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  1. I'm surprised it lasted this long. It was a pretty shit sytem for both on console and through the app, it hardly worked for me and there were times I had to go to cart multiple times because of an error.
  2. No, but I got 2 controllers for just to have a backup. The one that came with the PS5 has an annoying habit of cancelling out my sprint in cold war though.
  3. Might be worth getting it done before the servers die off too..
  4. Doing infallible once is enough for me but if it was an autopop I'd dow load it again. Plus the salt content would be pretty hilarious.
  5. #156 Kandagawa Jet Girls I seen the anime so I knew what to expect, basically a Senran game on jetskis. Was surprisingly fun at time even though the controls were dogshit at times. #157 Watchdogs Legion *sigh* I really wanted to like the game but the voice acting threw me right off, I just couldn't stand it, especially the English slang that just made them sound so goddamn retarded which honestly made the game unable to be taken seriously. The hacking was pretty much the same as all other wd games a dthe gameplay felt improved from 2 but that was all.. improved gameplay and a newer prettier setting. The new mechanic of being whoever you wanted to be was actually pretty decent however I found myself seeing multiple versions of the same character in the world.. its not the year 2000 where you could get away with copy pasting NPC's. I honestly felt that this wd was a big step back, I personally think that the 1st had the best story while the 2nd had the best gameplay and story mixed while this one.. well there's no leaps and bounds in the gameplay and the story is severely lacking. My plan was to double dip the 2 platinum but honestly its not even worth it. #159 Immortals Fenyx Rising Basically a Disney God of War which honestly wasn't a bad thing tbh. The puzzles were simple yet fun, the voice acting was pretty damn good, the gameplay was excellent. The collectables were kinda tedious but that's to be expected from an Ubisoft game. Even the bad joke's made me laugh a little, I really did enjoy playing this and would recommend this game.
  6. My body is ready.
  7. Might be worth picking up again and actually finishing as I only needed the keys and the 50th floor trophy.
  8. It would be a day 1 purchase for me but I doubt it'll come to PS.
  9. Honestly the trophy names are hilarious and it looks pretty fun too, will probably get it on a sale.
  10. Let's petition for an infallible trophy! /sarcasm In all seriousness, looks pretty easy, but could also be a pain in the ass.. will wait few days to see how its like before deciding to actually play.
  11. Big toss up between Black Flag and Origins. Worst of each? Black Flag had those diving collectables which I hated, they were just so goddamn awkward yet awesome at the same time, there's also the public events which could be a pain in the ass at times. Origins worst mechanic for me was the retarded horse mounts, sometimes it wouldn't be anywhere near me or just fail to spawn at all, but that's almost like every game that has mounts too..
  12. 17,852 achievers as of this post determined that was a lie.
  13. Since its Bethesda we'll have to wait to see if its not a broken mess at launch and dead on arrival.
  14. First time playing online games?
  15. Halo, Gears of War and Hellblade 2.