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  1. I'm guessing the trophy is working as intended now and we won't be able to earn it until defeating the 5th and final Manhunt target of Season 2. The first target, Hornet, was just released today. There's a 3 week gap between the release of each new target. Unfortunately I think we have to wait until the end of the 12 week season now, or whenever the final target is available, to be able to earn this. Just make sure your world difficulty is set to Challenge before doing these new seasonal Manhunts.
  2. Yes, your progress can transfer to the standalone. I believe it transfers automatically as long as your saved data is on the same PS4. A few trophies should pop right away, and it doesn't take long to get the rest of them again. I think it took me under 2 hours total to get all of them including the ones from the December 2018 update. Hopefully you can match with some other human players for the new bosses as they can be a little tough.
  3. Yeah you're good to go now. The December 2018 and March 2019 updates on the standalone Comrades game aren't included at all in the trophy list for main FFXV, so once you've completed the both Comrades lists in the main game you can update.
  4. The list looks pretty similar to SMB2. #Ego99 is very tough and I'm guessing this one won't have the easy workaround that SMB2 had for a little while until patch 1.02. At release you could build up a huge lead on a low ego level, and then with 2 outs in the 9th inning switch to Ego 99 and finish the game for the trophy. After the patch you had to play an entire game at 99 Ego. The other semi difficult trophy will be SMB3 Season Master. But as with the previous games just remember it's only an average of Ego 80. I believe the shortest season length is 16 games. You should be able to make the playoffs with a 9-7 record. Lose the 7 games at 99 ego (you can quit out right away after starting each game), and then win the games at 67 Ego. The playoffs also count towards the overall Ego average so you would have to go 2-1 in each series. The total for the season would be 13 wins at 67 ego, and 9 losses at 99 ego. Just remember to upload your saved data to the PS+ Cloud after each win in case you were to lose any game you needed to win.
  5. I think I'm going to try this and make sure my teams each have the same number of matches and wins when trying to get in a game against each other. I had very little trouble getting matched for my first 3 matches. But after waiting a day before trying again I now can't seem to get matched for game #4. My Alt 1 is currently 0-0-2 while Alt 3 is 0-0-0 and I've queued probably 100 times now with no luck at various times of the day (2am, 11am)
  6. Attack on Titan...only one you don't have lol
  7. Looking into this a little more some previously easy trophies got changed to pretty hard ones, and vice versa. Example. CQB Basics (currently 86.24%) was changed to No Trespassing - get 10 claymore kills in casual/ranked multiplayer. This would probably be a rare or very rare trophy. I don't think I've ever got a claymore kill lol. Camper (100 terrorist hunt defend wins - currently 5.88%) was changed to Perimeter Secured - win a Secure Area match in casual/ranked mulitplayer. This was a very rare trophy and now should be an uncommon/common in a while depending on how many people still play and will earn this.
  8. What an odd thing to do. Now when I look at the saved screenshot when I earned the trophy it shows the old trophy name. At least that makes it easy to figure out what they changed it from. Kinda funny.
  9. The last scene with Arya and the horse was really well shot. I haven't seen this mentioned much, but one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse is Death, who rides a pale horse. It's not going to end well for Dany.
  10. The new Operation Oracle update has a couple items in the patch notes that seem to address some of the issues mentioned in this thread. Removed the requirement to complete Silent Spade and Snafu missions to unlock the Mission Master trophy. Fixed an issue where completing all Main Game missions showed only 98% completion. Sadly when I finished the main story in January 2018 I had 2 trophies that didn't unlock. Mission Master and Only the Best. I went back through the zones restarting missions to try to get Mission Master to pop but never could get it. I've been slowly replaying the main story hoping that there is maybe 1 mission and 1 skill that didn't register properly so I can unlock the platinum before playing through the entire game again. Fingers crossed.
  11. Agreed. It's a non-issue. The only monetization I've seen is that you can buy premium credits to purchase cosmetic costumes or caches that give you either a random piece of cosmetic gear, or an emote. It's all hidden behind an 'Apparel' tab of your character screen so it's not very noticeable at all. Random cosmetic pieces can drop in the game world during normal play, and you can also earn key fragments throughout game play with let you craft a key that can open a cosmetic cache, so there are ways to get these items without spending additional money.
  12. 74 different games Rocket League: 352 hours, RDR2: 278 hours, Metal Gear Solid V Definitive: 156 hours 2399 total hours played 1415 trophies earned 32 Platinum, 193 Gold, 346 Silver, 844 Bronze Rocket League is still the main game I play with friends. My goal this year is to not have it be #1 as my backlog is huge. I'm sure it'll still be top 3. Also, I wish there was a way to see the complete list of hours played for all games.
  13. Youtuber Kyorisu has some nice A rank videos for all missions and skirmishes.
  14. I just did this one last night. I can confirm that cut scenes don't count as time for the mission, so you don't need to skip them. Oddly enough the first 2 runs I tried where I skipped the cutscenes I only got Silver, but the 3rd time I ran through the mission I let everything play without skipping, and I was able to get the gold medal. For tips I would say as soon as you get on your horse in the beginning, ride in as straight of a line through the woods and into Rhodes as you can, and as fast as you can. Don't worry about Trelawny as he'll be right behind you when you get to the hitch outside the train station. For the next section up until the wagon stops you can't really make up too much time. When the wagon stops get off your horse and wait in the little bush near the log on the right side of the road. As soon as the guard facing backward turns then crouch run to the lockbox. Crouch run back to the log. Then move to Trelawny as soon as the wagon starts to leave. Hopefully this helps.
  15. I wonder if having the trinket from the legendary buck would help with this. If you kill the woodpecker with the varmint rifle that would downgrade it to a "good" carcass, but the trinket might give it a chance to still be "perfect." I think there's still some confusion on how that trinket exactly works but it's worth a shot (no pun intended).