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  1. 1 - It has been said by many that the trophies can all be gotten in Ad-Hoc and so the shutdown of the online is not an issue. However, what of the save transfer between Soul Sacrifice and Soul Sacrifice Delta? Does that use online to occur or is it local somehow? Vita games when deleted delete your save file also (got to back it up to keep it) so that makes me think it likely is done online. 2 - Not really a concern for me as I'll be using the PS Plus version of Soul Sacrifice, but for the sake of others who might have this query. The Network pass, obviously no physical copy of the game today is going to have one that operates so if you are in the situation where you want to get a physical copy... does the no network pass shut you out of Ad-Hoc? 3 - Soul Sacrifice seems to have a nice amount of DLC, seem mostly to be missions. Worth doing? I take it they're all in Delta? I do see that there are DLC Black Rites which make that particular trophy quicker. 4 - General game question relating to Soul Sacrifice but maybe the second one too. Is it best to say sacrifice everyone until you max that particular stat and have all the missions unlocked via it done? Or would saving everyone be better to do first? It seems like each boss monster has an ally that goes with it so save each one once at least? Though it seems like sacrificing gets you a spell(?) so it optimal as you're playing for the first time to sacrifice them the first time, do the related quests to sacrificing, and then redo it to save them and do the related quests? 5 - It seems like the top allies are Save/Sacrifice types and will actually leave, requiring you to pay currency, if you do too much of the other type, but there are neutral allies who seemingly won't care either way. What would be optimal here?
  2. If you actually read the post closely you'd see that I mentioned that there are other factors then whatever the promotion has booked you to win yes. I started with it and listed it out because unlike other things, it is easily quantifiable. I'm not going to expand because clearly you don't care to engage with it anyway so no worries on that. Anyway... this is getting away from the point of the matter. It doesn't actually matter if Miz or Punk had more success or not if you go back to what you initially quoted. I put forward what MJF could have used to flip the Miz comment on Punk back on him. Now you might disagree with my assessment of Punk's relationship to Miz, but I think it is undeniable how easy it is to reach the conclusion that Punk hates Miz because The Miz had "more success", again, in Punk's mind that sees that main event as the absolute peak of success, than him. To cap this off. My intention was simple to note something that would have material that would have hurt Punk and MJF, if he had a free mic, might kick himself later for not using as a comeback for the Miz line. Not to be attacking Punk for how he has previously acted. There has been no talk of such negativity from Punk in AEW and I trust his age and environment has helped mellow him out and be a more positive individual.
  3. Getting guys over is part of being successful as a professional wrestler yes. Some people notice it, others wrongly notice it (common with AEW), others don't notice it at all. I noted it and then referred to Punk fans for a reason. There is a large amount of the online fandom, which you could say every Punk fan is in as his fans tend to be more hardcore, that discount that title as a top title. My personal view is what you've said, it is officially a world title, but I don't disagree with the assessment that it is clearly a midcard title in actual importance. How much are those titles worth also compared to the great many more midcard titles that Miz holds? Midcard titles which as I've said, Miz does tend to make meaningful which many can't do. ROH title I forgot to note, was going to add he did win that Indy title once and that both him and Miz have the top titles of developmental federations to their name. You are not incorrect, but the fact remains that Miz went over in the main event of Wrestlemania which is an exclusive club especially as a heel... well, that doesn't really mean much anymore due to how evil heel empire WWE has since gone, but it used to be a big deal. Miz's match and what surrounded it (The Rock) is also why I've never believed Punk for a second in his talk that he was willing to basically do what Miz did in a Wrestlemania main event. If Punk had to do what Miz did and got his main event he would still be whining about it to this day. Punk and Cena being Cena's best match? Ummm... in the running yes and a common one brought up by fans. If I had to say something off the top of my head which I think would perhaps rank higher it'd be the John Cena vs JBL I Quit Match. This is all subjective of course, but as I said, I don't disagree with you on that. Miz often doesn't exactly have the best material to work with (he is in WWE so...) but when he is allowed to use his own personal story for stuff he is incredible. As a heel yes, but as the Shane McMahon feud showed he can also be one hell of a face if you know, WWE was competent at booking babyfaces. MJF should certainly study Miz I think as there is a not uncommon thing I hear from people about MJF. That they can tell that he is being a "character". With Miz when he starts laying into people with material like "hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard enough", using what others say about him, it comes off as real and the man himself saying it. People can feel the very real chip on the Miz's shoulder, which simply doesn't happen with MJF. Not that I'm attacking MJF, he is young and has plenty of time to get there, but he needs to develop this to be able to get to that "next level". I think anyway, to some people as long as he says naughty things then all is good.
  4. CM Punk, an abrasive individual who is never happy no matter how much he is given (you can count on that he'd complain somehow about his Wrestlemania main event if he got one). The Miz, a guy who is willing to do anything and always puts 100% into it. These sort of things do matter and trump what the fans might want if at a bad enough level. Ultimate Warrior for example was massively over... and massively abrasive, to the point that no matter how popular he was WWE had to get rid of him. Was that the correct move for the fans? No. Was it the overall correct move? Yes. That ain't fair come on now. CM Punk got fired, did his podcast painting WWE as monsters (while unfairly targeting guys like Ryback which lost any sympathy I might have for Punk), and then was painted as some folk hero the evil heel empire took out unjustly. Had CM Punk simply left then the whole CM Punk chant stuff would not have happened. Success is subjective but I will make the case for the Miz here so you can understand that it ain't some crazy thing I'm stating. CM Punk ECW Championship (1 time) World Heavyweight Championship (3 times) World Tag Team Championship (1 time) – with Kofi Kingston WWE Championship (2 times) WWE Intercontinental Championship (1 time) Money in the Bank (2008, 2009) The Miz WWE Championship (2 times) WWE Intercontinental Championship (8 times) WWE United States Championship (2 times) WWE Tag Team Championship (4 times) – with John Morrison (1), Big Show (1), John Cena (1) and Damien Mizdow (1) WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with Shane McMahon (1) and John Morrison (1) World Tag Team Championship (2 times) – with John Morrison (1) and Big Show (1) Mixed Match Challenge (Season 1) – with Asuka Money in the Bank (Raw 2010) Punk has officially you could say more World titles certainly, but fans, and this covers Punk fans, often argue that the World Heavyweight title after a certain period became a midcard title which is what Punk's wins of it were. Both men have 2 runs each with the actual top title. Punk overall has more days but his big reign was maligned by infamously being second to whatever John Cena might have been doing, while Miz got to successfully defend the title at Wrestlemania against Super Cena at that. When it comes to midcard belts the Miz enjoys far more overall and he currently is tied on the record of IC title reigns, and considering Jericho is the other man, will no doubt surpass at some point. Beyond that Miz has always made his belts a big deal which combined with his healthy amounts of promo and match time meant the titles meant something when he held them (the IC title is devalued because most holders get little to no promo time and a match here and there with little in the way of feuds). Punk has 1 more MITB than Miz, though Miz has the Mixed Match Challenge which was a facebook thing that was heavily watched (promotion) and WWE were foolish (what else is new) to not continue after the Facebook deal ended as the shows were overwhelmingly positively rated by fans (shocker, the show was pleasant and not full of misery like the main shows). Now we could talk about other things but then you start getting into comparing the two men straight up rather than how successful they are so perhaps not relevant here. Both men enjoyed healthy amounts of promo and match time no matter where they were on the card. Miz I would argue is not simply more famous than MJF, but Punk as well. In terms of getting other people over I'd argue that the Miz overwhelmingly wins in that respect considering how Miz can get any heel lackey paired up with him over as a huge babyface (WWE obviously then botches the follow up but that ain't on Miz). Influence? This one is an interesting subject because while I think CM Punk has influenced many people who have become wrestlers... I don't think he has managed to influence them in such a manner as actually being like CM Punk. To explain. CM Punk for whatever reason among many of his fans tends to get treated as some sort of master of the ropes which... no. Crooked Moonsault Punk as some have called him isn't as good as he is because he can execute all manner of moves perfectly, but because he has a great mind in the ring and can react to things correctly, does things that make sense, and can guide people to having a good match which is near everyone in AEW. How many CM Punk influenced people have actually become wrestlers like that? The Miz meanwhile... it ain't exactly "cool" to want to be like the Miz. Miz wrestles a safe style that is backed up by his character work which is classically WWE, classically as WWE has been away from that for a good while now. I'm sure he'd never admit to it of course as it hardly fits him to admit to such a thing, but I'm sure MJF likely can be counted as someone who has been influenced by Miz. Most of the Miz fans in the industry, mostly women it seems, don't wrestle/act like the Miz, but I don't think they ever set out to.
  5. So that promo battle between MJF and CM Punk. AEW doesn't tend to do these long promo segments like WWE does so it comes off more notable/special as a result. Both guys had good stuff and did their part, though all the WWE references do ultimately make AEW look small time it could be said. I've seen people go at MJF for not "standing up to CM Punk on the mic" and that sort of stuff and... the ignorance most people today have oh dear. The heel is actually not supposed to "beat" a top face in such a promo battle because that has the chance of degrading the babyface and making him lesser going forward. Like in a match, the heel puts the face on the backfoot at the start sure, but then the babyface fires up and takes them down. The heel might have elements of truth in his promo, but they twist things, they add lies to the mix, they falsely promote themselves as being above people. The face meanwhile simply tells the truth, exposes the heel, and as shown with MJF here, sends them running when they challenge the heel. 3 WWE names were dropped during this segment and oddly only The Miz got directly named. Some would say (unfairly) the Miz line alone sunk MJF instantly as someone might not consider it... when you think about it... MJF and Miz are indeed very much alike. Though Punk can count his lucky stars that MJF didn't decide/figure out/was allowed to use Miz against Punk because that would have hurt. Miz being someone that Punk has resented for a long time now because WWE trusted Miz with a Wrestlemania main event over Punk himself. Miz being someone who has had more success in both wrestling and ventures outside of wrestling than Punk. Miz who has gotten to achieve his dreams while Punk will have to live with his not being fully fulfilled, and Punk doesn't have the "odds" excuse as Miz also had to go against the odds, perhaps greater odds even. Of course, I can understand why MJF didn't use it, as you have to put over Miz massively to hurt Punk and Miz is not in AEW so... yeah.
  6. I have it mostly done but need to sort a few things. I'll try and get it done soon but no promises. Thanks for the alert, helps get me finishing it off.
  7. We can now confirm that the "belt collector" storyline that fans were so excited for is now over. It ended as it began, with a whimper. TNA title was lost much sooner than planned as Khan wanted to pop a number for Rampage and increase interest you could say for Christian vs Omega for the AEW title, you know, the title that mattered as that is what this booking and commentary at the time were all saying. Christian went on to drop the title to a TNA guy but... who cares? Certainly not the rub TNA wanted for one of their guys. AAA meanwhile had the title on Omega for a very long time (he defended it 5 times in 2.5 years, 2/5 on AEW itself) and it has been announced that he cannot compete and so he is stripped of it. Now you might say that Omega is injured so what can AEW really do? Many things, for example, Omega can't compete yes, but he nominates his top guy Adam Cole to defend the title for him. Cole puts Vikingo over which can add to the story on AEW of problems between Omega and Cole (Omega/Bucks/Whoever could interfere in the match too in such a way that unintentionally causes Cole to lose). As he never lost to Vikingo, Omega down the line when healthy can do the job to Vikingo or someone else if they're champion. That would be AEW making good on everything, but instead nope, screw you I guess. In short, AAA got nothing out of the affair. Omega meanwhile got to hold for a long time two other promotions top belts and didn't have to put anyone in said promotions over. Shawn Michaels is smiling. Now to be clear I have no real issue with all of this. If TNA and AAA are stupid enough to buy the snake oil that Tony Khan is selling then that is on them. For the fans who wish to have all this inter-promotional stuff then it has certainly taken hit with all of this. In other news. I saw them before people started to take issue and didn't really think much of it but it seems Dave Meltzer, of "Kenny Omega and Roman Reigns have the same gimmick" fame, has done star ratings so absurd that people have been taking him to task for them. The worst rated matches, or the "least good" matches as they're called if AEW, were of course the Women's matches because Meltzer has got that side to him as we know, but I don't think many really care much about that. Instead what has the main focus is that Cole/Bucks vs Christian/J Express got 5 Stars which... wow. I actually hope Meltzer is on the take because it'd be less embarrassing if he was simply corrupt than him honestly believing that. Mediocre at best, to be kind, messes like the Lucha Brothers and Inner Circle stuff got 4 stars when everyone knows that were they in WWE it'd be half that. As I said at the start, I don't see much in these things. Meltzer has a encyclopaedic knowledge on the history of Professional Wrestling and no one can take that away from him. However when talking on matters beyond that? No credibility for numerous reasons. My advice to those around Meltzer would be to convince him to address the matter and establish that his ratings today cannot be judged against the ratings of the past. That his ratings today are judging a different and more modern wrestling. That he could be like say Jim Cornette and rate them low, but he instead judges them for the wrestling they are and rates accordingly. It is not hard to justify this.
  8. Once again they run this stupid brand vs brand nonsense at Survivor Series, and once again RAW obliterates Smackdown. Though it was not a clean sweep because Smackdown had 1 win (preshow matches don't count to WWE), as Roman, showing just how overwhelmingly powerful he is, overcame being on the Smackdown brand of losers and beat his opposition... then again Roman did have some assistance as after all WWE is the evil heel empire and so heels must always crush the faces. Here is some crazy stuff for everyone that you likely did not notice. The last face to win in the main event was Royal Rumble January 31st, 2021. Since then WWE has run 10 PPVs and heels have won every single time. Before the Royal Rumble... the last face win was at Money in the Bank at May 10th, 2020. Heels getting the win 8 times in between. Note that both the mentioned events were multi-men affairs and both of the face winners went on to lose their title shots (Otis didn't even get to use his), so I'd say they don't even count as they needed face winners to get opponents for the heels to crush. WrestleMania 36 at March 25/26 2020 was the last time a face won a proper main event one on one against a heel. Utter madness. You cannot run a show like this no matter what the heel loving fanbase that is out there thinks. Faces haven't had a proper win in the main event for close to 2 years! The point of a heel winning is to build their "heat" so that it is a bigger deal when they get beat, finally, a hero has appeared who takes them out. If however, like WWE has been doing, you book heels to crush the faces again and again and again and again, then the people pick up on it and it starts to simply generate apathy. Faces go from the heroes to get behind and cheer on to... well, just those losers who get crushed by the heels. Even Roman when he was a face, the golden boy, suffered this and took repeated bizarre losses to heel champion Lesnar. Anyway, sorry... this heel domination stuff distracted me from the issue of Survivor Series, which WWE should just kill at this point as they've wanted to for a long time. To me it comes off as purposeful you see, what they've been doing. They tried to can the event previously but had to bring it back as fans did not want to go. So they've booked the show into the ground for years now so when they finally decide to shoot it in the head most people simply will not care.
  9. To defend AEW, rare I know, you can't really fully judge a wrestling show as anything after watching just one of them. For all you know you watched one of the wretched episodes, such as OC vs Hardy in the main event or something like that. Though I understand finding it boring if you find the whole million miles an hour hit every single move you know every match while ignoring the rules AEW style boring. It is why I'm happier skipping the wretched tag matches involving rotten boring disrespectful talent like the Lucha Brothers (learnt my lesson that not even FTR can make them passable) than watching them. Bloody hell mate. Just what is this? How have you got all this stuff so backwards? Bizarre. You talk as if MJF being "annoying and has a face you'd love to just smash with a bat" as somehow being negatives for a heel. MJF by the way was the guy who literally just got done winning a match with a headlock takedown (after a weapon shot). Then the Roman bit... what? Roman isn't supposed to be out there entertaining you by acting like a clown such as how Omega and the like do. He is supposed to be the Tribal Chief, a Mafia Boss type character you could say who strikes fear even in his own heel stablemates who desperately don't want to displease him. Also fans do chant Roman, quite a bit actually, and it ain't because of Heyman, but beyond that... being booed is what a heel is supposed to be. Were he constantly booed then that would be a positive, not a negative. The problem with Roman is that even though due to his years as the top face, as maligned as that was, it makes sense for him to be so utterly dominant, there simply is no one around to take the title off him and become the top face as a result. Bron Breakker on NXT is the only guy who makes sense... and he has literally just started in NXT, so Roman might have to be holding the title for at least 3 years (this includes his current time as champion) till Bron can challenge him. Your summation is largely correct but off in some respects. A monster heel can certainly straight up beat most babyfaces straight up, but standard heels should not be able to no. They're cowardly, villainous, and will always search for a shortcut as a result. The babyface also has the heart/soul to fight that a heel simply does not possess. Heels can bust out big moves, but only rarely and it should make sense. Orton who you mentioned for example has an exciting and extremely over finish, so as a heel he wrestles as heelish as possible to make up for it. Leave the exciting stuff for the faces to do and you don't overload a show with such spots and render them meaningless junkfood. There are always exceptions to all these things of course, but they are just that, exceptions, not something commonly found across a roster. 1980s? Try foundational since the start of the whole thing. Granted, what was an "exciting move" back in those days is very different to what even in the 80s was an exciting move. I suppose the Hangman doesn't say enough naughty stuff for you to like his promos. Minority? Even AEW haters (don't include myself in that but I'm sure many would) like Page. Your seemingly complete lack of understanding of Faces and why they are so important would be why you feel as you do if I had to guess. The modern thought of today that people want heels is incorrect, even today, people want heroes, as they always have and always will. Hangman Adam Page is their shot at having a top face (AEW has yet to have a proper one, just nominal ones) so if they don't have Page go over all the ex-WWE guys and hold the title for a very long time then Tony Khan is a fool.
  10. Remember the dirt sheetz saying that Top Dollar was going to get a big singles push all because he was highlighted ahead of the other guys that one week? Good times. What can be said about the releases. They're baffling as usual. Jaxson Ryker being released makes me worry for Elias, who got taken off TV after Ryker beat him a whole bunch. No one knows what is up but I will say this. His revamp better be to another musical gimmick. There is a reason that Elias, who HHH didn't rate, enjoyed being on TV constantly on the main roster, and part of it is the fact that Vince absolutely loves musical gimmicks. If he comes back all serious and without a musical gimmick then you can expect him to be released two weeks later I imagine.
  11. They won't remove it. They may possibly edit it in some manner such as for example not having trophies give static points and having rarity matter which would mean EZ plats losing 90+% of their point values. Another would be to introduce a 5th rarity that would be like say worth 5 points, a third of a bronze. Any such changes are however unlikely, though not impossible. No one expected the 99 to 999 change and platinum trophy value change.
  12. It was the rankings. Hangman was at the top of the rankings and they wanted to have someone else be next so they had him lose to Brian Cage so he'd drop from the top. It was that stupid yes. Everyone who talks of Hobbs as a heel misses that he is wasted as one. He has potential as a main event level babyface. He is 30 years old which isn't old. Is massive. Has the personal story of his brother, who dreamed of being in the wrestling business, shoving him out of the way and taking a bullet for him and dying, meaning that Hobbs carries with him his brother's dream. You put him in a feud with MJF who seemingly always brings this sort of stuff up and you can make the guy on that feud alone, as long as he crushes MJF and Wardlow in every encounter... well, MJF can escape with DQs/Count Outs as he knows he can't beat Hobbs and he really cares about his win-loss record. Starks has as much potential as any of the "4 pillars", heck I'd argue he has more than what Jungle Boy has shown (guy has no promo ability. Darby at least has that Jeff Hardy factor where it doesn't really matter). It'd also make more sense if he was one because currently it is 3 faces and 1 heel... though I guess Sammy might be just temporarily face. Basically what Jim Cornette has said about Shida/Baker and why Baker is better. What you've said isn't incorrect. Being tougher doesn't mean you don't attempt it though, which AEW never did with Shida. You also have to realise that there is such a thing as perception. Shida and Baker as champion is a world of difference. Note also that Baker even when Shida was champion pretty much always got a promo on the show and may well have been booked about as much in Dynamite matches too (I'd have to check). Ultimately the first 3 champions to me come off as pandering as they waited on Baker. Remember how much the Joshis were talked about as being important? Best wrestlers in the world and all that. Yet look at them now. Did you know that Emi has a faction now? It shows up entirely in the void so no you wouldn't, no one does. Heel vs Heel has never bothered AEW so I don't see why Jade can't just take it from Baker. Though yes, might be good to add in a short transitional reign in there first. AEW thus far does a lot of long reigns which have completely predictable end points. Are they behind Dante Martin? Remember Daniel Garcia? Remember whoever they had cycled in before him? AEW seems to book certain guys a whole bunch for a period of time and then hide them away. I see no evidence that Dante Martin isn't the latest toy to be used and then thrown away. As for my own thoughts on Dante Martin... needs to improve his promo and facials. He is small yes but this doesn't discount him from being an exciting midcard babyface (would be nice if heels stopped trying to be exciting). There is also the matter of his brother which means that Dante will likely be largely a tag team wrestler and not pushed as a singles once his brother returns. There was a fear that the big signings made him scrap Hangman winning the title, but thankfully he did the correct move and put it Page. Team Taz has been treated horribly. They get put in long feuds that they lose in again and again in and come off as a result completely ineffectual. The only feud I can recall they've won was against Brian Cage... who was part of their group... and that may have only been because Cage came down with something and as such is out of action. Personally I'd like to see them become a face group and then Dante joining them would be a nice move. As I said above, Hobbs has massive potential as a babyface. Starks... I'm sure could be a good babyface himself, though likely best he keeps his biting comments so he is a face who talks more like how a heel talks.
  13. Well... you perhaps are now correct on them not really selling the progressiveness/inclusiveness on the show after they put Sonny Kiss in the witness protection program. Nyla Rose "passes" and they never mention her minority group, not that I'm saying that is a bad thing, but it means anybody who isn't in the know on it misses it. Kiss... the moment you see him you know instantly the company is pushing inclusiveness... there have been others. That gay guy jobber Cody randomly introduced to the ring that one time on Dynamite who has a stereotypical gay guy gimmick that I suppose is supposed to be "ironic". However, whenever it comes to media, the papers and all that, they wheel those people out and talk about how inclusive they are. That certainly has happened and still happens. You're right. Talent is talent. If all the best talent are White guys then they should be at the top. We don't disagree on that. I take issue with AEW doing it however because they have put it out there that they are a progressive and inclusive company and yet they clearly do not walk the walk. It isn't that I'm some progressive who takes issue with them not being full in. I just don't like when someone lies on these matters. We have so many companies out there lying on these matters and giving an illusion of power to that mob you keep talking about that you hate. Though to be clear, a wrestling company should build up minority talent. You could state moral reasons, or political ones if you're a progressive type, but really... it is also about business. Not to say minorities can't be big fans of White guys, of course they can, but it is also good to have diversity in there. If for nothing else to make clear to people that the business isn't just for White guys, it is for everyone. WWE, the evil empire, ironically is far ahead of AEW in this respect. That isn't of course to say that AEW isn't possibly trying to rectify this. You do have diverse talent on the card which AEW marks to defend the company will state that eventually they will get there and given a chance... thing is, were they White would they be given a chance quicker? Why is Starks not one of the "4 Pillars"? Why does Hobbs job to Orange Cassidy whenever they have a match (at least he didn't OTKed this time, progress) when he has the body that he does, while Brian Cage got to go over Hangman Adam Page bizarrely that one time where he squashed him. The women meanwhile are a bit better as they're a diverse group to start with, but diverse women are always so much more easily sold than diverse men so how much credit you can give on that is up to debate, but even there you can see issues. Shida, who is Japanese, as champion as I said, seemingly had to pay the company to be on TV. Baker, who is American (White), completely dominates what time the division gets. Of course Tony Khan can dispel all of this on the Women's end if he puts the title, and I don't mean the side one though sure she can have it too, on Jade and have her dominate. Tell you what about Lethal. We'll see what happens. I think not much of anything will happen to him as the mob you're so worried about simply does not have the power you think they do. We'll see who is correct on that.
  14. You might be right with someone else on that, but not Khan. Not in his nature acting as someone fitting his station. He likes the attention. Observe the difference between him and Vince for example. Vince basically doesn't communicate. Everything is safe. Attacking him, the company, or something else he does? He cares not. Khan will argue with random guys for no real reason outside not being able to let things go. I was dispelling your statement about the WWE and their women. WWE's women roster is a very unequal place... however AEW is even more so. Baker and Jade are the only women who get consistent matches on Dynamite/Rampage. The Bunny of all people fairs okay as she is also a manager so even if not wrestling she is at least present on the show. The rest might get a short period of focus while opposing Baker but once done with, back to the void with them. Shida, who was champion, had to seemingly pay AEW to get on the show and once she lost the belt that was it for half a year. Riho, Kenny Omega's favourite, couldn't be present because Corona yes, but once that cleared she has still been kept in the void. Other Joshis who are apparently such great wrestlers and so important to AEW? In the void. Where is Queen Emi? She has a new gimmick and uses it for Dark? However, as you have said, you know it sucks. The thing that I wander is when will AEW's fanbase stop being so hypocritical? They'll talk crap about Queen's Crown and attack WWE... but where is give AEW women a chance? Khan won't change if not forced because you know what he thinks of this? Exactly what AEW's top heel, Jim Cornette thinks. Women are an "attraction", but don't deserve much in the way of matches/time on the card. The war with HHH's NXT, who always gave the women matches and time, will only have solidified that to him as NXT got beat. Though being fair, which I strive to be, AEW did develop a secondary Woman's feud on their show recently so that is progress... except I know that has only happened due to tournament thing. The new title by the way? Don't expect secondary feuds for those. It'll be like the TNT title, random title shots to people. You think I'm the bad guy for calling Khan out on his lies? Khan and company is who talk of AEW being inclusive, progressive, and all that. They're not the evil empire, they're good guys. He is the kind gentle boss who cares about his employees unlike the nasty cruel McMahon. This also, if you have forgotten, is the company that banned Hulk Hogan and his wife from AEW shows (like they'd attend) after WWE welcomed Hogan back, a virtue signal if you are unaware what people call that. And yet their main event is completely dominated by White males. Their women are treated horribly. Joshis, Sonny Kiss, Nyla Rose, so forth that they trotted out to prove their inclusiveness? Either banished to the void so most people don't see them or in the case of Nyla, jobbed out (please do not cite the pointless record due to Dark). Of course I know what your attack on what I've said is based on which is me not believing what I'm saying. I say they're wrong for doing X when I might actually think AEW is right to do it, for example I mention Riho not getting booked as an attack when I've always been clear that I would rather not see Riho booked. As such I'm "shameless", I'm just attacking for the sake of it, that sort of thing. No. I'm simply holding them to the standard they've set, but, it really doesn't matter. Did I lie a single time? As for my personal thoughts. I thought I'd provide them so you get something out of this post as I doubt you'll get anything out of the above. The above ain't anything you don't already know after all, you would just rather not focus on it. As far as I know Lethal had some accusations. Being a "creep". Abusing his power to try and get women to sleep with him. These are accusations and not proven, granted, such things are hard to unless the person accused did it in a widespread manner or you have evidence such as texts/video. It is perhaps more likely than not that there are women out there who slept with him due to his position of power and so were coerced into having sex with him, which some see as a form of rape. ROH investigated the matter but many think it was a sham so the investigation likely matters little to if he is innocent or not. I have seen the women who have accused him having their character questioned, being troublemakers and the like, but I don't know these women and victims having people defend a guy from their victims isn't an alien concept. Then we have to remember that the people who Khan confides with, the Bucks and the like, are good friends of Lethal and no doubt will have sworn that he was a good guy and this stuff is all lies. All in all... I do not think you can just ruin people over what is ultimately hearsay. This is heresy to some, believe all women and all that, but that is my view on the matter and as such I would sign Lethal if I was in Tony's current spot especially due to AEW lacking a credible top Black male wrestler, though of course I would talk with him on it and state that due to how things are these days it would be best if he avoids anything that might spread that sort of talk again about him. The thing is though, I'm not a progressive and would never attempt to pander to such people as Tony has done. As such me signing Lethal wouldn't make me look like a liar/hypocrite. I imagine we actually align on this?
  15. I said "Modern fan thought". You could be 80, I'm referring to the mindset, not the physical age. Yeah, your comment is pure modern fan thought right there. Where faces are only fine when chasing because after they win it becomes "boring" so get the title on another heel who says naughty things I can giggle at. Rotten stuff. The heels are not there to be entertaining. They are there to be vile and to be someone you want to see get beat. They should not be doing moves like what you see them do on AEW to wow people. It is the faces who should be entertaining and spectacular in the ring. You might have a point if I wasn't critical of WWE. Also I'm not hypercritical. Me complaining about say, the rules not being abided by and thus making a mockery of Professional Wrestling, is not some quibble.