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  1. Cheers guys, for another awesome competition. I thought I did well, but no... just up 1% 😁 Ah well, it got me going back and finishing other games
  2. Yes please. OpenScars Start: 57.24 Goal: 62.24 Thankyou
  3. PS5 Just had it on Far Cry 5 dlc for collectibles! I went offline and made sure the trophy was showing up. Then synced data again, restarted console but nothing. I then tried to force sync the trophies in my profile section. Still nothing. Turned console completely off and then on again and it’s popped.
  4. hey Husky. When you click on a trophy, you're taking to the guide for that trophy. Is there a way to add a hyperlink where other people can add tips to get it? On trueachievements, there's the main guide and then "Guide not helping? View 1 more guide for this achievement." as an option below. Would be nice to get multiple methods on this site, rather than site hopping.
  5. I’ve had 4 trophies glitch now. An online one randomly popped after I did a single player event. Now two single player events aren’t popping either :/ I’ll post the trophies when I get my Pc fixed, can’t be bothered doing it on mobile.
  6. Yeah, it's been sorted, now some of us are having a chat on a chat forum. You don't need to reply?
  7. You were an example; I've never looked at your profile. I'm sure it's the most oak-smoked, pure, non-fat profile out there! And OI!! Leave that alone, it's my baby!
  8. I don't think it's a bad option to have. Example, "ah, @DrBloodmoney seems pretty cool. Let's look at his profile, but first I'll hide the shit. Ah cool, some games that I care about. Oh, we like similar games, and I haven't tried that one, I'll download it". I don't see having a toggle button for pure garbage to be a bad thing. It's an optional extra... key point... "optional".
  9. I mute everything straight away. I probably miss some decent people, but I can't stand people that listen to their shitty music, even if it's music that I like.
  10. Yeah, I definitely get this. A bit annoyed that the newer stuff is catering to the PS4 (did PS4 do this with the PS3?) Demon's Souls by itself was a good enough reason, and the faster loading of PS4 games. Gf on PS4, myself on PS5 playing Monster Hunter, we could both complete the mission, and I could get back, do all the handing in etc and start up a new mission and she wouldn't even be back at base yet.
  11. Except he made a change yesterday to stop Shittleware appear on the New Lists and made a seperate tab for them in Games? Got ninja'd by Husky... Whoops.
  12. Thankyou And I may've been a little tipsy when I wrote it, so.... Yeah I've edited my post.
  13. Sorry for my rant above. On the right side, is there a way to show 'topic creator' instead of the last person to comment?
  14. Question 1: Have you played the game before? If so, what did you like about it? You can name more than one thing. (Note: If you answered this question, skip the next one.) Nope Question 2: If you haven't played it, would you do so if you ever got a chance? If you do, would you play casually or would you try to get the platinum and 100% on DLCs? Yeah, I loved Sons of Liberty, and I wrote the trophy guide for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes on Sly's (creator of this site), old site. I'd definitely go for platinum at least. Question 3: If you win, is there anything specific you'd buy? For example, are you planning to save money for a game or a DLC and you need a little extra to get it? If I won, I'd put it into a year of my current PS Premium (or whatever it's called), that way you've given me hundreds of games! Thankyou for doing this, I'd love to have the spare cash to do similar.
  15. I'd just ban anything from certain developers. Sick of seeing shit on New Lists.