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  1. Follow Up Update on My Games: B is done Batman The Enemy within has been completed. Now On To the first game Im worried about on the list. Catherine full body
  2. InsaneRaven Update: Completed Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
  3. I absolutely loved this game i hope you are enjoying it
  4. My backups are going to be Prey (PS4) Borderlands (PS4) Resident Evil 4 (PS4) Thought I Had mentioned my bad
  5. Last Minute update to adjust for Christmas gifts here's the final update. A) Assassin's Creed Brotherhood Batman Enemy Within C) Catherine Full Body D) Deadpool E) Erica F) Far Cry New Dawn G) Grim Fandango H) Heavy Rain I) Iron Man 2 J) Jak 2 K) Knack L) Lego Jurassic Park M) Mega Man 11 N) Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 O) Okami P) Phoniex Wright Q) Queen's Quest 2 Forgotten Stories R) Ratchet Clank Going Commando S) Sly 2 T) Theif U) Uncharted game V) Vampyr W) We Happy Few X) X-men Origins Wolverine Y) Yooka-Laylee and The Impossible Lair Z) Zero Time Delima Extra Swaps: Prey Borderlands PS4 Resident Evil 4
  6. Concrete genie and Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice are two of my favorite smaller indie games that i've played this year.
  7. Hey Op quick question, will you be putting together another private forum for the people who are locked into the challenge. These are my extras in case i need them: Prey Borderlands PS4 edition Resident Evil 4
  8. Cool so i worded it like an jerk, i meant more of game series that are just must plays and having a Platinum from that series would be dope as hell. Games from yesteryear that have a platinum to go for, i didnt mean to annoy everyone sorry
  9. I find Kingdom hearts, and yakuza to be incredibly fun but in the saem testing myself with different genres and againdt the all time greats that playstation has to offer is fun to me I did dead by daylight, infinite warfare, Injustice 2 so I can manage the hard games but it's more about playing the all time greats and mastering a wide variety
  10. I'm Putting together a List of quintessential series that general trophy Hunters find mandatory to platinum if they are going to call themselves a trophy hunter. I'm Listing series that I haven't already platinumed. My list so far includes: Resident Evil Silent Hill Metal Gear Solid God Of War Yakuza Kingdom Hearts Wolfenstein Mortal Kombat Final Fantasy So what series should any Self-Respecting Platinum Hunter have in their sights?
  11. It isn't a chill competition, its a chill group of people in an intense competition. 27 platinums, with a badge prize for the person who finishes it first like that's a lot. 5 more than ive ever gotten in a single year it's gonna be fun. but i highly agree without switching out while the competition is going on unless a server shutdown happens alot of people have games on their lists that require specifics date batman arkham city, pscyhonauts, etc etc. Good Luck to everyone I'm excited to be playing with and against all of you
  12. Count Me In the only question I have is are all members racing to get through their list? Either way I'm still in here's my final list since ive been scoping out this thread So Heres My List: A: Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (Ps4) B: Batman: Enemy Within C: Catherine Full Body D. Deadpool (ps4) E: Erica F: Forgotten Anne G: Grim Fandango H: Heavy Rain I: Iron Man 2 J: Jak 2 K: Knack L: Lego Jurassic Park M: Mega Man 11 N: Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 O: Okami P: Phoenix Wright AA Trilogy Q: Queen's Quest 2 Stories Forgotten R: Ratchet and Clank Going Commando S: Sly 2 T: Thief U: Uncharted Lost Legacy V: Vampyr W: We Happy Few X: XCOM 2 Y: Yooka-Laylee And the Impossible Lair Z: Zero Escape: Zero Time Delimma Wide Variety of game types and one game im terrified of. Absolutely perfect for my style.