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  1. I just read the post you mentioned ("PhD in murder still attainable with the broken patch", I think this was the name) and, honestly, I couldn't understand what the guy really meant with broken patch because it wasn't detailed. I platted Friday the 13th in March; after that, I deleted the game, so I can't tell right now if there was any patch to begin with. If I had to guess, I bet there's no problem at all with the trophy, as even that post's author said, and more: maybe he had problems in keeping track of the environmental kills he had performed, but just maybe... Why are you worried anyways?? Edit: If there was a patch, and if it brough any issues, I'm sure they will fix it. The game has a history of patches always improving it or fixing bugs, they still take care of their game.
  2. I think it's a really strong point against the ribbon system implementation! I support the ribbon system, but this comment I just quoted makes me believe that "seeing" ribbons could be optional from user to user, something you could adjust in the settings, even though I don't know if that would be possible once the ribbons would be attached to the tool bar. Edit: I was re-reading some of BlindMango's replies and, yeah, the ribbons wouldn't be optional, we wouldn't be able to switch it on and off. Another thing: it's kinda sad realizing that 100% games (without platinums) wouldn't be taken in consideration for both ribbons count. It's another matter to be discussed.
  3. I loved this ribbon idea and will definitely support that! I must say I'm more interested in the Rarity Ribbon because I always check my amount of ultra rare trophies and ultra rare plats. This ribbon's name gotta be what it currently is, Rarity Ribbon, and not Ultra Rare Ribbon as someone suggested. I also support some kind of ultra rare leaderboard. Hey @BlindMango, I really liked the ribbon's colors, names, and also their location in the tool bar. I'd vote for this initial options! Two more things: 1 - We need to be careful when it comes to implementing even more ribbons, like the mentioned "Series Completed" one. I liked the idea, but the initial profile page needs to reflect the more important and meaningfull aspects of a gamer/trophy hunter in detriment of more subjective aspects. Others trophy tracking websites have tons of ribbons awarded by completing innumerous tasks, and if psnp goes in that direction, I think it's kinda obvious that the ribbons would need their own page or space, like Level History or Stats, for example. Anyway, I think we are in the right direction because all this is being discussed by the psnp community. 2 - This thread title: "Fixing the platinum trophy". Why? Was it broken? It's completely oppinion based. To me platinum trophies and trophy hunting itself was never destroyed by the increasing number of easy and many times shity games being released on psn store, but that's my oppinion. Also, the current title refers only to the Effort Ribbon and not to the Rarity Ribbon. Change the thread tittle to simply "Ribbon System".
  4. I think most people who say that games like "Everybody's Gone to the Rapture" and this "What Remains of Edith Finch" are crap don't really understand the genre walking simulator. They don't realize that those games are good within the genre they belong to. Worse: they don't realize they simply dislike walking simulators, and that is OK, but don't start calling crap every game of the genre. And people are so confused. The guy before me just afirmed that "Journey" is a walking sim!
  5. The post above mine is the best one so far. He says everything that must be done to optimize the insane amount of boosting. You can do public matches for 8 players trophy. You will need a little bit of luck because people might disconect before you kill them as Jason; also requires some practice. Best advice I can give is creating a boosting session here, but use this boosting session as a way to organize a chat group on psn. I was in a 40 players chat and it was very easy to find someone to boost with. Make some friends too! And find at least one reliable person to grind matches and Jason kills. As said before, 1v1 is the best way to do it, switch/rotate Jason every match because you never know when someone needs to stop playing. In the end, usually everyone needs Jason matches/kills. Most people will have to play way more than 1000 times as counselors, but it's usually how it works. Edit: getting 100 boat repairs was the worst trophy for me, even being good at spoting the propeller. It isn't glitched as someone said here, just tricky to spot, that is, if it isn't in both main houses, where it has its only and set spawn location. An opened cabin with a unnoticed propeller ruins that match, or at least make it much longer. I did most of my repairs with a single friend being Jason, he had the trophy prior to meeting me, fastest guy on this game I have ever met! And speed doing everything in F13 is the best way to spproach it. Always play with Vanessa and Jason 5 when boosting matches, it's a must, and so it is the decapitation (head punch) kill, unless you grab the counselor right at some generic scenario interactive kills, those with Jason smashing their head against the wall/table, it's even faster than the head punch. But this is usefull only if Jason doesnt need to walk after the grab, two steps make this technique not worth it. Also, note that Jason can teleport sooner than you'd think, I used to teleport right away to our meeting place, that worked just fine, many times resulting in a 10 seconds match. This was only surpassed by a Jason who could read properly the bubbles and always guess right the counselor spawn place (communication here is usefull, but soon becomes boring), and this kind of teleportation skill was extremely rare in my experience. I rarely used voice chat with my two closest boosting partners, we didn't want to talk for hours and hours straigh, you know? But each to their own, the chat could be the only fun thing you will have in this final and longest part of the platinum journey. I suggest using Spotify or anything that makes the game bearable. Focus and speed always. Packanack small is everyone's favorite, but Crystal Lake Small have the shortest intro cutscene, it might be worth if mastered. Last thing: the host should always press "start match" before selecting the map and switching Jason, you do it in 3 seconds and curse the remaining 7 seconds of the countdown. I used to be a permanent host and felt the responsability of being as fast as possible. Seconds matter when you play 20 seconds or so and wait for 2 minutes between load screens and cutscenes.
  6. Shantae can be rather obscure when it comes to finding DLC's guides and the time requirements for speedruns and 100% speedruns. I cannot answer if the win screens can be done separately, that is, I don't know if a win screen is saved once each DLC mode has only one save slot each, and you have to overwrite it every time you wanna start a new run. But, in the other hand, every time I complete a run in any DLC mode a golden star appears on the mode select screen... The thing is, one of the win screens in every mode requires you to complete a 100% item collection speedrun. Doing so will unlock all the other win screens anyway, so there's no point in worrying about win screen progression. If I remember correctly, base game and each DLC have these win screens requirements: 1 - Beat the game; 2 - Beat the game as fast as possible; 3 - Collect 100% of items and 4 - Beat the game as fast as possible while collecting 100% of items. I'm not sure of the 100% speedrun time limit of Friends to the End, I'm gonna do it today, I know 1h30 is allowed, not sure if any time past that will give you the win screen. But there are plenty of YouTube walkthroughs if you're having trouble with the speedruns. Good luck!
  7. Hey Arcesus7, nice checklist! I always wanted to start something like this, I love writing, even though English isn't my native language. So, you have an outstanding account, not only because you're managing to mantain that 100% completion since you started it 4 years ago, but also (and especially) because you are playing things you enjoy, building it your way. Congrats and good luck with the account! PS: I gotta say it hurted me a bit when I read here that "Bound" isn't that hard That one was such an intense experience for me, I simply adore it! It's funny realizing how dance suddenly invaded my account Haha
  8. I don't think having multiple controllers is a bad idea. I have 4 Dualshocks and never regret buying them! It's great to play local games with friends and family, and it also saves your trophy hunter's ass sometimes. Team Sonic Racing came with a pretty nice trophy list I'd say. Good amount of challenge, straightforward trophies and miscelaneous stuff that sounds fun. I am certainly picking it up for the good sake of old Mario Kart days.
  9. Why wait for a sale?! Pick it up right now! LOL
  10. I finally beat level 5 in Q*bert classic!




    I would like to thank some friends that motivated me on this one: @OJ9999vr  @NightRusticDawn @Tomy_IV @Dafwilliams0308  and @audiopile.


    You guys knew I could do it 😁

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    2. GravityQueeen


      Thankyou, very kind of you saying that. I had zero experience with Q*bert as well, but I decided to play it when I watched Pixels with Adam Sandler, the movie was enjoyable, Q*bert was kinda cute/weird and I though "hey, why not?". 

    3. NightRusticDawn


      Always knew you had it in you ;), Congratulations!


    4. GravityQueeen


      Thankyou, Rustic! Awesome gif.

  11. I still enjoy reading game reviews from different sources like IGN and Polygon, and more often watching YouTube channels I follow or any random reviews made by the community. Especially when it comes to indie games, many stuff might get unnoticed by the bigger, more popular reviewers. In this scenario, channels like Cornshaq and Get Indie Games do a wonderful job at providing some technical information on a game I'm interested in or, even better, they might pop up with a honest review on a game I never heard about and, because of their review, I happen to put said game on my radar. Games have to be discussed, reviewed from different perspectives, no matter the scores. That's all good. But it's more important a gamer decide for him or herself what to play or buy, after agreeing or disagreing with a review. I loved every second beeing a ballet dancer in "Bound", a game I call a masterpiece on stage/gameplay/story design, but that sadly got mediocre scores. I had a blast trying once (actually twice) to be one of the top "Drawn to Death" players out there, and all reviews pretty much said it was trash. So I gotta agree with @supertrunksman on that: games we would enjoy, games we would play with passion might get not only bad reviews as also some kind of sadistic judgements by the reviewers. To make it short, I'd say reviews are great, that is, taken with caution.
  12. It is Classic Master from Q*bert Rebooted. The requirement is pretty simple: just beat the classic game from the 80's. Was attempting it months ago and I should be already dead! I plan on getting it eventually and gracefully revive 😇
  13. I was managing to maintain this profile at 100% until Just Dance's 2014 and 2015 servers shut down in November last year, with Ubisoft announcing it just two months earliear. Basically, everything was set for me to platinum them in March of 2019. These two shutdowns made me feel really bad about trophy hunting and, worse, about gaming in general. The thing is, sometimes the 100% isn't in your hands, mine was at Ubsoft's, your 100% completion rate can suddenly be affected by things that are exterior to you. I wouldn't wish this to happen to any completionist; I would say, though, that these things can happen. Beeing prepared for frustration might attenuate the pain of losing that sweet number above a trophy list that once was, well, perfect? In my moments of sorrow my friend @NightRusticDawn said: "Don't let a random number on a website dictate how you should feel". Since then I accepted what happened to me and moved on, now caring more with having fun than with some unobtainable trophies. I started to see my trophy list and personal trophy journey with a more organic, healthier perspective.
  14. Its impossible to access monthly mash-ups since November last year with the servers shutdown. Sadly the mash-ups needed the server running as I discovered the hard way. I know exactly how it feels losing 2015 plat after endless efforts 😭
  15. My easiest ultra rare platinum is probably Strike Vector EX, wich was a ps plus game in the past. I think people are missing out this one, good game, pretty easy UR.