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  1. Doom 1 is very easy. The only levels that are hard for the Nightmare coop are E1M6, E2 M6, and E3M4 even then when i went through it again i got through those levels very quick. I would only rate doom 1 a 3-4/10 depending on the player. The other trophies can be obtain on I'm too young to die and are very easy, especially if you have played doom 1 before. As Doom 2 i would rate an 8/10 easily even for someone like me that's played doom 2 and Final Doom over and over again back in the day. Those maps that i said in Doom 2 are very hard and will require high knowledge of the maps, a lot of good rng and a plan/route. No one on xbox haven't even beaten doom 2 yet. People might misjudge or write off doom 2 as a easy plat like doom 1. But Doom 2 is way harder to finish especially if you do the coop trophies solo.
  2. Did you get to map 17 24 and 29 yet? Once you play map 29 i feel you will change your mind. imo The coop doom 2 trophy is the hardest trophy requirement for any ps doom games .
  3. No problem let me know if you get it!
  4. Yes Map 29 tends to crash in coop. My recommendation would be to watch the weapon spawns when you kill an enemy. Make sure once in awhile you pick them up so a bunch won't be in the level at once. I notice it won't crash as often that way. Or i would recommend trying to do Map 29 in one go, it's hard but it will be much easier then dying over and over again. From Pistol start alone its almost impossible here's a video that Elite Agent made i used this to beat map 29.
  5. No they are not required nor the secret levels in Doom 2. Yes the Master Levels are a pain on Nightmare it's good they are not required.
  6. Yes the Nightmare trophy should still unlocked as you said. Sorry i didn't see it sooner a least you figured it out. Yes i think the progress is saved on the profile too. As long as you beat the levels anyway on Nightmare in coop it will unlock.
  7. Little late but here you go https://www.trueachievements.com/game/Madden-NFL-20/walkthrough
  8. For the coop Nightmare trophy no it will not, for "The City" trophy it will but i recommend running through on the easiest setting to getting all side trophies so you can only worry about finishing levels.
  9. Yes for sure, if they didn't have these Nightmare coop trophies or if you could do them in single player doom 2 would of been a way faster easier completion. Doom 2 without Nightmare at all would of been a 3 or 4 then. I think the Platinum and Nightmare coop trophy for 2 will remain ultra rare for awhile.
  10. If you did Doom 2 you will fly through doom 1. I did Doom 1 in just 2 hours 100% Doom 2 took me 3 days if that is any indication. The only levels that i would say are hard are E1 M6 7 and that's about it. Even then when i went back to play on Nightmare i beat E1 M6 7 way quicker. And you don't have to beat episode 4 for the Nightmare Trophy either, so it makes it even easier. Doom 1 is only a 2/10 for me, but for a someone who's never played it i would say a 4 maybe 5. Doom 2 even for me was a 7, and then someone who's never played it an easy 9/10 imo
  11. Yes for sure, i think it can be as you said everyone would have to have a task or know what they are doing. Nightmare in Doom 1 2 Final Doom are very hard. Final Doom wasn't even beaten until 2015 on Nightmare. Let's hope if Final Doom does come out we don't get a repeat of this coop Nightmare trophy that would be even way harder than Doom 2 which is crazy too think.
  12. Yes it all here but there is no Online play one so ever. So no coop or Multiplayer. Which is nice for completion because that means no online but i actually really liked the online back in the day i feel it still would of been cool to have. But the single player still has everything from BFG and is still well wroth $10. And runs way better then the xbox and PS3 versions, it 60fps and is just like BFG on PS3 but with PC smoothness. It's very nice compared to the Doom 1 and 2 ports.
  13. Good Job! Yes Level 29 is very hard it took me 4 hours until i got it. But i also wasted 2 days trying to do it from pistol start. It really all comes down to how well you do in the "3 switch room", then have luck on "The Climb" .
  14. Yes this part is very hard. I had 200% health and armor going into the "3 switch room" and i only got to "The Climb" with 40% health. There is a green armor if you can grab it fast enough i only killed the hell knight and ran from the Baron of Hell. So i went into "The Climb" with 40% health and 100% and when i reached the end I only had 4% health! So yes this room is very hard it's mostly going to come down how will you did in the "3 switch room". If you somehow have any plasma left when you get to 'The Climb" you can also spam BFG to the right wall as soon as you teleport in, so you can kill some of the chaingunners and shotgun zombies shooting at you there are tons but this would be hard because you have to save plasma and you have to use most of it to get to this point. But it is possible if saved and rockets are used right. Hope you can manage to do it!
  15. Yes you can do the game at your own pace. You can quit out and close the game. Just remember what levels you have done because there is no checklist in the game.