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  1. Hard Corps: Uprising - low price, great replayability, very honorable achievements. If we are talking about ultra rare skill depending trophies here.
  2. This game is very boring and not rewarding at all. Also it has some moments of unreasonable violence and swearing, which I found very uncomfortable to watch. If this is best of NIS library, I rather will avoid they games. Update: Actually, midgame they suddenly drop they creepy torturing/gang raping/vomiting/cannibalism acting and constant swearing, plus you gain ability to sprint a reasonable distance, and the game becomes actually decent. Not great, just decent, IMHO. Why gamedevs decides that jRPG strongly based on exploration need a pathetic, "Evil Within" style, few-steps sprinting, is a great mystery to me.
  3. nope, your method is not working - time doesn’t count.
  4. I have done all blood spill and x-rays unmanly with two turbo controllers.
  5. I can confirm some things: 1. There are few temples, where lizard spawns multiple times, 2-3 times, instead of one. 2. It’s not a glitch, those lizards is needed for trophy, and they amount and multispawn points in world are preset. 3. If you kill the lizard, and it’s not disappeared from the map - its multispawn point, and you need kill few more there. 3. You don’t need to reload the game for them to respawn, just walk away a little and get back to the point. 4. There is a way to pick a tail without killing a lizard - you need to stun it and grab the tail. Reload the game and lizard will be there again. 5. It will take insane amount of time (~60h) to grind stamina by not killing method, so forget about it alright - play the game few times, with items from the time attack, you can beat all 16 colossi in 2h or so. Also you don’t need max stamina to rich top of the temple, 80% is enough. But it means for you a minimum 3 full walkthrough plus to collect at least 77 lizards in one of them. Enjoy!
  6. Here is my time for PS3 version. So, its not 130h even if you taking your time, like i did. I steel need a 3th playthrough for Unchanging Armor on beginner. Everyone who suggest you should do speedrun, no continuous, or no changing equipment on your 1st playthrough on Proud is a madman (at least its true for PS3 version).
  7. I created account, but nothing happens. It say "WB site is busy", and didnt send me email to confirm registration.