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  1. 26, technically 27 if I count my old psn. Hoping to hit 100 by the end of this year, and already have an idea for what the 100th platinum should be 😉
  2. Thats more of an incentive to play and plat the first one, it's been in my backlog for awhile.. Would be my first digimon game since Digimon World 1 and Digimon Rumble Arena
  3. Currently working on Uncharted 4 and will be going onto lost legacy after, will probably do Life is Strange: Before the Storm and smash out some telltale games after..
  4. I stopped at platinum for basegame, went to 86 with max ki/stamina/ki blast and just nuked everything, did pretty much the same with everything else until I had the platinum since you need to do other small playthroughs on the other classes as part of a trophy. Elder Kai missions are the training ones and the last one in my experience was the hardest thing to do in the game since you have to be absolutely perfect in timing.. doesn't help that the controls didn't help at all and sometimes not even registering for the combo to work.. Ki super I'd spam in pve was Perfect shot, and Ki ultimate is Supernova cooler, doing those 2 made most of the encounters insanely easy, but if you want a challange I'd suggest to just play how you want and have fun instead of just nuking everything. I got bored doing the 100 PQ trophy and just ended up nuking after about 40 of them legit since they're basically the exact same as the first game.
  5. If you have 2 PS4 you can solo the pvp to make it less of a pain, the only issue I had was expert mission 15 being an absolute bitch solo and had to join a lobby to complete, and even so barely did it with 10 sec left due to under leveled players getting 1 shot.. Also the Elder Kai challenge 13 is also a bitch to do but you got to do it for the platinum..
  6. I usually consult the guide if there are collectables or missables, if none of that applies I'll always go in blind.
  7. Undertale just for the platinum trophy name "Don't you have anything better to do?"
  8. I'm the same way, as much as I am happy for Rouge to come to PS4 I feen AC1 and AC3 needed to happen first. I really enjoyed AC3 and tbh I really think it should've been paired in a "Desmond Collection" rather than an Ezio collection..
  9. The real question is do we start to sexually identify as trophy cabinets or not. 😂
  10. Platinum number #26 Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2
  11. Mines extra long with uppercase lowercase and numbers, goodluck to them, and even if they did guess correctly 2 step verification would stop that since they'd then need my phone, which is always within 1m of me.
  12. And I thought they were done digging thier hole in 2017, seems like it caved in and made thing so much much worse.
  13. Same for me with the Uncharted series, never really interested me when it first came out and in the last 6 months I've had a go and platinumed the first 3 remasters, will be moving onto 4 and Lost Legacy and the vita game eventually when I finish off Xenoverse 2..
  14. Currently doing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, reminds me of the first except less shit. Will probably do the online trophies asap then go on to playing through multiple games again, looking forward to starting Uncharted 4 amd Lost legacy. Also have a very big backlog so ultimately my goal for this year is 50-75 platinum with the majority of it from my backlog+finish games I only did story and not platinum(I'm looking at you Gravity Rush 1+2)
  15. Platinum #25 Life is Strange Was planning on it being my last platinum of 2017 but I screwed up my timimg by 30mins making it my first platinum of 2018 😂