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  1. Ive been leaving my matches on for 50 minutes with a timer set and I still get that stupid bug where everything takes forever to load. It doesn't help that when you have to restart the game, it takes away you're multiplier which you have to buy again in archives for 10 access cards. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this method with a turbo controller without the stupid glitch ruining it? I'm finally at level 90 and pretty desperate at this point.
  2. I finally got my turbo controller to do the Hero we Deserve Trophy and made it to level 100 a few minutes ago, and the trophy didn't pop. I decided to reload the game too see if it would pop up then but when I opened the game it was back to level 72 where I had originally started before doing thee boosting method. Is there a way to fix this because I really don't feel like waiting for 48 hours straight to redo this stupid ass achievement. Is there anyone that you can contact or something to undo this? Please any help is greatly appreciated.
  3. Well apparently its 1335 right now
  4. I just completed the European Collector on my hunter but the trophy didnt pop. Does it not count or something?
  5. Does anyone know the best way to get this trophy as of 2021, everywhere I look it says that after November 2020 the destinations for gettting certain exotics are no longer available. I just want to know which collection badge I should go for that wont be such a pain in the ass.