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  1. Nice one guys! Trophy Guides and Walkthroughs on this site are always top notch, I mean, why would you go anywhere else?!
  2. Start: 55.23%Goal: 60.23% Current: 56.51% Main games and clear up. Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition My GOD, the controls made me want to hang myself at occasion. Apart from that, what a gorgeous, happy, sad, dark, beautiful game. Can easily be platinumed in a day and mostly enjoyable. Highly recommended if you want a relaxing game. Burnout Paradise: Remastered 12 years ago I got my first trophy. 'Repair your car' Then my first platinum Burnout Paradise Elite Today I got 100% on Burnout Paradise: Remastered. Massive thanks to @F1-Demon who I randomly bumped into when trying to do the online stuff. He helped and guided me through 20 ish trophies. Even going through the whole Cops and Robbers DLC even though he had it all trophies already. Very impressive list he's got too. 56.51%COMPLETION
  3. Sorry, on mobile. It’s “The Raven Age - The Day the World Stood Still”. Saw this band the other year supporting Shinedown and Alter Bridge. Just a little bit addicted now!
  4. Really liked this one. Like you said, short and sweet
  5. Had it twice, shutting down and starting again sorted the issue.
  6. Two Updates in a WEEK... I Can't Believe I Treat You All So Well! I don't know whether it's my amazing gaming skills, or Lockdown Alcoholic Drinking Skills... But, just got my 100% on Apex Legends. It took 2 years and a few hours..... furious! I think though, the sad part is I'll never play it again. I've got platinum in Killing Floor 2, but they keep adding trophies, making me come back to the game. I really wish Apex Legends did the same. Maybe make us win a game with each new character and reach a certain level with each one. I doubt they will, so genuinely gutted. Praying for Apex Legends II (if I was religious).
  7. No worries. Just nice to hide story / unmissable trophies, but still show collectables etc
  8. If you care about trophies, start again. The fact that you may have been hacked, will get you banned from the leader boards if someone decides to go through your trophies.
  9. Hey Husky. Loving the updates. Is there a way on the trophy guides (like another site), that I can manually hide each individual trophy? Say there's 24 trophies, and I just want to look at the 21st, but some trophies have huge guides, so I just want to hide certain ones.
  10. Most NFS: games are pretty ok. But check the guides, there's a few harder ones. Gravel: definitely. Fun, easy rally game. WRC: games tend to be easy, check guides because some are harder than others. Coffin Dodgers: for mindless fun. Crew 2. Dirt: check some of the Showdown ones. Again the guides will aim you to the easier ones. Absolute Drift: Zen Edition: Top down drift fun. Burnout Paradise: Will need boosting a few, but easy. Concept Destruction: 30 minute platinum (plus you can check my guide! Bonus points ) Daytona USA: 1 hour platinum Super Toy Cars: A bit grindy and a few harder trophies. Truck Racer: Truck racing, quick and easy. Wreckfest: Great fun. Might need to boost online. Monster Jam (Series): Definitely don't check out my guide for Monster Jam: Steel Titans What about motorbike games? Ride. Monster Energy Supercross: Easy, a bit grindy and you need some people to help. MX vs ATV: Easy but needs boosting. Super Hang On: 4 hr
  11. An Update on a Random Day (You Lucky Swines) Start: 55.23%Goal: 60.23% Current: 56.39% Yes, a few easier games. None under 30 minutes though I enjoyed them on my UK Account and got a friend from this site (and way back to ) to buy me a US gift card so that I could download them on my US account. I was going to pay whatever it came to, but he turned around and just said, 'Merry Christmas' and hasn't let me pay him back. (Legend). I was dead happy when I got the screenshot of the voucher through, went straight to my US account AAAAANNNNDDD, the sale had ended.... This is the first time since before Christmas that the games have come back up and I couldn't buy something else as I told him what games it was for and I would've felt crap if I bought something else. Anyway. Concrete Genie. Really fun game. Amazingly annoying that it's at 95% purely because I don't have VR 😡 WWE.... I've almost broke a PS5 controller and I had to delete the game and go to sleep last night, before said controller went through the TV. It's infuriating! Until you finally beat the campaign and then realise that you can upgrade your Power-Ups.... At-least I'm not writing the guide!.. Oh.. wait.. that should be sent into review tomorrow. BUT, means you don't have to suffer like I did Seeing some of your progress is very inspiring, hence going back and doing RIME. I got bored and left it, but after following a dirty website walkthrough (for XBOX players), I actually enjoyed it and got quite attached to the main character. If like me, you left it, definitely find the walkthrough and follow it. You get every trophy and complete the story in one playthrough. Anyway, glad I joined this ATTACK!
  12. Yeah, I was thinking of 5/6 too. I’ll keep at it. Going to get some beers in tonight and shout at the tv I reckon.
  13. Huh, that's disappointing then. The game was fun and enjoyable until what seemed like a huge difficulty spike. In two minds whether to scrap the whole guide... but if I manage to get 100% and complete the guide, at least people know that even if you're seemingly the worse person in the World at it, you can get the 100%!
  14. I'm part way through a guide for this site, but where the hell did you pull a 3/10 from?! I'm at the first Royal Rumble at Wrestlemania and I threw the controller and deleted the game last night after hours of flat out raging at the screen. The Undertaker had me for a good two hours before I managed to just keep the prick out the ring for 10 seconds. The cage matches now seem impossible, since my character can't get the damn bags quick enough. Yet they seem to run up, grab it in a split second and jump down. I go to hit, straight away countered with a reversal. I go to block and they get me anyway. I go to throw, it's reversed. Whip... it's reversed. Whatever I try, it's just constantly reversed. When it comes to throw a completely depleted opponent out the ring, I can manage it 4/10. Yet when they try to throw me out whilst on a full yellow bar, I can't keep myself in the ring. One way to explain that is that I'm on PS5? The L2 and R2 buttons seem a lot harder to repeatedly smash, I noticed it on another game too, where the repeated button presses shouldn't exhaust you! lol.
  15. Just happened to me on NA version on PS5. Thankfully I just slid and got stuck against a wall and didn't die, but yeah, easily possible if there's a trap or something there to die at the same time. Had me properly scared as it was my quickest run too