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  1. How long atop, I got the Plat 2yrs ago for GTA V on Ps3.
  2. This an appeal to ANY1 out there that can help me attain the Platinum Trophy for this game. I really Need and Want it. After i get all the Online Required Trophys i will be More then willing to help those of you that help me with Any Other games we each own or have access to. Within reason i am even willing to buy a new game if i need to, to repay the help. Thanks so very much to those who at least reply trying to help via asking their Friends to add me. Juuust Please send a regular Psn Msg with GRFS in the subject if you are able to help at all. Sadly the real life Friends i have are too busy to play. Choicely worded are the 3 that i got this game to play with..... TW1STED__PSYCH0 --Yes its with 2 underscores. Lol there are at least 2 other players with my GT, but litterally only differ by 1 character.
  3. Pls add me. I have all the Dlc and Desperately want the Platinum Trophy
  4. I would take the MK Plat cause its my all time fave game. But i would leave in return my Gta V Plat as i found it a great game to play. Loads of fun. Could use help with that. Got Arcade Classic Kollection and MK Complete Edition w/ Freddy Krueger Hoping i can find Online Trophy help for Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Thanks much every1. Gotta get to work. Feel free to Psn me....
  5. Im pretty sure Minecraft ps3 edition is o e of them.