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  1. I mean at this point Andrea has been exposed and no one is considering the trophies on her account legit now which also would mean no one here considers her titles legit. Revoking or not revoking the title doesn't really matter at this point since the common perception of her account and any points earned from it aren't legit
  2. Yeah it is on Switch. Thinking about getting it on there, looks fun
  3. Definitely getting the Super Stardust Ultra VR dlc while it is that low doods
  4. Shogun..........What did I do to you dood
  5. Oh yes Season 28, TIME TO DESTROY FO....... *sees I'm in the same league as blu3st4rdust305* ...... So when is Season 29 dood?
  6. Dirt Rally 2.0
  7. Foolish AB, spouting this nonsense knowing I am the one and only BIG PRIN dood
  8. All that work to tell all those lies about me because I am still standing tall, unscathed, and always PUTTING IN WORK DOODS!
  9. Yeah this is why I wasn't bummed about not making it to the final round. I wouldn't have even scored half of what they did lol
  10. Very nice of you, sign me up please dood
  11. Looks like my run is over doods, good luck to the finalist.
  12. I didn't delay sync lol
  13. YESSIR, Comeback Prin FOR THE BIG WIN BABYYYYYY!!!!!
  14. Congrats on the SO4 plat but if I couldn't get my MORE THAN FAIR 1000x multiplier then you can't get bonus points for SO4
  15. Put in WORK these last 2 fixtures, time to unleash the COMEBACK PRIN