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  1. Am i the only one having problems with the servers on this game and basically gets disconnected about every 5th game or so? It's happened 3 times where I have won the game and it just freezes and ends up saying "Disconnected from server" My friends also get this a lot. It's so demotivating playing when I know I'm gonna get disconnected 25% of the time
  2. I just tried playing 3 matches. First match I got a L for leaving the lobby before the game because it was taking forever to load. Second and third match I got kicked out before it even started. 3L's without playing volta once :DDDD Edit: Got another L because i went to squad management during a match search. So a tip for this is to just leave your controller alone while searching for a match, and even then you might get kicked out for no reason and get placed into division 6
  3. Is there anyone playing online draft on this game anymore at all? I've been searching several hours for 2 days now, haven't found one single game, even with your settings..