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  1. Wow, this game was in my backlog! Is there any trophy tied to buying gems?
  2. Thankyou! I also started Just Dance 2015, and its a super long platinum, so I wont be seeing that 100% for quite some time. But as I use to say... In my ❤️ I am always 100%
  3. Just Dance 2016 platinum! Unforgettable sunday *_* DancingQueeen?! Kkkkkkkkk
  4.  I miss you my friend!


    Our contrie's team are out of World Cup now :(

    But this is how sport goes, right?


    We could get some gaming together when possible.





  5. Whats up, fellow campers?! I feel sorry for not commenting here up until now. Whats the point of not sharing our game experiences, right, @Toogie53 ? I took my time and have completed Dark Souls Remastered. Its hard to admit it, but thats the one I liked the least, probably because I have played the other ones (only ps4 ones) a thousand times, especially Bloodborne. In my first account, obviously. In Dark Souls Remastered what sucks the most, besides the broken backstab feast, also know as pvp in the others Souls, what really sucks is some weapon classes doesnt really have a moveset: clubs, hammers and a few others. Even so I really enjoyed it, this time I did it offline entirely, except when helping people for sun medals. I went full faith build and, man, cast speed in this game sucks! Sooo slow. After my 2nd playthrough I just ran straight to Anor Londo's giant blacksmith in order to make my 2 last rare weapons, which was Gwyn's greatsword and the Greatshield of Artorias. All these made me realize that maybe Im tired of playing Souls games, even so I need to get them done as GravityQueeen. Im not certain if I will manage to do them before our camp event ends, though. Will do my best anyways 😀 I also completed Until Dawn! Another game I bought upon launch date that later on became free on Plus hahaha I remember beating the game with my wife, in one sitting, back in the day. My favorite character is Sam, she is cute. Will never forget the scene where she is at the bath listening to Bach suite n.1, and the stalker is WATCHING her! I love horror movies/games, especially the slasher sub-genre. The Order: 1886 completed, no big deal. Another game that could have been great but was disapointing. I like it a little bit, though. All set for my 40th platinum: Just Dance 2016. I only need to win 1st place in more three dance quests on hard. Just Dance became special for me since I tried it a couple months ago *_* But I dont dance at all in real life, I suck at dancing! It makes the series even more challenging and the 100%s special for me. If I could do it easily, whats the fun? I like suffering from it hehe The last 2 songs I 5 stared were insane, I stood there for 3 hours straight, switching to the ps4 camera and back to the phone app... One of the notes I started throwing the phone at the sofa! Thats the only way I found to get perfect in that damm section... Man, what I dont do for a platinum lol Wish me luck, boys!
  6. I can confirm that the trick mentioned above works. Months ago I boosted the 3 hand kills trophy with a friend and we pretty much did whats written there, except that the damage boost we used was beeing at low health with Johny Savage. I love Drawn to Death, have it done in my both accounts 😍
  7. Now you got me, Zolkovo! Anyone could list several amazing non-platinum ps4 games, but once you said Sony exclusives... Only thing I can think of is the free to play Let it Die. Can you believe I have it downloaded and Im about to try it out since May on an alternate account?! I think playing hundreds of hours of that game and having it done, no plat and some miserable hundreds psn points, would be the epitome of beeing a badass trophy hunter! Hahaha If I enjoy a game I go for it no matter difficulty or time to complete. But still gotta try Let it Die out. I learned that sometimes we simply love a weird or bad game, my Drawn to Death affair comes to mind. I will let you know if I find good ps4 exclusives with no plat!
  8. Thats a good point! Maybe Bloodborne is better as it is, the only one, the true ps4 masterpiece Im one of those people tired of waiting for a sequel. I was hoping for it at 2017 and 2018 E3s. It hurts not getting it announced year after year.
  9. I liked how eigen-space introduced you both, guys; its a good writting for sure. Its hard to take a side, I liked both participants profiles and taste in games. Zolkovo is someone cool you see often in the community and has a really interesting new account, even newer than mine... But this time I gotta go with the Beast because she has all those RPGs, indie games and non platinum games. I have a question for both participants. Beauty, is there a reason for not having 100% games in your profile? I mean games without a platinum trophy. I cant tell if its something you avoid or if you just havent the chance to pick some 100%s up, your account is pretty new anyway 🤔 Beast, what is the criteria when choosing any indie game and any RPG to play? Mine would be art style and battle system, if I had to answer. Good luck, guys. Have fun. 😇
  10. ...Says the guy with an impressive amount of 27 ultra rare trophies and not that much A ranks overall. Why do you guys with low completion rate or non-competitive accounts give hate about the idea of 100%ing games? When this talk about completion rate shows up its the same old song and dance. Before anyone says: I have 119 UR, thats only a few compared to many skilled and dedicated trophy hunters I know and talk to. And why do you say that only UR trophies are impressive? Ultra rares are tied more to game owners and obscurity or lack of guides than difficulty in most cases. Having fun IS impressive! And not beeing the owner of all truth regarding trophy hunting is ultra rare.
  11. I left my first account because of a single game: PES 2015 with unobtainable online trophies. I played there for 3 years, it was hard leaving it behind, but it was necessary and was a good thing for me. Beeing a 100% completionist rewards me and make me do my best with trophy hunting and gaming in general. Completing all games tastes like perfection, even knowing that such thing doesnt exist. Does it? I never knew I could plat Bound in only 3 days, but I did. I only knew that I would plat it someday, because I fell in love with it, because I would keep dancing my way through. Talking about dancing! Recently I have been playing Just Dance, it is insanely hard for me, I dont really dance in real life, but Im having fun and Im really, really close to platinum Just Dance 2016. A lot of joy, but also desolation from replaying that damm song for 3 hours straight, until I managed to get 5 stars. Lol Have your account reflect who you are, 100% or not. 100% completion rate is important if you say so. It is for me, and my best weapon is perseverance. Edit: obviously my answer to this topic is no, I dont continue having unobtainable trophies. I like thinking that I wasnt beat by a game, instead by a server shutdown. Thats why nowadays Id be more cautions (and fast) when it comes to online rather than when it comes to an ultra hard difficulty offline game like Wolfeinstein II, for example. This baby I have all my life to master. A soccer game, in the other hand...
  12. Goodbye Brazil! I thought we would nail it. 😢
  13. Gotta take risks: Brazil 4 X 0 Belgium! Who knows?!
  14. I go with this: Brazil 3 VS 0 Serbia.
  15. Brazil 3 X 1 Costa Rica