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  1. I'm in. Cheering for my beloved Brazil!
  2. So glad I bought the lifetime premium membership! Faster profile updates, no more adds - thank God 🙏 - and, to be fancy, Kat now fits in my trophy cabinet! 

  3. The best tool you already have, which is enjoying the game. I think it is essential When it comes to approach, I would suggest leaving the 3 hard trophies for last: 3 - "Speedrunner" is the easier one, do it first and use the shortcuts you are confortable with. If you struggle with certain shortcut, simply don't do it. There is plenty of room for errors, believe me. 2 - "100% Run" is no joke! Sometimes it is wise to slow down and make sure you collect all fragments. In my first attempt I lost one single fragment and it was very frustrating. My advice is completting the run even if you miss a fragment, next time pay more attention where you missed it. 3 - "Cautious" has one secret: on those tiny stairs don't jump, simply run and the dancer will cross it. Maybe selecting what is the worst level for you right of the back is a good strategy. Complete a run even if you die. Practice is the only way to go. I'm cherring for you! Youre gonna get it for sure.
  4. I pick Far Cry Primal. Would be glad to add Full Throttle Remastered too! Double Fine is awesome.
  5. Hi there, trophy hunters! This time I bring some really good stuff. # 18 - Metal Slug Anthology I have a lot of good memories from playing this series on arcade, ps1 and ps2. Metal Slug is known for beeing a fun solo or coop one hour experience, for its huge mechanical bosses, for the tanks, and for its difficulty. The ps4 version of Metal Slug Anthology is a ps2 port, it performs no different than the original. I don't think the lag is awful as some people say; the first game has a noticeble lag, though, but it's not that bad and it didn't affected my enjoyment, especially when you get used to it. Wanna add this platinum to your collection? Well, prepare yourself for this bullet hell of a collection! Man, you will have to beat the 7 games using no more than 5 continues in each one. But you can take Metal Slug 6 of the list: it's a piece of cake playing as Ralf, on easy. I love Metal Slug, it was revolutionary, it's still one of the best within it's genre. I reccomend you to challenge yourself and have fun with this war parody; the platinum is hard but doable for everyone willing to perfect this classic SNK franchise. Allen O'Neil and his big machine gun are waiting for you (I love that dude!, he is a normal guy trying do to do his job, you know? He has a family and even so you kill him everytime... You and the orca!). # 19 - Axiom Verge Kinda cult, isn't it? Well, my expectation with this one-man-project was very high, but I have mixed feelings about this one. Personally, I think Axiom Verge is overestimated a bit; it is a decent experience, about average or slightly above. Maybe a Metroid clone with less soul or personality; don't take me wrong, though, the game was made with passion and is certainly a love letter to Samus Aran. The thing is, I didn't like, for example, the weapons: there are many weapons, with only a few beeing memorable or fun to use. The soundtrack became annoying to me when backtracking that much. Combat gets boring easily. The game should have featured more bosses. It's an easy platinum, by the way. The speedrun shake things a bit and it gets interesting. If I would review the game, I would give a 7/10, because in the end Axiom Verge is classic and has its moments, especially when it comes to the world lore and art style. It is good, but it is not that fun. It's cult, I guess! # 20 - Bound The trophy guide in this website says it is a "highly coveted" platinum. Fancy, uh? I'm so glad I managed to complete it! I saved it for my 20th platinum milestone because I was intending to challenge myself with this beautiful indie game, and because it features a female protagonist (I'm on a campaign of "female protagonist milestones" thing; maybe because I based my ID in Gravity Rush, Kat... I don't know! I'm a boy and I'm not feminist or anything like that, I just like female characters ^^). Bound is one my favorite games now; honestly I don't understand why it got medium to bad scores. Bound has everything I enjoy in a game: pretty, artistic graphics; perfect gameplay, platforming; great level design, with unconceivable shortcuts; amazing soundtrack; a story with blanks that the player can fill; and a speedrun mode! Its uniqueness is really impressive. I call it a feat in modern gaming and I thank Plastic Studios and Santa Monica for that. How many games with a ballet dancer protagonist have you played? And she dances to extinguish her fears. She is trying to overcome her past, her childhood, but only you can decide what she will do next. It's a psychological narrative and it's all about gravity (always wanted to say that! because... You know, Gravity Queen reference? Joke?). I praise Bound for what it is, and perhaps it is not for everyone. I must say, though, that the difficulty is somewhat overestimated. A very good player may call it a 7 in terms of difficulty, I give it a fair 8. Anyway, it is not the 9 or even the 10 you might have heard out there. Part of me want you to never try this game out, because I don't want my rarest trophy becoming more common... The other part of me, well, the other part is very proud for playing Bound ❤️.
  6. Don't use numbers. Use capitals only in the beginning of each word. Don't triple the e's as I did (E3 reference if you ask me). If you are a boy optting for a female name, or vice versa, make sure you don't mind beeing called that way. And most important: live up to your new psn name!
  7. Pausing freezes the time, dont worry. But I think you wont need to watch guides when youre ready to do the speedrun. You will know every ins and outs, getting goog at Bound is unovoidable for the platinum. Youre gonna get it! Its a beautiful game, enjoy it.✌️
  8. Thankyou for answering. And thanks for this HUGE giveaway. Im gonna cheer for my country, Brazil! Am I participating already? If Brazil wins, do I win the premium membership?
  9. Do I have to pay to enter the contest? I mean, if my team or group doesnt win the World Cup. Sorry for not understanding it. I would participate because I really need the lifetime premium membership, but I have no ways to give psn cards and I cant use PayPal. I think I would give another chance to Brazil.
  10. Alien: Isolation is awesome! Maybe a hidden gem. I got the platinum on it twice, counting with my prior account. I did only one playtrhough this time, but already knowing the game was essential. I could have gotten a better time on it, but it was in the middle of "planning a milestone", wich was Gravity Rush 2 as 10th platinum by the way. I definitely support the idea of a 10h platinum walkthrough; it would benefit a lot of gamers.
  11. Good luck with your trophy hunting and keep up working on the checklist! Nice writing, too. 😉 PS: Limbo isnt that hard, its only intimidating. Watch a "less than 5 deaths run" on YouTube and youre gonna get the "No point in dying" trophy.
  12. Good evening, trophy hunters. I still have a bunch of platinums to cover, so let's continue. 😌 # 15 - The Evil Within 2 "And as I try to make my way / To the ordinary world / I will learn to survive" - Oh boy, I was so hyped for this game, watching the trailer with this Duran Duran beautiful cover, back in 2017 during last E3. As a hardcore fan of the original, I waited the sequel for years. Then the game launched on October 13th, a perfect friday!, but it disappointed me so much. There's no denying it's still a good game, but so much of what I love in The Evil Within was gone. The new level design isn't as creative, except for some big open areas people probably will enjoy more than I did. Ah!, and now there are sidequests (I'm still laughing/crying about this idea). There are no memorable bosses like Laura and The Keeper. Did you think Sebastian was slow in the first game? Well, prepare to control an even slower Sebastian. This is probably my biggest conplain about the game: normal walking is so slow that when you max upgrade your crouched walking, you'll never stand up again! I mean it: Sebastian is faster crouched than walking normally. The protagonist has more stamina now, but it regenerates about ten times slower than in the previous game; and if enemies are aware of you, it depletes really fast. It didn't help that Sebastian's voice actor was changed, neither the fact that Shinji Mikami wasn't the director this time around, he was the executive producer (Dark Souls 2 comes to mind; now I understand why a lot of fans didn't enjoyed it much, Hidetaka Miyazaki wasn't the director because he was in charge of Bloodborne). Dude, I can't stand none of this. In the other hand, I can imagine people enjoying the sequel more than the original, because it is definitely easier, and I'm not referring to Akumu (which I miss by the way, hated my Classic Mode playthrough). The Evil Within 2 has no traps. And, God, I guess I miss even the sniper dudes from the first game! From this point, I think anybody can assume that I wanted the same The Evil Whitin from 2014, and it is possibly the truth. But in the end I still think it lacks the soul, the feeling, the objectivity, the fun of the first one. I said it all! 😡 PS.: My frustration aside, it's still great, sometimes really fun, sometimes The Evil Within. # 16 - Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Who doesn't like it? Who doesn't love Lara Croft? I like her so much, especially this rebooted and more human Lara, that I dedicated some of my trophy milestones to this character. I only have positive things to say: the campaign is so much fun; beautiful graphics (and Lara 😻); good story; perfect gameplay. The Yamatai island is rich in details, a lot of things to do, tombs to explore, hazards to face. This time around I was quickly done with the multiplayer, it took me about a day and half to farm all required experience to reach level 60. I am very good at grinding, must say my secret weapon is called Spotify and I loaded it with good rock and pop ammunition: Aerosmith, Billy Joel, Linkin Park, Rihanna, Katy Perry and so on! Haha, within your hours of Tomb Raider multiplayer you can listen every album of most of your favorite artists. Fun fact: my mother's favorite franchise is Tomb Raider. She has beaten every single ps1 and ps2 game, and she isn't even a gamer like us. Can you believe it?! When there was a boss too tough for her, she used to call me and I had to learn the controls fast and beat the boss for her. I remember beating a pair of shielded centaurs back in the ps2 era. # 17 - Rise of the Tomb Raider A stellar follow-up to 2013 reboot, no doubt about it. The game looks and runs so beautifully in my 4 years old ps4, can't even imagine how it would look in a ps4 pro. A lot of Lara's past is revealed; the way the story is told makes her believable and lovable; and it's full of interesting side characters to like or dislike. The map is bigger now and has even more things to do, tombs to explore, animals to hunt for precious materials. When it comes to trophies, well, there are 125 of them if you aim for 100% completion, I can say it is a very enjoyable trophy list. The challenge of the platinum is getting all gold medals in Score Attack mode. The DLCs are fun to play and makes it an even bigger, better experience: "Endurance" and "Endurance Coop" is a brutal, tense challenge with the only bad thing beeing some glitched multiplayer trophies and that sometimes the servers aren't that reliable; "Baba Yaga" adds more missions to the core game and all of them are worth playing, especially because of Baba Yaga witch herself and her dirty tricks (hallucination); "Cold Darkness" puts you in a big map, facing a kind of zombie enemies while trying to escape and save the day; "Croft Manor" takes you to Lara's mansion in a journey to uncover her family's secrets and recover a testament, it's a nightmare setting with some cool puzzles to solve. I recommend Rise of the Tomb Raider to anyone, it's a 20 years celebration package that comes with all DLCs, tons of good stuff! Fun story: once, when I was a teenager, my mom was playing Tomb Raider Legend, or Anniversary, can't recall, but I know it was a ps2 game. She was shooting a big stone standing on a mountain, like that classic one from Indiana Jones, and I said: "Hey, mom, I'm going to the movies with a friend, ok? See you later." When I came back home, about 3 hours later, SHE WAS STILL SHOOTING THAT STONE! I said: "What?! You're still shooting at it! Let me try, give me the control." One minute later I found out Lara had a rope and you were supposed to pull that big rock with it, solving the puzzle. I tell this story to my friends and when I mention it to her, we use to laugh a lot of it! I am just like her: I never give up, even if the best I can do is shooting that damn rock for three hours straight.
  13. I dont think reporting is a feature only for Premium members because I can see the red phrase in other's people profile. But boy, I need to buy a Premium subscription! It explains everything, thank you!
  14. It is a game I have in my list, Drawn to Death, so they already were flagged and came clean of it. Both guys have double stacked it, must be some sort of exporting character progression between regions, I guess. One platinum looks legit, the stack looks like auto-pop, I think thats what happened. I probably was mistaken! Thanks for helping me and for the information 👍
  15. I looked for the "report" but there wasn't the option, and I think I know why: someone reported it already, and the person with the suspicious trophies had the chance to explain it and is now OK. Would it make future "reporting as ilegitimate" impossible? I wont go into details, but honestly I think I was wrong about those trophies beeing hacked. Need to be smarter and cautious in the future, dont wanna ruin someone who did nothing wrong... Im pretty sure where the "report as ilegitimate" is located now, but I will stay away from it unless I am 100% sure of cheating. But, then again, as @optimusmart said, in other words, is it even possible to know? Wouldnt blame someone telling me to worry about my own trophies right now.