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  1. Personally I couldnt make a milestones from Pirates Curse either because I wanted to have all Shantae games done, couldnt wait. I think I will just play It, too, and have a good time. I love your "Dance through the danger" milestone! I remember that I had to pass on that because you had It already, I mean, you inspired me to play Shantae, and inspired me with Shantae milestones and all, I would feel bad "copying" a milestone of yours! Haha Let's Just play this baby Lol Almost forgot: What about Mighty Switch Force? I wonder If this one needs to be added in the Shantae series as a no stage game. What do you guys think?
  2. Will you make more Shantae milestones?! If so, what trophy or trophies would you choose? I would pick "Dangerous Dances". Or the platinum, It looks great.
  3. Just hit 4000 views in my account! To me it is a lot xD

    1. NullRay85


      Congrats, now it's 4001 lol. :D 

    2. GravityQueeen
    3. LunarCharm


      Creeping up on that 5000. :lol:  Congrats!

  4. Thanks everyone posting, just got "Set For Life" trophy I hope the whole psnp community get to know about this week 5 and then 3,5 mil Zeny giveaway from Bandai Namco, same thing with this incredible trick to get the daily reward unlimited times. None of us want flags from unaware people, right? Personally I recorded myself performing this glitch and getting the trophy, just to be safe ^^
  5. I had a feeling It wasnt available in ALL regions because I platted Bloodborne twice, one with this account and with my last one, both are Brazilian. I have a NA psn account, mainly used to download F2P and testing games, might be worth it platting It again for a cool theme. Anybody here with the Bloodborne theme screenshot? Edit: found videos of It. But sadly the theme doesnt have a cool Bloodborne music: Edit 2: thank you very much @Ryudi1998, and I read in the page you linked that at least the God of War rewards are available to Brazilian players.
  6. I never heard of It! Can someone explain How It works? Do I have to email Sony to receive the avatars/themes once I have the platinum for those games? Does the account need to be from a specific country/region to be able to claim the rewards? Now I want the Bloodborne theme.
  7. Long time ago I emailed the devs but they havent answered. Well, good luck to both of us on our pursue of unlocking these trophies. It sucks not being able to figure out things... Thanks for the reply
  8. Nice thread. And I have a question a little bit more specific: When It comes to really small numbers, how do I know If a trophy is achievable or was hacked at psn? I have been trying to unlock a 0% trophy at psnp, its called "Matters of the Heart" from Freaky Awesome, at psn this trophy and the platinum has 1,1% achievers. I wish I had any clue or means of discovering that.
  9. I would go with release date order. Actually I'm gonna do It myself eventually. Great series.
  10. Does the book give trophies? 😂 Seriously: I'd recommend the game, you will love It.
  11. Yeah! The Zeni autopop is gonna happen to a lot of people this week. Hopefully this situation will become well known here on psnp, avoiding unnecessary flags.
  12. Hey, if YOU think it is awesome, then it is awesome! I lost the count of times I came across people saying things like "no one cares about your profile". Well, that might be true a lot of times, but there will always have people that cares about your profile, be it a friend, a pal from a multiplayer game, or even a complete stranger! I have friends that I met because of me looking (and caring!) at their profile and vive versa. For your trophy list (already awesome), my recommendatiin would be getting The Evil Within DLC's 100%ed. You got the platinum, been through Akumu, nothing can stop you there.
  13. The badges in the game are messed up, it never tracked progression correctly. Don't worry, every trophy will pop in time, just forget about badges.
  14. My tickets were answered. It says: "Dear GravityQueeen, Thankyou for your feedback. Your suggestions have been forwarded through to our development team." And the other ticket was: "(...) we already forwarded your bug report to our development team. Unfortunately, we did not receive feedback yet." I hope it helps to fix Willingen Hill impossible record.
  15. Thanks for the video, I was able to get 150 tokens in 10 minutes or less, this method rocks! And thanks to my friend @Kristycism for remembering myself that back up saves EXISTED! This trick is super useful when you get to that last sticker that never pops out from the booster packs.