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  1. That's rather demotivating but I guess I'll do just that. Was hoping to be able to pickup from postgame but oh well. I'll start researching my builds and such.
  2. I played during launch on PS4. Then I stopped after beating the game and got overwhelmed by the endgame requirements. Then later in December I found out they changed trophy requirements and made it harder??? Because of how seasons work, if I started playing today would I need a new character? Would it be feasible to continue my old character, or do people not play old characters when a new season rolls out? If not, should I start now or wait for new season since I'd be starting from scratch and would basically need a full season minimum? What has changed exactly since it seems trophy descriptions are the same? Basically what do I need to know to plat the game for the current patch of the game?
  3. @MrTacoNinja and @Helyx Thanks for your responses. I think I will make the splurge and pickup Torchlight abd do just that. Much respect. Stay healthy, Naotsugu
  4. So would you recommend doing 3 playthroughs for the plat (NG, NG+, and HC)?
  5. If I beat the game in hardcore, and go to New game +... Is new game + also in hardcore? Or can I choose to play NG+ in regular gamemode?
  6. I AM ABSOLUTELY STRUGGLING. This is incredibly difficult. Stuck on Act 2 Mission 2. I have attempted to follow every video guide, every written guide, and my AI does things COMPLETELY different. From following the video exactly and somehow taking more damage than the video, to having the AI move into completely different spots... Which is fine, but the AI plays that way EVERY TIME WITHOUT FAIL. And I just can't seem to counter it. The Fog of war is an "ok" mechanic to have except that the enemy AI plays as if there is no Fog of war which is incredibly frustrating. Is there anyone who can provide some tips for me?
  7. Okay cool. So do I need to do all of them perfectly/within a relatively close time? Or does time really orbit matter as long as I get the services done?
  8. So for German Legend trophy I would have to do ALL 167 services on the timetable? With each train? Sorry still fairly new to the game
  9. Okay thanks for the heads-up. Do you know if we have to do all the timetable/schedule runs for each of the 3 stations for the base game trophy? Or is it just the scenarios?
  10. How often do they update it so you have to restart?
  11. I can see and agree with a lot here... Except I don't think completion rate should matter. Why? Because not everyone lieks DLC and not every DLC for every game is worth the money. I loved FFXV and enjoyed it, one of my first platinums. I tried the Gladiolus DLC and just hated it. Straighted up disliked, disliked the playstyle and story so I didn't bother buying any other DLC for it. Completion shouldn't inherently matter, at least not the completion stat shown on PSNP.
  12. Final Fantasy XV. I thoroughly enjoyed and it and it is also a fairly easy plat with an interesting story. All the new contnet makes the story more interesting I'm told.
  13. Do all the different routes (Route A, Route B, etc) mean each individual route is an entirely new playthrough? So there's going to be close to 15 playthroughs for the plat? NEver played this before so I'm confused by the route thing.
  14. Possibly bad question.... Should I disconnect from the internet if doing this? I see the above poster say use offline mode. Is there an offline mode in Portal Knights (haven't seen it while playing)? Or should I just completely disconnect from my internet.
  15. All Trophies Game: Riptide GP2 Enjoyment: 8/10 Grind: 6/10 in the beginning, 2/10 after saving up money to buy Fireball the grind almost completely disappears once you have Fireball Difficulty: 2/10