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  1. In the nicest way I can articulate my feelings... Moxley gives a bad name to professional wrestling, to professional wrestlers, and to professional wrestling fans.
  2. I don't see why you wouldn't be able to unless the game simply has a huge amount of content or a bad text/scene skip. I agree yeah, pretty pointless to get this and then skip everything, though there are multiple stacks so if someone is stacking then they're not losing anything with skipping. Anyway, wasn't taking a dig at you or whatever with my initial comment. A bit of your post just seemed to give the wrong impression to me and I wanted to clear it up.
  3. Anyone else having issues with the upgrade to PS5? The icon that normally would say free instead just lists the game's price.
  4. I'm happy for FTR in the moment but the spectre of it being all so the Bucks can beat them and get all the titles looms over FTR's success. Fun note. Excalibur is far braver on proclaiming the Bucks as being the best when JR isn't around. Some weeks ago when JR referred to FTR as the best and then said that he knows that Excalibur would argue the Young Bucks are, Excalibur didn't push the case and remarked that he is also a fan of their tag team champions the Jurassic Express too and it ended there. On this show without JR being present he was full steam ahead on the Young Bucks. Moxley blading on a move like the sling blade was comedy. AEW talking to journalists behind the scenes has been saying it happened hard way when it was obviously a blade job so it seems they didn't approve of that silly business either. Makes me wonder if the match even had a blade job booked as part of it and it happened because Moxley went into business for himself because in his mind he has to bleed to make the match a big deal.
  5. What threw me off with your comment is you mentioning skipping and that would help halve the time. It makes it sound like you're saying that skipping everything and using a guide would get it down to 40 hours, which would thereby imply that not skipping (and using a guide at the end) would be 60-70 hours. I imagine what you mean is not having to do all the searching you did would bring it down to 40-50 hours. Skipping everything on top would bring it down to 10-15 hours. That about right?
  6. Your description @turniplord doesn't make it sound like a 90-100 hour unless you're trying to platinum without any help. You mentioning it taking 4 hours to find an eyeball for example would take a few minutes for others as they'd be able to simply find a text/video guide that would show it. I'll personally be doing it blind until it ends and clean up after all the story content is done, something I'd advise everyone does as these games are so easy to spoil yourself on if you look up trophy details.
  7. 5/7 of the people who mentioned 13 before your post played 13-2. The second game was better yes, but it sold half what the 1st one did and could not repair the brand. 13-3 then sold half what the second one did and destroyed any goodwill the second game built up.
  8. I'm going to be brief. I was right on the direction NXT needed to go in. Many thanks to Tony Khan for causing Vince to finally take a look at what a terrible job HHH was doing, and if Dunn/Prichard/Ace/Khan helped in that then many thanks to them too. Speaking of the so called booker of the year, Shawn Michaels is the real booker of the year for his booking of NXT 2.0. HHH is also apparently back in NXT. Hopefully he will stick to simply being a mentor and nothing more. Always happens in notable cases, means little to nothing. Who is "everyone"? The people wanting Vince gone and hating him are very clearly a minority of people.
  9. My experience with that Noctis was people liked the cutscene shown, but wrote Noctis off as an edgelord. Later stuff that revised things was met with "so when is this actually going to come out". By 15 most were just relieved the thing actually came out. Though all this was a long time ago so perhaps others had a different experience. He is apparently the only human party member but I think the summons are playable too.
  10. Most fans aren't going to take this as a negative. 15 likely only had it to start with due to all the heat they took for 13 being largely a long corridor, heat which no longer exists.
  11. You have it backwards. Braves is newer than Tactics. As for the percentages for the site, all those trophies being at 0% don't mean a thing when it has so few listed owners and out of those they seem to have barely played the game at all. The only trophy legitimately at 0% is clearing the challenge mode perfectly which can be a simple case of difficulty. What perfectly means I don't know, but going by the Tactics trophy descriptions it is likely beating each stage within X amount of turns and without losing any units.
  12. WWE Main Roster I don't think there has been a wrestler in WWE as low as Cedric is currently. Ali, who WWE on purpose wants to make look like a loser and weakling by having him beaten again and again... looks 10x stronger than Cedric does. His sneak attacks are legendary in how ineffective they are as victims of them simply no sell all of his offense and dispose of him, and now it has been shown that Cedric can't even beat a manager in a match. Elias made his big return and it was great stuff. Seems like he might have another match next week before he drifts away again. Vince McMahon. Just Vince McMahon. Him coming out on Smackdown was one thing, but to make a surprise appearance on RAW was another. Just straight up taunting with his presence all of the people who hate him and telling them that all this stuff going down is nothing and he is untouchable. I'm not surprised that Vince has taken this approach, and anyone who is either not aware enough of who Vince is, or has gotten so used to the modern person/company that instantly wilts to pressure and lets online mobs walk over them that they're shocked whenever someone just gives them the middle finger and tells them to try and take him out. The "backlash" to him acting like this has been Smackdown and RAW doing high numbers, funnily enough at a time that AEW is getting record lows (Smackdown's bump in ratings was almost as large as everyone who watched Rampage). NXT 2.0 I was surprised they had Waller go over Sikoa, but I was suppose they want to make the title match with Carmelo a multi-man match so they can then do the singles match between him and Sikoa afterwards. Roxanne going after the tag titles occurs as many, including myself, predicted. They do need to clear up some things because is the contract actually getting used? They literally got put into a number 1 contenders match which... if they have the contract then they need to have no such match. I know I'm one of the few, and I know that it certainly isn't good for her opponents, but just keep giving me more Lash Legend. You thought Alba Fyre would get an easy win here? Nah, Lash getting a rare DQ (after it happened it dawned on me how much less DQs happen in NXT compared to the main roster) to protect herself. Hopefully the protection is because they need to keep her strong so they can continue her epic best of X with Nikita who returns next week. Sure, Nikita may win near enough all of their matches together, but just you wait until Lash gets a win. She'll be crowing about how nobody can beat Lash 17 times in a row like nobody else on that roster can. I hope the D'Angelo story isn't getting dropped due to them losing a member and D'Angelo apparently being hurt. There are ways to keep it going in the background.
  13. Anybody know if there is any save transfer for an autopop? Just curious.
  14. Certainly looks interesting so I might give this genre a try with this. Release date appears to be August 11/12 yet Game has it at 30th June. Odd. Nice touch on the artwork having a Switch/PlayStation/Phone girls.
  15. Been some time now. Does anyone have an answer to this question? I imagine the game can be redone quickly if you're skipping everything, but an autopop does save time.