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  1. Thank you for clearly proving that "effort" is entirely subjective.
  2. The only part that's qualitative on PSN is the designation and usage of the words "Common," "Uncommon," "Rare," etc. These designations and cut-off points are relatively meaningless. Why? Because we have better data. Quantitive data. Data that is binary. Did user unlock trophy? Y/N. Data that tells you what % of players have unlocked this trophy and what % of PSNP users have unlocked this trophy? I'm all for handing out a ribbon if you earned an UR platinum trophy as that is a cool feat. I'm all for handing out a ribbon to those who complete a game 100%. What I do not understand nor condone, is some arbitrary cutoff point that determines if I "put in effort" to play a game and earn the trophies for several reasons. 1) I'll call this the Spider-Man effect. The current platinum % is above 50% and yet the game took me well over 50 hours to earn all of the trophies. Under the proposed system threshold, I will not earn a ribbon of effort. 2) There are several games where the platinum % varies greatly between regions. Why should anyone earn a ribbon of effort simply because they bought a game from one region and not the other? 3) While I admit this probably doesn't happen all too often, there are certainly niche genres like a schmup where the enthusiasts of that genre are highly skilled and it won't be widely played. This would present a situation where the platinum % might be high because there is a specific audience of highly skilled people playing that game yet they won't earn a ribbon of effort? In short, I am in favor of more statistics and ways to measure trophies. I am not in favor of making arbitrary assumptions that someone put in effort/didn't put in effort because 300 votes in a forum determined so. PSS - Maybe my distaste for this ribbon of effort would be cured by renaming it/rebranding it? I really just don't like the rather dismissive "this game requires no effort" because platinum % is >50.
  3. I think the mere fact that we are being ask to vote on the arbitrarily selected 50% or 75% tells you all you need to know about this system. I spent over 60 hours swinging around and enjoying the heck out of Spider-Man yet I "didn't put in any effort" because plenty of people enjoyed the game enough to earn all the trophies. The criteria for this ribbon simply don't make sense (gets even weirder for games with multi-region stacks), please do not implement this. As for the other ribbons, I think you're on to something as they are not entirely subjective and add a quick summary of particular feats.