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  1. You need 4 people to finish in the top 4 for the trophy dood
  2. Just take him, we dont really want him here dood
  3. Im gonna need you to shut your whore mouth please dood
  4. Bildergebnis für prinny friday

    for our nice and chilling prinny servant dood!

  5. When did you first experience the crashes? @TheFinalEmblem has warned me about crashes but I havent experienced any thus far and I change between maps constantly. I'm only at the part past that really hot desert where you have to keep your water level up but I havent had any crashes or any techincal issues so far in my playthrough dood
  6. I gotta go to work in about an hour or so and wont really earn much of anything until at least sometime tomorrow maybe so plenty of time to catch up dood
  7. Havent really done anything since finishing off Shadow Complex and wont have a bunch of time the next few days dood
  8. #160- Shadow Complex Remastered Rarity- 3.03%
  9. #160-Shadow Complex Remastered Rarity- 3.03% I think you guys have had enough of a head start, time to get serious doods
  10. Dang Dragon you let Shana pass you, I'm glad J2V and I don't have to worry about her dood Also Dragon P5 guide counts for nothing, just like those imaginary Star Ocean 4 points you wanted for BTs back in THL dood
  12. So how long and how difficult is Exist Archive dood?

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    2. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      No worries and seems like I can't get away from my arch nemesis RNG. I started it a few months ago to see how it was and I liked it......but the P5 came out lol. Thinking of adding it to my current rotation and just wanted to know what I was getting into. Thanks for the reply dood

    3. JaM


      Lol... How is P5? IS it really better than P4G? I have the game and I must admit, it is really hard to resist the tempttation...


      Oh btw... Since there are very few useful stuff in Exist archive... Here:




      Just use google translate. Very useful site..

    4. Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Wdjat Prinny Doods

      Thanks dood. Yeah I personally liked it better than 4, get on that dood. :P

  13. This actually maybe the most logical reason. I'd definitely lose the will to live if I was getting destroyed in a Plat Race by you dood