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  1. Already done with the faction tasks?! Impressive! I agree with you, Rad is too repetitive. My biggest gripe so far is that the raider's camp on 1-2 seems too rare, it never spawns for me. After being on my wishlist, and then on backlog, I finally started Rad two weeks ago, but got disappointed right away: I tought the game was ugly, didnt like combat and the gameplay at all, the narrator... It started as a terrible experience once I was coming from another roguelike that I loved: Going Under. But after a week of struggling or avoiding playing it for long, Rad kinda "clicked on me", I no longer think it is a bad game, it is good and can be fun, but it loses its flavor too fast due to repetition. Yesterday I beat de-made style having acquired tape-worm endomutation X5, what was totatally useless combatwise! Now Im going for tasks and tome completion.
  2. Ah, got It, thank you, @Joe Dubz Next time I play this mode I gotta be more careful then. Great guide by the way!
  3. Hello, Arcesius Are you enjoying Rad? What do you think of it? You know the club that does higher damage, the Mega-Leg, do you understand the description: "More damage as long as you don't make a snack on it"? Does it mean as long as enemies don't drop meat? I was playing de-made with it and realized the meat of the weapon was gone, it had only the bone. I wonder if the weapon heals you and then loses its damage. Anyway good luck with Rad! (We kinda need it 😂)
  4. I'm having the same issue, can't add ps5 Overcooked! to my chart, I'm logged in with my phone and my subscription is fine. And earlier today I saw some ps plus games in my library with the locked icon, even though my avatar was always with the plus icon. This is a huge problem. Edit: okay, I logged out of the store, logged in again, it seems that doing this fixed the problem. But considering I saw the lock on the plus titles earlier it is clear that PS Plus is behaving weirdly, this is unacceptable.
  5. I am a...





    1. Otonio_Bruno


      Vampire Killer & Bloody Tears are such iconic game music. I love Banjo Guy Ollie version of both Vampire Killer:


    2. GravityQueeen


      Wow, that is awesome! Banjovania??

    3. FreshFromThaDeli


      This theme is up there along with Bloody Tears for best Castlevania music. 

  6. Ending my Castlevania madness month, I have # 107 It was a pretty nostalgic and challenging experience! I have played SoftN on ps1 and Dracula X (Rondo) on psp. Rondo by the way was very frustrating, but I love it. This month I was working a lot, but also playing as much Castlevania games as I could, including the Anniversary Collection which I like even more than this collection. The very first Castlevania is my favorite. I'm excited for the upcoming GBA collection, but at the same time it will be a lame because I know Konami wont include the DS games. I guess the Vampire Killer can rest for a while Lol
  7. Masterpiece
  8. Fingers crossed for Dawn of Sorry as well. The Nintendo DS was superb and had amazing Castlevania titles.
  9. Start a new account. If you are unhappy with your completion rate and overall account, start over, no point in chasing all those unearned trophies in games you might not own or care about. Pick a nice ID, play your favorite games again, aim for fun.
  10. Thank you! "I tried everything" 😂😂
  11. How do I input password in Castlevania 2 Simon's Quest? Im at the "Start game/ password" screen, but I cant move the cursor to password. Im suppose to hit select button (as it used be with old games), but how do I do it with ps4? Tried everything.
  12. It was hard, it was glitched, but I got it!




    Good night!



  13. 9Lb5fd82.png


    "Get only good moves or better in a song". Finally got this out of the way! Thanks to my friend Rakan for pointing out that Starships alternate version was the easier song to do it with move controller.


    Now going once again for the last trophy I can achieve in JD 14, "Just Dance Universe" (5 star all songs), which is both hard and glitched. Wish me good luck! 




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    2. GravityQueeen


      Thanks, I Hope so too.

    3. kindajustin


      Aww did they shut down servers locking you out of one online trophy and the platinum? That's so painful to see, but I really hope you're able to knock the 5 stars trophy outta the way!

    4. GravityQueeen


      Yes, it happened to me with JD 14 and 15, but the trophy for liking a video on 14 was already broken due to JD TV not working.

      The 5 status trophy is really glitched and  apparently requires: not creating a dancer card (profile), 5-starring all main songs from left to right, not buying anything with Mojo... and so on! It is so delicate that this time I'm even playing offline. 


      "5 stars trophy"

  14. So, right now there are only 20 upcoming events? The exact amount needed for the trophy? Is there any chance of an event not being registered in your profile? Do I need any DLC to play these events?
  15. PS4 launch trailer: It looks great, Mega Man-inspired playstile and soundtrack, lovely.