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  1. This is correct. I went and cleared out the hideout a couple chapters before as well and it still let me do the mission. You're all good
  2. I am approaching my 50th platinum on this profile, and I was wondering what you all thought would choose. It would likely either be Horizon: Zero Dawn or Danganronpa Ultra Despair Girls. On one hand, I already have two different Danganronpa related milestones, and it would be cool to get another one to keep the trend going. On the other hand, Horizon would be just one of those sweet, iconic games to have as a milestone. Anyway, was just wondering what y'all thought and would choose, hope you have a nice day/night!

    1. Glowbugg


      I made Horizon my 100th ^^

    2. Maxximum


      Deciding on what game should take a milestone spot is at times argumentative with your thoughts. I'm one who really likes milestones. I'm still currently thinking about what I should have for my 20th platinum. For your case, the Danganronpa trend looks really cool and Horizon Zero Dawn would fit well on a platinum milestone. Actually either can be a platinum or a trophy milestone if one of them aren't your 50th platinum. I see you recently hit the 3,500 trophy milestone and there's like 500 trophies more (or 408) to reach 4,000 to make a milestone. If you think that would take time, then you can set up a race to observe whether you'll hit 75 platinums before hitting 4,000 trophies. Good luck ☺

  3. Looks like an edgier version of one of the CW's shows, and I can't really say I'm a fan of what they do with their shows. I'll give it a chance, but it's not a positive sign of the trailer is weak.
  4. Stardew Valley. Some pretty annoying rng trophies, but Fector's Challenge might very well be the hardest trophy I have ever got.
  5. I didn't know this was a bug but I had the trait and I am pretty sure I could still get the 1-3 rewards, but you could just save your game and test it out just to be sure!
  6. Haha my bad, I hadn't realized how much people came back to this thread after I responded to it. 😅 Was just googling for more info and this one kept popping up. I'm still clinging to hope it will happen though!
  7. Anyone still holding out hope for this? I've been waiting patiently for an update but I am not sure if it's happening or not. I really wanna play P3 but if there's even a small chance it'll come to PS4 with trophy support then I will wait. That image art just seem waaaay to convenient for it to be an accident but idk. Anyone have thoughts?
  8. Person 5 - 223 hours Yakuza 0 - 159 hours Persona 4 Golden - 158 hours Played way more jrpgs other than these than I expected to last year lol