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  1. Random enemies are easier to do if you fly at them full speed, it' will instant win if they're lower level than you which is 90% of the time.
  2. Only difficult bit is the mini games, and even then it's not that bad. If you enjoy the AC series this game is one you definitely shouldn't miss out on even if you don't go for the platinum.
  3. I'm 100% fine with delays, delays mean a more polished game and I'm ok with that. Plus it'll give me some breathing space for other games releasing this year.
  4. I'd have to say my 100th Platinum Dragon Ball FighterZ, such a stupid huge grind for cash, and the comp grind to 530k points was just bullshit sometimes.
  5. Go get the grenade launcher from the last area first, then use that and shotgun. The grenades I found to be abit of rng them throwing, sometimes itd kill all 3 sometimes itd only hit one., youd alsl besurprised at how far the shotgun can map enemies. Also as @dieselmanchild said, practice makes perfect. Took me about an hour before I for frustrated with it so I took an hour break then smashed it on my 2nd try back.
  6. Guess I put my foot in my mouth didn't even know about that game, or the card game.. Only played the Legacy of Goku, the 2nd one, and Buu's fury.
  7. Looks pretty straightforward and easy, encyclopedia could be a massive grind. And challenges could be a pain in the ass but shouldn't be too bad. Legacy of Goku was fucking awesome, shit all the GBA DBZ games were awesome. Bye-bye Buu has Kid Buu's face.
  8. Yes and no, Yes I'm getting one on launch and no I'm technically not paying for it. I went into ebgames during the E3 bonus trade in(40% on top of lvl4 bonus 20%) and dropped about 1k worth of trade ins, made a good amount of pre-orders(expensive collectors) and have been steadily building my store credit up again with more trade ins. I'm guessing PS5 will probably launch at around $500-650 and Pro at about $700-800 AUD, which is fine by me since my voucher is currently at $750 and still growing.
  9. I got the collectors edition as soon as it was announced on Ebgames Twitter, sold out within 30 seconds of being listed for pre-order so much salt counted on their Twitter and Facebook because of how fast it sold out. Can't get the collectors edition in Autralia anymore unless you import for a stupid price or buy from eBay scalpers. My body is ready.
  10. Can't really put a ranking to them.. GTA V Horizon Zero Dawn God of War Uncharted 4 Days Gone Marvels Spiderman Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Assassins Creed Black Flag/Origins (can't really pick between the 2 as both and absolutely awesome) Monster Hunter World Destiny (no matter how much I hate bungle for merging everything into the ground and giving everything away on a silver plate, I just can't seem to pull myself away and keep finding myself coming back) My list would've been different if I had played a few more in my backlog that's only getting bigger, I've seen real good things about the following. The Last of Us, Witcher 3, Nier Automata, Bloodborne, Sekiro, eventually I'll get to them..
  11. #102 Titanfall 2 After playing this on release for months then dropping on my original psn, so finally got back into it for the platinum. I love everything that Titanfall is, and that still hasn't changed since release, we seriously need a another one, it's overdue. No trophy was really hard, playing on Master difficulty was pretty easy apart from a few spots, and my only real was the bug that turns ps4 off when you load the first mission, had to delete and reinstall twice to fix.
  12. Asura's Wrath GTA Trilogy Infamous Infamous 2 God of War (every game) Star War (every game)
  13. Went to watch Rise of Skywalker with my father last night, honestly not as bad as the reviews say. Few issues I had like the constant back and forth scenes felt a little excessive but still not too bad, does feel like the movie should've been split into a part 1 and part 2 like Infinity War and Endgame was. (Yes I know.. I just compared Star Wars and Marvel to each other) I'd say it's definitely better than Last Jedi in my opinion though and definitely worth the watch
  14. My rarest of 2019 is Dragon Ball FighterZ currently sitting at 0.93% on PSNP and 0.1% on PSN.
  15. Was this designed as a mobile game?
  16. I'm honestly surprised Days Gone didn't get nominated for any awards but I'm happy about Sekiro getting it instead though, well deserved.
  17. It looks like my bar fridge.
  18. Platinum #99 Call Of Duty Modern Warfare (2019) Not much of a cod fan but I really enjoyed the shit out of the beta figured I'd pre-order and give it a good solid go and I wasn't disappointed. Story for me was really good, especially the stealth. MP was pretty fun to do even though there was no trophies for MP. Platinum #100 Dragon Ball FighterZ Finally fucking finally, after constantly changing my mind on which game I wanted as my 100th I finally chose to stick with FighterZ. Initially I was debating between FighterZ for the DBZ childhood nostalgia, GTA V for being one of my favorite games of all time (I grew up plating Vice City and San Andreas) or Undertale for the Platinum name hilarity. As for the game, I don't usually like fighting games like this but my love for dbz made me want to try it, I was hooked from the beta, and hooked for how flashy everything was, the story wasn't too strong but it was dbz so I didn't really care. The comp grind was a nightmare for me as I don't usually play fighting games at all and learning combos was a new learning curve for me. I ended up dropping this game due to grind rage for Zenni and other games looked more appealing at the time, and even when I was hooked playing this I was already debating what my 100th should be. The Zenni farm was fucking awful and I honestly believe 20m is 10m too much, but finally after 1year and 10 months this platinum is finally mine and I have finally broken into the triple digit platinum numbers. Platinum #101 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order My love for Star Wars far exceeds my dislike for EA. Holy fucking shit Respawn really outdid themselves with this game, I loved every moment of this game and the ending fight was just so good. I loved the freedom of combat and how the level were designed, everything just amazed me with how beautiful the game is, and unlike others I never had any glitches or bugs during my entire play through. Bring on DLC and hopefully a sequel.
  19. Currently working on Dragon ball FighterZ for my 100th platinum. Will then pop Jedi Fallen Order, start the MP for Titanfall 2, start Need For Speed Heat, and finally get around to playing The Last of Us.
  20. Mines got to be the Uncharted series as a whole. Crushing difficulty was pretty damn crushing at times, but very very fun. I'd also have to say Monster Hunter World because of how much time and effort I had to put into getting it, my first my game ever and it gripped me so damn tight and didn't let go, still working on getting Iceborne but need a break since crown farming is bad without events.
  21. It's pretty much like if God of War and Uncharted had a baby, which is awesome.
  22. My love for Star Wars far outweighs my hate for EA. Picking it up this morning after work.
  23. I've must've fought about a dozen same size or bigger than that and it's not registering for me as a large crown, starting to really trigger me.
  24. Yes it's still alive, when I went for it last month I found races and other co-op activities fairly quick.
  25. Guess I finally better play it then, good excuse since the servers will have massive influx of players for MP trophies.