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  1. The Young Bucks vs The Heel vs Heel Enthusiasts - I feel sorry for PAC... you can tell he knows this is all so stupid. Just examine how muted he is in this match as it is a stupid heel vs heel match with no heat and he has to play the babyface for a week randomly, something he clearly doesn't want to do as it betrays who he is supposed to be. I know Fenix doesn't give a damn as his mind for wrestling is stuck in Mexico if I put it nicely, and he has no idea how any of this works, but PAC knows. Also, I see the Young Bucks are back online and Kenny ain't exactly doing too great with this internet stuff in his promo either... they should rethink this. It comes off as try hard but even worse... Jim Cornette who the Young Bucks allude to online is... a heel to the AEW faithful... meaning... it is heel vs heel... please stop. If you must address him, and you shouldn't, then the way to do it would be to agree with him in a certain manner as he is a heel to your audience. It reminds me of a story Cornette once told about how Ole Anderson one time showed great displeasure at him, as Cornette in a manager match with a woman was a big part of a show. Ole remarked that he was real happy he put in all that blood and sweat into wrestling just to have some "sissy boy and an ugly woman" (to put it cleanly) come into a business and make more money than me. Cornette's response was something along the lines of "On behalf of the ugly woman and said sissy boy, thank you Ole, for putting in all that work so we could come in and get all this money". That sort of response is what they need to do if they really can't help themselves. "Thanks for helping keep the business alive so we could come in and kill it and make all this money". Red Velvet vs Jade Cargill - I didn't mind the jumpstart from Velvet, didn't mind the flurry she got in as Jade then cancelled it all out with a big kick... the rest... was not good. Far too much offence was made on Jade by Velvet. The stall suplex is always a lovely spot for a strong woman like Jade and I noticed it nearly failed so needs work... but it also needs an upgrade as she should squat her opponent before landing the suplex. Jade's stomps... need to end, at least until she has worked enough at them in training for them to be good. Rather than stomps have her stand people up and lay in some punches if you want a corner spot like that, though even better would be to stand them up, grab them, and then throw them to the other side of the ring. Pose. Show off that power. Ogogo vs jobber - Ummm... a lot of people have a problem with punch finishers when closed fists are you know, illegal. Exceptions exist of course, Regal for example used a punch finisher but always cheated with brass knuckles. This... might work as it is a punch to the stomach the referee ain't going to see clearly. Still, it is always going to make you ask the question... if he has such a punch... why not always do it? The Heart Punch for example at least had the idea behind it that the punch had to be to specific small part of the body and so wearing a guy down to give you enough time to aim it properly made sense. This one... ummm... we'll see how Ogogo is booked. Jericho vs Dax - Nothing shocking, these guys know how to work. However, the spot with the Lion Tamer was... horrific. Jericho had to walk himself over to Cash to get punched... terrible. Should have told the ref to tell Dax to redo the spot so he could get the hold closer to the ring ropes. Christian promo and Team Taz stuff - I like that Hobbs got a spotlight here. Whoever that guy was that no sold Hobbs doing the fakeout blow should be fined and taken off the front seats. Hobbs is a monster, you should sell with a reaction if he fakes a hit on you. Team Taz seem like they're going to get put into that old Bray Wyatt spot though and that ain't good. Manager asks a face to join his heel group. Face turns them down. They attack the face (we're here). Face then overcomes and humiliates them. -4 for Heel vs Heel nonsense. -3 as at 3 different moments I found myself thinking "this is too much offence against Jade". 3/10 31/03/21) 1/10 07/04/21) 2/10 14/04/21) 3/10 Well, there is a trend upward at least. AEW might get a 7/10 next week if they can avoid any stupidity... like you know, maybe doing Kip vs Miro which they've teased this week. Just what people need, more heel vs heel action.
  2. I also liked Night 1 to Night 2. I'd say it was a solid Wrestlemania that really showed just how much elite talent the WWE possesses... such a shame RAW is aa horrid show that drags everything down (Smackdown is good, but it doesn't effect people's view of the product as a whole like RAW does). Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre... what a visual alone they are. Instantly they stand out and you know are serious business. Physical contest though the finish was weak, I assume botched a bit but even executed perfectly, still weak. Tag Turmoil match is a nice way of getting a lot of the lower card women on the show rather than having a battle royal... and that is the only nice thing I have to say for it. The Natalya/Tamina tag team is very apt I'll say that. Both older women that every year get random pushes where they're suddenly a threat... putting them in a tag team means you can give them that random push at the same time. Nice. Cesaro and Rollings was a fun contest but... man, you look at that and can only think... this sort of match should have happened so many years ago. Perhaps at Summerslam against Jack Swagger. I felt AJ Styles took too much of a beating in the tag title match... but everything went nicely when Omos got his time. Man sold nothing and destroyed the New day by himself. I like AJ Styles functioning as his coach as ring side telling him what to do. Something that can happen with talent this green is them getting lost out there, but if you have a veteran like AJ calling your spots for you then it is all good. It is also spot calling that makes sense and doesn't break immersion. Strowman and Shane was what you expected. I have no earthly idea why WWE has suddenly decided that people memeing that Shane is a main event level means they... just made him one here. In no world should the likes of Shane McMahon be dominating Brawn Strowman. The bully thing is... hollow considering what Strowman has done and I'm sure like Jax, it'll quickly be forgotten in a month. Bad Bunny... I get that the guy is apparently serious business... but uh... I felt there was far too much offence from him. Not a fan of the music either, felt Morrison and Miz with their parody song was better... but to be fair that song is supposed to tickle you so if you like the genre or whatever is irrelevant. Belair and Banks was excellent and as a big supporter of Belair I was happy that she won. A face using that hair whip is.... off... however, being fair here... the heel, Banks, tried to gain an advantage grabbing Belair's hair so many times that I felt that is enough justification for the face, Belair, to finally lay into her with it at the end. What a visual at the end too when you saw that mark across Banks's body. --- Fiend stuff was... poor. First off, after all the insanity thus far... singles match. Like with Masked Orton... Fiend gets rid of his new look very quickly... and then... we have this short match where the Fiend, who has been booked to be indestructible... is taken out by 1 RKO after a distraction by his own manager... had something, anything, happened post match then this might have been saved... but as nothing did the people just booed which... was this the only match across both shows that got displeased fans booing it? Woman's tag was a RAW match. Nothing special in it. I've seen better Jax vs Tamina moments even. Owens and Zayn executed everything as they should have. The post match thing with Paul was the right move... but I felt there was no payoff to the conspiracy thing. I guess there doesn't need to be if Zayn is just crazy and unjustified... but, it'd have been nice. Vince McMahon would have been the easiest and biggest choice on here, very logical too. Sami simply annoys him... then why not fire him? Because he gets a kick out of Sami suffering. A more Russoic version of that would be having it be Kevin Dunn as he has nuclear heat with fans "in the know" and all that. Riddle and Sheamus was the match above all others which I felt... who cares? Crews vs Big E was solid and the only match that was firmly a weapons match so it stood out a bit. Bit disappointed in the Nigerian Drum Fight just being a NO DQ match with some instruments at ringside... which already exists in the form of Elias's speciality match, the Sympathy of Destruction. That isn't to say it shouldn't have been that... but I'd have liked some Nigerian drummers around the ring playing the drums throughout the match. Add something to the match, make it more unique. Crews has gotten hot, the only time he has been so in WWE so him winning here was the right move. Rhea Ripley was screwed last year after she lost to Charlotte and basically wandered NXT pointlessly for a year afterwards... so winning here was the correct move. Everything was solid, no Belair vs Banks, but still very much an elite woman's match. Triple Threat had the big time feel and you felt anybody had a shot, which is generally what you want in a match to keep interest. Wyatt's best form was cult leader Wyatt that he debuted with. WWE squandered him by having him lose again and again and again, and his feuds all always being repeats. Attack face, "they're lying to you man", gets pinned, attacks some other face, "they're lying to you man", gets pinned", and so on. The Fiend version on the other hand was squandered not by him losing like he did here, but by him being too silly and absurd in how he'd win his matches. Rhea is considered an elite talent and was a stand out in NXT. Asuka's last match on PPV defending her title was... in September I believe... at Clash of Champions where she had to defend her title and it was against... Zelina Vega, someone who functioned primarily as a manager and was not in any way considered a main event calibre talent. Now generally yes, WWE does love the whole "Person calls out/attacks champion so gets title match" thing... but here it is fully justified. The RAW women's division is so wrecked that the only people in it who could have realistically faced Asuka were Nia Jax and Shayna Baszler, the woman's tag champions, as they are the only credible people in it. In kayfabe (some would go beyond that) the division is filled with such losers that Asuka doesn't even get PPV matches. As for actually giving her the win... Rhea needs the title far more than Asuka does. It was the correct move, though Rhea should be very thankful to that doctor who got Charlotte taken off the show because if she was on the show... well, high chance Charlotte would have been the one becoming champion here.
  3. Hangman vs Castor - Sloppy match I felt. Castor beyond having the rapper gimmick is also doing some Cena spots like the nice chain one... problem is... you do that and it gets kicked out of? As I spoke before, don't do that stuff if you ain't getting the 3 count. Anyway... why did Page, a face, the likely future top face at that, attack the heel jobber's fellow heel jobber friend and then go into a jumpstart? Why not Castor tries to jumpstart, Hangman ducks, lays into the guy? Also yes, I am aware that Castor has all those wins. He is a jobber, no matter how many nobodies and Dark Order jobbers he beats, as the show will happily agree with later... @skidmarkgn Changed your mind on Death Triangle not being heels yet? Because they let you know pretty firmly they were heels. Being heelish, getting interrupted by the clearly face team on the roster, badmouthing them... of course, as we find out of the end of the show with the turn of the Young Bucks... this is even more stupid because it means the title match is now a HEEL VS HEEL match. Tony Khan is a fool in his booking and Fenix is a fool for accepting this garbage. And no, I don't care if they come out of the "face tube", which AEW highlighted some time back. They act like heels and when they're not doing heel vs heel matches, they're fighting faces, they're getting heel promos cut, they are heels. Blood and Guts announcement... I suppose I'm curious what special thing they'll have or if this will just be a no DQ match but with a lot of people. However, is even Meltzer not enough to get through to Tony Khan? Meltzer has said the blood has gotten too much and has been turning off female viewers... so you book a Blood and Guts match? Jericho switched two words in his promo but everything else was excellent as you'd expect. Mistakes happen and the experience is what tells you to just plow on as stopping yourself to correct can hurt more than it helps, everyone knows what was meant. Hager has terrible facials which is nothing new... maybe they should try getting him a mask. Lance and Sting were out there lampshading Lance's bad booking where he'd go missing for long periods of time randomly, which he ain't the only one that happens to by the way... what does this serve? If you're going to actually maintain Lance around... just do it... you don't need some promo basically admitting that yes, your booking of this guy is incompetent. Cezar in the Darby match was dropped on the bottom end of the ring and then moved himself to the left side and sold there for a long period of time... and he didn't even factor into anything so it wasn't like he fumbled where he was and had to adjust... only explanation is he moved himself to be on camera more... which gave us a funny visual. Should be fined and reprimanded for being a joke out there. Jericho gets a second promo segment in the back... on his own... just so he can get jumped as why else would he be on his own... then Mike Tyson scares off the entire Pinnacle by himself. This could not be done next week? Britt Baker... cutting a promo where she lampshades that the ranking system is a joke and padded with wins over nobodies... AEW cannot help itself. It's a common thread within Dynamite that certain things will repeat on the same show rather than being spaced out. The Sting/Lance segment lampshaded the bad booking... so now Britt lampshades the nonsense ranking system that gets used within the booking. I liked Tay Conti refusing to stay on her back when shoved down, it's nice character work she do even more. Be someone who very rarely remains on her back. I hate it every time Excalibur mentions "fighting spirit". Excalibur has a great passion and I can't fault him on that, good on him, and I think he does take wrestling seriously... but he needs to realise that doing these mark calls referencing Japan is low rent stuff. It might work there sure, but in English it doesn't come off right. That is to not say you can't use the term "Fighting spirit", of course you can, but not as he tends to do. The women again got 1 match and the death match spot... you know what, new rule I'm going to apply to the previous show as I just started it. If the women get 1 match and it is also in the death spot... -3 points. It won't build up as otherwise we'll get to -100 in time or something. Real good stuff by the way, how you highlight Conti is in the piss break slot yeah. They better not dare give this treatment to Jade by the way. In fact, give her the main event. Bucks and the heel vs heel enthusiasts can have the opener, they prefer that anyway. As for the main event... at least hey, they waited a week to do the whole "I won't hit you with my signature moves" spot that happened in the Cody match... and just like the Cody match there was a turn at the end of it. Now hey, doing the same stuff just one week later is really soon yes but... progress. Young Bucks heel turned and we had the second beatdown of the night so hit that -2 for the excessive beatdowns. Now let me see here. -2 on Beatdowns -3 on Heel vs Heel nonsense, degrading down from -4 (of course, next week it will go back up to -4) -3 for disrespecting women I'm tempted to give a minus for the "hey aren't we stupid" lampshades but I'll show mercy. At least the lampshades should mean some positive action in the future. Ends up a 2/10 31/03/21) 1/10 (applied the disrespecting women modifier) 07/04/21) 2/10 As I said before, my ranking is mostly on the booking and getting it marked down for being excessive or stupid. Though as I said before, I'm not going to mark down every stupid thing as then AEW ever getting a positive score would be basically impossible. It's not marking the in ring action in itself, which will only be a factor if they do something really insulting I have to give a minus for. Don't think I'll give +s as all AEW needs to do is not be excessive/stupid and they can get high scores... tempting to give them a + if they put Jade in the main event though... What a riot that was. Feud with FTR, a heel team, and they turn heel and start super kicking announcers. Then they just quickly go back to being faces like it never happened. It technically is a thing again as it has been "reformed" I guess this week. As for Cody... I will not be surprised if he turns heel after this feud with QT. It'd be very stupid, but seems something AEW would do. What Cody actually needs rather than a heel turn is time off to spend with his wife away from the ring, he can even take his replacement wife Red Velvet with him once Jade is done pummelling her... just have a good time with the wife and spend time with the new baby... being gone for a while will make people want to see him again down the line.
  4. My interest is more in how the shows gets booked, how AEW reacts rather than whatever excuses get made, though you are right that they will have that as an excuse yes. If numbers remain down going forward they also will be using the excuse that with the vaccine and America opening up, young people will be wanting to be out of the house instead of watching the show which... as far as I remember, didn't the pandemic while expected at first to boost ratings... lower them significantly? Since I made my post I saw that Meltzer has finally, so you know it's serious, given criticisms of AEW which has made it even more interesting... all after the fact and not while it kept happening... but hey, Tony Khan is a Meltzer mark so perhaps he'll listen to him when he won't others. Too much interference/post match beatdowns, too much blood (Dustin blading for jobbers for example which was amazing), too many people featured while at the same time certain people going missing for long periods, stuff quickly reaching a conclusion and being done with. These slower/more traditional type of matches are a sort of bitter medicine that AEW would need to take until its fans get used to the pace of them... but I don't see that happening. As for finishers and moves in general... people can get over with basic and safe moves. You do not need to get more and more crazy with the bumps. You just need to have the audience trained to them and get the moves over. John Cena, the last top star in wrestling (some say the last full stop as pro-wrestling many see as dying), used a Fireman's Carry Slam, a basic move, as his finish. I've largely been attacking things on their booking/storyline rather than in ring action, and yeah I hate that. It's basically an obligatory thing in any multi man match and is horrendously bad stuff. Pro-wrestling is simulated yes, but the idea is that you're simulating a real contest and anything that breaks your immersion should be avoided. When you see so many guys obviously prepping to catch whatever fool is jumping at them... just terrible. There are ways it can be done and make sense... but most can't do that, so unless you can it should not happen. Of course, the response to these things is stuff like "Oh, but what about the Irish Whip huh?", which actually is an unfair statement as the Irish Whip may be seen as a "guy runs the rope" move these days, but it used to be an offensive move in itself. Whipping guys into the corners chest first/or they go to their back but the impact is so massive they crumple regardless, whipping guys into ropes chest first so they stumble back, whipping guys so hard they go over the ropes, whipping guys who do the reversal of turning around and running back and then you doing the drop down and their feet tripping over your body and them falling, them doing the turn around reversal but you nail them with a clothesline as they hit the ropes (hitting the ropes correctly leaves you defenceless), you get the idea. So if the Irish whip comes off as "fake", it'd be because people aren't using it right, or in some cases even worse as they aren't even whipping correctly (clearly putting no power into the whip so the guy just runs himself, head palm shoot offs, so on). I'm expecting the worst and hoping to be pleasantly surprised. Any bump sub 100k will be seen as a massive failure I think.
  5. This Wednesday is going to be very interesting as some panic has gripped AEW and its fans it seems when the recent show, which they thought was gold, pulled in a terrible number. Lost a lot of the female demographic apparently. Q1: 844K/396K (Kaz vs Christian) Q2: 745K/375K (End of Kaz/Christian, Jade Cargill, beginning of QT vs Cody) Q3: 696K/333K (QT vs Cody, Sky & Page promo, Cargill attacking Red Velvet) Q4: 673K/343K (Moxley promo, Bononi vs Moxley, Team Taz promo, Inner Circle beatdown on Pinnacle) Q5: 632K/311K (Don Callis confronts Matt Jackson, beginning of Lucha Bros & Laredo Kid vs Good Brothers & Kenny Omega) Q6: 683K/332K (Lucha Bros & Loredo Kid vs Good Brothers & Kenny Omega, Britt Baker promo) Q7: 611K/308K (Rose & Bunny vs Conti & Shida) Q8: 717K/332K (Arcade Anarchy) Everything I thought has been shown true. Christian vs Kazarian wasn't a terrible match, but it is so alien to the average AEW fan that it just comes off as "boring" to them. That is one of the problems with having a show filled to the brim with high spots and million miles an hour wrestling. People get desensitised to it and anything less than it is boring. As such, after giving Christian a chance many people just tuned out when they marked it off as boring. The worst thing in this though? There actually are AEW fans who think that this proves that traditional wrestling is dead/viewer losers and spot fest matches are king which... I can't even say what that is without being insulting. It may be true yes in AEW that traditional wrestling is a viewer loser... but that is because AEW caused that to happen. It is like in Japan where they do all that "strong style" stuff and all those insane finishers. Why? Because stuff like the Piledriver, once a death move that could lay anyone out, started being considered weak so they had to keep doing crazier and crazier stuff. Bizarrely, WWE is where the Pile Driver is strongest these days as it is a banned move, so when CM Punk busted it out against Cena many years ago, people legitimately bought it as a match ender (it wasn't) as Pile Drivers simply did not happen due to being "too dangerous". Cornette I recall speaking once on a territory that did shows in an area that didn't have wrestling for many years. Guys on the shows found that even basic stuff like a headlock would be over with the crowd as they hadn't seen wrestling in so long and it was fresh. Then they began doing what they were doing in other towns, run ins, post match beatdowns, so forth, and they lost those areas as the crowd became desensitised to it all and soon nothing impressed them anymore. I doubt Tony Khan learns though. Instead he'll think that the problem is the opener wasn't a match that goes a million miles an hour and also, perhaps like AEW fans, he'll throw QT Marshall under the bus. It is just disgusting to see for me. These guys instead of having standard wrestling matches which are safe, are having to go out there and do insane stunts, hurting themselves and for what? A match or segment no one will remember? Who remembers who got slammed onto the stage this week on AEW? Who will remember next week? It is only going to make it harder to build real stars too. Fenix for example. Impressive guy? Sure, but so many people are doing these dives and all that. Now imagine if only Fenix did that stuff. Boom. That alone would help make him a star as he'd stand out more. The women also are exactly as I've said. Put in death spots and no one cares about them and why should you? On NXT the women are a big deal and so often increasing the numbers NXT does, but on AEW... there is, and has not been for a long time (I'd say ever) a reason to care. AEW fans I've seen state "Well there was that one period where AEW focused on them and female viewership actually went down, so women don't care to see women". The thing they miss is men and women both can tell when the company does not care for a talent. In AEW the women get the single match they do because AEW cannot have talk of them featuring zero women's matches. If they could get away with it they'd run zero. This is also why I've said the women on the roster should get little to no offence on Jade. Jade is at the moment still worth something, almost all the other women are currently worth zero. Trash like that should not get any real offence in on a star like Jade, as doing so dulls her starpower.
  6. Thank you for being so considerate. Let me put it this way on the matter of him being a heel. When Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer are discussing WWE, as they are so lenient on AEW they get accused by many of being on the payroll, and some issue will come up. A face acts like a heel or a heel has been screwed often in a fashion that makes them come off like the face. Alvarez will angrily call it out, this all does not work like this, to which Meltzer will reply that it does in WWE, which Alvarez will refuse to accept. It is the same deal here. To Tony Khan, to AEW, it may be well "that ain't a heel move"... but it is. Many AEW fans won't admit this sure (not saying you), but that is because they are primed to defend it as they can't let the "evil empire" win. To a person looking at it without that in play... it just looks stupid. I know full well that Fenix is not supposed to be a heel, yet he clearly is as nobody has the courage to step up and state the obvious problems in what is going on. Let's not forget that Cody Rhodes at some point way back when he was trying to sell us on a sports based product like the rest at the time, stated that in AEW they've moved past the "outdated" face and heel dynamic... why? Because of this nonsense right here, though only some of the time of course, as they'll abide by it the rest of the time when people ain't pointing out that they're being stupid. As for him not looking like a heel on his own... that doesn't actually matter, though if we want to talk alone... well, sort of. Why was he last in that battle royal they had with Jungle Boy? Where him and PAC were double teaming the young babyface 2 on 1 until he heroically eliminated PAC? That is a role a heel plays, not a face. Speaking of PAC, who is injured yes... you have a guy like Fenix who could be your top babyface and a Latin attraction... and his two allies are bastard heels Penta and PAC? It is just stupid. I respect that you have seen Allie in Impact and rate her. I speak as someone who before AEW don't recall seeing any of her work ever, which is going to go for the majority of people watching I imagine. She has been presented as largely a manager and a bottom rung talent in the ring if she has matches. Her beating Conti hurts her as she has just taken a loss to a nobody, as that is what she is in AEW. Yes it sets up a match next week between the two... but if you really must have that... set it up in some other way. To go to the X-Pac example again. You could have him cheat and help HHH pick up the pin. Austin then states he'll deal with HHH at <insert PPV> but first he wants to get even with X-Pac who cost him the match. As I said, Nyla Rose was in the match... just have Nyla get the pin... or better, as you have already invested in Conti... just have her win the match and if you must have a set up for next week, have the Bunny nail her after the match... of course, that would be a post match attack which you'll notice there weren't any this week. Why? Because there was so many the previous week that Khan decided to have 0 so he could say "look, no post match attacks this week. Shows you". The problem of course isn't that post match attacks happen, it is that when AEW does them they'll overkill it. It is why in the above experiment I give them 1 free post match attack, as post match attacks aren't a bad tool in themselves, but if they are a constant then you devalue them completely. I'm assuming Cornette won't make it past the Legos, which even Meltzer I listened to being all like "okay that was stupid yes" and he defends AEW heavily so you know how bad it must look. A shame as Miro is a talent, but you can hardly blame someone like Cornette who didn't see him as Rusev for thinking he is a goof who doesn't know how to protect himself in his booking. I'm sorry, but I have to agree with the view that Miro simply doesn't have the spine to stand up for himself. He is a former WWE talent. He was over. He is a big deal. This idea that he should at any time get laid out by the Orange Punch and all that stuff... no. He should tell Khan that he ain't selling nothing by these goofs and he'll just destroy them. Don't like it? Don't book the match then. I'm not saying Miro needs to become Hulk Hogan or something, but come on, the Best Friends? Look at WWE by comparison, who so many says are very incompetently booked (not a lie, though in different ways than AEW)... Rusev went like a year unbeaten was it? Lower end talent couldn't touch the guy, he'd obliterate them with no effort. Even guys like Big Show, Mark Henry, and the like, who are giants, couldn't get close to beating the guy. He then become maybe the last victim of Super Cena yes, but up that point, what a monster. Of course... I say victim... I mean, it is losing to John Cena at wrestlemania... that is a big deal. I actually wanted him to lose his first match to, if you can believe it, Jack Swagger, who Rusev destroyed often though Swagger was the first man to... get a draw with Rusev I think. My logic was I loved the Real American team and concept (Cesaro breaking away was stupid), and Swagger had been getting over big time with the crowd, so a win over Rusev would have finally crowned him as a Real American hero and all that, and with Zeb to speak for him... could have been money. Of course, I'd have rather had Real American champion Cesaro... but oh well, WWE is incompetently booked yes.
  7. 1 - I did not say to keep the teams apart. Obviously, in this gang warfare world of AEW they will clash. However, you got to leave something on the table, such as MJF getting away at the very least. Instead he got it the worst of everybody. As for Sammy and Spears... Sammy needs to pound Spears into paste, just obliterate him. Sammy is possible money they have botched hard. Why did he job to Hardy so many times if Hardy was just going to become a manager? His face turn and keeping him away has done him good, but going 50-50 or worse, losing at any point to a talent as low as Spears is just botching him. 2 - Oh? So why did they all wrestle as heels against a face team previously? Why did they have a promo done for them by Alex, Penta's manager and a heel? Why did they jumpstart Omega at the start of the match? Can a face do a jumpstart and attack at the start of a match? Sure, if the face is in a program that has worth, has had time, and the heel has been such a horrible person perhaps getting it personal and bringing in family and such, that sort of thing. Omega... did a minor post match attack and said some words? That is not justifying a jumpstart. Look, I know exactly what this is. It's been a few weeks and soon we are supposed to simply ignore that Fenix has functioned as a heel. That is the Lucha bros, flip flopping alignments... the thing is... they did this flip to Fenix... and he is facing a heel team? As a heel? What? Just keep him face. Want a jumpstart? Have Penta do it. Establish Fenix is still a face by getting Penta back and wanting the match to start fairly, something of that nature. Of course, due to the week before it is late to be doing that anyway I guess. Fenix needs to be broken away from his brother and all this sort of nonsense. He is their shot at creating a Rey Mysterio. To do that he must unquestionably be a face. He should in no way be teaming with his heel brother, having the guy's heel manager speaking for them, and doing jump starts in a heel vs heel match. As a face his style will be fine as faces are who are supposed to do the big flashy moves. Penta is not a bad prospect himself as a heel (good look and manager), though he needs less high flying and more ground based meanness, though compared to his brother he already is that yes, he needs more. 3 - Lets use that logic for something else. Austin is facing... X-Pac and HHH with whoever as his tag partner. X-Pac cheats a bit and pins Austin 1-2-3. Oh but Austin was cheated so no problem, he can get revenge next week 1 on 1 vs X-Pac. Do you see the issue? It is fine if Conti is going to be a nobody if this other nobody beat her (though you still have the issue of Nyla Rose getting pinned). If she is going to be a big deal, cheating or no cheating, she should not lose to the irrelevance that is the Bunny. Not to even mention... Nyla Rose is in the match. Why not Bunny cheats and then Nyla pins Conti? It is stupid and as someone high on Conti you should not be happy at this treatment. 4 - Hey now, I was simply remarking that as they love it, what about that. As for Ford/Statlander... I looked it up quickly as no I can't really be expected to remember this, but when I saw Ford was a substitute for an injured Baker it started flowing back to me. Baker was injured because Statlander slammed Nyla Rose, someone twice the weight of Baker, on Baker's leg right? Then Ford was substituted for Baker, who was in a feud with Statlander... Statlander... won? I don't care to find out, I assume so. Then afterwards in a tag match against Rose and Ford... Statlander injured herself on a dive (stupid). What revenge has Statlander returned for exactly? There was no heat or anything and Statlander was who injured everyone in that debacle. I recall skimming some talk of possibly there being some BTE skit/s or something between them? I don't know, no one cares. Then book another match in the main event if you want a happy ending. Miro should be getting smashed over, not losing matches even if his partner is getting pinned. Oh but that allows him to break from Kip? Why does that require a match? Just have Miro in a promo say he was happy to be Kip's best man but he is here to win titles and so won't be involved in further nonsense with the likes of the Best Friends who are quite simply beneath him. He is here for titles. Done. Something that has been getting talked about is apparently Vince does not consider AEW a threat. As in he did some moves to try to screw them in the past but now has gone beyond that and no longer cares. Of course, who knows the mind of Vince and his ever changing nature. He could wake up tomorrow and decide AEW is the greatest threat ever and anyone who works for them is to be blackballed forever.
  8. Christian vs Frankie was a solid match though I honestly wonder how much the AEW hardcore enjoy this stuff because it is so alien compared to what else gets put on the show. I also found the weird emphasis on Christian over-relying on the Killswitch... in his first match on AEW. Not to mention it is his finisher so... what was that about? Unless they're giving him a new finisher it just came off bizarre. Also... they have a veteran and well trained talent like Kazarian around and... we never see him? Perhaps for the best as the tag team he is in is pure death. Jade promo was basically a repeat from her last. Nice outfit and she had the fire, so if she can do that in the ring then excellent, but beyond that not much to say... except I was under the impression that Jade vs Red Velvet was this week so I feel cheated. I imagine it was until they got to writing the Cody stuff and then they had to delay it. The attack backstage by Jade was very basic. Needed to destroy Red Velvet more, about x3 more. QT vs Cody had a horrible call by Excalibur on the steps weight. People attack and make fun of WWE saying the steps are "near 300lbs" or whatever... Excalibur out there saying the steps are 500lbs... I don't get it. Can't add a couple of lbs to a guy to put him over 200lbs, but you can inflate the weight of the steps by a massive degree? As for the angle and match, it was solid for what it was though a bit odd that the million guys Cody had with him got beaten by just 3 job guys. Also, once again Red Velvet out there playing the role of Brandi... how far does this go? Forgive me as it is crude, but does Brandi have Red Velvet play her role in the bedroom with Cody too? Didn't like her making the save either, have 1 job guy hold her back, and swing that chair QT. Also, another stable in AEW? I wonder why there are so many stables in AEW... is it Khan is a NJPW mark... or that because Vince doesn't like stables he has to put them out there in excess? Scorpio Sky is back in a tag team and will now exist on the B show no one watches? Cool. Well worth getting that PPV win. Pinnacle... just what is going on. First off... Jericho and most of his guys are... hiding in the toilet so they can do the funny spot of guy opening a door, seeing something he doesn't like, and closing it. However, you can forget that because of what happens next completely blows it away. Jericho's crew obliterates the Pinnacle utterly and completely and humiliates them. MJF got his head put in a toilet... just what exactly is the logic here? Who is getting put over? Why should anyone care about a payoff match between these two teams when Jericho and crew have already got more than revenge on the Pinnacle? I could not believe my eyes. I thought maybe MJF would manage to get away so Jericho and crew would still have "You got away from what you deserve last time MJF, but this time we're going to get you" to give solid reasoning to a future match... but nope, he got it worse of the lot. Heel vs Heel match with a jumpstart in the Omega match. I hate that AEW is trying to make me hate heel vs heel matches. Done sparingly they can be great matches you absolutely want to see... and AEW just throws them on constantly completely devaluing their concept. Nothing is new here of course. Good Brothers are a worthless team. Omega is an idiot who lets people get far too much offense in on him. Lucha Brothers... first, it was their horrible tag team wrestling where they basically ignored the rules causing Jericho to actually have to take them aside and tell them that damn were they embarrassing out there. Second, we have the fact that as "WOW" as they are, their basics aren't great. Penta taunts way too much. He ain't a rookie or someone who looks like Jade, pack it in. Third and forth, they will either flip alignment for a couple of weeks or they'll be in all these heel vs heel matches. Mexican wrestling is looking horrible to me if these are their representatives... however... Khan is the booker and much of this is a booking problem. Even the bad tag wrestling is something he should be fixing, but clearly he is too weak to do so. As for Laredo Kid... so he ain't someone sticking around... he got the win last week and gets pinned this week... does the booker of the year understand any basic booking concepts? There was a single woman's match on the card, which is pretty standard. What a progressive and inclusive company AEW is. As ever, it gets the coveted match right before the main event. Known in the business as the cooldown match, and by the fans as the pissbreak match. Tay Conti was given a big win over the Native Beast, Nyla Rose, last week... and gets pinned this week by... the Bunny... I don't have any words. Jobbing Nyla out was stupid to start with I felt but okay, perhaps they're going to build up this Tay Conti which I have seen hype around yes... then you have her get pinned by one of the lowest talents on the totem pole? Bizarre. Also, Tony Khan in the span of seconds booked a match between the two for next week and they had the graphic all ready to go? Well you see, the main event was next so there was no time to show it later... then don't have the woman's match in the death spot then... simple. And the main event... oh dear... the main event. It largely functions as a handicap match as Kip is disabled early on via getting his head put through cardboard. Miro looks good at this stage yes, very good in fact... but AEW always has to trip him up as he then gets owned by these losers. Then there was the return of the alien, Kris Statlander... from what I can recall... her and Orange are an item right? So... she returns to help her man in his time of need... right. Here is the thing... has that in any way been established? Ever? Heck, Excalibur who usually tries to clue people in on these things didn't even mention it. There was something about her returning for revenge against Ford but... I'm supposed to remember that this nobody had her last match before she got injured with that other nobody? Ford or any one else has never at any point mentioned it. Anyway, we can wrack up another broken promise from Khan I suppose. I seem to recall him saying that he wasn't going to have Statlander and Orange as an item on screen but he seems to have gone back on that now. Statlander of course does a move off the apron onto a table on Ford... too much. Of course, the finish was as I expected, the Best friends win the match after Trent also returns. Don't you love it? When faces gang up on heels to beat them? Truly heroic stuff. A small mercy is Miro himself didn't get pinned of course, but he was certainly laid out... I'm thinking I should start giving ratings for AEW shows. Perhaps the way to do it may be to completely ignore the content and start at 10/10 and mark it down based on certain factors. Post match attack? You get 1. Every one past 1 gets -2. Heel vs Heel matches start at -2, but get -1 added for each successive week of them that occurs. Every week there isn't a heel vs heel match will cause this minus to degrade, and if it degrades under -2 I'll take it off. I can make exceptions if I feel it has been done well, but that is unlikely I feel. I'll also mark a point off for any bizarre/stupid booking, though I'll only do so for big stupid moments as doing it for little stuff (Laredo kid being pinned this week was stupid, but who cares) would be taking a lot of points off. Marko Stunt getting offensive levels of offence will be a -5. If I feel anyone got too much offence in on Jade then I will knock off points at my discretion. Jade getting pinned will be a -10. There was no post match insanity this week so good. However, it is the third successive week with a heel vs heel match so -4. I felt the Pinnacle stuff was also a real bad bit of business so -1 on that. Bunny pinning Conti who pinned Nyla last week was very stupid so -1 on that too. 31/03/21) 4/10 This is an experiment. Don't read too much into it. She won't go anywhere getting pinned by the Bunny. Looking at her offence with the Judo throws... ummm... you can certainly do something with that, and so with her. I think she needs new gear though. The tights might make a lot of men happy, but are not fitting if she is going to be presented more serious on the Judo front. MMA style gear is an option, as is some manner of modified Judo gear. Her affiliation with the joke faction that is the Dark Order might not be too great a thing either... but I'll give you this. If she gets better gear and in future people the likes of the Bunny are just ragdolls to her... then she'll have my support.
  9. I finished it and while it has been a good while since I played Root Letter... I am pretty sure I enjoyed Root Film significantly more. @turniplord going by your review I'd say you miss a few things. To start with when it comes to missables there is a very easily missed trophy in chapter 4 involving the bottom secret trophy (who are they anyway? I thought at first maybe Root Letter but doesn't seem to be...). Additionally, I would say recommending a solution to the issue you found due to how you played the chapters would be nice. That being that the trophy order, that being Yagumo chapter 1/2 - Riho 1/2 - Yagumo 3/4/5 is the optimal way to play. Playing 3 before doing Riho is bad yeah as 3 gets you hooked... but it loses momentum if you then have to do Riho 1/2 before you can go into 4. The ending bit in the credits I also felt was done perfectly. Could it have been a playable section with dialogue? Sure, but I think it would have detracted from it rather than added to it. From the images shown you are able to make out all the details of what happened and it ends on a strong image too, though the whole sequence is so nice. It has just this one ending unlike Root Letter which has several yes, but the one ending is strong, and I felt the several endings of Root Letter were gotten to in a bad way to start with, and came off as more of a joke than a serious thing. Overall I enjoyed the game before it reached its apex, but I felt the game got really good when it got to Yagumo 3/4/5. I had in my mind the idea of doing a chapter a day as too much VN can be a bit much... but I was enjoying myself so much I had to keep going once I got to that solid run. I also felt that having Magari/others around really helped improve things... it was a while back but weren't you more often than not alone in Root Letter? The music was nice too. They kept at least one track from Root Letter as I recognised it instantly. The confrontation themes are great but I especially liked Yagumo's, gets you hyped. I didn't see an issue with the localisation. Magari who is the one who states stuff like "Boomer", "Yeet", whatever else is a former delinquent so rather than use terms unique to Japan that we might not get, they use lingo that we in the west are far more likely to have heard of. This is a positive thing, not a negative, as long as it doesn't destroy the spirit of what the original dialogue was which I don't think it does.
  10. I agree with you what you've said though I'd say the TV thing isn't the main issue. OVW/FCW did TV, it was just local. This meant the large majority of people did not know of them which can certainly be an issue, that being that guys spend years in NXT and their act just gets run through and when they hit the main roster there just isn't anything for them... hence, why Vince is seemingly always wanting to change things on people when they hit the main roster. His reasoning isn't crazy, but it often does not go well because RAW is booked a mess. Smackdown has been good and I have a suspicion it will be going forward too. Danial Byran has been involved since it "got good again" and I imagine when he hangs it up they'll give him the role of booking the show. How do you actually fix the years thing? Not have guys down there for huge periods of time. How do you that? Simple. Lay off HHH's indy dream pick ups. RAW and Smackdown can support a lot of talent, but there is so much that the "pipeline" is just clogged up. By not signing so many of those guys and having people being developed get more presence. Instead HHH's idea seems to be having NXT UK/Japan/India/Whatever which... I suppose can allow talent to move around in the WWE system and get less exposed... but it's doing something so complicated and difficult for a problem with a much easier solution. As for your question on any star produced not involved with FCW... you'd have to define "star" to start with, but I assume you mean "main eventer"... if the women count, then there are a good number there. Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch got a main event match at Wrestlemania with special attraction Ronda Rousey. Doesn't get more main event than that.
  11. In the AEW thread I was talking on Jade and how WWE were insane to turn her away. Rather than go somewhat off topic there I'm putting it here. The only things that make any sense when it comes to them not hiring Jade is either there are some behavioural/background issues we don't know about (hope not), or... and if the case would speak terribly of WWE and isn't impossible... that woman briefly in the Grimes promo a while back. No idea who is she is but I assume a trainee and she is tall and showed some skill with Basketball so maybe she has the same background as Jade and to whoever in WWE making the decision decided to deny Jade off them already having a Black female ex-Basketballer and so feeling a "quota" is filled. I think turning away someone like Jade is really showing of what a failure NXT ultimately is. Vince would have loved to had Jade, heck, I'd say he'd have put her on the main roster as soon as he learned she existed and had a look at her. Why does so much talent get ruined when they go up to the main roster while guys like Elias (nothing in NXT) get given constant appearances? Because NXT does not get and build up the talent that Vince wants. Jim Cornette, considered by many AEW fans to be a "hater" said he'd have had Jade in his promotion at the time of her first match. Talent like that you sign, you don't turn away. I honestly feel NXT would benefit from being taken from HHH and given to Shane McMahon. It might seem like a bad joke, but I trust Shane to be better able to get people and direct them built up in a way that Vince actually wants than HHH. I mean think about it. Lets say you're at a wrestling company that values "flippy guys" ... you going to be hiring lots of giants and power guys? Likewise, you have a land of giants... going to be hiring flippy guys in large numbers? You're only going to hire a small amount of guys that don't fit your company's profile. I've put it in basic terms, but I think time has clearly shown that NXT does not get/develop the talent by and large that WWE (Vince) actually wants.
  12. I might well be. Some people attack the concept of just looking at someone and remarking "that is a star", but Jade certainly has that. It is insanity that WWE turned her away... which is quite a detour so I'm going to post it in the WWE thread. He addressed it as him going into shock or something like that, an attack. Said you can call him weak or whatever if you want but it is not something so easily gotten over... something like that. I think him and Moxly have a good vibe... but I think... now you got me attacking something I didn't even really consider but now that I look at it looks stupid also. Moxley should until he goes away... whenever that is, be the one that takes all the punishment in matches, not Eddie. Eddie should be getting the pins too obviously. Moxley is the former champ and was in WWE in a top capacity, plus is going away soon. Eddie got embarrassed out there by AEW's incompetence and should be getting smashed over for a while in compensation.
  13. CoD out of everybody has the freedom to do whatever wars they want and it is rehash after rehash.
  14. Ah. Thank you, must have seen her in places due to one of those yeah. Also, searched the main heroine's name to see images and saw some text on the side before flipping to images... damn, a basic search these days can get you what I assume are spoilers.
  15. I can vaguely recall seeing that first girl somewhere in the past... huh. While I do play VNs, not sure if this one will be my thing... it good for it's type of VN? Also... I'm just noticing... does Playstation always get that much real estate on that "coming to" section? It has like 3x the space Nintendo is getting. I imagine it is because it is something aimed at Playstation hence why and a Nintendo aimed one would reverse it but... just something that got me thinking.