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  1. Good way to boost sales for sure. It got me to basically buy all their games so I don’t hav rti worry about missing anymore.
  2. I know ZJ the Ball series was delisted…but for some reason it’s available in the EU store. Or it was a few days ago when I bought them all.
  3. it saves. You’ll be able to continue and pick up where ya left off… I havnt gotten the strength yet to do this a third time…I’m try playing on my ps4 and hopefully it pops…
  4. I am honestly believing this is glitched bad. I’ve done em this twice today. Same result both times. I followed the map to the T, even found the extra tower and vault. after getting them all, I get the “journey complete” pop up in game for discovering all areas. …… but no trophy to follow it. any ideas?!
  5. I’ve been playing it on and off the last few months. I’ve had zero issues with any trophies popping. just a long process with lives needing to regenerate
  6. Definitely not a glitch. It’s not even an exploit. It’s part of the game. if you merge them together, if you look closely at the characters, they both highlight brightly. it’s meant to be part of the game. Awarding you 2 points for both of ya catching.
  7. 3 years ago, i gve up an account with 5600 trophies, 117 plats, avg completion of 83% to become a 100% completionist. ---- it was the best decision i ever made. i have an ID i love, my account has grown with trophies, surpassing my prev account, with 100% still obtainable. im as happy as can be. Glad you decided to start over. you wont regret it!
  8. yea its called play 1 minute quarters. lol.
  9. hey thanks, i'll give it a shot.
  10. cod bo2, yes it shows 100%, but click on ame to view trophies, scroll to bottom. they now are not highlighted, now took at my top right of y profile, there isn an 'i' icon, scroll over it andit says angrygamerz_89 has 10 hidden trophies, statistics have been adjusted accordingly' i double checked with vita yes, iveupdated everything,restarted game, syncedwhile playing, signed in and out, and have contacted sly about this. all he did was read it, and kicked meout of chatroom. i justwant this fixed.
  11. during the psnp maintenance, i earned all cod origins trophies, after they fixed this site, those 10 trophies became 'hidden' ihave looked everywhere to unhide these please help! PS its not the vita trophy share option, ive looked, its setto on and this is the only 3rd party site that has these hidden. thanks!
  12. I'm having same issue, i have 10 hidden trophies and all from black ops 2 origins DLC....my other dlc trophies for other games are working besides this game, which i care about this the mos as origins trophies were freaking the bomb. anyone figure ou yet how to unhide these trophies?
  13. i try playing it as well lounging on the couch but it doesnt last long....if im in the living room, i have to be on the ps3 lol
  14. For me, i enjoy the vita the most when i'm taking a long sh!t. I am proud to say i did a full game and achieved a platinum by only playing it while taking a dump....yes it took me many visits to the toilet, but it was my goal to get a platinum while dumping )
  15. yep, got that plat on my first psn account but gave up 117 plats to become a completionist