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  1. This is so true. Started trying to play as a mastermind and at level 1 I'm constantly facing full teams of level 100 plus every game that end each round in 2 minutes. I'm sure some of the "just get good" crowd will like to add their 2 cents but how exactly do you do that when you don't even get an opportunity to do anything. If there actually is matchmaking in this game I'd hate to see how unbalanced it is without it
  2. They were there on my first play through. The first time you gain access to your weapons storage they were all there
  3. I was playing with a friend tonight in private when his 1000 play trophy popped so they do indeed still count
  4. About to fire this up but after spending ages in star wars lobbies on my last grind was hoping to get in some offline action and am hearing differing results about which trophies can be obtained offline. Does anyone know which ones can actually be earned against bots (and are 100% sure)? Would be nice if we could put a list together as it would be a good resource for future players too. Steve
  5. Got 100% main game completion but am stuck at 98% on the following. Seems to be an issue lots of people are stuck with looking at the other forums. Anyone actually got 100% and know what we're all missing for that final 2% ?
  6. Has anyone been able to complete the volatile poster challenge on either the enhanced edition or with the latest updates installed? It's all I have left and am finding that there simply isn't enough volatiles to complete the challenge as a large amount of the spawns are now night hunters which don't count for the challenge. I haven't even been able to find any video's of it being beaten since the update and am questioning whether it's possible any more.
  7. Yeah,that's how I got it to work in the end as well
  8. I don't think so. I tried testing it on another account and it only seems to be affecting accounts that already have progress on them, playing on accounts that hadn't used factions before the update connect fine
  9. Since I've updated the system software this morning I haven't been able to access multiplayer (played fine yesterday). Every time I enter factions the connecting bar stops at around 75% and then the game freezes. I know one or two others who've had this issue today so trying to find out if everyone has it and if so, has anyone found a fix?