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  1. Platinum- 13 (26%) Gold- 14 (28%) Silver- 12 (24%) Bronze 11 (22%)
  2. Finished my first game off my list, Blazblue:Continuum Shift Blazblue: Continuum Shift (1.79%)- 100% Ys: Origins (2.60%)- 55% Steamworld Heist (1.45%)- 1% Exist Archive (3.15%)- 2% Dreams (2.33%)- 5%
  3. I'll join in, here is my Tier 1 list: Blazblue: Continuum Shift (1.79%)- 40% Ys: Origins (2.60%)- 55% Steamworld Heist (1.45%)- 1% Exist Archive (3.15%)- 2% Dreams (2.33%)- 5%
  4. Welp, figured it would happen. Good luck to the remaining contestants, also I'm going to retire from the league now as well
  5. That bastard @Ichiban-Hybrid actually making me work for that win, I was suppose to cruise into the CWC........
  6. As a potential CWC participant I have to ask, why do you hate us dood?
  7. Not to complicate this situation but this isn't true. I came up with this rule back when I ran the league and we counted the game as long as the trophies weren't autopopped. At the time the rule was made we had a rule that any game where the 50th time was under 4 hours didn't count instead of 6 plus the common games where autopops occured was Sound Shapes and Thieves in Time so those plats weren't a problem. This was years ago though and obviously thing are a bit different now. I guess maybe you changed this up when you ran it but originally those games did count when the rule was made. Obviously up to the current regime to determine how they want to handle this
  8. (1) Wdjat Prinny Doods (126.9) v (37) Flex_Da_Brent Sorry @Flex_Da_Brent but there was only room for one flexing superstar at the top
  9. Seems I don't have to go in tomorrow after all, maybe I'll be in the mood to DOMINATE now
  10. Yakuza is very good and I have to work tomorrow which was suppose to be my day off so don't know how much I'll get lol
  11. Enjoying it so far. Sometimes while playing a game I put my controller down and enjoy the silence since it doesn't sound like a jet engine is about to take off in my room anymore Yeah should count, wasn't sure if this rule was still around
  12. Yeah I was saying since it is on PS4 too that people plat it on there then bring their save over to PS5 to autopop it hence the 1 second leaderboard times
  13. Probably autopops since it is on PS4 too