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  1. I got them using the ps now version so it is possible
  2. Nice one count me in!
  3. Just missed out on it by the looks of it damn!
  4. If you mean for the trophy it doesn’t mean play the mini game on hard mode, it’s a separate side quest in chapter 14
  5. Is it definitely installed? Cause I had the same issue a couple weeks ago and it turns out it wasn’t installed and wouldn’t let me install it from the ps store so I had to download it straight from the download list, after that it worked perfectly
  6. You can actually do it in one playthrough as beating the Remind secret boss gives you access to both sets of codes so as long as you get risk taker done you can just go back and use the battle gates for ez codes
  7. I got mine from ShopTo and it was delivered yesterday so I’m surprised they haven’t shipped yours yet
  8. You can load back into the main game by pressing square instead of x on the load screen, though the only one you could probably do is the ez code merits, unless you fancy taking on all the data fights+yozora with all pro codes on!
  9. Did this recently and turned out I was actually missing an easy bangle from the shop I assumed I had cause I had the upgraded version, think it was a mythril bangle, try buying a few things at the shop? Also no you just had to have had the item in your inventory at one point, no need for every single thing at once
  10. Sign me up for champion of the gods please!
  11. Just a heads up but you can easily farm the 30 custom tracks by doing a custom championship, selecting online tracks and using the retire from event to reach the required 30, you will have to do one legit afterwards for the trophies to pop but this is how I did it, much faster than having to actually finish each race individually
  12. Didn't they already announce the release date at E3? March 3rd 2020