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  1. 100% #44: Bombing Busters


    Difficulty: 4.5/10

    One of the many clones of Bomberman, pretty short game but in the end nice, even though it's a bit frustrating sometimes hehe.

    100% really doable once you understand a bit the game, it's just about having luck with the powerups and keep trying.
    The trophies practically require three stars on each of the 30 levels, which are obtained by completing them in maximum two minutes. Although they would be 25, since for the 5 bosses it's enough to simply defeat them to get the three stars, there are no time limits. And luckily it's so because in the fourth I've far exceeded the 2 minutes lol.

    Btw it's just a matter of patience and luck (especially the final boss), nothing else. The most difficult bosses for me were the third and indeed the final boss.