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  1. I think we'd get a AC1 remaster way before AC3 but I'd love a AC3 remaster without the MP trophies to finish off the collection and tbh I'm surprised it didn't get one with the Ezio trilogy since AC3 finishes the main story for Desmond. Either way, I've got a pretty decent backlog including some AC games to go through even if we do have to wait a few years.
  2. #49 Life is Strange: Before the Storm Had this in my backlog ever since I played the first one, can't say I liked this better than the first but was still pretty good. Bring on Life is Strange 2. #50 Monster Hunter World After sitting on one arena kill for months waiting to make this my 50th milestone I can honestly say as my first MH game I enjoyed every moment of it, it drew me in so much and the game has so much life to it the areas actually felt alive unlike alot of other games. Farming for the crown sizes for the trophies was a complete pain in the ass however I can say was still a fun grind and definitely pre-occupied me for a good 493h 45m
  3. #48 Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice A lot of mindfuck moments but I still quite liked the combat even the boss battles was pretty enjoyable, also hearing the lore was pretty nice. Guides say Fenrir fight is the arguably hardest fight in the game, however I found it to be quite easy and an enjoyable fight with the jump scare-ish machanics and the satisfaction of slaying the beast at the end was pretty good.
  4. I'll keep it in mind to make backup saves when I do eventually get to playing this.
  5. #47 The Order 1886 Story was pretty good, gameplay could've been better but I still liked it enough to finish it. Game honestly reminded me of a Telltale version of Uncharted with the ammount of cutscenes..
  6. Depends on the game, usually I'd just go for the platinum. I might go back in the future and 100% what I can as most of my games are digital due to being on sale and added to the forever growing backlog 😅
  7. 100% TWD S2, Telltale really should have given this a platinum like the 1st and the 3rd season, was still good even though how a specific character was handled bad imo #46 TWD A New Frontier Surprisingly good better than S2 but not as good as S1, pretty happy with how Clem was handled and her transformation from S1 to S2 and finally into S3, looking forward to see how S4 will unfold. Now working on The Order 1886, Hellblade, Life is Strange:Before the Storm and finally pop the last Arena kill in Monster Hunter World for my 50th platinum milestone.
  8. Went and bought Uncharted 1-3 last week, figured that because I enjoyed the shit out of the remasters I should probably go and do the originals too. All 3 cost $10 so pretty happy about the find, judt got to find the time to set my old PS3 up again now.
  9. Those references... I gotta get this 😂
  10. I do a few AAA then go do easy plats as a break of sorts, no use doing nothing but hard games stressing yourself out.
  11. #44 The Walking Dead Season 1 Telltale Surprisingly good even though I took my damn time doing it (days of play terms pretty confusing so I only did 1 trophy per day 😅) #45 Her Majesty's SPIFFING Easy game, pretty funny moments so I had a good laugh out of it Plan now is TWD S2 and New frontier as I've put these telltale games off for too long now.
  12. On my old PSN first PS4 game was AC Black Flag.
  13. Use jump attacks, with any luck you can clear the stages with taking little to no damage.
  14. Currently doing The Walking Dead S1 telltale. Combining it with Days of Play, after the 11th day I'll smash through the rest in a day.
  15. I can sparta-kick off clifs, take my money!