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  1. Your assumption is correct. This is an accurate summary of what I did.
  2. None of the cheat codes auto-unlock any of the trophies, meaning that warping to episode 8 does not give you any preceding story-related trophies. My steps for obtaining the coin-related and gadget-related trophies are below. The first step is loading episode 8 via the code. Since you have already done so, go into "ThiefNet" where you buy the gadgets (upgrades). You will see that, due to loading up episode 8, all of them are now available for purchase. So if you have enough coins, you can buy any of the gadgets you need for the trophies. How do you obtain enough coins for these purchases? By collecting loot items from various episodes and then selling them all at once. Doing so will also place you beyond the 1500 requirement for the highest coin-related trophy. Then, use those coins to buy every required gadget at once. This was my method for obtaining both the coin-related and gadget-related trophies in quick succession.
  3. Yes, that's basically it. Coin count was my main concern in this run, as it is hard to avoid collecting them sometimes. I stayed under 100 coins as long as I could; when I was close to 100, I decided to begin obtaining the trophies, starting with buying the upgrades. As you mentioned, I did so by selling a lot of loot items that I had collected beforehand, which got me from >100 to around 5000 coins in seconds. As for the second part of your post: I did not need to use multiple save files, as completion progress is saved even if you jump from episode to episode. For example, if I completed half of episode 1, skipped to episode 2, and then came back to episode 1, my progress in episode 1 would still exist. See above. This is the first time I've heard of the cheats disabling any of the trophies. That certainly was not the case for me; hopefully, PSxtreme_ or someone else here can confirm that they don't disable. But like you said, there's no solid statement in that forum thread. Anyway, it doesn't make much sense to me that the cheats would disable the trophies; they do not make it any easier to get the trophies, as I still had to play through the entire game. The cheats only allowed me to skip to different parts of the game, completing as much as I could without triggering any trophies.
  4. Game-Physics Sly 2: Band of Thieves Game disputed: Sly 2: Band of Thieves Reason for flag: "(Order Earned) Upgrades are found in various episodes, obtained every upgrade within 8 seconds of each other before beating the first episode." Dispute/reason it shouldn't be flagged: I used in-game cheat codes to immediately reach the final episode, thus unlocking all of the upgrades at once (and allowing me to obtain them all at once). The cheat codes also decreased my time to platinum by allowing me to complete almost half of the game (skipping from episode to episode) before obtaining my first trophy. In-game cheat codes are one of the things listed as not being flaggable here: Furthermore, it should be noted that the cheat codes I used are not obscure or secret; they can be found with a quick web search (such as here: In other words, anyone can use them if they so desire. I did not hack or otherwise exploit the game using any external means. For these reasons, I ask that you please repeal my leaderboard ban.