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  1. Also what i did on an old profile was rigged up a fan with a pen or something so that on each rotation it would push in square...ideal to get some matches while you sleep ect
  2. I'd love to know how. But knowing how it usually goes there was probably some exploit that got patched a while ago So apparently from what i have found it has something to do with the game on the Japanese store. I assume they patched it but luckily I have a Japanese account ready to go so im gonna test later on today
  3. Use your tracker too so you can keep tabs
  4. Finally popped. It may help others but I did the holotape retrieval ones
  5. Done a count...100+ challenges completes and still no trophy. Slightly broken
  6. May update: it appears that the trophy is bugged still. I have 40+ challenges completes and it has not popped
  7. I'm currently trying to improve my loadout to give high damage and high health for PVP if anyone has any tips. I' currently using various legendary gear with mods. If I'm lucky I can usually get around 3k top damage/ 7k bracketed and around 5k top health with 3k stamina, I try not to ignore electrical and can usually get that around 5k bracketed. Imy using a exotic URBAN as main with a high end vector both modded but I am getting trashed in last stand. Would love to be able to take and deal a hell of a lot more damage.
  8. Just started DLC and looking for coop partner for all coop specific missions. Not just the 10 for trophy however if that's all you wished to do then that would be fine. Looking to have the DLC done within a week so any help would be appreciated