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  1. This is a patch issue does the same with me
  2. The only game most people are bothered about Bo2 I wish they would just fix it so I can 100% that game
  3. Try hide all trophies refresh then unhide and refresh
  4. I got this using two shotguns works really well
  5. The majority of people just use a jailbreak system to put the big leagues back to 2015 or before which should be flagged more than someone accidently getting it whilst playing Bo2 in 2020
  6. Disk is better digital games your tied to owning it so that 40£ is completely gone or you spend £40 on a disk play it sell for £30 then you've only lost £10 the reason they are pushing the digital only is so they make more profit its just a scam even if disk is more expensive it's still worth the cost
  7. Hi the fastest way I have found after lots of attempts use the giveexplorernote 1-355 then 690 to 600 and it will pop all trophies I did it 690 to 600 then it popped on giveexplorernote 355 so if you do upto 355 first and go backwards from 690 it might not be as far as 600 but this is the quickest way the other ways are more time consuming than this