the plaza lol
  8. No, JD 15 is by far the most grinding. But, honestly, theres no JD without a grinding aspect: reach lvl 100, buy everything with Mojo, etc. I'm not complaining, though, it is really enjoyable getting into any Just Dance I recommend coming back to the franchise If you are wondering that. Everything got so much better and, aside JD 2017, the games got a little bit easier as well.
  9. Haha Exactly, JD 14 and 15 are unobtainable plats since November 2018. Me too, I have played hundreds of hours of JD 2015, reached lvl 5000 online but servers closed before I could get the 6 monthly mash-ups (available from October to March). I still remember how frequently Katy Perry's "Birthday" was played at the World Dance Floor!
  10. Nice topic. The longest plats I have ongoing are Just Dance games, 2018 (this one I will be done with in no time) and especially 2017. Any JD version released before 2019 version is no joke trophy-wise: all being ultra-rare plats, extremely tough and time-consuming.
  11. Don't buy it! DLC is region locked. I have a physical EU Gravity Rush 2 and I had to create an european account only to download its free DLC.
  12. I voted in Borderlands 3! I would love a physical copy if I were the winner. Good luck everybody Great giveaway!
  13. Nice of you sharing this link with the soundrack 👍 And I totally agree with you about Q*bert having a really high volume, dude, the sound is so loud! As soon as I read your comment I remembered myself many times looking for the TV control to lower the volume.
  14. I just platted it (NA version) and I would rate it a 4, 4.5 if possible. Its not hard at all, just need some practice and information. There are 3 gold trophies that might pose some challenge, but even these becomes very doable with the useful videos available on YouTube.
  15. Hello, PooPooBlast What did you enjoyed the most: Gravity Rush 2 or Remastered? And who is the sexiest: me (!) or Raven? Are you going to finish Borderlands 2? Will eventually play Pre-Sequel and BL3? See ya mate 👍 Edit: once youre current lication is "Living on the Edge", wanna know if you are a huge Aerosmith fan as I am. If so, list your top 3 albuns and top 3 songs. Also: Tyler or Perry?