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  1. If you have the PAL-version of the game (bought it from a European PSN store, for instance), you can use the cancel window bug to perform skip-canceling. It's a technique that lets you skip cancel fodder, thus increasing your dps while also reducing the likelihood of getting blocked. To pull it off, you have to input the commands for the next two moves during the current move. The default button settings are not at all suitable for this, so you'll have to change those so that Confirm (light attacks) is set to Square, and Cancel (heavy attacks) is set to X. Start with something easy, with Fayt, for instance. Set Side Kick to SR Confirm and Air Raid to SR Cancel. Keep a little distance from the enemy, tap Confirm to start the normal attack, then quickly hold down both Confirm and Cancel. Once the normal attack begins, release Confirm, but not Cancel. Skip-canceling isn't always possible, though. It only works when you're in optimal range for the next move (the one being skipped) at the end of the previous move. This is why, for example, you can't really use Blade of Fury for skip-canceling and why you generally can't skip the cancel fodder in later parts of the chain. You can see me using skip-cancels constantly in my SO3 videos on YouTube. Here's one, for instance: I've written fairly extensively about the game's mechanics. If you'd like to learn about something else, you can check out my SO3 guide on my pastebin (or on Gamefaqs):
  2. Might be an issue when playing the game on a PS5.
  3. Late. Sorry. Yeah, I don't have a video on Overture 3, but here's one. 5 is the boss. Most of the videos are for the Japanese version, so you'd have to search for them using the Japanese title (メイドさんを右に ミ☆).
  4. Knowing a little Japanese always helps, but, no, it's not strictly necessary. One thing you need to account for, though, is the APOCA puzzle in Eluria Tower, where you have to type 'mokushiroku' (apocalypse) in hiragana, like so: もくしろく. Also, the Stone Check and Paralysis Check have very similar (if not identical?) icons, so here's what their names look like: Stone Check: ストーンチェック Paralysis Check: パラライチェック
  5. If you're missing demons from your Compendium, I wrote a guide that might help you with that. (Click 'raw' or download it to view it a little better) I wrote a bunch of other stuff about the game as well. Game basics & optimization: Skill list: Enemy list: Encounter list: Demi-Fiend Experience chart:
  6. All the little upgrades are fine (start with more HP after dying, 1% chance to avoid damage, etc.). You just have to keep the default red armor. Every armor has a different color, so as long as you're red, you're good. One of the little upgrades is kind of elusive, since you get it from an NPC in the forest village after beating the Blood Knot. I almost got a heart attack when I got that, sinice I didn't know yet that the little upgrades were safe to pick up. And, yeah, once you beat the game and get the trophy, you can just clean up whatever is left (I missed the last gargoyle myself, because I didn't realize what the switch inside the wall does). A single playthrough is enough - *if* you can handle the challenge.
  7. 10 games: 17 - Ninja Senki DX (PSV) 6 - Neverwinter (PS4) 6 - Virtua Fighter 5 - Ultimate Showdown (PS4) 4 - Mega Man Legacy Collection (PS4) 1 - Bionic Commando Rearmed (PS3) 6 - Bombing Busters (PS4) 3 - Bunny Must Die (PS4) 1 - Star Ocean 4 (PS3) 3 - Star Ocean 3 (PS4) 3 - Sayonara Umihara Kawase (PSV)
  8. So, yeah, Damage Dodger is the main obstacle to platting the game, and it is one massive, *colossal* obstacle. Unless you have some serious 2D action game experience under your belt, don't even consider it. If you've beaten Battle Kid or gotten 50 Gold in Mega Man Legacy Collection, then you can definitely handle it. It took me about 40 hours, but I spent a lot of times checking walls for secrets (and I still ended up missing a couple of hidden rooms). Picking up Armor Augments will *not* prevent you from getting the trophy. They don't really help much, but, yeah, they're safe to pick up. The one augment you might want to skip is the item pull one in the Poison Pavilion. That one could become an issue when using Last Stand. Indeed, Last Stand is what I relied on in all the bosses after the first few. You get delicious double damage, but you can't afford to take a single hit (aside from possibly one to actually trigger Last Stand). You wouldn't be able to take many hits anyway, so I'd say this is clearly optimal. I have videos of all the bosses (and some of trickiest parts in the final dungeon) on my YouTube channel. Here's the final boss, for instance: The final boss took me 2 and a half hours, but I could've wrapped it up sooner if I'd known how things work in the final phase (this was the third time I made it there). The RNG with the green balls in the second phase is your main concern. If you can manage to get familiar with the behavior of the balls, you don't have to rely so much on favorable RNG. Move as little as possible until it's time to jump over Ardur's charge attack. Note that the staff itself can't damage you, but that hardly matters, since there are usually a bunch of balls flying around. Oh, and here's where I did the grind for King. You need 125 grand just to expand your bank limit to 50k. The trophy description says 'more than 50 000,' but that's not really accurate; you just need to reach 50 000. You don't have to exceed it. And, now... my thumb needs rest.
  9. As already pointed out, there are three different endings in X5: 1. Bad ending 2. Good ending with X 3. Good ending with Zero You'll get the bad ending if you fail to destroy the colony with either the Enigma cannon or the shuttle (either because of RNG or because you ran out of time). If you do succeed, you'll get the good ending. Which good ending you get depends on which character you use in the last two stages (the ones after Rangda Bangda). You could split the playthrough at this point, so you wouldn't have to play through the whole game again to get the other ending, but your unused character might be a bit too underpowered. I'd recommend just doing another playthrough, even if all you do is get the three Heart Tanks that you can get without completing the armors. Whichever character you're playing as, make sure you get the hidden Dr. Light capsule in the stage after Rangda Bangda. As for successfully destroying the colony, forget about the cannon. Even with all four parts, it's pretty much guaranteed to fail, and loading the game will not change the outcome. You might as well fire it right away, so you can start trying your luck with the shuttle. What you want to do is try the shuttle once after completing any stage. If it doesn't work, load the game, beat another stage, then try again. The shuttle has *much* better odds than the cannon, and it's likely to succeed before you even get all four parts.
  10. I made a couple of videos. Hope they help.
  11. This could've been an absolutely brutal plat if it had required 100%, but, no, you don't even need to get close. You don't even have to beat the game on Knightmare (they may have meant 'Nightmare'). Anyway, let's look at the Trophies. --- Pieris, Pelopidas, Polygonia, Parantica, Papilio --- You get these for beating the game, either on Etude mode or Nocturne mode. These are the only two available initially. Etude is referred to as 'Super Easy Mode,' which is quite accurate. --- Saturniidae, Attacus Atlas, Coscinocera --- To get these, you need to get 10 Hourglass Mystics. You'll get an Hourglass Mystic if you activate all the checkpoints in a level without dying and without letting the Hourglass Protection time run out. When you activate a checkpoint for the first time, it gives you Hourglass Protection (indicated by the blue bar in the top left) for a limited period of time, during which dying won't cost you a life. Some torches drop little hourglasses that will extend the protection time. --- Birdwing, Alexandra, Goliath --- To get these, you have to find all the hidden Wealth Mystics in 10 levels. --- Scales of x --- You get these for getting the 12 Zodiac Mystics. The Zodiac Mystic appears in the spot where you see a fuzzy blue light. To make it appear, you have to kill all the pumpkin enemies in that area. --- Grass Yellow --- You'll get this for getting all three Grimore [sic] Mystics from the final boss. You'll get them by ending a phase before the timer in the top right runs out. --- Swallowtail --- Beat the target speedrun time in any level. --- Phalaenopsis --- Take the lower exit at the end of 3-2. You can't get this one in Time Attack mode, so try not to miss it. --- Glacial Apollo --- Beat a boss with no damage. --- Peonies --- Eat a turkey you found inside a wall. --- Ypthima --- Beat Overture Mode. After beating the game for the first time, start a new game and you'll unlock the male voice (you can switch back to the female voice in the Config - it's the 'Default / Breaking' thing). This also unlocks the Himitsu no Shoutaijou (Secret Invitation) in the shop. Buy it for 1000 G and you can then choose Overture when you start a new game. Beating Overture is the hardest thing you have to do for the Plat. Overture certainly has the usual tricky platforming action, but it also places a heavy emphasis on key puzzles (that you can easily mess up in a way that prevents you from completing the level). If you don't feel like figuring them out yourself, I put videos of these levels on YouTube. The game trolls you pretty hard. You *will* need some perseverance. At least the checkpoints are frequent. If you find yourself stuck, there's probably something you need to destroy with your charge attack. You should definitely change the button configs so that Square is attack and X is jump. You'll want to buy more extra lives in the shop (and maybe some other stuff). The shop has two columns of items. On the right, there are the spare keys (which are indeed consumed when used), but you can't use those in Overture. The stuff on the left is: 1. HP up 2. Extra life - 100 G each 3. Attack power up 4. Reduce knockback 5. Hourglass Protection time up 6. More Rewind time 7. ??? (don't know how to unlock this) 8. Secret Invitation If you buy 99 extra lives, you'll get infinite lives. A good way to farm money is doing Etude 1-B, which is a quick, short level with a money bag (worth 100 G) at the end. Reaching a level in normal mode unlocks the level in Time Attack mode. You can get Mystics and Trophies in Time Attack mode as well, although you can't use any Chronushop abilities. You can see all the Mystics you've gotten on the Time Attack level select screen. The brief intro level teaches you most of the moves you have at your disposal. When you're holding a charge attack, you'll fall a little slower in the air, so it lets you do longer jumps. You can also extend the reach of your normal attack by holding forward. Then there's the mid-air recovery that you can do by pressing Jump after a hit. There's no hidden wall jump or anything like that.
  12. To get this one, you need to get exactly one cup. The best place to get this and Teacup Master is in Stage 2. Oh, and the Command Shot list is missing the bomb drop (forward, forward, shot / back, back, shot).
  13. You get one free Bellgrapes from Monster Corral, but that one doesn't count.
  14. You might be missing Bellgrapes. You get one for free from completing Monster Corral, but that one doesn't count.
  15. Right, so, most of the produce is quite common. Below is a list of all the produce, with rare produce in brackets. Blue (Round): Heart Mint, Spade Basil, Pine O'Clock, Rhinoloupe, [Gold Clover] Yellow (Oblong): Citrisquid, Springanana, Cornflower, Fishy Fruit, [Rocket Papaya] Red (Crooked): Apricat, Peach Puppy, Diceberry, Whalamato, [Applesocks] Green (Big): Cabbadillo, Squalphin, Needlettuce, [Boarmelon], [Dialaurel] Orange (Small): Spiny Carrot, Loquat-Shoes, Bumpkin, [Honey Onion], [Orange'Opus] Purple (Long): Lilipods, Cherry Bombs, Orcaplant, [Sweet Moai], [Bellgrapes] White (Flat): Garlicrown, Masked Potato, Pear O'Heels, Conchurnip, [Mangolephant] Black: Mush-In-A-Box, [Toadstool Shed] To get the rare stuff, use these combinations: Gold Clover: Spiny + Round Rocket Papaya: Spiny + Oblong Apple Socks: Spiny + Crooked Boarmelon: Spiny + Big / Big Dialaurel: Spiny + Big Honey Onion: Spiny + Small / Oblong + Crooked Orange'Opus: Spiny + Small Sweet Moai: Spiny + Long / Round + Long Bellgrapes: Spiny + Long Mangolephant: Spiny + Flat Mush-In-A-Box: Round + Small Toadstool Shed: Spiny + Big / Spiny + Small One seed gives three produce, two seeds give four produce. There's enough space for eight produce at a time. You should start with the Toadstool Shed, since it's bound to give you some of the other rare produce before you get the shed. To be able to farm Spiny Seeds, you'll need a Polter Box pet from the monster eggs in the Junkyard. The Polter Box's synchro ability allows you to get better drops from enemies. Synchro abilities are active when you're really close to one of your allies (you'll see lightning running between the characters' cystals at the top of the screen). Once you have a Polter Box, you can easily farm Spiny Seeds from the 3x Lullabud battle on Luon Highway. You'll get plenty of Small and Long Seeds on the side. For Big Seeds, you'll need to kill them without synchro. Round, Oblong, and Crooked Seeds can be bought at the Bone Fortress. The easiest way to get Flat Seeds is from Treant. Whenever you harvest a fruit, Treant has chance of picking up a seed. Feed him two batches of Round + Small Seeds. Pass enough time that everything is ripe, then save before you harvest them. When you talk to Treant afterwards, you have a decent chance of getting a Flat Seed or two. If you don't get any, load the game and try again.