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  1. Yeah I know about hiding, but in the end i played them and im fine with it if they Stay, but also enjoyed them for 2 Minutes 😂. but hopefully this shovelgame thing will end finally
  2. Will there be the possibilty That Sony Will delete these Games from our trophy Lists? I doubt its possible but can it be? Ungortunatly i played a few of them, and i would gladly removed Them from my list. If Not its also ok, but would welcome to have the chance to delete them. ( ZJ the Ball an those bowling Games, hate those trophy pictures so much !!!)
  3. I Played enough quality games to be in the Position to say, i dont always want do the Same thing Over hours again or sit on an ultimate Boss to train for hours and want to relax From such big games. Platinumed Resonance of Fate few days ago and Doing 500 Arena fights for no Reason is something where I say some challanges/trophies Are stupid. If you think platinum hunting is adding titles of Series, then you Are invited to check my profile. Like I Said they are a Little Gift for a big Game, but you dont have to play all of them. Sometimes I dont want to start the Next big Game, but like to collect platinums. I enjoy These Little games while im playing Them so Nothings wrong with it. And yes you right hunting or working for Food wasnt/isnt Easy, but sometimes a 99 Cent cheesburger from McDonalds also tastes very Good.
  4. Dont Hit the hedgehog to much the spikes can hurt you.
  5. I like the 99 Cent Games, cause at the end Im a platinum Hunter Not trophy Hunter, but paying 4 Dollars/Euros for hedgehog to Jump is where i have to day ist Must stop and Pressing one button 36272772723 times is ridicoulos. Sometimes i like platinum something very fast After i finished a big Game, ist like a Gift for me. Hate those Accounts which a Full of theses cheap Games. My Name is Mayo was different it was well made Imo. The Problem is it will Not end as Long people will buy it, and There will always be people/Gamers. regret also some of these games in my List, but as Long i get Them on 100% i can now be ok with it. but the way it goes Here with These Games ist defintly the wrong way. Dont Support this Friends, Even if u have the Money. Invest it or something.
  6. It Took Me a few months After finishing the Story, which is Great, to Turn back to the Game to plat it. If u know what to do it can be a Little Bit Boring, but After turning back and doing the stuff listen to some podcasts or other things Building fast Travel posibilities i felt How Great this game is. With the new content on ps5 its more enjoyable. Do it.
  7. Reading this, and Knowing Yoshi-P doesnt like trophies. Ironic.
  8. There is an Update when you press the Game
  9. Update: it works now got. the trophy
  10. Look at the Comments. Wrote to the YouTuber and we got. an answer from that developer. However i cant find the Developer in the Internet. Maybe someone Knows more?
  11. Look at the Comments. Wrote to the YouTuber and we got. an answer from that developer. However i cant find the Developer in the Internet. Maybe someone Knows more?
  12. Are They gone to fix this? There are people who get the Platinum.
  13. I also did it that way and downloaded my ps 5 file where i did everything. But when i come to the world map je also Shows that Screen of the dlc with the WoL on it and i have to start the dlc.
  14. How i Tried and it didnt work. Got 3 trophies now By playing again on ps4. How it works? Downloded it via cross Safe but nothing Happend.
  15. Can you Transfer the savefile From the ps5 to ps4 to autopop the whole dlc like in the Main Game?