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  1. Personally I prefer this one. Looks tidier in my opinion. The other way looks cluttered, potentially hard to read at times and ruins the picture. Thanks again for you great work.
  2. No, they then hit with the Play 2 Win and everything else.
  3. If they're playing an advert in a loading screen - fine. As long as it's not extending the time. If it's in game, such as a board in a game on the wall etc, - fine. As long as it's not changing the game. If it's in game or in a loading screen and affects my gaming - fuck you.
  4. Jesus.... I've no idea how I've missed that in the last 10 years... I have zero excuse! Would be cooler with your smart button though (trying to justify to myself that I had a good idea )
  5. Hey, hopefully an easy one. When I click on any game, I have the option to "Refresh Progress". I'd like another button underneath to "Toggle Earned Trophies", exactly like you've done in the Trophy Guides. Just be really handy and nice to be able to have a quick glance at what I'm missing. Thanks for the great work
  6. You beautiful bastard. I quit Elden Ring, got on Fall Guys. Failed 4 rounds, then won ONE and got the trophy PLATINUM #187
  7. Tales of the Borderlands Tiny Tina's Wonderland Then my mind goes blank.
  8. Warframe can do it with no issue.... that free to play, online game.... R* will do the same shit on PS7
  9. Mine just says 'Download Trial'?
  10. Ignore them. I have it on Performance setting as it was default. The game looks gorgeous and I haven't noticed anything that would've put me off. My girlfriend is playing it on the PS4 next to me and I haven't noticed anything there either... except the load screens take ages!
  11. Why, oh why, did I start as a Wretch?! I'm getting pretty spanked. Level: 17 Vig: 14 Mind: 10 End: 13 Str: 12 Dex: 16 Int: 10 Fai: 10 Arc: 11 Scimitar + 2 and a shield....
  12. Final update. I paid ZERO pennies, free shipment there and back. They couldn't repair the controllers, so I got two new ones back. The wait was longer than ideal, hence sending one at a time. Overall, I'm happy with it. 9/10 would get controller drift again for free replacement.
  13. I've messed with the clocks but still don't seem to get getting anywhere.
  14. I just hope they don't make stuff exclusive. Or atleast give us Forza, you bar-stewards!
  15. I don't want to brag, but I got 100% on eFootball last night! I know, I know... I'm super hardcore.