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  1. For someone that has the plat. Do the N. Verted levels need to be done with the perfect relics as well? Or is it only required for the normal levels?
  2. Yes, I am aware of Shifts speed run times but most speedrunners don't have it as perfected as Shift does. And a lot of the glitches and skips will most likely not work in this ps4 version because it's built from the ground up. So it's why I rounded it up to five hours. Still incredible that the game can be done 100 % in under an hour and a half. @aZombieDictator
  3. This will be a very simple platinum. It seems that none of the new content needs to be done and seems like a direct rip of the ps2 version. If you have played this before this will be a no longer then a 10 hour plat, speedrunners can do this in 5. If you have never played it I would say 15, however with many guides for the original game on the internet and youtube already I believe anyone will be able to get this done quickly. I really surprised that the new multiplayer/co-op mode doesn't need to be played or the new boss battle for the plat. It will be fun to plat yes, especially for old fans, but it will be very short-lived just like the original game.
  4. Thank you guys very much! I am very sorry for all the misunderstanding. And thank @Smashero for confirming! And sorry that your 1st 100% for doom 64 is short lived
  5. If the rules were changed to disqualify times that use in game exploits then i'm sure he would accept that the time wouldn't qualify. Really all he wants is to track his stats. But atm it is not illegal exploits like this. You and many other people can do it themselves even faster if they wanted too. If an ai exsisited it can probably do it even faster. Sorry again you feel like this. I will provide a video on in the up coming days. But if anyone wants to gives this way a shot and upload it before i can have the chance feel free. There is nothing to hide.
  6. Ok thank you, I will have to try to do this on Monday or Tuesday as i am out of town atm and don't have access to his ps4 atm. He saved the whole video as it is a short clip. But yes the gist of achieving a fast time on Doom 64 is saving right before each trophy requirement is meant and saving in five different slots then when all the saves files are saved in the right spots. You reload them all and then you can unlock them all very quickly. This method used for many other games that have "save anywhere" functions. Thank you and i will get back to you in the upcoming days! According to the rules, this is not cheating to exploit an in-game function. Many other gamers here on psnprofiles have used this function and have never gotten banned from other games. This would not be cheating at all. There are games like Jax 2, Conan exiles, etc that you can "Cheat" right to the end of the game. But this isn't even that, this is more like Sonic collection, or the other sega games where you can make a save right before a requirement is meant. I was amazed when i saw him figure this out myself, it's an in game exploit and no outside "hacking" was used. Other people can do it themselves even. Maybe even faster. Sorry if you see this as cheating but in my eyes and by the rules it is not i believe cheating.
  7. Hello all, my brother has his psn account registered here on psnprofiles but doesn't use the forums here. And apparently when he went to check the leaderboards all his stuff and fast times on the leaderboard were gone. He had first place times on Shenmue 2, Doom 1, Doom 64, and some other fast times but all his stats are gone. His account his 100 % legit and has never cheated. We help each other hand and hand with the same games a lot of times. I can prove each one of his times is legit and trophies if need be. His account is KTILLA61 btw. We both have used similar names for 12+ years on xbl and psn so idk if this is the issue. For Shenmue 2 i can provide on speedruns.com that his 5:59 is legit in fact most of the times on speedruns.com are much faster on the steam version. https://www.speedrun.com/shenmue2#All_Achievements For Doom 1 i know Doom 1 like the back of my hand and help him through with the coop parts on nightmare and got a 1:43 time. I can even assure you that there are much faster times on youtube and players that can achieve this. And for Doom 64 got a 3 minute and 58 second time. This one is much faster than all the other times on the doom 64 leaderboard at this time but he found a way that right before unlocking the trophies you can make a save in each slot. And then reload them one by one and unlock the trophies almost lighting fast. He even saved a video of it, if i do need to share i will be happy too. Any trick like this is not in any rules as it is an in-game oversight and has seen it used for games like the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection other old schools re-releases that have a "save anywhere" option. I am assuming that his might be why his account got flagged on the leaderboard because it is much faster than all the other times on there at this time. But a can assure you that it is very possible and one of you can even try it yourself. But as I said i can provide a video of this if need be. Other than that I have no idea why his account would have got banned. But his account is 100 % legit and doesn't use this forum and enjoys using the guides and tracking his stats on this site. I hope we can get this cleared up and thank you.
  8. Ok thank you just brought it on sale last night but happy to get a clear answer.
  9. Would it be easy to boost this by yourself with two ps4s?
  10. Thank you! Your post for sure encourages me to pick up both now. I would have no problem having to boost a couple of the trophies, I'm surprised to hear that 1 still has people playing. Thanks for the post!
  11. Thank you! No, i haven't but for $5 a month it seems, it looks like a good deal. I did see on PS Deals when Battlefront 2 when i sale last it was only $6.50 ish and i believe the dlc trophies are no extra charge anyways. So i might just go the route of buying it on the next sale. But thanks for the suggestion.
  12. Thank you all for the replies so far, i will definitely be getting 2 when a sale happens, probably for "May the 4TH". I'm still not sure about 1 though and for right now I will skip it unless I get a clear answer. @TOAST13TOA5T Thanks! Xenogears remains my favorite game of all time and would love a remaster on ps4. I still have never played another game so deep and moving to this day!
  13. I want to know how possible is it to platinum the Battlefront games as of right now? Are the lobbies for both active still? Can they still be done with no Boosting? And what trophies will give me the hardest time? I am not sure and can't a clear answer as if going for the Platinums would still be feasible. Any information on what I would be getting myself into would be appreciated.
  14. It's now live on the psn store. For the US it's 4.99
  15. I can confirm this is a very easy completion 1/10 about an hour and can all be done via warp and codes. And you will have to warp to map 30 for the three demon keys trophy with this code " V87L 7C28 BDT1 59VB" and once you get to the room with the key use this quick video to get the key https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AKdZe8UuNRE . Other than that you can follow the channel that griffin linked for the remainder of the trophies as they have what codes you need to use and how to quickly get through the levels that need to be beaten.