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  1. Not the best Spider-Man game out there. I've always told myself to never rush into buying games, though Detroit and Jurassic World were worth it. The Sam Raimi suit makes it a little more manageable to do the dlc, which I unfortunately rushed into buying upon release. Well time to get my money's worth. But then again, the Black Cat 😸 dlc was 10x better than the base game.
  2. Operation Genesis with trophies. I still prefer Genesis, but this was good apart from five starring every island and having to guess all the memos and the very last character. I had to release every single dinosaur just to get that damned last charcter.
  3. We went back to speedrun the Torturer Tomb when the error popped. Luckily we managed to redo it today. I would have given in, but we did it all over again. And I would say it's nice to not be alone on this, but it's not something that you want happening in this day and age.
  4. My thoughts exactly. I never expected to see corrupted data on the PS4, thought that was PS3 only. Anyway, we've decided to give it another try, with me now making a backup save. I will admit it's been a good game, without the corruption.
  5. Had about 3 or 4 tombs to 100% when I get an error. Thought nothing of it as you get them most times, but when I went back on it I had corrupted data. Checked the backup save on PS+ not even been uploaded, I was stupid to not have checked first. Moral of the story, keep a backup save. I won't be 100% this game after all, my sister can still do it hers is fine 😒 typical.
  6. I went against Rock. It was the hardest trophy I have ever gone for.
  7. I seriously didn't think I'd be here right now, years later redoing the game on PS3 for Platinum. I remember when it was released in HD. I was so excited to get trophies for it and put my PS2 version to retirement. However, was I in for a shock, the voices, the dark halls, the on and so forth. Now this post is a waste of time, but it would be nice to actually get the PS2 version on PS4. But then again, as we move on the old classics get forgotten.
  8. Well you made up my mind, was interested in this since last year Don't usually bother with online games with my new account, but I've decided there's no point in having hundreds of accounts. Thanks, I can't wait to finally jump in and start rising in the ranks, or whatever it is on there.
  9. This game looks so inviting, but I hate just jumping in like a noob. It looks hard, but I suppose I'd get used to it. Just don't want to start then stop half way. I've played many multi - player games only to eventually have the servers closed. I really don't want to, but I'll have to give it a pass. Grinding these trophies will be pretty boring by the time I eventually get this
  10. My favourite is the Strider. Tallneck is a close second. It will be nice to see what they bring us in the dlc. The art book has some interesting designs.
  11. Thought it would have platinum. I am quite excited about the none kill Outsider prospect of this.