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  1. No, you can accumulate Legend of Legends delivery counts as soon as you are able to begin Premium Deliveries. They become available during Episode 3.
  2. Just switch to Hard because it seems that only combat is harder. If you have any type of truck and see a 500+ likes order, pick it up and do it. They are pretty much the best and rarest orders. Level up Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City to get the best truck, a level 3 long-distance truck. For acceleration and speed, long-distance bikes are the best if you can carry cargo on your back. Level up Weather Station to get both level 2 variant of a cargo cart and a backpack decoration which decreases the chances of timefall rains (so less BTs, less chances to fail). Try to carry 1-3 PCC's at all times, and consider taking 400-800 Metals with you in case you need to build a generator or a bridge. Timefall Shelter and Zip lines don't require materials to do their thing. When you discover Engineer, Junk Dealer and Roboticist do deliveries for their shelters. They'll give you plans for skeletal armors during story playthrough, but more stars with them yield stronger variants of those armors up to level 3. These equipment are a game changer. Collector gives you a backpack cover up to level 2 variant of it, which is the only equipment/mod to protect your cargo while on foot. Only the bottom ~4 medium containers, though. Mountain Knot City provides plans for Non-lethal Assault Rifle level 3, which will last you for the rest of the playthrough. Level 1 is from Order #41 and Level 2 from Order #42.
  3. Lake Knot City, Distribution Center South of Lake Knot City, South Knot City, Engineer, Craftsman, Mountain Knot City, Distribution Center North of Mountain Knot City, Film Director, Doctor, Timefall Farm, Junk Dealer.
  4. I just got the plat, and here's some tips: Total of 80 premium deliveries of different Standard Orders (Orders for Sam don't count) on Hard difficulty with Legend of Legends rank (S). The four categories have unique symbols shown next to Max Likes in the available orders list. = Condition-focused = Quantity-focused = Miscellaneous-focused = Delivery-time-focused Since the biggest point rewards of any type of delivery is given based on the order's weight and distance to destination (excluding the category and health of cargo points), you should always go for the heaviest and longest deliveries. For example, if you want to level up Condition skill, you still should take the largest and longest delivery despite it not being Quantity-focused or Delivery-time-focused. Or when going for Delivery-time skill, don't pick the shortest and fastest order. At lvl 59 Delivery-time I did a Delivery-time-focused order of max. 50 likes, in the end I got about 1/10 of the experience bar. But after finishing approx. 700 max. likes of the same kind of order, I leveled up to lvl 60 from that 59,1 lvl and past 60,5 lvl. Deliveries giving a lot of likes are common in South Lake City, Lake Knot City, Mountain Knot City, Distribution and Waypoint Centers of any city, Timefall Farm, Film Director, Junk Dealer, Geologist, Engineer. Usually preppers who are associated with mass production and manufactoring.
  5. If anyone knows a method to link up with a certain PSN friend on demand, let me know. I'm thinking your overall rank and Bridge Level are the "matchmake" values, but there must be something else too...
  6. And you have tried customizing your backpack in any Private Room?
  7. You can do this in battle mode too with a guest user + controller. Simply rev up your engine with like 1 full press and 2 fast ones, then hold down X to make the boost bar hit the end when green light pops. You can easily see if your bar hit the end of the gauge or not. If it didn't, just retry. After killing your guest user, do a rematch.
  8. You gotta Pet your Poogie before heading for a quest to increase the odds 😏
  9. Definitely enjoying it. Got the chance to get all the more or less cosmetic armors from Event quests. Discovered how useful pretty much all Event quests are, especially the 24 Tempered Elder Dragon tracks quest called Tracking the Delivery. Considering the free updates, looks like Capcom is planning to release great content in the near future too, so I can't see this game being thrown in the corner.
  10. i had a little bit over 100 kills before i got small vaal, and he was one of the last ones i needed
  11. Are you tired of constant roars interrupting your damage combo or special moves? Do you sometimes find yourself losing balance and getting knocked back into an acid pool stunned while the liquid burns you to death? Is chasing a monster's tail for a gem just getting way too boring? There are solutions for theses problems and you don't necessarily have to sacrifice too much of that sweet DPS. While every Skill that I'm about to list is not always justified to use depending on the investigation and party formation, most of them are still worth it to use or at least consider for the sake of fluid gameplay and better gaming experience overall. I'm only listing gear skill pieces I consider useful, but there might be better choices for different builds. Also, I'm not 100% sure I have covered every decoration and external buff. Earplugs One of the most useful Skills for general builds in end-game. Unprotected roars pretty much stun you for a while which can be lethal when chained to other hazards. Excellent during High Ranked Great Hunting Investigations. May allow you to stop a fleeing monster or its special attack. HEAD: Bazel Helm Beta (2) WAIST: Bazel Coil Beta (2) CHARM: Earplugs Charm (1-3) DECORATION: Earplugs Jewel 3 BUFF: Hunting Horn melodies (nullify weak or all roars), Palico gadget Coral Orchestra (nullify weak roars) Flinch Free Again, a good skill for all-around use. Even level 1 Flinch Free is enough to get most out of this Skill, since light knockbacks are common in co-op and fighting gigantic monsters, and tripping is relatively uncommon making level 2 and 3 pretty much redundant considering it is a level-3 Jewel. Tremor Resistance Not necessarily as popular, but still very useful against some huge monsters like since they have multiple attacks producing ground tremors. Unlike roars, usually tremor attacks can be followed up instantaneously by other attacks from the monsters endangering your investigation rewards. If you don't mind short interruption on the ground during strong tremors, Tremor Resistance level 2 goes a long way and allows you to invest level-2 socket for something else. LEGS: Diablos Greaves Alpha (2), Diablos Greaves Beta (2) CHARM: Tremor Charm (1-2) DECORATION: Footing Jewel 2 BUFF: Palico gadget Coral Orchestra (?) Stun Resistance Pretty valuable especially for: weapons that lock you inside a long attack animation (Dual Blades, Long Sword etc.), inexperienced players, casual hunting and against monsters dealing heavy impact attacks Hard to get in early-game, but later these Jewels are popping up all over the place (maybe). LEGS: Barroth Greaves Beta (2) CHARM: Stun Charm (1-3) DECORATION: Steadfast Jewel 1 BUFF: Palico gadget Coral Orchestra (negate stun) Evade Extender Huge variation between weapons, but only requiring two to three levels to get satisfying effect compared to Evade Window Skill. Especially useful against in avoiding its air dive smash by dashing longer to negate lethal collisions. Evasion Mantle and Evade Extender compliment each other. CHARM: Leaping Charm (1-2) DECORATION: Jumping Jewel 2 Partbreaker Can make a significant difference when soloing and trying to break or server a monster's part to get precious Gems for crafting, especially when wielding heavy and slow melee weapon. Downside is sacrificing a level-2 socket(s). CHEST: Uragaan Mail Alpha (2), Uragaan Mail Beta (1) WAIST: Uragaan Coil Beta (1) Various Vangis pieces CHARM: Breaker Charm (1-2) DECORATION: Destroyer level 2 Speed Eating Surprisingly convenient Skill. Again, two to three levels are enough for maximum pleasure, and the fact that it is level-1 Jewel makes this worth considering. May help with dodging incoming attacks during eating animation. Levels reduce item-consumption time by 20%, 40% and 70% respectively. Various Vangis pieces CHARM: Glutton's Charm (1-3) DECORATION: Gobbler Jewel 1 Mushroomancer Consuming directly certain mushrooms will give it's crafted potion effect (some exceptions). Wide-Range (Friendship Jewel 1) works with this Skill excluding the max potion effect. Speed Eating Skill works with this Skill as well. More info WAIST: Commission Belt Beta (1) CHARM: Mushroom Charm (1-2) DECORATION: Fungiform Jewel 1 Rocksteady Mantle has similar aids, so considering that in armor build against certain monsters may be reasonable. Sources: Third-party armor builders:
  12. Even though this may not sound like a reliable tactic, I'm still going to suggest people struggling with golden crown Elder Dragons and other big monsters to abandon the quest if the monster simply does not look small/large enough and also to create a memorable reference measurement point to compare in later attempts. When hunting smaller monsters, like Kulu-Ya-Ku, it's harder, in my opinion, to distinguish the golden crown size from average because of smaller variation range. That being said, I wouldn't bother grinding them at the moment if it felt exhausting since the mega event is apparently featuring all previously seen 5-monster-quests at the same time. The linked official Event Schedule may change after this reply. Alternating the grinding targets between a few monsters may help with maintaining perseverance. Taking breaks is obviously good idea too
  13. If they decide to expand the layered armor settings to allow any armor you currently own and/or implement so called transmog/vanity armor visuals, I hope they make that visual system option toggle-able, even for showing other players transmogs, because that kind of system otherwise evidently ruins the concept of recognizing instantly what specific armor you or others actually wear. Now, that may not seem like a big deal for most of the players; maybe I'm the only one, but I can see the vanity armor visual thing adversely affecting integrity of the game in the long run.
  14. I'm playing SotC for the first time. I have done multiple play throughs of which only once focusing on the cinematics. Or should I say cutscenes since the game is pretty much a video scene game. Gameplaywise, most of the time you are riding a horse and rest of the time climbing vines or monsters to stab them a couple of times to weakpoints. Only the fun part of that, to me, was the stabbing, which is about 5% of the actual time spent playing the game. Then again, if video games can be sub-categorized as video scene games then this is an AAA video scene game, but definitely this is not a masterpiece of a video game. Camera controls do not by any means meet the criteria of a masterpiece. They are jerky and automated controls that shouldn't be in a remastered game. Of course, an argument of keeping the old camera controls can be valid to some degree, but, in my opinion, remaking a game should be an improvement in all aspects, even in camera controls. Option for disabling automated camera would have given this game a huge boost in my review score. From graphical point of view, this is a masterpiece by my standards. It's just top notch. Lastly, quality assurance seems to be low-funded. Without knowing much about the challenges of developing games, feels like this part of the development could have ensured better functional product. There were too many glitches to even list in this forum reply that could have been probably fixed. I can't say I was disappointed in the remake, because I didn't expect much else than general reviews of being a masterpiece. But I do am disappointed in wide range of critics claiming this to be a masterpiece, when clearly it has fundamental flaws. For the sake of dull moments, poor camera controls, lack of engaging storytelling, movement glitches and overall iterative gameplay, I rate this version of the game 84/100. Currently, I can't rate the original game.
  15. Posting stats hoping this helps someone: full Health after 73 fruits, play through once on both Normal and Hard, and all Time Attacks on both Normal and Hard.