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  1. Finally a decent sale, but just my luck.. I bought Yakuza Kiwami 2 two weeks ago..
  2. #85 Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Significant upgrade from the first game, DZ was severely lacking and a massive step back however the game felt so much better. When Division 3 eventually comes out, I'll most probably play that one too.
  3. GTAV still in my backlog to do list, have all mp related done so that's half the battle!
  4. Still waiting for Yakuza Kiwami 2 and Senran Kagure Burst Re;Newal to go on sale..
  5. Saddness followed by disappointment.
  6. If I play more than one at a time I'll end up getting confused with the controls. However if I'm playing a semi-bigger game(60+) I'll do a few smaller ones to break it up and give myself a break sometimes.
  7. I'd suggest looking at Telltale games if you're wanting a quick boost. Most take under a day to do, and imo they're pretty decent for a story telling games. Keep in mind Telltale games are probably going to be delisted soon off psn store so if you can get hard coppies it'd be better. Theres also Ratalaika games but been there done that and I don't reccomend it, theres a few that are good but alot which are meh even for fun factor..
  8. #83 Batman the Enemy Within Pretty enjoyable experience, honestly thought it was better than the first. #84 Tom Clancy's The Division Played this on release on my original psn and had alkt of fun doing it, a friend talked me into buying Division 2 so I figured why not go finish Division 1 first.
  9. $474 Australian plus w/e postage would be.. I'm good thanks 😂
  10. Interesting, might wait for more info before In pull the trigger to buy though.
  11. Episodic kinda kills my hype however this does look pretty damn good. Might have to backlog it and play whe everything is released.
  12. Looks very very interesting, I'll definitely be following this game hopefully we'll get some gameplay videos this year.
  13. Looks very interesting, I'd usually pre-order like I did with the previous 2 but I don't know.. I was so hyped but I might have to wait for more info and more videos.
  14. Reminds me of the old Budokai fights, which is promising.
  15. Looks fucking awesome, bit too high at $429 here in Australia but I've got some 40 odd games to trade in should drop it considerably, plus got a $50 voucher as extra from my last trade in.