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  1. 100% #45: Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon
    Difficulty: 2/10


    I don't particularly like Far Cry games but I really wanted to do this one in particular because I love the 80s style/atmosphere. The game was pretty fun and the OST is just pure gold damn! I definitely recommend it, also you don't need to have played Far Cry 3, since it's a stand-alone expansion, just in case you're wondering.

    Nothing much to say about the trophies, just play the story and then do the secondary stuff. Really easy. 

    Now it's time to play Kingdom Hearts II, I planned its plat to be my 3.500 trophy for the milestone, so let's go!  :D 

    1. Honor_Hand


      This game just kicks all amounts of ass. Ubisoft should just release Blood Dagon 2 as its own series. It's just that good. The style was awesome, the jokes were funny and yes, the OST was extraordinary. Totally recommended... and I haven't even played the actual FarCry games to begin with lmao xD

    2. Nostalgy_Flow


      @Honor_Hand I agree on everything! The tutorial was the best I've ever seen haha. :')

      How I'd like a sequel too... :/

    3. ihadalifeb4this
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