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  1. Undertale, mainly for the platinum name "Don't you have anything better to do?" Keep thinking it would be better for 150 or 200 milestone and other games also pop up. Keep changing my mind might just do Dragon Ball Fighterz as a more personal tripple digit milestone as I grew up on DBZ in the 90s
  2. It looks like Epic Games did a Monster Hunter rip-off.
  3. 81/100 Already know what my 100th platinum will be.
  4. Avengers Endgame at the cinemas for the 3rd time.
  5. Only issue I had was no sfx on bike and a random crash which corrupted my save file. I was in the habbit of quicksaving and manual saving after every mission and eachtime I got on my bike just to be safe from the begining so the corrupt save never really affected me.
  6. It happens twice, you'll get locked out from the north for quite awhile then after some stuff happens, you'll be locked out of the south for a little while, after the story ends you can go wherever you want and do final clean ups for the trophies and upgrades no problem. Nothing is missable and everything can be done after credits.
  7. #81 Days gone I'm happy I ignore review sites and this turned out to be a real gem and imho goty worthy. The whole world in general felt aweskme to play around in, I loved how the weapons felt and hoe the bike felt. Riding the bike around felt so satifying and I hardly ever fast traveled because of it. The hordes were absolutely terrifying at times and so random where every fight felt different. I absolutely loved the combat as everything felt so right and the story was absolutely amazing and the secret endings(mainly looking at you NERO) were so unexpected. Going for the collectables wasn't all that bad, by the time I got to the end of the story I had about 20-30 to go and just ended up roaming the ripper camps and was done fairly quickly. The cairns were a pain in the ass though as they blended in too good. I did have a few bugs and issues with the massive fps drop almost as if the system couldn't keep up with the game, I also had the no sfx bug with the bike from time to time but a quick save and reload fixed it everytime. I also chose Burnout Apocalypse as my last trophy for platinum as you cannot have a zombie biker game without that as a milestone, I cannot wait for dlc and with very good chance a sequel(NERO ending kinda confirms) Overall I give this game a 7.5/10 because of bugs and 10/10 enjoyment value.
  8. I was hoping for Senran Kagura Burst Re;Newal and Yakuza Kiwami 2 on sale..
  9. #79 Conan Exiles The game looked bad, the videos of the game looked bad, and so did the reviews.. So I tried this on an alt psn to see how bad and after an hour I just couldn't so I said "fuck it I'll just admin pannel this trash" . #80 Assassins Creed 3 Remastered As soon as I heard the new about a remaster I was extremely hyped, I loved every moment of playing this on the PS3 and was not disappointed with the PS4 release. A few texture issues with snow but that was pretty much the only issue in the game. Fanorana can fuck right off, took me about 4 hours to win one even with online help. I never did the dlc on the PS3 so was iffy on how good it would be and was a little put off that you were forced to do dlc for the platinum but was surprised on how good it actually was.. However I do feel there needed a better opening for how the alternate history started.. like a dream or a mission where you find Washington with the Apple and it causes a hallucination, atleast I feel would've tied the dlc in more naturally. Just my 2c Now off to Days Gone, and then maybe back to Assassins Creed Liberation/Rouge
  10. Looks interesting but wtf is with Sonic's character design? Looks absolutely horrendous.. Would only watch to see Jim Carrey troll the shit out of everyone but still.... Dragon Ball Evolution 2.0 much?
  11. Games have good reviews but still...... Saddness and disappointment.
  12. December 2017 298, must've gone through a ezpz phase 😂
  13. I saw one on Destiny a few years back called DrowningInfant
  14. This wil be very useful when I get that far!
  15. Even though I'm happy for a Viking AC game, I still want a AC game based in Japan.. Just think of what they could do surrounding the myths and legends. Plus we need AC1 Remastered already, hopefully because ACV will be a 2 year break/release they'll throw us the bone of the original AC in between.