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  1. Without spoilers.. Combat is basically biting, ramming and tail swiping. Using a certain jaw upgrade I healed myself every time I took a bite out of something and I pretty much just grabbed humans off the boat almost every boat ram, and if I landed on the boat I'd eat 2 do a tail swipe then jump evade off doing more dmg as I left. When boss hunter boats arrived my main goal was to jump over the boat grabbing the boss and dragging them into the deep instantly finishing that fight and swimming off. Now that I think about it, it was kinda OP.
  2. Trophy thoughts? 8 After playing this game and getting all but 1 trophy towards platinum (queen of the ocean is bugged) I can say this game is an easy 2 or 3/10 difficulty, about 12 hours to 100% Really it's just one of those games that you'd have played as a kid that was just dumb fun and I really really like that . It was so refreshing to play. The narration was hilarious at times, and I found myself laughing out loud quite a bit.
  3. It's bugged, Tripwire know about it and have been telling people on thier twittee its on their known bugs and fix list. Only way around it is either wait for an update or start a new game anddo everything again. Link to their forums and statement.
  4. Will be picking it up on the way home today. As someone who fishes and likes to eat shark this will be fun playing the game on the other fin 😂
  5. Nice freebie, still 89.95 in AUS store
  6. #108 Assassins Creed Rogue Remastered Got this game on the PS3 when Black Flag came out and completely forgot about it, surprisingly it was a damn good game. Playing as the Templar was actually pretty good for a change, and broadened my perspective that not all Templars arethat bad, most just take it way too far, just like the Assassins have taken some things way too far. I'd recommend this game for a different perspective on the AC series. #109 Need for Speed Heat I am not a big racing fan at all and tbh I think heat might've changed that. The last nfs game I played was nfs 3 hot pursuit in 1998, and what a big upgrade it has been. The story? Short and lackluster. The game play? Really enjoyable, the cars felt right and the world was just absolutely fucking gorgeous. The car modification was pretty good too even though I had no idea what I was doing until I started watching YouTube videos on builds. The collectables and activities was actually fun to do, there were a few speed traps and ramps that were a pain in the ass but after a few dozen tried I eventually got them. Soundtrack? There was about 5 or 6 songs you'd hear all the time with no option to even turn them up to actually hear them over the engine, so kinda sad that I found myself having to turn the game sound down just to run music from youtube and spotify in the background. I'd recommend this game to play if your just looking for a decent racing game with plenty of eye candy.
  7. I'm going to have to get a 4K monitor for the PS5 aren't I? Shit.
  8. As an Australian, I'm used to missing out of almost everything.
  9. Had my collectors edition pre-ordered when it was first shown at E3, very happy we finally have a release date.
  10. Release order, any other order would just be confusing with real world/story progression, plus you'll be getting better smoother gameplay as you progress which is always good. Also unpopular opinion, Origins>Odyssey.
  11. #107 My Hero One's Justice I swear I didnt platinum this just to have All Might protecc my trophy cabinet! Game was surprisingly enjoyable, story was alright at best (I've watch the anime and I'm up to date with the manga), mission mode was much much more fun having some sort of freedom of who to fight with. The collectable grind wasn't as bad as I had thought it would be, the online was utter trash with the connection issues but good when there was no lag, luckily I have multiple PS4's and just self boosted without the headache of connection issues. Looking somewhat forward to the 2nd game, but will have to wait for a sale.
  12. 3, maybe a 4. I didn't find it difficult at all, but I was pretty thorough. I took my time and was almost always 5-10 levels higher than story missions, always trained when something new unlocked, and always had plenty of health capsules for "oh shit" moments near the end.
  13. Cool gesture, even though it's a poor choice of games that have already been on plus with one of them being a remaster, butpeople forget that Sony didn't have to do this at all.
  14. Took a smallish break after the new year and started it with #103 Dragon ball Kakarot This game is a love letter to the fans, it mainly follows the manga so some funny edits that were added in the anime wasn't there 😑 The combat felt great and reminded me of the good old games, the boss mechanic was a great addition. Flying around I an open world was pretty much all I ever wanted in a Dragon ball game, and I cannot wait for DLC to come. #104 Kill la Kill: IF This game looked like it could've been a pain in the ass but was actually pretty fun. There was a lot of fanservice and the "plot" was good 😎 FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY #105 The Last of Us Remastered I figured with the sequel comming id see why people hyped the shit out of this game and praised it as the best game of all time.. I can finally see why people hyped it, Why did I put this game off for so damn long? The game is great, the characters are great, the plot is great, the PvP? Ehh pain in the fucking ass at times, but also very addictive. I plan to 100% this eventually, and now that the sequel is delayed I've got plenty of time. #106 One Punch Man: A Hero Nobody Knows If you can get past the shitty world hub of the game that performs like a mobile game, the actual fighting aspect and character customisation was actually pretty fun. Getting to S rank was a grind, but once you got to that getting to level 99 was pretty simple with grinding the last S rank mission that gives you 20k for achieving S rank in battle.
  15. Dragon ball FighterZ for the competative ranks and Zenni farm, or Monster Hunter World for the damn crown farming.