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  1. Classic difficulty is harder in my oppinion, took me a long time to beat it. Congrats for that and go complete the Evil Within set, dude!
  2. Hitman (I didnt have a choice, did I?)
  3. Is afraid of the original The Evil Within!
  4. Im following you now. Congrats on 100%ing Gravity Rush! Hope you play the sequel too lol 

  5. The True Nightwing update is out for quite some time now and they didnt add any new trophies. End of the discussion.
  6. Hi there, everybody! Talking about platinums... # 8 - Downwell I enjoy indies and difficult games, so it was a beautiful addition to my list. What a challenging, yet addictive game! But the learning curve is brutal, be warned. It takes some time to get good at the game, and you will only platinum it when you achieve the required skill level to beat hard mode. The trophie's images are so pretty! Definitely worth the effort. # 9 - 8DAYS: Peace is our Business I'm number 9 in the leaderboard. Even so this obscure game is hard to recommend. In terms of quality, I would give this shootem up a score of 6. The art style is nice, but gameplay lacks precision. The boss battles deserves some recognition: I loved shooting a giant alien's weakspots or facing a big guy who is a Rambo parody. When it comes to trophies, it is simply the weirdest game I've seen in my trophy hunter's career. To begin with, this platinum used to be unobtainable. Thanks to a guy here named Property_Damage, who contact the developers, they released a patch and it is OK now. But the weird thing is that the developers added 3 trophies to the core game, the base game list! These 3 trophies are unobtainable in the EU version of the game, we can see a lot of 95% with a platinum. The US version is fine, requiring all trophies to platinum. Unless you like a hard and very, very controversial game, stay away from this one. Especially if you are an european player who praises completion rate, because this wrecking ball of a game will destroy your 100% account. A big thumbs up to Property_Damage and audiopile. They helped me to understand the trophies requirements because... Guess what? The trophies descriptions are obscure and weird as well. By the way, audiopile has recently posted a great guide on this site, just for fun check this out: Going on: # 10 - Gravity Rush 2 The GravityQueeen hits that milestone! UHUUUU # 11 - Alien: Isolation Alien: Isolation is a hidden gem, it deserves more credit. In the other hand, it's quite popular among trophy hunters. It's perfect in every way. If you like survival horror and never played this one, I think you're missing something important. Go play hide and seek with the Alien right now!
  7. You are he best!


    I just got Downwell platinum HAHAHA

    1. Franciscoo-


      Hey, that's so cool, congrats!

      I haven't started that game yet, but I will for sure, it looks incredible.

  8. Good evening, fellow hunters! Here comes 4 great indies. And I'm proud for completing all SuperGiant Games masterpieces in a row. # 4 - Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition For someone who grew up playing Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis like me, this 2D metroidvania beatem-up resonates deeply. And it's filled with references from that era, like the bridge with an axe in the Temple of Rain: cross it, touch the axe and the bridge falls down, killing a giant pet boss called Alebrije. In Santa Luchita, for example, there's some posters ilustrating "luchadores", Mario and Luigi muscle versions can be seen in one of those. DrinkBox Studio's game has contemporary references too: at some point in the story you'll hear that one of the antagonists cried listenning to a song from Adele. All these details made me fell in love with the game. I wish I had the limited physical copy to put it in my shelf. # 5 - Bastion Where lies SuperGiant's roots of excellence. Some of you may think I'm overestimating, others will simply agree with that. While, in my opinion, it fades a little bit in comparison with their subsequent games, Bastion is still a solid and fun game. And the hardest, to be honest. When I got this platinum in my first account, it was pretty tough beating the four Who Knows Where trips with all ten idols invoked. This second time was still hard, even if it only took me two tries (very tense matches, by the way). The story didn't do much for me, whereas gameplay and art style was superb. There's a big variety of weapons to choose, drinks to improve Kid's abilities and skills: all of these are game-changers, you can make nice builds. Or, like everybody, just use the Brusher's Pike and the Galleon Mortar, I did it again!, they're too overpowered to be cast aside. The soundtrack isn't the cake cherry, I would say it's the cake itself. # 6 - Transistor Some say it's a hidden gem, I would say it's only a gem, for it's not so hidden and I guess this platinum is very popular among trophy hunters. Last week, Transistor still was my favorite indie game of all time, but since I played Pyre I don't know anymore. Again, the soundtrack is wonderful. Every time I completed the available tests, I would smoke a cigarrete (don't do it ) while listening to The Spine. # 7 - Pyre 8.5 on Metacritic (wich I don't trust, to be honest). A flat 9 on Polygon. And, boys, IGN gave this one a f***** 9.7! Reviews apart, I don't want to initiate a discussion here, each one stick to their reviewers or magazines, whathever... Pyre is amazing. It's beeing a long time since a game touched my heart like this one did. I can not recall. It's all about storytelling, embracing the player in a very well crafted world, it's about characters and the decisions you make: I'm still loving you, Jodariel 🤘 The game is unique and kind of create his own genre: a mixture of RPG, point and click, sports (called rites) smartly replacing ordinary battles. The adventure takes place in the Downside, where people that commited crimes against the Commonwealth, or who didn't fit, are sent to in exile. You are the Reader, someone banished as well by your simple capability to read, because literature is forbidden in the Commonwealth. And as a reader you must read the stars, liderate the Nightwings triumvirate (team) of exiles in order to participate in the rites against other triumvirates, eventually in liberation rites, where the winner triumvirate can return to the Commonwealth their anointed exile in glory, all sins forgiven. It's a must play; the trophy list is fun and easy, although if you pick up this game, I don't think you'll be hunting too much, all your attention will be driven to the narrative, to your beloved characters, to the game itself: how I missed forgetting about trophies and just let it go, dude! Final note: if you are a completionist, as I am, don't worry about the upcoming ps4 free update, already available on Steam (where they added a new achievement), because it won't come with new trophies. If you will, check out this answer to the e-mail I sent to SuperGiant regarding this subject: "Mere distance can not separate our spirits" - Pyre
  9. For all of you enjoying Pyre, this beautiful game: The True Nightwing update, a free update allready available on Steam, will soon come to PS4. On Steam, though, it came with a new achieviment, awarded by beating the new "iron man" mode. I was wondering if the PS4 update would come with a new trophy as well, but I couldnt find answer in the web. That day, I bought Pyre and send an e-mail to SuperGiant Games. Today I got the platinum on Pyre and, even better, they answered me! Here's the content: "Hi Caio, Thank you for the kind words! The 'True Nightwing' update for Pyre should be coming soon to PS4, though we don't have an exact date at this time. We appreciate your patience on that. We don't expect to add a new trophy to the PS4 version as that would only be possible (as far as I'm aware) if we were to make the update a paid DLC, whereas we intend to make it a free and automatic content update rather than something you have to optionally download. I hope this isn't a big inconvenience, and appreciate your interest and support, Greg GravityQueen (I edited here) on September 30, 2017 at 10:07pm wrote: Hello, SuperGiant Games. I love your games, all of them are masterpieces and they make me feel happy. I just bought Pyre for ps4 and I would like to know if the upcoming update will have a new trophy, like the steam achieviment. I am a trophy hunter and I appreciate the trophy list of Bastion and Transistor because it makes you fully experience the game, especially Transistor, which happens to be my favorite indie of all time. Is the update going to be free on ps4 as well? Thankyou!" Well, I hope nobody thinks I'm creating all this chat. It was the first time I contacted a developer and Im very happy they answered me! If you wanna know more about the update, here's where: Bye 😀 "Mere distance can not separate our spirits" - Pyre
  10. Hahaha I guess I'm a maniac too because I started this account to have a 100% completion rating. My older account was 77% and I was unhappy with that, especially when I realized there was some unobtanable trophies. I dont care for number of platinums or level, I just want to play the games I enjoy and have 100% on everything.
  11. Hello, folks! I made a fresh account two weeks ago and heres my first 3 plats: Platinum # 1 - Gravity Rush Remastered The latest game I played on my older account. I loved it so much that I couldn't stop playing, even after I got the platinum. Thats why Im runnin a female-named account now, but whatever! Im saving the sequel to my 10th platinum milestone. "I love you, Kat" Platinum # 2 - Super Time Force Ultra An awesome platformer-shooting game with unique art style and gameplay. Its so funny and unique, you have to play for yourself! Definitely one of my favorite indie games so far. Despite beeing ultra rare, this platinum is not hard at all, especially if you use a guide for the hardest Helladeck levels, there are 50 of these, but they are fun as well. The campaign is laugh from start to the end; Capybara Games made a great job in terms of writing and, of couse, gameplay itself. Platinum # 3 - The Evil Within No matter what you say, and no matter if you are a "god" and like giving this one a 5 out of 10 in terms of dificulty, this one is pure evil. It was my proudest plat and 100% in the other account, and somehow The Evil Within ended up beeing my favorite game of all time, I HAD TO FACE AKUMU AGAIN. The results were way better this time around: 13h and 168 deaths. I just finished The Assignment today and soon I'll be doing the other DLCs. Even with its technical issues, I would say its a Shinji Mikami's masterpiece. Im so excited to play the sequel next month, and I will do what it takes to put that one plat on my cabinet as well.
  12. I became a trophy hunter since I bought my ps4 in 2014. My first trophy was in Tomb Raider Definitive Edition, by completing an optional tomb. I always enjoyed the idea of getting and collecting trophies, and even when I didnt have a PS4, when I used to play some games in my friends home, I got excited each time we got a trophy, most of them miscelaneous or story related. Through these 3 years I've been playing and hunting a lot. I started as a casual, going only for the games I loved, and the ones I could do without struggling too much. Time has passed and I became more serious, and thats when I started coming back to games like Knack (wich I enjoy) and this Tomb Raider, I did the awfull multiplayer and got the platinum... But recently I became a complenionst! After months of going back to old games and completing them, I decided to start a new account. Thats what I did last wednesday. Just for knowledgement, my older account was: caiosuperhiperat And thats it. I liked this topic, guys! Praise the sun and lets keep hunting