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  1. Featured racer is obtainable with this week's event. This means the platinum can be earned and there are no trophy bugs left.
  2. Well obviously if you are an excellent driver you won't have any problem reaching it. I play with some assists and with a joypad, so I may be 3 seconds a lap slower than people with no assists and wheel. Add to that stupid people who crash into you when you start on midfield positions, I usually end my races between 4 and 8 in a full room if I don't get crashed into, and it seems it won't be enough. Plus I was at 1578 after my first 5 races, then some idiot made me DNF and I lost 100 freaking points, that's ridiculous. Havent played ranked since, I'd rather stay with 98% completion percentage than going nuts for this trophy.
  3. Took me about 1 season and 6 races to get Cool and calm, then I restarted a season to get the other one, with short week end it will not take that long. The trophies of this game do not take so long compared to F1 2017's On the shoulders of giants took 4 to 5 seasons to grind, and in F1 2019 you even can grind level 50 online in leagues with your friends, so that's good. There's only Pure Gold that should be renamed Pure Crap 😀
  4. So a few guys have gotten the trophy in the past two days after the 1.06 update, can someone confirm you now get the trophy after reaching silver 1?
  5. "Fixed a number of instances where some Trophies/Achievements may not unlock in certain circumstances" well that couldn't be less clear which trophies they are talking about...
  6. Well there is only one trophy unobtained, and it might be because they haven't put any event of that kind yet. Stop worrying about trophies and enjoy the game, there is plenty to do anyway
  7. Thanks! Didn't look at the solutions but at least I knew which puzzles to do for trophies.
  8. Well honestly I don't think no shuffling is such a big deal because bad grids can happen, but restarting the same map 5 times because there always are two same tiles on each other under everything, so I realize that when I've cleared 90% of them, this is a real pain in the a$$. Edit: After saying that I have completed the 50 last puzzles on my first try, I guess it ain't that bad if you have a good focus, you can avoid being blocked most of the time!
  9. Thanks, I eventually got it. I stood on his head, then held L2 + spammed X to grab some black ice furnitures and it worked like a charm Jumping on him didnt work for me I don't know why
  10. Have been trying for two hours as well, while being overencumbered and my friend was not, by both being overcumbered, and by not being overencumbered while my friend was, and it never worked! I really don't know what I am missing there?!
  11. Guys seriously... Complaining about the only little challenge this game gives you, it's not that bad at all compared to other games!
  12. Well I don't know what was wrong there... But got the challenge pretty quickly in my third try, did all three in less than an hour. Thanks for the help
  13. Huge thanks for the advice! I tried it and left, unfortunately the PS4 remote play had a bug after maybe 15 minutes since I had like 3.64$ left... It was in the settings and I couldn't leave it whatever I did... and I haven't got a win yet let's hope it will eventually work out well for me. Edit: Ok I understand what was going on, now my question is about PS4 remote play. it disconnects me automatically after around an hour. is there a way to avoid this? I'd like to do the trick while I'm in bed to finally get this challenge done. Thanks!
  14. I agree with you 100%. I wouldn't have bought NHL 19 but a friend insisted so we can play LHEAS, but I've waited black friday sale because I won't pay more than 40$ anymore for this game. They should skip a few years between games and only offer roster updates, so we could see a good difference when a new NHL comes out, and have plenty of time to enjoy every game mode. I don't get how you can go deep in this game before the next one goes out, unless you only play NHL...
  15. Hey guys, Is it me or it's pretty hard to get a decent team on HUT this year, since basic players have really bad overalls and gold players are pretty expensive on the market? Some sets give "good" players, but again they are pretty demanding... Am I un-understanding something?