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  1. #179-UNDER NIGHT IN BIRTH Exe:Late [st] Rarity: 12.67% Rare
  2. I got it this way, super easy dood
  3. #178-Blazblue Cross Tag Battle Rarity: 14.70% rare Playtime: 4 hours The laziest dood is finally on the scoreboard doods . I also platted this within 2 weeks of release and as far as I know there arent any guides out there for this game so I should get the 2x fighter bonus as well doods
  4. Hey, Ive been PUTTING IN WORK dood
  5. Sorry, not proud. Do better dood
  6. I'd like to join in on this dood: Make Something: Star Ocean 3 Play a Sport: Rayman Legends Shoot Something: Rise of the Tomb Raider Tell A Ghost Story: Akiba's Trip (vita)
  7. Where is the highlight showing WdjatPrinnyDoods is winning every league dood?!
  8. Didnt sound like he confirmed that he wanted that to be the challenge but if that is the case then that is definitely a no to that challenge dood
  9. Dont even know what the custom challenge is dood lol
  10. Rise of The Tomb Raider Was That Really Necessary? Kill any animal with an explosive It is needed for the plat, so yes it was necessary doods
  11. I see no problem here, continue doing it and SPREAD THE WORD DOOD
  12. Yet I was still a better runner than him dood
  13. Your admins kept it alive dood
  14. The irony of the forgotten THL runner asking this dood