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  1. So, I basically did it, just need to wait for my last Twilight mission to appear. Those end of game patch missions got a lot easier after I leveled up. Hardest mission for me on Way of the Demon was Fare for the Afterlife.But ultimately it just required patience.
  2. Yeah, I did Secrets of the Dead on regular difficulty and it was easily the hardest mission I had done up to that point, didn't even have much of a problem with the double boss missions. After finishing I was like, damn, hopefully I don't need to do this on Way of the Demon. Well, looks like I do, but thanks for the advice.
  3. So, can anyone who has the trophy confirm you have to complete the extra missions added in patches like Tea Time Entertainment and Secrets of the Dead for this trophy in addition to the main, sub, twilght and dojo missions?
  4. I contacted the devs as well but they haven’t responded to me yet.
  5. Looks like the treasure seeker trophy is glitched. I would wait.