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  1. I wouldn't expect a deletion of all of that. Lulu Meservey has been making stupid and trollish comments all throughout this thing in support of Microsoft. This current attempt is just so bad that even Microsoft's supporters have been backing away from it in embarrassment. Though ultimately her argument here is nothing new. It is simply the usual Microsoft argument without the narrative on top of them being the small little guy facing big bad Sony. That argument being that Xbox is completely incompetent and that Sony is extremely talented and so will be fine no matter how much Microsoft buys up. At the end of the day Microsoft had that Halo show first, of a property that used to be a real big hitter (bigger than anything Sony had at the time). They fumbled like they do most things and so in usual Microsoft fashion think that those failures mean they should be allowed to buy up a lot of things to make up for it. In essence Microsoft wants Sony to be punished for their success and Microsoft rewarded for their failure. On the matter of regulators there is an interesting aspect that has popped up recently. When Microsoft dropped the "arrogant Sony" meme when responding to the CMA they cited Sony's price increases that got a bunch of press at the time. In essence Sony, the evil empire that it is, is clearly in a position where it cares not for competition as it doesn't actually have any (this is an argument where Microsoft pretends Nintendo doesn't exist, don't confuse it with their other arguments where Nintendo exists) so they can raise their prices at will. Microsoft getting this deal through will allow them to actually compete which will in turn help prevent big bad Sony from doing whatever it feels like and so win win for the consumer. What has predictably happened since then, not even all that long after? Microsoft after those words to the CMA, after trotting out Spencer for his PR song and dance, are raising prices too. Anyway, no word yet from the EU so perhaps we've hit another delay for whatever reason. One thing that looks good is Microsoft with Lulu and the other guy angrily whining a bunch. Previously when a crack in Microsoft's mask revealed itself like that was when the FTC dropped the hammer on them so possibly what Microsoft has heard is the EU is either no on the deal or worse when it comes to future PR, wanting some measures for Microsoft to follow that Microsoft simply cannot accept.
  2. That sort of thinking is the biggest damage Vince Russo ever did. There is no need for a surprise if the vast majority of people want the obvious. Many very popular things out there are completely predictable. Cody Rhodes is untainted in WWE as unlike other faces he hasn't been jobbed out to oblivion repeatedly to the numerous super heels WWE has had. He also had that incredible match with the torn pec against Seth that won him so much respect. We already know what happens to him if he doesn't win the title at Mania by looking at Lex Luger who never recovered after not being able to take the title from his own big Samoan opponent. As for Sami. Look, I like the guy like everybody else and his thing with the Bloodline has been great but... WWE champion? Beating invincible heel champion Roman Reigns at that? Lets not forget that even now Sami is very much a jobber who loses almost every match. Jinder who someone would cite who went from jobber to champion at least had some things in his favour. He had recently returned so much of the jobber stink had gone off him. The number of matches he had lost since his return were against top guys and in each match the story was him beating the hell out of them and they just about pulled out a win. He was also jacked to the gills (departure from his jobber look) and the champion was Randy Orton who is the most giving champion when it comes to dropping the belt as he doesn't mind who he has to drop the title to. As for Solo... I see some manner of match with Cody before Mania in his future. I imagine with all of this paranoia Roman is showing the story will be that Roman fears that Cody can beat him so he'll attempt to have Solo beat Cody so bad that he can't make it to Mania. Cage match is the most common type WWE do for these things, but I recall news that they're more open to doing Hell in a Cell outside the PLE so perhaps that. A street fight was Solo's thing in NXT as it was what blew off his feuds and you can promote Solo as the street champion again and the fact that he is undefeated in street fights (and those matches were against monster heels by the way, so it wasn't him having his opponent out of his element). Considering Cody though... it isn't impossible we get a bunkhouse or bullwhip type match.
  3. I'll be rooting for Cody Rhodes too. No swerves, no surprises, no screw jobs, just give the obvious winner the win. The one detail I hope they add post the rumble win though is changing him away from the whole American Nightmare thing. In AEW he had some match... I forget which, perhaps the infamous match with Ogogo, where he was billed as the American Dream. Likewise here, as the top face going into a match where he vows to win the title for his father they should bill him as the American Dream too.
  4. Very good game I agree. On Survival I played it like a survival horror where I dodged most enemies and only killed where strictly needed and I love that sort of thing. For those who haven't done much of that this ain't a bad game to try and see if you take to it. There is no save limit so if you get hit you can load your save and try again. Some rooms also straight up have configurations that allow you to walk past all of the enemies pretty easily too. Don't be afraid to die either because dying beyond giving you a trophy the 1st time and the 16th also has another effect which is your character actually gets stronger. Normally you die in 3 hits but once you die... 7 times? Enemies start needing an extra hit to kill you and at... 12? They start needing 2 extra hits.
  5. Does appear that a lot of the people on the hate train are on it to be "cool" yeah. These female lead bigger budget games do seem to get much more unfairly treated on the matter of character/dialogue and then on top of this one you do have the race aspect where often you're damned whichever way you go about things. That isn't to say the haters are all racists, just saying it can play a part in how much juice a hate train can quickly build up. Of course that isn't to say the game doesn't have its issues. Controls seem to be something players will want to change around as the defaults are poor. You also want to increase the deadzone from the default to 1.5-2.0. Something that also hurts the game is that it has a really poor performance mode with heavily worse visuals and an unstable framefrate (can drop to 40 in certain areas), and as we know most gamers will always use and recommend the performance mode regardless of if the other modes are good or not. As such in the current state of the game the Ray Tracing mode (with a 120hz VRR TV) is actually the best as the visuals aren't that much worse than the visual mode but it is far more stable at 40 (visual can go down to 20). Ignore the crowd that says that they can't go back to sub-60 and all that. Nonsense. It's like Warm 2 in TV settings in that if you compare them to the other setting in the moment it'll just seem off, but you'll get used to it and not be bothered by it.
  6. Thankfully that is what seems to be the case for most people. Games aren't movies or whatever where 2 hours and you're done and moving on to the next thing. While there are shorter games, games are usually at least x10 that timeframe to do and many are far more than that. Big time gamers are going to be spending significant time on non-Gamepass games to the point that even if they get on the service they'll start realising that it isn't all that worth them being on it (games they play for "free" have to exceed Gamepass's cost). Even the "only play CoD + free games" people that supporters think will go to Gamepass in mass numbers aren't primed for Gamepass as why get Gamepass when buying the game is cheaper, especially if what Microsoft says but is totally lying about (unless they mean they'll mismanage it to where it keeps getting delayed) is true, that being CoD getting more development time. It is why I think they're doing this deal. They dream of subscriptions dominating and all that money rolling in but it isn't looking good so they've gotten desperate. Their Gamepass numbers are nowhere close good enough and even Microsoft eventually will run out of time as the money men don't like putting money into stuff that hasn't done the job in years and doesn't look like it ever will. Of course if Gamepass fails then we're likely looking at the end of Xbox itself with it. I don't think the odds are good that they'll even keep their game studios (possibly ones for mobile gaming if they still have hope towards facing off against Apple/Google, their real competition according to them and not Sony lets remember) due to all of the mismanagement. Ironically, if that happens and this deal gets rejected then that'll likely mean Activision will buy some bits of Xbox (with Microsoft's own money at that).
  7. Gamepass did start on One so you could argue that, but I wouldn't think it fair to the One. The One was the culmination of Microsoft's long running strategy. It was lacklustre, but there was some attempt at having exclusives and growing gaming. They scrapped that when they did Gamepass and were very much thinking about their next console at that point. Learning that information has some use, not that Xbox is really set up to make use of it, but I think it is all so they can do some stupid "hey Sony is developing new FPS game/s so clearly this means that even if we took CoD away they'd be fine as they have their own shooter". They've already done that sort of thing with exclusive count (which they underreported their own exclusives by around 10% and threw in Vita games for Sony's number from what I recall) where they promoted raw numbers because obviously an exclusive CoD would have the same value as Stroke the X. I know some, especially the supporters, think Microsoft has the best lawyers in the world and everything that happens is big brain moves... but we've seen the silly arguments they've made and even when trying to do this they gave it to Sony 3 days away from their deadline which meant Sony merely had to state that it wasn't the required 10 days and Microsoft had to scrap it to try again. You'd think such highly paid lawyers, and they have a lot of them, wouldn't make such a simple mistake. It won't be I'm sure if Xbox's full figures (which they hide) ever make it out into the wild. So much money down the money pit for so little. Their latest numbers, the ones they allow to be seen, were all negative except for overall Gamepass subs which grew a tiny amount (not enough to meet their goals so you can count it as a negative too) so imagine how bad the ones they don't allow to be seen are. Hardware was down which two years in isn't something that should be happening. They're currently getting outsold 2 to 1 (those numbers were America only too I think which would be even worse as Xbox is much weaker elsewhere) and this is with their pushing of the Series S which has been discounted, a console they sell at a large loss anyway, which means they're losing 200-300 dollars on each one depending on the discounted price.
  8. I tried out the other ships to see if they'd be any better and... not seeing it. There are limited boss fights where they'd be more useful and the homing missiles of the first ship are useful in the majority of boss fights anyway. Homing missiles are also way better for the non-boss fight parts and I mean massively better. Correction on earlier statement regarding the 4 big dudes before the boss in stage 1. You can very much kill all 4 guys one after the other if you swap from one side to the other and then to the middle to kill the final guy. Considering the energy these guys drop it'll help getting 100%. I think I'm getting closer to figuring out the third phase. No progress on the 4th as I've been trying to crack the 3rd before I try figuring that one out. Feeling positive though as progress has been made and I know that if this can be figured out then the platinum is very much possible as the 1st boss is the biggest threat.
  9. Say you want about the Xbox One's launch exclusives, but at least they existed unlike the Series X/S. As for the "well Google/Meta/Whoever has laid off workers too" angle. There is actually a key difference between Microsoft and them and it ain't simply them trying to make a big purchase like this because those companies too are doing purchases (not any anywhere as large as far as I recall though). They're all bad on that respect. What is especially scummy with Microsoft is unlike those other companies Microsoft has actually somehow fooled a whole lot of people into thinking they are some shining white knight of labour rights. Not joking, it's a thing. Microsoft has throughout this constantly promoted themselves as pro-labour and how this move would be so good for labour. They've fooled a bunch of unions into actually thinking Microsoft is their friends and as the fools they are they've wrote (pointlessly thankfully) to regulators (FTC even reportedly mocked them as naive fools) to let it through for good guy Microsoft. The only body with any sense thats written in support of Microsoft in that field was the European one who in their letter asked the EU to force Microsoft to do a bunch of stuff Microsoft would never agree to, because they at least are smart enough to know that Microsoft can go from saying nice things one day to "you actually believed us? What an idiot" the next. Related to that is also the whole "saving Activision workers from its management" angle which is amazing anyone falls for. Kotick put forward the company to be sold because of the heat he was taking. It was daily bad press for himself and the company. Those within the company wanted to strike, unionise, just shut things down to force Kotick and his top stooges out. How the situation was, no matter how supported Kotick was he was eventually going to have to resign as it would reach the point where the board would tell him that they'd have no choice but to fire him with good cause (means a lot of lost money for Kotick) if he didn't resign. Those board members love Kotick yes, but believe me that they love money a lot more and if Kotick is going to keep hurting that then sadly for them he has to go. Then Microsoft comes in with a deal (which makes what Kotick gets larger by the way) and all that heat just disappears. Kotick has since continued without a care in the world as Microsoft is there to shield him from everything. If this deal passes he'll be most pleased. If it fails then possibly those who try to start a campaign against Kotick won't have as much support as they used. The media & public might not care as much as it is just bringing up some old issue whose time has passed. So he might well survive.
  10. The hits keep coming. A considered credible rumour that is getting confirmed by others is that 343 Industries, the company created by Microsoft to manage Halo is getting gutted hard (so the cuts we know are happening aren't small). Apparently the plan going forward is 343 will manage lore and the like while acting as a support studio to whichever third party Microsoft decides to contract in future (if they get Activision they might skip contracting and use them). 343 might well count themselves lucky that the optics of Microsoft closing a studio whole while trying to get this deal means that they have only been hit this hard and not totally destroyed (buys them a few years). Naturally the guy at the top was not part of any such cutting as he just got moved elsewhere in Microsoft. This all happens while Microsoft executives are having a private concert for them from Sting in Switzerland. One thing that is getting shown a light on more as Ex-devs who worked for Microsoft are coming out and attacking Microsoft is the contractor issue. That is where Microsoft hires people on for for 18 months and then get rids of them to save a little bit of cash. 343 out of all of Microsoft's studios gets hit the hardest as while others use Unreal or whatever which incoming workers are likely to have experience with, 343 had their own (much maligned) engine. This results in contractors needing to get trained in the engine, mentored by permanent workers which takes their time away too, and then they also need to make sense of the work the previous contractors have done. Then they're out of the door and the next poor sap gets put through the process. Microsoft supporters are naturally throwing 343 under the bus as incompetents and failures with Microsoft/Xbox itself being largely blameless to them (best you'll get out of many of them is Microsoft's problem is actually they're... too nice with their developers). The truth is quite the opposite. The contractor issue comes straight from the very top and is company wide in Microsoft. The money making parts of Microsoft seem more able to handle the matter, but it is devastating to anything under Xbox. Steve Jobs in the famous interview if I remember correctly made a point that Microsoft is not a creative company and this very much supports that. Microsoft management clearly believes that there is no difference between creative work and what the rest of their business is. None of this is news to me obviously as I've been calling Xbox utterly incompetent for a long time. I'll even go further as Spencer's PR (which he bungled lately too by the way) and the money being poured down the money pit makes people believe that current management is better. Don Mattrick gets a lot of flak as an incompetent for a number of reasons but obviously the overwhelming one is the Xbox One fiasco. What was the Xbox One? The all in one entertainment device to dominate the living room, which is what Xbox wanted to develop towards form the very start when they entered the console market. They believed that as things were going that the all in one device was going to be big money and if they didn't jump in quick then Sony would build up such power (and by extension wealth) that it'd then be pointless to try and then compete. Mattrick was in charge when Microsoft's dream came to fruition, that is all. The whole thing was bigger then him and he was tasked with carrying out something doomed to fail no matter who was at the helm. Now yes, Microsoft did not build up the studios they needed to under Mattrick and that is certainly a failing (among others) but guess what. To take a line from Microsoft management as they fire 10k+ workers, with less he did more, as the Xbox One actually had exclusives at release (11 was it?). Spencer with the Series X/S (just horrible names) had... 0. Yes yes, development is harder now they say but you work that into your plans, and its really that much harder also that you go from double digits to 0? Others seem to be able to manage it. We'll see if anything more follows from this but none of it is good for them getting their deal through. Which should have some news coming next week when the EU puts forward their issues with the deal. Depending on those issues it might well signal the end for the deal if they're issues that Microsoft simply cannot budge on such as not wanting them to put Activision's games on Gamepass.
  11. Look at all of those Microsoft employees getting unlimited time off. For those unaware that was a change that Microsoft passed before this. If unlimited time off is good or bad is up for debate (seems it can be done right, but obviously is pretty much always done badly on purpose), but when combined with this here it is obvious what Microsoft is going for. You going to be taking significant stretches of time off if it likely means you'll be fired for it? Most won't, which means people will ultimately take less time off and Microsoft has to pay out a lot less. This news seems to have really done a number on neutrals perception of this deal. The only defence supporters seem to have is that this is just normal and a result of tech companies over hiring due to Covid, but it doesn't seem to work. A couple of details on all of this: 1: Boss man at Microsoft (who has featured on this deal a lot) shamelessly stated that Microsoft needs to do more with less hence the massive cuts. Yet they will go on a buying spree for Xbox (which is now larger than PlayStation, though without all the profits) and on top of that wants this deal plus further purchases. Clearly Microsoft has no belief in doing more with less, but that is of course nothing new as one of the reasons that Microsoft earned the moniker of tasteless was for always trying to run over people with sheer cash. Regulators should certainly throw that at Microsoft when they keep saying they need more and more size to be able to compete. No they don't, they just need to do more with less. 2: Note the firings in the gaming division yes, especially at Bethesda. Ultimately Microsoft has no need for a publisher under them when they (Xbox) are publisher themselves so all the related people for that at Bethesda are surplus to requirements and as such it is likely Bethesda will eventually get put under Xbox which is the worse thing that could happen to them. Seems the lag was simply so when people stated they'd fire a whole lot of people the moment they picked a game company up they could cite it not happening at Bethesda. Seems I overestimated Microsoft as I had thought that the reason for this separation and keeping those people around was Microsoft had at least realised that they have fools at Xbox, even if they are for whatever reason apparently unable to get rid of them and get someone with a clue in. Which is thought to be because those people are in the "old boys club" of Microsoft so are basically near untouchable. The current boss did say he'd stop there being untouchables but I believe has in fact made it worse. 3: Getting this deal would add almost as many as the firings here meaning they'd again be over 10k where they want to be which would mean another mass firing would inevitably have to follow. Sorry, my mistake, more unlimited time off.
  12. Simply amazing. I can see no way to make any sense of that statement outside it simply being dishonesty at play. In a 3 player market Microsoft is somehow in 4th place now. If we're restricted to the console market then Tencent being the mystery third company in front of Microsoft makes the most sense due to their revenue... except Tencent makes more money than Sony so that goes against Microsoft's framing of Sony as the biggest fish if there is in fact a bigger one. Furthermore Microsoft isn't in 4th in revenue, they're 3rd. Granted Nintendo makes actual serious profit while Xbox for all of its revenue hides how much profit they actually make because they're very likely bleeding money and have been for a long time. Loads of revenue matters little if its largely/totally getting wiped out. If this statement isn't restricted to just consoles then it would still be wrong as you'd have to include the likes of Apple and others that would push Microsoft further down than 4th. Microsoft normally: We're number two behind Sony, ignore Nintendo. Microsoft trying to buy Activision: Look we can't discount Nintendo so we're number 3. Microsoft sweating nervously: Look we're number 4 pal behind Tencent/Valve < We are here Microsoft panicking: Look if you think about it we're also behind Google, Apple, NetEase, Epic Games, and even Activision itself so we're 11th, not even top 10. You would deny 11th place buying the 10th? I thought we lived in a capitalist society, not in a communist one. We're also nearing that time (tomorrow I think) where the break up fee gets upgraded to 2.5 billion I believe. Both the CMA and EU have delayed their decisions (which if against would kill the deal instantly) after this date... ummm. Considering how the big regulators have turned on these deals and seem to have a new way of thinking... could be part of it. Delay decisions until after the break up fee date and then reject it anyway, the break up fee acting as an extra punishment on the company for daring to try and pull such a move.
  13. If anyone is playing it or played it recently and can provide some manner of information that would be great. If you haven't already check out my trophy guide on the site. Something I can contribute is this. The 1st stage's third part's boss is the most troublesome part of the whole playthrough. The 1st phase of it appears very nasty and I was unsure what manner of trick is involved. My best guess was it was some manner of movement based trick and I'd say that is partly the case from my findings. The boss always leads with the arm on your left and then swaps to the right, then left, so on. You'll have noticed as you died a bunch that at times the boss seems to attack rapidly and then on others its attacks are a bit delayed. The reason is the boss tracks you and seems to launch attacks based off you getting successfully tracked. So if it is going to shoot attacks out of the left arm, you're on the left, he launches attacks and then you quickly go across the screen to the other side while shooting him, then the resulting attack from the boss will be easy to avoid because as it started on the other side of the screen the attacks won't be as tight. The problem in all of this is of course the mines blowing up, mines that are often in the part of the screen you need to hide in. Its possible there is a trick to the bombs where you can make it so they won't be where you need to hide... but its possible they're somewhat random. That seems to be the way they expect you to beat the boss, with you using the bomb if the mines are too much. However, there is no need to do any of that because I've actually found a way to get to the fight with an EX bomb. You'll enter the third part of stage 1 with around 60% energy if you EX bombed the end boss of the second part. Now what is key here is you destroy all the little enemies by knowing where they'll spawn. Left/Right/Left/both sides is how the first wave goes. Then 3 machine gunners spawn which can catch you out if you're not careful. The way to deal with them I'd say is focus on the one on the right and shoot at him to kill him while using the Burst to take out the other two, though be mindful to not use too much burst as you can actually dispose of them with as little as two burst burst shots at times. Then enemies come in reverse to last time, so right/left/right/both sides. Then machine gunners again. Final bit is the 4 big guys and how you handle them is like this. In the centre 1 will spawn, take him out quickly and use a little burst but not too much. Then the two big guys on the sides will spawn which is quickly followed by the biggest guy spawning in the centre. What you need to do is kill the guy on the right by again, using burst but not too much. You want to get in front of him (at the bottom of the screen) to shoot him (and have the burst track towards him) but be mindful that he does shoot at you with those big balls which you'll need to get out of the way of. By the time he dies you are now dealing with the big middle guy (ignore the guy on the left) and you should burst him a little again to allow you to avoid his mass attacks and then kill him quickly after. These big dudes all drop good amounts of energy so you should end up at 100% if you did it this way. Then you can just EX bomb that first phase a way. The problem of course is that the boss has 4 phases and while you skipped the first and the second phase is a joke... the third and fourth certainly aren't. I've had the third phase go well for me and then other times I get utterly wrecked... so I'm still unsure what exactly you're supposed to do. Again, it seems to involve I think having the boss attacking the correct spots so its attacks can in fact be dodged because if not then the attacks become so tight that you're just dead. The other problem is how in all the dodging you have to do you can't effectively damage the boss meaning it'll take forever... if you EX bomb the 1st phase of the fight and then beat the 2nd you'll enter the fight with around 80% energy... surviving until you get 100% for the EX bomb seems the only reasonable way to do it. Then the 4th form... I don't know as I've barely fought it but from what I've seen it is nasty. A hoard of massive balls that go everywhere. The sides seem open (until it aims in those directions) but if you're there then you're not damaging the boss. And those are my findings thus far of stage 1 on Hell.
  14. That there means that Microsoft's efforts to get it through the EU quickly have failed. According to Microsoft supporters it was so it would pressure the CMA to rule in their favour. Now I'm sure it'll flip to where the CMA are the reasonable ones Microsoft needs to win with to get the less reasonable EU to rule in their favour. Its funny that the FTC/CMA/EU have all had their moments where they're the most reasonable and least reasonable in supporters narrative. Anyway, supporters aren't wrong that this doesn't mean the deal is dead dead. It just means that the EU won't let it through without concessions... the issue is... what concessions can there actually be? The 10 year CoD thing? Note how Microsoft has not submitted any concessions yet because the idea is you let the regulator do that first because if you submit first then they will likely ask for that + more... yet Microsoft has put forward the 10 year thing. Why? Because it is a joke. Subscriptions, the Cloud, and CoD itself is not currently in a position to hurt Sony big time so the 10 years are merely Xbox's timeable to build themselves up to where they can hurt Sony badly. If the EU judges that there are no concessions good enough (Microsoft wouldn't accept no gamepass for those titles + no exclusives either if that was requested) then they have to reject the deal outright. Lets put this in perspective here, one that is not often stated for whatever reason. Activision's price is likely more than PlayStation's worth is and if not then it is close (not using Sony as PlayStation unlike Xbox is actually ran competently and could easily be independent from Sony if it came to it). How would it not be a problem for Xbox (Microsoft) to purchase a company worth more/near as much as their main competitor? This is on top of all the expansion they've already done and have said they intend to do in future. When Xbox has been made worth more than PlayStation and Nintendo combined, through tasteless buyouts and not growth, is that when certain people might start taking issues? At worse it'll be too late at that point, at best Xbox's incompetence will simply sink a good part of the gaming industry as even Microsoft will eventually have this catch up with them as shareholders realise how much has been spent for so little productive output.
  15. Trying to get some manner of consortium going so they don't have to pony up all of the money apparently. Though I do wonder if considering the current climate if them buying WWE would even be allowed. WWE is already called a monopoly by many on its own so it getting purchased by AEW would just be creating an even bigger monopoly.