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  1. I'd recommend both of the Infamous games. A lot of fun, and they were both free with plus.
  2. I'm just glad that England didn't get Germany. Belgium will still be a tough game though.
  3. I quite like having trophies for Speedrunning a game. It forces the player to "master" every aspect of a game, the movement system, alternate routes, glitches etc...
  4. Has anyone had any issues with glitched trophies in Lumo? I definitely hit the bullseye for one of the miscellaneous trophies, but no trophy. Of course, I didn't back up any saves prior to this point, just my luck that I trophy didn't pop when it should've.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. BrandonSmithy_


      Apparently you can just close application when you die during one of the duck rooms, only have 5 left to collect so I'll see if it pops. I didn't think this trophy was missable since the guide says you have an infinite number of tries. Nonetheless, thanks for the info, much appreciated.

    3. cr1s


      I second @MStalker58's tips, and I can confirm that closing the application doesn't void the trophy for collecting all ducks without dying. This and backing up your save when necessary make the miscellaneous trophies easy. For Old School mode, I'd highly recommend practicing the second half over and over again beforehand as stated in the guide until you're confident enough that you can make it through with a minimal number of deaths (and even then, it can be easy to mess up several times, especially if you lose focus and/or get nervous). I made it on my first try with only 2 lives left (it would've been more had I not wasted a few deaths in the (in)famous 6-chain room due to nervousness). Oh, and make sure you check out my strategy for the Bub 'N Bob trophy as it's a guaranteed way to get you through this section without dying. Good luck!

    4. BrandonSmithy_


      Thanks for that @Ditto, I'll be sure to make use of your strategy once I reach that section in the game.

  5. Picked up Magicka 2 and Pure Chess so far 🙂
  6. Can I ask how you obtained the "Big Leagues" trophy in Blackops 2? It became unobtainable in December 2015, yet in August of 2016, the game wasn't even on your list. Somehow you now have the platinum, with Big Leagues being earned just a month before it became unobtainable. Did you go nearly a year without syncing it? Just curious.
  7. Test out different formations. If you prefer having players with pace who can speed past defenders, choose one with wingers (3-4-3, 4-3-3 etc...). Most players use this option, as its pretty overpowered. Buy a winger with 90+ pace and you can breeze past most defences. Since you lose the ball a lot, change your style to defensive or very defensive. At least when you lose the ball you'll have enough men back to deal with any attack. It also prevents any chance of a counter attack from the opponent. Chemistry is crucial. Make sure you have a team with 100 chem, to make sure you're getting the best performance out of each player. When I'm near the area, I usually just do a bunch of fake shots. This pisses of a lot of players, so they start helplessly slide tackling all over the place.
  8. I hope to see a permadeath trophy in every upcoming AAA title, just to spark the same reaction that Wolfenstein 2 has.

    1. StrickenBiged


      Yeah, but you're a goose... so... y'know. 

    2. PSXtreme_
    3. DamagingRob


      Meanwhile, I hope for the opposite, so all the elitists can whine about how easy Plats have become. :rolleyes:

  9. I've been using the top one since I made this account. Just picked up the Uncharted ones so I'm going to alternate between those two.
  10. Added #9: Teslagrad and #10: Crash Bandicoot. Also added quite a few games to the backlog.
  11. Thanks for posting!
  12. Didn't think I'd struggle as much as I did with Stormy Ascent. Spent a good 3 hours dying at the same section each time.

    1. Cassylvania


      Which section? The ridiculous rotating platforms? The staircase of death? The nine jumps that you have to do within a nanosecond of each other or fall face-first into a spike? Or the THREE BIRDS OF DOOM?

    2. BrandonSmithy_


      Those descriptions are painfully accurate 😂. The staircase of death was the worst one for me. Of course I got to that point with only one mask, which I kept losing straight away. Then the next jump I was dead. Not only that, I kept running into all sorts of issues with this level. Rotating platforms weren't rotating at all, sometimes they were completely still, occasionally the spikes did no damage whatsoever. In the end I had to reset the app 5 or 6 times. Fortunately I didn't have to bother doing the relic for the High Road, I had to completely ignore that one, for my own sanity.

    3. Spaz


      Stormy Ascent took about the same amount of time.


      The two platforms moving in and out at once near the very end take getting used to. You have to jump when the platforms are still inside their hole and once you land you almost have to wait a split second just before they go back in just so you have a chance to land on the second platform.

  13. I'm out. Couldn't finish anything with the limited time I had these last few days. Thanks for hosting the event @Fredoline05 and best of luck to the remaining participants.
  14. Thanks for the giveaway
  15. Constantly dying during the final level of no death mode...can't deal with the pressure it seems.

    1. Spaz


      I hear VVVVVV is a real bitch for sure. Good luck.

    2. BrandonSmithy_


      It definitely is, it wouldn't be as bad if the final section wasn't the hardest. Four runs in a row I've died right at the end due to nerves. At that point I just stop playing for the day and do something else. I'll get it eventually but it gets pretty tiresome.