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  1. Haha, no worries. I'm actually on Dark Souls 2 at the moment, so probably even more appropriate And thankyou
  2. I personally like going back after a few months and grabbing the extra trophies. It's a fun free game, not like it's costing anything.
  3. A Demon's Souls one would be pretty badass A dark, moody theme I'll check out your youtube too. Mine's stopped before it's started thanks to my degree being a hellhole, lol. Checked out the youtube, you've got another subscriber pal Friendly and smooth voice too.
  4. Hey man, I like them, but I really dislike the platinum icon, it makes it looks cheesy. Looks smart otherwise
  5. Begins with C and ends with UNTS. They flat out don't care anymore. Here's a 'free' game you're paying for with PS+ and PS Now... at the same time.
  6. @Helyx has been by far one of the most helpful people in my Soul's journeys, from years back on PS3. My build on Demon's Souls was a dex / sorcerer build. My points therefore mostly went into Int and Dex. Built up my Stamina a fair bit, along with health. Check the Wiki's and you get Soft and Hard caps. This means that when you hit a Soft Cap, you wont level up that certain aspect as much as previously. I've always loved the Falchion / Schimter and Uchikatana (too drunk to spell correctly). So I levelled those up, but it's the magic side that made Demon's Souls pretty easy. There's multiple walkthroughs on youtube too. Demon's Souls Remake - Walkthrough Part 1: Gates of Boletaria - YouTube is who I watched whilst going through (I platinumed the original, so wasn't arsed about spoilers). He gives decent tips and routes... BUT read the comments beforehand, as I screwed up a few times by getting ahead of him.
  7. It's a company that flat out couldn't give a fuck about us wasting money on them. I've cancelled my PS Now because of this crap. Zero point in having PS Now as it will or has been a PS+ game.
  8. Except 11 out of 12 months a year
  9. No reply yet about the shark and the disco balls ;) but just won 2 games in a row on squads show, trophy popped for 7 wins :) even though it's 8

  10. If every console had the ability to earn every achievement ie; can earn trophies on XBox, vice versa, I'd probably have every console. I just like getting my trophies!
  11. How romantic I've messaged people in squads in various other games if we've done well. 9/10 you get a friend request and can join each other again.
  12. Hello people. Can someone drop the Wolf Ring and Obscuring Ring please? I'm sl160, NG++
  13. Can't post a picture for some reason, but that shows the packages. I pay £16 a month, can have two games at once and have as many games as I want throughout. As in, I can get a disc and send it back the next day and repeat that, still only paying £16. Free postage too. You build a list of the games that you want and they'll send the top of your list each time, or if there's a wait, the one below it. Works really well and I've said £1,355 apparently !
  14. Been slacking a bit lately, but one platinum made me go back and clean up the other one in the series Started: 55.23% Goal: 60.23% Current: 57.33% Zombie Army 4: Dead War Really enjoyed the game and played with some good players from this site to get the horde trophies. Loads of DLC content is included for free, but on the flip side the few maps that aren't included are way too expensive to justify buying just for 3 trophies, this leaves the game at 98%. The grind to reach level 100 is real too.... There's a great method online, but it still means repeating the same 5 seconds for a few hours... Zombie Army Trilogy Due to the fun I had in Army 4, I decided to go back and finish off this one. Getting the collectables wasn't too bad whilst watching a guide, but one of the bottles you have to shoot, must've been moved in an update. This meant I kept having to go back to a level and making sure I wasn't going insane! Finally found it, giving me 100% collectables. The multiplayer stuff, I got lucky and found someone in-game to boost each horde map and do the revivals with, this meant I was left with trying to do a campaign chapter with 4 people. This seems easy, except you rarely find those 4 people and you might join halfway through a map or have people quit out on you. The severe 10,000 limbs was the trophy that I thought was going to be a grind, thankfully though, this was done before even finishing with random misc trophies. Currently Playing: Dark Souls III. After doing Demon's Souls earlier in the month, I've decided to go back and finish this off. I've started a fresh character as I understand the levelling mechanics etc better this time, so having a better time with it. I am however a bit worried about the covenant trophies which I'm definitely going to have to boost somehow!
  15. Well, that's PS Now and EA Play cancelled. What the fuck is the point in either subscription if the PS+ games we get are games that I'm already paying for...