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  1. The fucking hype is real, my body is ready.
  2. Maneater is one of those mindless dumb fun games like those from the late 90s and earl 00s that's worth playing twice IMHO.
  3. Fuckin boring. Standard arcade race game that got repetitive fast. I regret going for the double platinum to just get my money's worth.
  4. So tempting, its roughly $350 AUD though.. might have to wait and see if sony release a backbutton attachment like they did for the PS4.
  5. Got the platinum a few days ago, no trophies bugged and no early trophy unlocks. 50 hive trophy still boring as shit.
  6. Hard to justify full price when you're only getting half the content you'd usually get every other release. The beta better wow the fuck out of me to make me even consider buying at launch.
  7. My body is ready.
  8. I have no issue with that. Just look at how Destiny was held back because of the PS3 limitations.
  9. Congratulations, now you're no longer a filthy peasant. 😉
  10. Finished the platinum last night and I can confirm. 1) Demo progress carries over, I had 11 trophies auto pop. 2) Only grind trophy is the one to max your outriders subclass which is literally just kills with skills and skill activations. The accolade trophy comes naturally through doing everything which you need to do just about everything for the platinum anyway. 3) You only need to pick up 50 journal entries and everything else is given by doing missions and side quests which you have to do anyway for trophies. 4)Difficulties vary on world tier, for the platinum world tier 1 would be 3/10 however if you played on max world tier all the way through I'd call it a 5-6/10.
  11. After taking a small break from trophy hunting and playing cod mindlessly I've come back and done a few. #160 Rogue Company PS5 Auto pop from when I did the platinum way back in the closed beta for the PS4, only one trophy didn't pop which was the practice mode trophymwhich took me a few minutes to finish off. #161 Control PS4 I bought this game months and months ago thinking I'd play it straight away but I got motion sickness pretty quickly.. it was only recently I've it another go and turned off motion blur which helped significantly. The game itself was pretty good, I've always been a fan of the scp foundation stories on reddit and this is basically a game about them, one could compare it to a intellectual version of infamous. The gameplay itself was quite good, the story was quite good yet a slight mindfuck at times and the most memorable was the ash maze mission with the music, that was pretty epic. I haven't done the dlc but may do so in the future with the PS5 stack that I'll eventually get around to doing. #161 Outriders I played the ever living shit out of the beta and really enjoyed it so naturally I pre-ordered and played the ever living shit out of it again until I had the platinum. The game itself is basically division in space but over is detrimental. I played as a trickster which should slow time, teleport and deal massive dmg very quickly if built right. The abilities themselves could be compared to destiny which atleast for me wasnt a bad thing. This game is honestly one of a kind for me, i say this because it implements divisions cover, tactics and abilities(kinda) but also brings in space magic like destiny ht with a solid conclusive ending which neither games actually have. I've read on reddit that alot of people also compare this to Xbox's Gears of War, but I've never played that or even owned an Xbox so I can't make that reference. Gameplay is challenging but very rewarding with the world tier system, some bosses were impossibly hard but once you died a few times and saw a rhythm to them it because much easier to work around. The sorcerer bosses can eat a bag of dicks though, as they were exceptionally hard for me with the constant lightening aoe and auto turret spheres they would spawn.. Outriders is a solid game that had a bumpy release with server issues and disconnects, however I do believe this game will go far once the development team irons everything out.
  12. By not losing.
  13. I tried it once, actually connected but there were no enemies and I was jumping all over the place.
  14. Thanks for the autopop?
  15. Looks damn easy and I wouldn't be surprised if 5-10 auto pop because of beta progress being carried over. Few look grindy but the games fun so I probably wouldn't even notice tbh.