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  1. Give yourself some time. Honestly as soon as you are comfortable with this game's driving it's easy to get gold, even if some events were close calls for me. Make sure to be gentle with your stick (as soon as you move too quickly it's pretty hard to keep control and speed), and to do perfect drifts in corners that inquire to slow down (single tap on your brake and it will slide beautifully). In corners you can pass without drifting don't drift or you will lose much time. Also, using your nitro on the exit of a corner gives you great acceleration to get back at a good speed. I had some problems at the beginning but as soon as I did what I mentioned here I got gold medals on first try most of the time (unless stupid cars from traffic appeared at the exact wrong spot so I couldnt avoid them). Also rapid responses give you some margin (much more than time trials). Avoid narrow shortcuts and go easy on hard corners to avoid getting penalties, you may gain more time that way
  2. Well I am from Canada and I got this list so I guess it is
  3. The worst NFS in my opinion. The only one I haven't platinumed (yet). I don't know if I will have the patience to get it done. Many annoying challenges you need to do over and over and over and over until you get lucky and traffic does not make it impossible. Plus a lot of grinding to max up your cars. Really far from what made NFS games on PS3 and before so enjoyable...
  4. No it's not that one I can't cover up since I only could run away and there are enemies shooting at me. Then a guy appears on my face and I need to beat him without a gun to pass. I eventually rolled past him without fighting to get this done. I'm now at chapter 15 so there is some progress, I should be fine eventually but I needed to complain a little to get more motivation haha
  5. I have started Brutal difficulty tonight and after two hours I'm already pissed off. On my first encounter it took me 20 minutes to go forward since I was always shot by far and dying on a single pistol shot (unless many enemies were touching me at the same time). Honestly Uncharted 1 brutal was not as bad, now I feel that the second I leave a cover I'm dead. I guess I knew Uncharted 1 better so I could track the enemies easier, because right now I believe I'll go nuts pretty quickly... Right now I'm trying to end chapter 4 while running with Sully, no gun but an enemy on my way, while I'm trying to put him down I am shot on the back by another enemy, how am I supposed to do this?! I get insta-killed way before I'm done with my fist fight. Brutal difficulty is ridiculous for these parts of the game, how can it be fun there?
  6. Just got chapter 7 done, I have lost the number of deaths I had since the beginning of my playthrough. Honestly I understand brutal difficulty is supposed a challenge, but come on there is nothing fun when so many parts of the game will give you instant deaths even if you move carefully.
  7. I focused on my chassis and got the trophy before Hungary in my second season. I did get few aero and engine upgrades as well. Not much of a grind as you need to do 2 season for many trophies anyway, so as long as you focus on one department in facility upgrades + R&D it won't be a big problem.
  8. The last of us, havent had the courage to get through this game since multiple games are needed for platinum and online is apparently annoying... May be missing a masterpiece though
  9. I read the description and it says: FREE TO PLAY The free to play version offers you the following FREE contents: -Space Shuttle is a completely free table. -All other tables have a score limit and can be played until the player reaches the set score limit of the table. -Story Mode. So basically only one table is free, the other ones are trials. I haven't seen the trophy list though, maybe every trophy can be earned on the free table. Edit: Yup sounds like every trophy can be earned in one table
  10. I'm doing this atm, winning every race on my main account, I think I do around 1800 XP per race in average, so from the beginning it would take 1M/1800 = 555 races, since I can't drive both cars in the same time every race + loading takes around 4 minutes, so that makes 555 x 4 / 60 = 37 hours
  11. I personnally loved the game as well, even more than Watch Dogs 2. I also prefer a dark character to a bunch of teenagers looking for followers like in WD2, which removed my interest even if the game looked better and had more hacking options.
  12. Hi guys, I have talked to Madam Nazar once in the past, but I did not buy the licence. I now have 15 gold bars but no way to see her on the map to redeem the licence. I don’t have any info about collections, so can I still complete daily collections to make her appear on my map, or is there another way to buy my licence? Thanks! P.S. : In the main menu where I can see what is my level in bounty hunting etc. i see the option to get the collector licence, but it’s gray I can’t press anything to buy it, even if I got 15 gold bars.
  13. Yup got it too, major grinding avoided
  14. Yup, competitive seasons give a reward to everyone in the ranking. If you play the minimal amount of games to appear in the leaderboard then you will get a reward and the trophy, normally.
  15. I got it me too, woohoo! Now let's hope this works... Then I will only need to win Ones tournament for platinum, but I clearly have a lack of skill in that game mode