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  1. Im shocked Im in the top 10 for point and scores considering how bad I did in both seasons doods
  2. #165- Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Rarity- 3.59%
  3. #165- Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime Rarity- 3.59%
  4. #164-Blazblue CHRONOPHANTASMA (Vita) Rarity- 2.76%
  5. #164-Blazblue CHRONOPHANTASMA (Vita) Rarity- 2.76%
  6. Knew I should have locked the thread after updating dood lol
  7. Ok since July has ended this competition has come to a close. Zajac and Zanza were the only one to complete a game so I went to the tiebreaker to determine the winner: Zajac- Hyper Light Drifter completed, 6 URs overall Zanza- Velocibox completed, 2 URs overall WINNER: zajac9999 Congrats on winning the UR challenge zajac!
  8. #163-Nex Machina Rarity- 3.94%