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  1. So I am looking for a new TV with a budget of around £700, I don't mind if its a bit more if it is worth the extra cost. I tried a Samsung 55" Q6FN but the motion blur/ghosting is very hard to look past. Even though that model has a 120hz display, its very obvious in games like fifa for example where you can see the trails of the players and ball. Thanks
  2. If I'm understanding you correctly, the only reason your method would not work correctly would be because it could be seen as piracy through the system? I.e tricking the PS4 into downloading games from PSN but its really from your PC?
  3. Method 1 is working for me however my downloads are VERY slow. Less than 1mb per sec, usually its 6-9. Is there anyway to increase my download speed?
  4. Do you have to complete the game to be able to do this glitch? I just tried loading into a level and the difficulty choice did not show up for me.
  5. Is it possible to use any cheats or tweaks during a crushing playthrough? I'm certain I read somewhere that it was possible via a glitch on the PS3 version.
  6. I'm currently having this issue, has anyone else had any luck with this guide? Also can I continue in a new ng+ or would it have to be a fresh save? I am playing the PS3 version
  7. IIRC Vampyr has an exploit where you type something in with a keyboard and it gives infinite xp, I could be wrong as I saw it a while ago
  8. Is there a way to see games that have different trophy lists on PSNP? I've seen the black friday sale on the Indonesian psn store and its caught my eye. I want to know if the games will have the Asia region trophies or if it is shared as some games have it. Or are there certain games that fit a certain criteria which will cause it have separate trophy lists by region? Sorry if its confusing 🙃
  9. Its a good thing those trophies were added as DLC, if not it would be a really difficult plat
  10. Some of the trophies in this game are glitched and dont pop when they are supposed to, its very weird. Ive completed about 4 runs and the safe cracker trophy still hasnt popped for me, even though I've never used the auto hack. Try reinstalling the game, that should hopefully fix it.
  11. Don't worry you'll get there. If you can do the first game, the second will be much easier.
  12. Damn, I had my eyes one this game, wasn't there a work-around for this?
  13. The game is currently on sale and I was thinking about picking it up for £12. I remember there was a lot of bugs upon release, one of which corrupts your save file IIRC. Any word if this is fixed? I haven't heard anything, I hope EA haven't left it to die.
  14. Same. The only things I'm looking forward to is hopefully an announcement of psn name changes. I look forward to seeing what Sucker Punch has to offer as well as some info about the avengers game from SE
  15. Personally I don't mind microtransactions in F2P games, Fortnite for example has skins which are quite expensive but its only skins, in games like FIFA it is very difficult and requires intense grinding to get a good team without spending any money.