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  1. Price, way to expensive for 70% of games we have probably already been given through plus. We're talking double the price of plus to get the most out of it. As an Australian it's about goddamn time we get cloud streaming, its been literally years and we're still waiting and according to the article we're still getting screwed over.
  2. If this was supposed to be competition for xbox's game pass, its a fucking joke. At this point, Sony isn't a clown, its the whole circus.
  3. I'll still play but seriously, the fuck is this?
  4. Probably still won't be available in Australia like how PS Now still isn't...
  5. I think its best to just go in as if its a dumb fun movie that you wouldn't know shit about. Kinda like how Resident Evil movies are horrible from a game fan point but good and watchable if you didn't know shit about it beforehand. Same with Monster Hunter, it was watchable but cringe asf, and even more so with Assassins Creed.. watchable but still pretty shit.
  6. As a day 1 purchase I can confirm platinum can be done solo, the end boss however is a little tough but still do-able.
  7. Shouldn't be too hard, vs mode might be doable solo against bots if not anime was damn popular enough I can see the game selling really good anyway. Rank 10 challenge in training could be a pain in the ass but with it being a cc2 game shouldn't be that bad. Looking forward to double platinuming this one.
  8. PS4 for use of back button attachments. Imho Sony dropped the ball by not having back buttons knowing full well how good the sales were for the accessory.
  9. The fucking hype is real, my body is ready.
  10. Maneater is one of those mindless dumb fun games like those from the late 90s and earl 00s that's worth playing twice IMHO.
  11. Fuckin boring. Standard arcade race game that got repetitive fast. I regret going for the double platinum to just get my money's worth.
  12. So tempting, its roughly $350 AUD though.. might have to wait and see if sony release a backbutton attachment like they did for the PS4.
  13. Got the platinum a few days ago, no trophies bugged and no early trophy unlocks. 50 hive trophy still boring as shit.
  14. Hard to justify full price when you're only getting half the content you'd usually get every other release. The beta better wow the fuck out of me to make me even consider buying at launch.
  15. My body is ready.