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  1. Why the word "Remastered" was supressed from ps4 titles like Gravity Rush, Grim Fandango, God of War 3, Dark Souls, Uncharteds and so on? I didn't like this change because in most cases it is the official game/release name. Was it done trying to fix or put certain series in the correct order when displaying lists alphabetically? Uncharted series got even more messed up. Is there a forum or place where I get notified whenever this little weird changes happens on psnp? 😡

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    2. GravityQueeen


      Thanks for the answers. God of War 3 is still without the Remastered. Can It be fixed, @BlindMango ?

      God of War 3 fixed, great!

    3. Beyondthegrave07


      I went ahead and fixed GoW 3, Dead Island, and Tomb Raider. As to when it will be fixed? Who knows. We don't have a log of who changes what so we have no clue what games were changed. Only the person who did it would know.


      I also have no clue if a colon or a dash should be in these titles either. I'm just going to stick with colons for now. Less spacing.

    4. GravityQueeen


      Nice, thank you!