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  1. Nah man, need the same list for that hardcore stack dood
  2. @Dr_Mayus Hahahaha nice song.......still not joining though dood
  3. I have no responsibility towards Mugen Souls There is nothing that will persuade me dood
  4. Wonder who this other Prinny is that is down for that dood
  5. No love for Raiden V? Damn doods
  6. Lucky for me you have no such authority dood
  7. Doesnt matter to me since I'm not joining dood
  9. Yeah I figured it was lol, its all good tho dood
  10. I miss the days when this was one of the rarest trophies around dood
  11. I challenge @Willstown for 100 points for the one who scores the most points between us during this period with THTL rules with synergy/rarity bonuses dood
  12. OOOOOH........so no Season 20 at all then dood? Well I guess THL had a good run
  13. Clawz's soon? So Season 20 isnt coming this year then dood?
  14. Yo sign me up, I need to extend my historic event losing streak dood
  15. Yeah it is I started on PS4 then finished the game on vita and the trophies I had from PS4 were there dood