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  1. Weeblympics #8- EDF 2
  2. #185-Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space Rarity: 1.31%
  3. @MStalker58 Double non-congrats dood
  4. @MStalker58 Cursing me? I think you meant to say thanking me dood
  5. Weeblympics #7- Dragon Ball FighterZ
  6. #184-Dragon Ball FighterZ Rarity: 0.60%
  7. Pretty sure Dragon only wanted the opinion from people who have actually platted the game dood
  8. @Dragon-Archon How will you determine time for something without a guide then dood?
  9. @Dragon-Archon Actually change Star Ocean to Toukiden Age of Demons. Forgot I'll be starting that soon dood
  10. I'll go with these for my 2x games: Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders from Planet Space Dragon Ball FighterZ Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
  11. Not yet, I'm assuming they have to be games you haven't earned in a trophy in?
  12. #183-Tales of Berseria Rarity: 6.87% Very Rare Time: 110 hours
  13. Think you need to change your name to MSalt58 dood
  14. No because you are the only one who benefited from the mistake, cant have that dood
  15. He tagged me in the server the other day saying after all my talk he has the lead now but because it was a typo he actually doesnt dood