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  1. I'd recommend both of the Infamous games. A lot of fun, and they were both free with plus.
  2. I'm just glad that England didn't get Germany. Belgium will still be a tough game though.
  3. I quite like having trophies for Speedrunning a game. It forces the player to "master" every aspect of a game, the movement system, alternate routes, glitches etc...
  4. Picked up Magicka 2 and Pure Chess so far 🙂
  5. Can I ask how you obtained the "Big Leagues" trophy in Blackops 2? It became unobtainable in December 2015, yet in August of 2016, the game wasn't even on your list. Somehow you now have the platinum, with Big Leagues being earned just a month before it became unobtainable. Did you go nearly a year without syncing it? Just curious.
  6. Test out different formations. If you prefer having players with pace who can speed past defenders, choose one with wingers (3-4-3, 4-3-3 etc...). Most players use this option, as its pretty overpowered. Buy a winger with 90+ pace and you can breeze past most defences. Since you lose the ball a lot, change your style to defensive or very defensive. At least when you lose the ball you'll have enough men back to deal with any attack. It also prevents any chance of a counter attack from the opponent. Chemistry is crucial. Make sure you have a team with 100 chem, to make sure you're getting the best performance out of each player. When I'm near the area, I usually just do a bunch of fake shots. This pisses of a lot of players, so they start helplessly slide tackling all over the place.
  7. I've been using the top one since I made this account. Just picked up the Uncharted ones so I'm going to alternate between those two.
  8. Thanks for posting!
  9. I'm out. Couldn't finish anything with the limited time I had these last few days. Thanks for hosting the event @Fredoline05 and best of luck to the remaining participants.
  10. Thanks for the giveaway
  11. LittleBigPlanet Karting
  12. Thanks to @ArtikSkarab for helping out. We've both earned the Komodo No Mo trophy from Crash Bandicoot 2.
  13. If you've been wrongfully flagged, feel free to create a dispute thread...
  14. 28.77% at the moment. Will definitely go up once I play some easier games.