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  1. Would say likes their JPRG and likes a bit of a challenge! Ah, and apparently visual novels. (Read the persons comment after I wrote the first line).
  2. Hopefully you get it sorted pal. I used to write guides and reviews on an older site. Was one of the first to sign up for premium here. I randomly lost that membership. Got a personal email saying he had sorted it. Few weeks ago I asked him if he could access my old guides from the old site. Took him a few days, but he replied with a link that I could use to get to stuff that was internet archived but not visible if you searched. So, more than likely he'll help you out
  3. Sorry... read it the other day drunk. Re-read it today again... drunk. Must pay more attention, lol. Will get on it
  4. Yeah, I'm down for this Might finish the rest of my Resident Evil 3 trophies, except the Inferno Boss and get that on Halloween too, if that's allowed?
  5. Nearly platinumed the first one. It's not an overly bad game. But a bit repetitive... especially the grinding. I'll grab the second one when it's cheap and do the same with the third. The grindy parts; I'm pre-drinking before going out, with music on. So doesn't exactly take a lot of my concentration.
  6. The one turn trick doesn't work for me. Says "Out of time" every single time :/
  7. Hi, I need Certifiable and One better and Storm Trooper. I've got nothing valuable to trade back though.... PSN: OpenScars Thankyou
  8. No issue with the football one. It's the damn Egg Snatch thing, despise it.
  9. Damn, sorry then! Urgh, last one for platinum too. Reeeeally can’t be bothered. Don’t know which character I’ve got the most dragon kills on either.
  10. Don't know if this is being talked about behind the scenes still or not? If a player gets in a lobby and has all their trophies popped, then all the trophies that popped should be whitelisted and the platinum not count. The other trophies they got on the game, should still count though. I'd be up for whitelisting and dropping the strikes down to two? Been reading through the disputes the last few days and some do seem really harsh. I'd be mortified if I was in a game that I didn't know had hacked lobbies and had every trophy pop. Especially on a game like Titanfall 2, if I had spent countless hours on the time trial and then went to finish the multiplayer and have that occur, resulting in my hard work being worthless. Christ, if I got flagged for anything, I'd be scared to play any online game again! lol
  11. Got it! Looked through other guides. It seems like you needed VISUAL DAMAGE ONLY. That was the only thing that I changed this time and it popped. Online I did "Monte Carlo - Luceram" Solo I did "Mexico Media Luna". Thanks people
  12. antonio??? What happened??

    1. Dr_Mayus


      With AB? Not sure, so many of the old school forum posters either stopped posting or went down with .Com

    2. OpenScars


      OOOOHH, the way I read it was that he'd passed away or something! Thank fuck for that, lol.


      I barely come on here now, but it is nice seeing the old members names about :)

      Hope you're good.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      Oh goodness I hope not. I just meant that his only post here was a boosting thread so it will be deleted :(


      Yeah there was a lot of great old gamers not around anymore :(

  13. You can definitely use the Cloud or USB method. Turn off auto upload, just in case. Do a level, upload to Cloud. If you die on the next level, transfer the data from the Cloud and continue.
  14. Just did this and started a new Season with it set to easy, won the stage and still nothing.... ffs
  15. Hi mate, can you say step for step what you did? Gf and I have just tried it. 1. Options - Gameplay Settings - Difficulty - Authentic 2. Competition - Online Multiplayer - Create Lobby (we've tried with her creating the lobby with me winning and myself creating the lobby and winning) 3. Options - Gameplay Settings - Difficulty - Easy 4. Solo - Quick Play - Win a stage Nothing has popped. Gf also created an Open Lobby with myself searching for an online game. I won that and then repeated Step 3 and 4. Still nothing???