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  1. Kills go across all characters. It just only updates the tracker on the character you're currently using. Source: The guide
  2. Just to add another statistic. I closed the game and reopened it. Just before the main menu, the trophy popped. I was positive I had blown up the boat on Mission 7 already, so was my last hope!
  3. How the hell do you stock up the rum?? Bananas, meat and bread are stocked up in the warehouse. I blocked them from being transported. So 200 bananas, 200 meat, 200 bread. ive done 200 on rum, but the moment I unload the rum at the dock it still shows zero in the warehouse. basically there’s never any rum at the warehouse even if I unload 500 rum. this is now stopping me from getting the Wedding Bells trophy :/ ideas? Thanks, Chris EDIT: Finally found a video on YouTube. I didn’t know you could unload from the dock straight to the warehouse separately...
  4. Cheers pal. Nice and easy
  5. Still having the same issue. Haven’t changed any settings, but says it’s private.
  6. Crap, I just downloaded it as it was £4.99.... didn't even check servers! So I'm up for boosting whenever possible!
  7. YES! You beautiful bastard I didn't even think of looking in there as it's usually full of useless crap Thankyou!
  8. Hi, tried to play Warface yesterday. Created the characters "head" and when I went to press Continue, it kept sending me back to the start of making a character. I've started today and it's taken me straight to the main screen. I played one game and it gave me a tutorial on Medic and then after another few games, Engineer. It said that I'd completed all the tutorials. But I haven't got Jack of All Trades or Rookie No More.... How do I get back to do the tutorials? Or do I have to go to the Safe House and do the random crap in there? Thanks
  9. Any company that releases a game at full price, with a load of extra content that you've then got to pay extra for... I don't care if it's DLC thats added on later. (still annoying). But if the game on release date, then makes you pay extra for the rest of the game....
  10. Yes. I have a few TellTale Platinums and I enjoyed the games, which is the point, to enjoy them. Anyone that bought and Platinumed Mayo because they enjoyed it... need putting down. Go click a mouse and save 99p
  11. It's let me join, but I can't set it as my Clan as it says Pending Invitation... :/
  12. I've sent a request too, but no one's accepting?
  13. Oh yeah... Derp... I shouldn't be allowed on the net at 4am. Makes me spechel
  14. When you go onto your profile page, it lists all your games. There's the Rank, how many Gold, Silver and Bronze trophies you have for each game. I think it would be a good idea to add the Platinum to that aswel. Because, for example; people cant see that I've platinumed Modern Warfare 3, because it's not at 100%, S Rank. Because I haven't done the DLC. Just an example and suggestion
  15. ThankYou guys :D It's healed nicely now too