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  1. :platinum: #64: Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories


    Difficulty: 3/10

    Slowly I'm catching up with the series, after playing and loved the first KH, it was the moment of CoM, which unfortunately I didn't like very much. I appreciated that they wanted to try to make a gameplay totally different from the usual based on a system with cards, but unfortunately there was nothing to do for me, I didn't enjoyed it at all.

    The platinum took me more or less like the first, about 46 hours, of which about 10 I think only to grind the maximum level of Riku... it was really annoying, also because its story lasts much less than Sora's, and basically the time you spend with him will be pretty much grinding xp.
    Luckily here on PS4 the difficulties trophies are stackable, so all the mandatory runs that were on PS3 are no longer needed.
    I did everything directly on Proud, and except for some bosses, I had no problems at all, also thanks to the really useful guide here on PSNP.

    A note for the trophy to get all Sora's cards.
    There's a very recent method (I didn't saw it even on the trophy guides), to force the drop of practically all the enemies's cards:
    I recommend you absolutely use it because otherwise you will lengthen the platinum. With the Neoshadow, however, I found that it doesn't work, so you have to get it normally, but however while grinding the last levels of Sora, you will automatically get more than one of them, at least it was so for me.