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  1. You get one free Bellgrapes from Monster Corral, but that one doesn't count.
  2. You might be missing Bellgrapes. You get one for free from completing Monster Corral, but that one doesn't count.
  3. Right, so, most of the produce is quite common. Below is a list of all the produce, with rare produce in brackets. Blue (Round): Heart Mint, Spade Basil, Pine O'Clock, Rhinoloupe, [Gold Clover] Yellow (Oblong): Citrisquid, Springanana, Cornflower, Fishy Fruit, [Rocket Papaya] Red (Crooked): Apricat, Peach Puppy, Diceberry, Whalamato, [Applesocks] Green (Big): Cabbadillo, Squalphin, Needlettuce, [Boarmelon], [Dialaurel] Orange (Small): Spiny Carrot, Loquat-Shoes, Bumpkin, [Honey Onion], [Orange'Opus] Purple (Long): Lilipods, Cherry Bombs, Orcaplant, [Sweet Moai], [Bellgrapes] White (Flat): Garlicrown, Masked Potato, Pear O'Heels, Conchurnip, [Mangolephant] Black: Mush-In-A-Box, [Toadstool Shed] To get the rare stuff, use these combinations: Gold Clover: Spiny + Round Rocket Papaya: Spiny + Oblong Apple Socks: Spiny + Crooked Boarmelon: Spiny + Big / Big Dialaurel: Spiny + Big Honey Onion: Spiny + Small / Oblong + Crooked Orange'Opus: Spiny + Small Sweet Moai: Spiny + Long / Round + Long Bellgrapes: Spiny + Long Mangolephant: Spiny + Flat Mush-In-A-Box: Round + Small Toadstool Shed: Spiny + Big / Spiny + Small One seed gives three produce, two seeds give four produce. There's enough space for eight produce at a time. You should start with the Toadstool Shed, since it's bound to give you some of the other rare produce before you get the shed. To be able to farm Spiny Seeds, you'll need a Polter Box pet from the monster eggs in the Junkyard. The Polter Box's synchro ability allows you to get better drops from enemies. Synchro abilities are active when you're really close to one of your allies (you'll see lightning running between the characters' cystals at the top of the screen). Once you have a Polter Box, you can easily farm Spiny Seeds from the 3x Lullabud battle on Luon Highway. You'll get plenty of Small and Long Seeds on the side. For Big Seeds, you'll need to kill them without synchro. Round, Oblong, and Crooked Seeds can be bought at the Bone Fortress. The easiest way to get Flat Seeds is from Treant. Whenever you harvest a fruit, Treant has chance of picking up a seed. Feed him two batches of Round + Small Seeds. Pass enough time that everything is ripe, then save before you harvest them. When you talk to Treant afterwards, you have a decent chance of getting a Flat Seed or two. If you don't get any, load the game and try again.
  4. It's already filled by default.
  5. Flat Seed is a rare drop from Shrieknips (Norn Peaks) and Malboros (Bejeweled City, Mana Tree). It's possible to get them if the enemy is at least Lv16 and you use the Polter Box's synchro ability. You can get a Polter Box from the monster eggs found in the Junkyard. Synchro abilities are active when you're standing near one of your allies (ie. when you can see lightning running between the characters' crystals at the top). The easiest way to get Flat Seeds is from the orchard(s), though. See the rare produce topic I started.
  6. Yeah, I was thinking Alex might be missable as well. If you've already completed the Jumi storyline, it'll have to wait until New Game+. Just talk to her at the shop in Gato during the Flame of Hope or in her shop in Geo.
  7. Uh, I didn't get the Saga Frontier 2 sword. I *did* get the Fastest Wheel at Polpota Harbor, though.
  8. That's... odd. Not sure what's up with that. I suppose it could be a bug. I just tested it and learned it just fine after 12 battles. It requires Jump in 7 battles and Lunge in 12 battles. And it's not like you have to use them. Not at all.
  9. Switch to No Future and the trophy pops. That's it.
  10. Note that you can only fight Deathbringer 2 *before* completing the Dragon storyline. After completing the Bone Fortress, head straight back in and go to where you first fought Deathbringer, and he should appear again. Enemies are added to the Monster encyclopedia when you fight them, so better not use No Encounters in areas you haven't been to before. No normal enemy is missable, though. You might also be missing Louie's entry in the Character section, but all you need to do is talk to him at the Junkyard. Once you have every entry, check your bookshelf and Thirst for Knowledge should pop. Anyway, just got the Plat myself. Took me 25 hours. 5 hours of that was just grinding for Master-at-Arms (100 battles with every weapon type).
  11. There are six quests in the game that are very easy to miss or fail: Wisdom of Gaeus (C03) Gilbert - Love is Blind (C65) The Treasure Map (C35) The Nordic Snowfield (C51) Seeing Double (C43) Pee-Wee Birdie (C67) Wimpy Thugling (C66) The Wisdom of Gaeus is available at the very beginning of the game once you've completed Niccolo's Business Unusual. You need to team up with Daena (found at the inn in Domina) and go see Gaeus on Luon Highway. You can fail the quest right away if you choose any wrong dialog options when you talk to Daena. You need to choose "It lives forever" and "Let's go." The quest can then fail while it's in progress if Daena leaves the party. This happens if you enter your house in Home or if you enter Gato. Daena will also disappear from the inn if you complete both Niccolo's Business Unusual and The Lost Princess and then enter Gato. On a somewhat related note, completing the Wisdom of Gaeus gives you a Forbidden Ring. If you have that equipped, your xp is split between you and any allies. It's useful for leveling up pets, so better hang on to it. Gilbert - Love is Blind becomes unavailable if you go to Geo and trigger Gilbert - School Amour. The Treasure Map involves claiming pieces of a torn map from a bunch of Dudbears. You claim them by mashing Confirm when you're close enough to one of them. It's better to not chase them, but instead get on their path and wait for them to come to you. It seems like you have a better chance of succeeding if you're not moving when you hit Confirm. In any case, the main issue here is the time limit. There's a hidden timer that starts running when you enter an area with any Dudbears. If the timer reaches a certain figure, Roger appears and the quest is failed. The timer resets when you obtain a piece of the map or if you leave and re-enter the area. The timer stops once you have all the pieces from that area. The length of the timer depends on how many bears there are left: 6-8 -> 30 seconds, 5 -> 25s, 4 -> 20s, 3 -> 16s, 2 -> 12s, 1 -> 8s. The Nordic Snowfield is the follow-up quest to The Treasure Map. That's the only reason it's easy to miss. Seeing Double, Pee-Wee Birdie and Wimpy Thugling require Lv3 mana values for certain elements in the areas where they occur. Eg. Seeing Double is in Domina and requires Shade Lv3. Pee-Wee Birdie is also in Domina, while Wimpy Thugling is in Duma Desert. The easiest way to get all of these is to have Domina and Duma Desert diagonally adjacent to one another and then leave an empty space next to them for an Artifact obtained later in the game that boosts all Mana values to max. I suppose there are a few more that are worth mentioning. The Lost Princess can technically be failed if you enter the Tower of Leires before completing the quest. Nic's Business Parts 2, 3 and 4 can each fail if you go Home while the quest is in progress. Diddle Had It will fail if you have Pokiehl take you out of the dungeon. Pokiehl - Dream Teller will fail if you leave the Ulkan Mines. You can fail In Search of Faeries if you choose a certain dialog option, in which case you're prevented from completing the entire Faerie storyline. Anyone who's played the original should be familiar with how the Cactus Diary works. In case you're new, here's the deal: When you talk to Li'l Cactus after completing a quest, you'll receive a small entry regarding the quest in the Cactus Diary. However, this *only* applies to the most recent quest completed. This means you can easily miss an entry if you don't talk to Li'l Cactus before completing another quest. If you end up missing some entries, you'll have another chance to get them when doing a New Game+ playthrough - unless it's one of the five quests that do *not* reoccur on New Game+. The five quests that don't reoccur in New Game+ are: The Mana Orchards (C56) Monster Corral (C57) Enchanted Instruments 101 (C54) The Path of the Blacksmith (C53) Golem Go Make'em (C55) "Would you like to know more?" So, yeah, my LoM guide is now up on GameFAQs (it's probably the most up-to-date guide). You can also find it on my pastebin: By the way, the remaster is based on the North American release. Even if you buy it off the Japanese store, it's still the same version.
  12. You have to use the alternate magic attacks by holding X for a while. You need to use red magic for Tondeke and blue magic for Barrier. (Late again, but, for future reference)
  13. Fight a boss long enough without killing it.
  14. Yeah, I found that out recently. I've been meaning to edit that. My full BMD guide will be up on GameFAQs soon.
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