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  1. I also agree and I'm also the same as you talking friends into it just for them to say its too predictable and at times too hard without even getting halfway throguh the story. I am thoroughly impressed by the events and amount of content being added for FREEEEEEEEEEEE and can see mhw being goty 2018.
  2. It'll almost be a shame to murder something so shiny.
  3. Yeah been doing both, it just never seems to be a large gold crown. Edit: Wrote this before I got on to farm again and ofc the first vale event I do I get the lage bazel.. I guess complaining on forums reqlly did help, now I just need a large kirin and 50 arena wins and I'll have the platinum.
  4. I swear Bazel and Kirin are the bane of me, over 100 investigations alone on Bazel and still not giant crown...
  5. Got my mini at 1448.88
  6. I've had a few pop up in the last 6 or so hours of grinding. 2 double mini and a mini and large in same investigation few others here and there from other investigations. Not sure if I'm on to something or not but I've gotten mine mostly from the tempered investigations it atleast feels like theres a higher % chance from tempered.
  7. Story is capped at HR16, any quests done will add exp to after the cap. Once I finished story I went from HR16 to HR29, I screwed around customizing my build before I did the slay tempered assignment as soon as I did that I was sent to HR40 Good thing to know I've got another pain in the ass to come soon, I stopped last night at 46 to farm some money..
  8. 15 kills on Nergigante for the large gold crown, was done in storm through sos.. 115h also got mini Diablos on 14th kill 4 hours later doing sos on hr optionals too. Nergigante at 2291.67 and Diablos at 1844.70 Guess I got lucky 2 in 1 day?
  9. I'd like to say my name is mayo or mr masagy, but I had a real good laugh out of both of them.
  10. Thats just sad.. don't buy the game if you want someone else to play it for you..
  11. I'd much rather win 100 ranked than get the 530k bp atleast its somewhat boostable.. After playing a day I've learned I'm utter trash at fighting games and will probably not get this platinum because of the 530k bp trophy. I do however love the story and arcade game modes because reminds me of the old db games.
  12. I'd say best bet is to just leave observer mode on and go to sleep surely it'll eventually unlock while you afk..
  13. Yes, got the platinum for the game on July 5th last year, did the mp trophies last.
  14. Yes they're still up, I got the platinum for it on July 5th last year and did the mp trophies last.
  15. Theres little bits here and there that mention what happens in past games, but you wouldn't know unless told and know exactly what to look for especially being completely new to the series. You'll be fine, and I'm sure you'll enjoy it like so many others have.