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  1. Nice topic. The longest plats I have ongoing are Just Dance games, 2018 (this one I will be done with in no time) and especially 2017. Any JD version released before 2019 version is no joke trophy-wise: all being ultra-rare plats, extremely tough and time-consuming.
  2. Don't buy it! DLC is region locked. I have a physical EU Gravity Rush 2 and I had to create an european account only to download its free DLC.
  3. I voted in Borderlands 3! I would love a physical copy if I were the winner. Good luck everybody Great giveaway!
  4. Nice of you sharing this link with the soundrack 👍 And I totally agree with you about Q*bert having a really high volume, dude, the sound is so loud! As soon as I read your comment I remembered myself many times looking for the TV control to lower the volume.
  5. I just platted it (NA version) and I would rate it a 4, 4.5 if possible. Its not hard at all, just need some practice and information. There are 3 gold trophies that might pose some challenge, but even these becomes very doable with the useful videos available on YouTube.
  6. Hello, PooPooBlast What did you enjoyed the most: Gravity Rush 2 or Remastered? And who is the sexiest: me (!) or Raven? Are you going to finish Borderlands 2? Will eventually play Pre-Sequel and BL3? See ya mate 👍 Edit: once youre current lication is "Living on the Edge", wanna know if you are a huge Aerosmith fan as I am. If so, list your top 3 albuns and top 3 songs. Also: Tyler or Perry?
  7. Looks like the kind o bad game I like playing! I really dig the colorful visuals. And the game banner here on psnp is so goofy!, I mean, can't help the temptation to add it to my game list 😂 I would pick it up on a sale, too.
  8. I checked this thread because of its appealing tittle and, well, I wanted to know what is the worst postgame grinding ever done! 😂 Stop making these threads complaining about grind in games. What do you want, free trophies? The industry offers a lot of these as well, go play them. But, hey, maybe you would have to "grind" money to buy them? Wouldn't you be "grinding" trophies by the way? Oh my god, life is so cruel and I can't stand all these grind.
  9. I got 198X earlier and I'm having a blast with it. Thanks @Ecks for the valuable hints! Tomorrow I will start my "Out of the Void" and "Shadowplay" runs. For anyone interested/wondering: 198X is a metalinguistical story-driven game cointaining a collection of 5 minigames inspired in different genres from the arcades era. When I watched the trailer before the game launched, I thought it would be a point and click adventure outside of the minigames, but no, it features no gameplay except these "classic experiences". 198X is short, yet somewhat challenging, what adds replay value; it is well-written and very artistical. Update: OK, after many tries I finally got "Kill them All" in Out of the Void, and, surprisingly, also got in my first try "Playing with Power" in Shadowplay! My hints are: Kill them All: just practice. Even though you could try watching a video to anticipate the enemies, it felt undoable doing so, and very painful/boring. No shortcuts on this one, you gotta get the skill, you gotta memorize the patterns. Practice the stage you are having more problems with, be it stage 1 or 2. Its important to know that the trophy will pop BEFORE you kill some of the final enemies in stage 2; this following video can confirm that. Playing with Power: I can confirm that "Playing with Power" DOES NOT required a no-death run. Shadowplay saves your "progress on collectibles" at every stage/checkpoint you reach, so if you loose a power-up kill yourself as fast as possible. The trick part would be the waterfall screen because its very short and if you loose a power-up there you probably wont be able to suicide. I recommend anticipating the waterfall power-ups by watching the following video. Now I only need "Shadow Dancer", but it is the hardest trophy in the game. Good luck to everyone trophy hunting in 198X Update 2: just got my platinum and personally "Shadow Dancer" wasnt harder than "Kill them All". There are 5 stages/screens in Shadowplay: stage 1 is easy and straighforward; stage 2 is more tricky but very doable with practice, I recommend following the power-ups path to avoid being killed by the insta-death spikes; stage 3, the waterfall, is the easiest one and you will never get hit if you stay to the left of the screen pressing square button; stage 4, the cavern, is a hard one, just practice until you memorize it; stage 5 is the trickier one, especially if you, just like me, are unable to memorize the boss patterns. I tried to follow a video and failed as well, I only got it when I wrote down where I should stay to avoid the boss attacks. Here goes my notes, I hope it helps. The positioning is WHERE YOU SHOULD STAY. Pause the game as much as you need, and be carefull with his double-attacks (double-attacks are considered as 1 for the purpose of my notes). Phase 1: MIDDLE DOWN MIDDLE DOWN MIDDLE DOWN Phase 2: DOWN MIDDLE DOWN MIDDLE DOWN MIDDLE MIDDLE UP MIDDLE UP MIDDLE UP MIDDLE UP
  10. I would go with an indie developer well-known for crafting only masterpieces: Bastion Transistor Pyre And hopefully their newest gem, "Hades", will eventually be part of the ps4 library.
  11. Never heard about cheats or this god mode in The Evil Within 2! I platted it in 2017, but I would definitely use any exploit available to make Classic Mode limited saves more bearable. I struggled more with 2 than the first, but I guess it's because The Evil Within 1 is my favorite horror game ever, and I beated it many times. Back to topic: The Evil Within 2 might be a slightly better game than Onechanbara, even though Onechanbara has a pretier platinum icon in my oppinion. I suggest you make them your number 500 and 501, don't save the one you don't pick for the future. Have fun.
  12. This one is hard, so many top tier plats... I go with Injustice! @kashu_ryo Would you say that the online is still doable for the ps4 version? I have the game, I like it, but Im kinda afraid of it.
  13. Thanks for sharing! I'm really interested in 198X, will pick it up anytime soon 👍
  14. 1- Yes. Do it 😋 2- 50%. 3- Yes. Any customization always appreciated. And I would vote for the crown icon for the rarity ribbon. Kudos @BlindMango for making the completion and 100%games ribbons, many people asked for it in the previous thread.
  15. With that part I can agree. Good luck with the remaining Mega Man games; great job so far.