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  1. So I have to unfortunately withdraw from the competition. It's nothing dramatic but I have been given a job opportunity that will remove me from gaming for about three months and Completing the competition will be impossible. So dude who has the spreadsheet wanna save you some time. Good luck to All of you!
  2. I have 7,901 Unearned, and I've Started the long process of cutting it all down. Im trying to not buy any new games until I can cut my current backlog down to a third of what it is now.
  3. Update: Erica my E game Is finished, bringing my total completed game total to 5
  4. Mine is Probably Batman Arkham Knight, I had spent three days straight working on brutality 101 and when I finally got it my roommate and I were so excited we started the second harder playthrough playing it straight and we forgot to pick up a friend of ours from work for three hours. when I went to pick her up it was 1 am she was pissed i explained that I had popped Brutality she was like shit really and she forgave me we finished the game game popped the platinum and then we celebrated by getting higher than hell but the whole Final day story will always make that platinum trophy will favorite.
  5. Finished Sly Cooper 2 Band Of Thieves Bring my total completed games to four A, B, F, and S. Time To finish Catherine Full Body. No More Playing Around Time To Finish The Puzzle horror story driven game thing, look i love the game but damn if it isn't a lot.
  6. Yeah but But I started dreaming about it and when you're dreaming about Catherine you definitely need a break.
  7. Catherine was so scary I took a break from it and platinumed Far Cry New Dawn, so Now A,B and F are now done for me
  8. Follow Up Update on My Games: B is done Batman The Enemy within has been completed. Now On To the first game Im worried about on the list. Catherine full body
  9. InsaneRaven Update: Completed Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
  10. I absolutely loved this game i hope you are enjoying it
  11. My backups are going to be Prey (PS4) Borderlands (PS4) Resident Evil 4 (PS4) Thought I Had mentioned my bad
  12. Last Minute update to adjust for Christmas gifts here's the final update. A) Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Batman Enemy Within C) Catherine Full Body D) Deadpool E) Erica F) Far Cry New Dawn G) Grim Fandango H) Heavy Rain I) Iron Man 2 J) Jak 2 K) Knack L) Lego Jurassic Park M) Mega Man 11 N) Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 O) Okami P) Phoniex Wright Q) Queen's Quest 2 Forgotten Stories R) Ratchet Clank Going Commando S) Sly 2 T) Theif U) Uncharted game V) Vampyr W) We Happy Few X) X-men Origins Wolverine Y) Yooka-Laylee and The Impossible Lair Z) Zero Time Delima Extra Swaps: Prey Borderlands PS4 Resident Evil 4
  13. Concrete genie and Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice are two of my favorite smaller indie games that i've played this year.
  14. Hey Op quick question, will you be putting together another private forum for the people who are locked into the challenge. These are my extras in case i need them: Prey Borderlands PS4 edition Resident Evil 4
  15. Cool so i worded it like an jerk, i meant more of game series that are just must plays and having a Platinum from that series would be dope as hell. Games from yesteryear that have a platinum to go for, i didnt mean to annoy everyone sorry