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  1. Thanks @Baka_Marimo! I was able to find Rick Document 2 in Selena's campaign in area 1-19.
  2. I'm glad the game got fixed. I emailed the developer about the glitched trophies and inability to replay chapters back in October and never heard anything and had given up hope. Any tips for beating the game without dying? I'm assuming you can just do chapter select, but even then it still seems pretty daunting.
  3. I had that same Dan document appear in the exact same location. The only one I'm missing now is Rick's 2nd document. I'm pretty sure I've turned over every single card in every campaign, so I must have accidentally exploded it. Anyone know off the top of there head where that one is located?
  4. There's still a bug with Town Hero trophy. One of the quests will also break if you complete a certain part of another quest before hand. I've done a total of 3 playthroughs. I ran into the quest breaking bug on my first one, and the 1.0.2 patch didn't fix it. 1.0.3 should fix it when it comes out, hopefully later this month. I avoided the bug on my next 2 playthroughs, but was unable to get Town Hero to pop each time even after completing the last few quests in a different order. This should also hopefully be fixed in the next update.
  5. Was able to get the last challenge on the starting mini-golf stage after a couple restarts. But replaying from the start as Cobra Kai was such a chore. Never again, haha. @Zebkoril for the Trey fight, I found I didn't get the the challenge if I got hit by one of the additional enemies, I need to have a NO HIT bonus for the encounter. I think the hardest part for me was the spawns, just keeping distance and waiting for skills to recharge. But also don't let your guard down on Trey's wake up attacks, so best to keep distance.
  6. I've currently been trying La Maida Street. Assuming the Skeleton Lord boss summoned enemies count, then the level has 36 - 40 enemies (depending on if the boss summons 3 times or 4 times). The first half isn't terribly hard - enemies are in groups of 3 or 4 and are basically green skeletons, yellow bat skeletons, preppies, footballers, a fat skeleton, emo kid, hippy, and a preppy mom. The last 2 encounters before the boss are 2 cobra kai with a chop shop and a footballer, and then a group of 6 with 2 baseball fans, 2 yellow bat skeletons, a fat skeleton and a footballer. The skeleton lord boss isn't too hard with his summons. Any easier locations to try this in? I'm quitting for the night so I don't go insane and will give it another go tomorrow night.
  7. I ended up having to get them all the combo ranks within one level. Couldn't figure out why they kept resetting on me. And the emo kid kicks and the the spray painter throws gave me issues, too. Any tips for the 30 enemies without getting hit? The early street stages don't seem to have enough enemies, and the counter resets between stages, so completing Morrison twice in a row with no hits only gives a max of 22. Fortunately, because it's the last challenge for that belt, the trophy will unlock as soon as I complete it so I don't have to keep count and wait til the end of a level to find out if I actually completed it or not. I've got 89 collectibles, so completing this last challenge will get me the belt and that 90th collectible. Then I just need to quickly replay through a Cobra Kai campaign so I can get the Johnny vs Daniel trophy.
  8. Re: the only throws challenge, regardless of the push-pull move, as long as it's done with the circle button it counts as a throw. But from my experience, if an enemy is defeated from being hit by a thrown enemy, it doesn't count. I think it still counts if an enemy is hit by a thrown enemy as long as they don't die from it. I did this on Addison street since the baseball skeletons and baseball skeleton miniboss are super easy to parry. For the fat skeletons I just awkwardly moved around them until i grabbed them. Just in case it wasn't clear, you can't use any attack moves to stun them to make grabbing them easier. These challenges are so finicky and inconsistent, especially how some carry over progress from level to level, and others seem to have to all be completed within one level.
  9. Nice work! I only have a few trophies left to get, but I'm dreading that Combo Master challenge of "Finish 30 Enemies Without Being Hit." It's the last challenge I need to complete, and I'm hoping to accidentally complete it while going for the last few S ranks I need for the collectibles trophy. Fingers crossed...
  10. Can confirm that the karate challenge under the Surgical category for Girl Fight is indeed the same requirements as the trophy - simply finishing Yasmine with Tory/Sam, even though the text in the challenge menu says "Beat Yasmine using only Tory / Sam." Turns out it's the 2 hippies that heal Yasmine, not herself. Glad that's out of the way. Going to try Trey next.
  11. Oh man that's so disappointing about not being able to switch between dojos. Think I'll save that Daniel one as my last trophy in case I decide to not go for the platinum. I guess I'll have to since I need to finish up all the others on this Miyagi Do playthrough. Re: Yasmine, yeah she's the one at the beach who heals and shoots out all the different colored hearts. I know you only to have to finish her with Sam/Tory for the trophy, but I think it was one of the Surgical challenges that specifically said "beat Yasmine with only Sam/Tory." I've had a few issues with some of those completing. I really wish there was a way to view them mid-level. I ended up writing down in my phone the ones I still need to complete. Did you ever figure out what was keeping you from getting that trophy for completing a level without getting hit? I figure that'll probably be one of the last ones I get, along with that challenge for defeating 30 enemies without getting hit for Combo Master.
  12. Wait, are you saying that after you beat the 2nd campaign and the secret/final boss, there's no option to go back and play the stages with either dojo? That sounds like a real oversight on the developers part. I started as Cobra Kai and forgot to use Johnny's Ultimate to finish Daniel for the trophy, but figured I'd be able to do it later. Any tips on beating Trey without taking damage and the Yasmine fight using only Tory or Sam? I figured Sam might be easier because you can stack her skill tree for max HP and damage reduction helping her be a bit more durable Also, regarding collectibles: there are a total of 64 in-level collectibles, 27 S-rank collectibles, and 8 from completing each dojo challenge, if that helps others plan out the easiest way to get to 90.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. No dice. Think I might have to delete my save data as well and see if that fixes it. Bummer.
  14. The in-game menu is showing that I've achieved/unlocked all the trophies that I've done, but they're not all unlocking on the PS4. In-game it shows I've beaten the 2nd boss, 300 note streak, unlocked 1st bonus song, survived 1st 10 songs in story, perfect solo, but none of those trophies have unlocked on the PS4. I've even re-beat the 2nd boss since noticing the issue and still haven't unlocked the trophy. Has anyone else run into this issue and/or know a fix for it?