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  1. Powerpyx already had the list posted on the 16th, list looks really easy and straightforward. If there are separate trophy lists for PS4/PS5 I might double dip this with the free PS5 upgrade.
  2. As I said in another thread, sony Senpai noticed us. *noticing intensifies* I think this is a good thing that sony is awarding us with banners, themes and avatars. But I can also see this as a bad thing as we will probably have thousands of bad looking banners/themes/avatars.
  3. Cant remember where I left off before. As an anime fan I finally did the Naruto quadrilogy. #137 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm This game was pretty enjoyable, I especially liked the open world part. Combat was pretty simple and I had an easy time with this game. #138 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Played this game on the PS3 ages ago on my old account and enjoyed playing, so I kinda knew what to expect with this game. Gameplag wise I enjoyed it, combat was simple and easy. Didn't really like the open world change but quickly got used to it. Hardest part for me was the online trophies and titles as they were boring and repetitive, so for the most part I had YouTube playing in the background. #139 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 As above played this on the PS3 before and enjoyed my time playing this one again. I found this game really easy the boss battles were slightly annoying but manageable and took my time with completing it. #140 Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 I was going away for just under 2 weeks and honestly didn't think I'd squeeze this game in but thought to myself I could just finish when I got back, surprisingly I finished with 2 days spare. This game was the end of the Naruto series and I really enjoyed my time with it, the secret factor cutscenes and the updated graphics were really well done and I enjoyed every moment of it. There were a few hard moments in the game but most fights only needed 2-3 resets to get S rank. The hardest fights for me were the Kaguya fights as she hits like a fucking truck and you'd have to ti e almost everything perfectly. The Might Guy boss fight was surprisingly easy once I learned how to combo break almost infinitely which helped significantly with later fights. Now I went away for holidays for just under 2 weeks so I brought my vita with me to do some easy filler games so I could hit my 150th before PS5 release. #141 Super Destronaut Land Wars VITA Surprisingly fun game, pretty simple but like all rats games easy for the platinum and loud asf. #142 Pesant Knight VITA Itsa different type of platformer that's timed, it was OK as a time waster inbetween travelling. #143 Terta's Escape VITA I've played this game before and knew exactly what to expect, it was pretty fun platform/puzzle a day was another good time waster. #144 Mekabolt VITA Platformer with robots, pretty simple and straightforward, like most rata games, damn easy but also refreshing. #145 Daggerhood VITA This game is damn good, i really enjoyed playing through this to the point I played for another hour after platinuming it. I enjoyed the teleportation in the game and some of the fairy collectables were so damn tricky to get. I got home but on the trip home I started Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus(in progress inbetween #150th), after doing the VITA stacks for those rata games I figured I'd do the PS4 stacks and be done with them. #146 Super Destronaut Land Wars Game is much much easier and better on the PS4, and I enjoyed my time playing this. #147 Mekabolt Same as before, pretty easy and surprisingly felt better to play on the vita. #148 Skatemasta Tcheco Honestly I have no idea why I bothered with this game, its ok at best but so fucking weird at the same time. #149 Daggerhood Honestly enjoyed my time more on the PS4, the controls just felt way better for me. Now finally to work on my 150th the juggernaut GRAND THEFT AUTO V that I will hopefully finish before PS5, which will maybe have another stack for me to do.. maybe 200/250th? And with that being my #150th I'm making a promise to myself that I'm done with the rata/ezpz, no more fillers for milestones unless it looks really really good.
  4. I wouldn't be surprised that this has been hapening for awhile now.. but if it hasn't then all this means for me is that there is now a limit to how far I can shit talk with my friends in a mp match.
  5. What a fucking pain in the ass, just dumb. Rest in pepperoni for the vita store.
  6. All we really need to take from this is trophies are still going to be a thing and Sony senpai noticed us.
  7. Console price is good, was exactly as I expected $600/$750, the prices of games are bullshit though. Americans have it good at ONLY $10 increase, here in Australia the games are more like a $50 increase. Amazon and JBHiFi usually have games set at around $69 while EBGames has always been around $99 (cant beat EB policies on returns and warranty thank fuck for price matching), and now we're looking at $124.95 everywhere. I can only hope the prices become more realistic in the future ($80-$90 max), I guess now I'm forced to make the decision to buy and play straight away or wait 6 months for a heavy sale.
  8. On second thought, the more I look at it the more it grows on me. Kinda looks more like Tom Holland which isn't a bad thing.
  9. This one seems... wierd. I like the original better but this isn't going to stop me from replaying. Bring on the PS5 trophy stack.
  10. Feel free to add, I'm not so talkative at first but get there eventually. I play all sorts of games usually doing a few medium to harder ones then doing a few easy ones as a relaxer. I'm heavily into anime and manga, and do enjoy a good shittalk while playing mp games.
  11. I kinda hope so, I know GTA V has 2 trophy lists. I wouldn't mind platinuming Days Gone, God of War and Spider-man again.
  12. It'll probably be Spider-man or Cold War.
  13. I got the Disc console, all of the accessories, a spare controller, Spider-man, and Demon Souls, also contemplating on Cold War but will make my decision after the alpha and beta.