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  1. :platinum: #66 & 100%: DmC Devil May Cry


    Difficulty: 5/10

    Wonderful Action by Ninja Theory, although I prefer the original DMC style, I appreciated it very much. I liked a lot the combat system, really fluid and varied.
    However, in this version, I didn't particularly liked Vergil, I found him a bit uncomfortable and slow, as opposed to DMC4 or even in the 3 where he was a beast, at least for me.

    Platinum a little long due to the many runs but still very simple, even on DMD.
    The only difficulty I found it was in Vergil's DLC on Hell and Hell with the boss in mission 5, which is really a pain, btw by spamming Drive+Stomp is doable with a few attempts.

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    2. ihadalifeb4this



    3. lilpain97


      Late congrats. I thought the game was average at best but im glad you found enjoyment !!! Now do 5 B) 

    4. Nostalgy_Flow


      @lilpain97 I'll definitely do it! I have no idea when, but I will.xD