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  1. How'd you end up getting this? I feel like I've combined several High Price + ingredients but I never seem to get High Class after the recipe has been created and none of the gamefaqs are helpful.
  2. It took me awhile to want to actually do the arenas and stuff after beating the game's story (which was way too short). I thought the game and challenges were incredibly easy with all the challenges being completed over time in the arena's with the exception of some of the story challenges. I didn't even really find any of the challenges annoying or aggravating, with the exception of trying to get KO Queen in the arena's. Easy game. Not boring IMO, but really easy.
  3. Once Metroid Prime 4 is released, my PS4 will get a very long and deserving rest.
  4. Couldn't have said it better. I skipped out (for now) on getting the MMX Legacy Collection on PS4 because I found that, the way I play, having a trophy system tell me I'm not done with some piddly shit on a game I'm dominating otherwise kind of sucks.
  5. I need help with changing lanes and brothers in arms. My psn is Pussflapper, I can help you if you need the trophies as well. I'm available any time, shoot me a message
  6. Human Torch with Fire damage boosts Just spam Inferno and cheese through 90% of the game. Lame but makes for easy gameplay on the harder difficulties.