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  1. I believe it is free for ps plus in Asia this month dood
  2. I guess add me to the bench dood
  3. @Dr_Mayus and @Dragon-Archon Can't believe you doods tagged me all those times to talk about some trash event
  4. I couldn't help but follow.  Prinny, dood.

    1. Lucas


      Don't follow this dood, dood. He's not worth it.





  5. I'll do it after work or tomorrow morning if I dont get to it tonight dood
  6. Ok the same thing happened to me and another guy so I wanted to know if it happened for anyone else dood
  7. Did anyone here who actually ordered it get the CE doods?
  8. Yeah and that is why he is adding all that stuff for you, doesnt want to get destroyed like me dood
  9. Haha thanks for the heads up, just got this dood
  10. Oh lawd, another finals against an Andrea led team dood
  11. #LazyGainz zajac9999 Tearraven ExsphereBrawler man_with_wdjat
  12. Put me on the bench dood
  13. Nah man, need the same list for that hardcore stack dood