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  1. Hi guys, I have talked to Madam Nazar once in the past, but I did not buy the licence. I now have 15 gold bars but no way to see her on the map to redeem the licence. I don’t have any info about collections, so can I still complete daily collections to make her appear on my map, or is there another way to buy my licence? Thanks! P.S. : In the main menu where I can see what is my level in bounty hunting etc. i see the option to get the collector licence, but it’s gray I can’t press anything to buy it, even if I got 15 gold bars.
  2. Yup got it too, major grinding avoided
  3. Yup, competitive seasons give a reward to everyone in the ranking. If you play the minimal amount of games to appear in the leaderboard then you will get a reward and the trophy, normally.
  4. I got it me too, woohoo! Now let's hope this works... Then I will only need to win Ones tournament for platinum, but I clearly have a lack of skill in that game mode
  5. Just to give me some hope, if you go on FaceIt, is your PSN account enabled or disabled in "Integration Settings"? Since I enabled it this week I'm hoping this is why I didn't have the collectible this monday, otherwise I'm hopeless I guess...
  6. Few people have received their collectible (looks like djb5f did), but I didn't. I did the integration settings thing yesterday so I believe it could help me to receive the collectible next week even if I subscribed a week ago... Someone had the trophy today so I believe this event can get us the trophy, now I guess we only can hope and wait... I read on FaceIt that EA says they are not the problem, FaceIt is... And with coronavirus they are short on staff and it's not going so well... Considering there are only 3K subscriptions on FaceIt for PS4 Canada, and most of people complain they don't get their collectible, they probably don't have many people playing...
  7. The prizes were given last night at 9 pm actually. So may work. But I can’t believe some people get the collectible and others don’t. I’m pretty mad right now Edit: I didn’t « active » my PSN account in the « integration settings » and it may be why I didnt get the collectible. Pretty annoying considering you have to login to join the tournament and they don’t say anywhere you have to do that?! Well I only have to wait again and see...
  8. I haven't got my collectible yet, people have been complaining on FaceIt and EA can't do anything, it's in FaceIt's ground... If this does not get fixed I give up on this game, it keeps frustrating me year after year.
  9. We only need to be patient The only event we can see right now is this week's qualifier, as soon as next week's qualifier appears in upcoming tournaments (I havent looked this morning yet maybe is has appeared), we will get our collectible and we will be able to use it to become qualified. Will happen between today and wednesday when the round will begin!
  10. When you sign up, you do so for the following week. If you sign up before this sunday, you will receive a collectible (idk when though I havent got it yet) to play next week's round (will begin on March 18th). You can't join the current round, you had to sign up before this monday to play it. There is a total of 4 rounds open to everyone so there is still time to do it. Now I just hope to see a lot of Competitor trophies come up on March 17th (when this week's prizes are given) to confirm we will get the trophy that way.
  11. There may be a miracle for us guys, as the NHL 20 world championship seems to count as a competitive season, and it is open to everyone. I have subscribed to next week’s event (we have until this sunday) and hopefully this will do the trick.
  12. Hey there, I am looking for someone to do the coop trophy. I’d stay idle for the 3 hours probably but we can discuss it as the guide says one trophy is easier to do in coop. I havent started the game yet just in case if the coop trophy becomes unavailable eventually and I can’t find someone to do it before it happens. Add me on PSN! Thanks
  13. You say you don't lose points while quitting and the following comments says you lose a lot of points if you quit. Which one is right? Any specific way to quit to make sure we don't lose points? I havent played in a long time but I was around 1650 rating in the first months of the game so I'd like to get this done to have platinum...
  14. I know this may be a stupid question but have you progressed enough in the main story? DLC stuff unlocked after a while for me. I can't remember when the activities showed up though.
  15. Hi, is there any info about the DLCs upcoming? Any information on if they will include trophies? Since the game is on sale for Christmas, I was wondering if I should buy the Gold edition since it includes two DLCs, but I have no idea if they will have trophies; if there is no trophy related I believe I'll pass. Thanks!