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  1. Exactly! And not only "Thank You" works like that, but also collectibles like "Paperwork" and "Voyeur" require multiple playthroughs within a same save file, it is impossible to plat Erica in less than 5 playthroughs, most people (myself inclueded) will plat in 6 doing one or two runs blindly. All that without mentioning conflicting trophies, especially "We need to Talk" and "Traitor". 30 minutes no way.
  2. Demon's Tier + Reviewed by GravityQueeen As an indie lover I am eager to find exciting games from small developers, always looking forward to the game that is going to be my new hidden gem. This time I stumbled with the quite recent Demon's Tier + and decided to write my own review because more people should play it. This twin-stick shooter dungeon crawler experience puts you in the role of different class based characters, venturing each time deeper into a village's big hole that is not only engulfing people, but also covering a misterious plot about a king and a demon from the past in its 15 randomly generated layers. If you die doing so, a tombstone will mark the place of your death and hold your precious D-tokens in a Dark Souls fashioned way we all know and love. There are two currencies: gold is collected and used inside dungeons to upgrade your characters attributes and skills; D-tokens are collected inside dungeons but can only be used in the game's hub, a village containing a tavern where you can unlock new heroes, a shop where you can buy potions, keys and ropes that brings you back to the surface without losing your hard earned D-tokens, and a blacksmith where you can craft powerful weapons for your future runs after you have beaten bosses and collected the proper recipees. It is addictive and even though you die here and there, you are always making some progress. In the colorful game's hub you can talk to NPCs, listen to a relaxing song and prepare yourself for the next run In order to advance and open the door to the next layer, you must complete random tasks like defeating all enemies, opening all chests on the current floor, or collecting a special key dropped from mini-bosses that opens a special chest containing useful perks. Each two layers features a huge boss battle: beat it and you get a large amount of gold, D-tokens and, with luck, a recipee for crafting better weapons. Be carefull, though, because the ticking clock foreshadows The Reaper, a powerfull being that hunts the player, should him take too long on the same floor. Besides random perks collected in big chests, if you buy keys in the shop, you will be able to free villagers from cages inside the dungeon, then they will follow your character, giving you an extra bullet: this is in fact the most powerfull upgrade if you can afford 3 keys and increase your shots by that amount. You will need all firepower you can get when facing the game's awesome final boss. The soundtrack is great, especially during boss battles. The 8-bit retro art-style is charming and unique, and so is the roster of beautifully pixalated characters. Once you manage to beat the game, to keep things fresh, Demon's Tier + features harder difficulties in form of Tier 2 and 3, which increases the enemies HP and damage, but when completed, each tier has a different ending and rewards the player with two very powerful unlockable characters: the Valkyrie and the Warrior. The local coop and all these aspects add a high replay value to the game. After I had beaten all tiers, I was still playing with different characters, killing bosses and collecting recipees to increase my arsenal. Trophy hunters will have a blast playing Demon's Tier +, the trophies are fun to get, challenging, fair, straight-forward, and can be achieved quite fast if you, like myself, can not put your controller down until you have conquered all layers and have seen the true ending. COWCAT games is an indie game development studio runned by Fabrice Breton, creator of Demetrios and publisher of Diabolical Mind games. Check out Demon's Tier + main page: You may also enjoy other COWCAT titles like the frenetic Riddled Corpses EX and the excellent Xenon Valkyrie +.
  3. This is really helpfull, thankyou! Im gonna create a session next week to attempt this 4 Queen Nai strategy. For me this trophy isnt going well with randoms.
  4. To a particular friend:


    Please contact me, I miss you and I'd like to help you with whathever happened! Please send a message, I feel responsible for it, I'm sorry. 

  5. Finally got Just Dance 2017 plat!




    Sometimes I thought I would never do it, but after hundreds of hours and many, many retries, I was able to score 11,000 in every song (including alternate and extreme versions). The Dance Quests on Superstar difficulty was no joke as well.


    Proud of my longest and hardest platinum so far 😄

    1. MidnightDragon


      Sparkly! Congrats

  6. Agreed, 3on3 is way harder nowadays due to freestyle moves (especially quick jump which kinda broke the game) and experienced players/teams. I must be at 300 hours or something, I still need to get 34 MVPs for the platinum. I would say It is at least 7 on difficulty and a 200h+ game. It is very fun, though, I love It.
  7. A friend of mine @ryuji_sakujo said It was doable in 3 or 4 weeks. (Correct me If Im wrong) I didnt know Airmech was published by Ubisoft, should have paid more attention to it.
  8. This stage was the most tricky to S-rank for me too. The best way to get it is by using ALL secret passages, you can still S-rank by losing one of the secrets if I recall correctly. In order to S-rank on normal, I would list these as priorities: 1- Using the secret passages, 2- No damage (getting hit only once at most) and 3- Time (don't rush too much, especially in the sections with spikes on the floor). And don't forget to insta-kill the boss with the special. Good luck with It! Knights If Valour is a great game. The trophy Guide within this site is a masterpiece by the way, don't forget to use it PS.: Hurry up!
  9. I want to be able to put games (trophy list) in alphabetical order. Never had a PS3, but I know It was a feature or maybe it was standard. Just bring It back, it makes no sense that it was on PS3 but not on ps4 
  10. If you like turn-based RPGs I would recommend Earthlock, kind of a hidden gem. It is fun, cute, requires only one playthrough. On psn you can download for free avatars of the game's characters , too. Here goes a great review made by Cornshaq (love this guy, better than IGN for sure XD). PS.: The game has two versions. Firstly released as "Earthlock: Festival of Magic " and then re-released as simply "Earthlock". Basically it is the same game in most things, but the re-release is the version you want to pick, many cool improvements. Unless you wanna stack both as I did! They have a slightly different trophy list. More people need to play Earthlock.
  11. This dispute looks complicated, sure, but I would decide in favor of the OP. Have you seen in the video how high level his characters were? 160 average. Looks like he really did a lot of playthroughs. I don't think that cheaters save files would have those high level characters, especially If trophies pop at lvl 100. Cherring for the OP to get a lift on this.
  12. Death march.
  13. Don't hide, keep your God of War set! You're gonna get it sorted out, it would be unfair having to hide a game in which you havent cheated at all.
  14. Personally I couldnt make a milestones from Pirates Curse either because I wanted to have all Shantae games done, couldnt wait. I think I will just play It, too, and have a good time. I love your "Dance through the danger" milestone! I remember that I had to pass on that because you had It already, I mean, you inspired me to play Shantae, and inspired me with Shantae milestones and all, I would feel bad "copying" a milestone of yours! Haha Let's Just play this baby Lol Almost forgot: What about Mighty Switch Force? I wonder If this one needs to be added in the Shantae series as a no stage game. What do you guys think?
  15. Will you make more Shantae milestones?! If so, what trophy or trophies would you choose? I would pick "Dangerous Dances". Or the platinum, It looks great.