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  1. The thing I've heard is it will be a beta for RE8's online. That seems likely to be on the mark, perhaps something like 90%. As for the other 10%... Operation Raccoon City, Umbrella Corp, Resistance... you get the picture. Honestly though I did like Resistance so if it's a better Resistance with characters, monsters, and villains across the series then I'm sure it'd be positively received. Still though, that image that is being used for it. Bit odd to me. I get Jack Baker was quite popular, but front and centre popular?
  2. If anyone here has social media or some manner of contacting the people that need to be it I think might be worth doing so to ask about the PS3 version and it's DLC getting relisted. I missed that Wallace DLC and would go back to the game if it got relisted, as would some others I'm sure.
  3. Well, that is good to hear. I was certain I had pressed start to skip quest results before they popped for me but I must have just misremembered.
  4. The two bugged trophies for getting 3 star equipment and getting a neutral knight just popped for me. No idea why it suddenly popped but I'll lay out how it happened. Loaded up my Mirelva game to continue it. Noticing that the AI makes their attack choices in the Attack phase I keep a save in organisation and attack so I can see what they'll do (don't attack, see if they do. If not then great, load up the attack phase save and attack. If they do and it's bad then you can load organisation and try again. If they keep doing so, move some guys there). I do this as I'm often mass attacking every turn and so sometimes I leave some places undefended so I don't slow myself down. Turn ends and the AI does nothing, okay, cool. Goes on the quest screen, I press start to skip it all and... they both pop at the same time. I pressed start to skip but I've done that many times before so it can't be that. Additionally while I did find a rank 3 item in the quests done, an officer was not found (though I did recruit the Swordsman guy that joins you automatically on season 8). Replicating the above might work if they ain't popping for you, worth a shot as it hardly takes long. Start up a Mirelva game on Easy. Skip until turn 8 (just retreat if attacked), have everyone quest on that turn the guy joins, and maybe getting a rank 3 item on that turn unbugs it.
  5. I was honestly shocked when I woke up and saw the news that he had died. Usually these things don't shock me but considering I've been watching the guy for years and he only took himself off TV not that long ago... absolutely shocking. I knew it was likely bad as no injury was declared but I expected it to come out before something like this could happen. He was someone who could have been so much more if Vince due to Brodie's look didn't imagine him with a southern accent and then felt slighted for life when Brodie couldn't do it. Still, was on national TV for years, had great matches, is said by everyone he has come across to be a stand up guy, and will be fondly remembered. You don't have to be a world champ for people decades later to remember you as a good one. If there is an afterlife I wish him a good one and of course, condolences to his family. There is something though which some people are raising which considering the guy just died is... not a good time, but it is a little odd I'll admit. The fact it's not clear what he died from outside a nebulas "lung problem" is not good as it means a lot of people are going to think it is Corona. Saying it is "not Corona" only fuels that if you don't provide the evidence. It is not impossible to imagine he did die from Corona, gotten at an AEW show (or not, but people will instantly write it off as so), and it is getting hushed up. This is the company that is still allowing Jericho to do concerts after all so hardly a company with the most care on this issue.
  6. Yeah the pages of history trophies only pop when you go into the records to check them. Another interesting note with them is Mirelva doesn't have any pages of history so you don't need to play as them to get all the pages (though you obviously need to for the one for completing their campaign).
  7. I can't say you are exactly wrong on that. They had two uh, lets say high paced shows where a lot of stuff happened (as you said, stacked) and then you had this following show. However even under those parameters in no world should Joey Janela be in the main event and having that sort of match with the AEW champion but if he absolutely must be, then just squash the guy full on.
  8. If nothing else they can just throw in NXT guys as surprises. Well there was that report of getting "dark" and well yeah, what happened is on that path. Nice visual with Fiend when he had the claw in and when he got RKO'ed. End might have been a bit too much for many
  9. That is very odd. It could be that your new game where it popped was started on the latest patch and that fixed it accidentally (as they haven't purposely tried to fix it thus far), while your old game was started on a patch where it was broken. If I risk it and pop that then I can just do the 1.00 trick to get the other two, you can use it for the that was quick too... but considering the patches added in 2 monster types I doubt the saves will be compatible (not doing an extra playthrough for it when I can just wait). It means I'm pretty much waiting on the patch to actually finish my game though, currently 2 turns away from unification (Shinobi have 1 land. Mirelva have 5 but I can take 3 in one turn and then 2 in the next). Speaking of turns... completely misunderstood the limit for hard due to how the game screen when you're playing says X/24. The screen when you select it says the limit is 60 seasons and then it throws up X/24 so it confused me into thinking 24 turns was the limit so I've been invading aggressively the whole time (doing so you can beat the game in 13 turns, might be able to do it even sooner too and this is on hard). Oh and a query, you know those events that happen when a nation is destroyed? Do they still happen when you conquer the whole map? I assume yes due to the game doesn't end there but just want know just in case as while they don't matter for trophies at all it is of some interest to me. Also I've not seen it as I've eliminated all nations myself but it seems to me that the event triggers for everyone on the map when a nation is destroyed as I've seen officers of destroyed nations in other ones. I have to assume that the game has all officers located in nation's capitals which consists of the nation's leader and plot important characters (so for Gustava it would be the Emperor, his sister, his uncle, his aunt, and the Puppeteer) as a no for joining other nations. Officers located outside the capital however can go to other nations. Some other characters like Jazz who joins from the Gustava storyline I assume can't also join other nations).
  10. And their numbers have dropped, worse, NXT shot up. I saw a lot of talk of AEW leaving NXT in the dust but I suppose that isn't going to be happening right now. I have to say the drops were well deserved honestly, they deserve to drop further next week. Kenny Omega vs Joey Janela was offensive in it's stupidity. They have their world champ, a guy they're pushing not just in company but supporting on an inter-promotional level and... he is going longer than he needs to, yes a short match by AEW standards but still too long. He is taking crazy bumps either from doing moves he doesn't need to do like the stupid I'll just try to paralyze myself dive to the outside or worse... taking a top rope to the outside leg drop... through a table... which Janela being a self trained amateur botched and so landed right on Omega's face... which meant nothing anyway as Janela lost instantly after putting him back in the ring. Oh and we can't forget Janela's Shawn Michaels vs Hulk Hogan level of selling either, which beyond making him look like a goof buries his opponent too for being part of this tomfoolery. I'd not have liked it much if this was a match against Moxley who enjoys this sort of garbage, but at least he is a big name and you could see some manner of logic to it. Hard and fast match with several big spots and by the end Omega wins... but against Janela? Joey Janela? A job guy? Not even a job guy who has future potential but a straight up dead ender. Omega should have crushed Janela and Kiss (who was ringside for Janela) 2 on 1 in half the time the match went to me. If he is the top guy than treat him as such and protect him. He doesn't need to be taking all these risks against lowcarders.
  11. There is a small number of physical versions and there is also a way to get digital versions downloaded at 1.00. So if the glitched trophies are attainable on 1.00 then maybe that is how they got them. Language... could well be a factor. I've seen talk in another game of the language setting somehow messing up camera controls so somethings these things can affect other things in odd ways. This patch seems to be one they had in the pipeline already before the trophy issue was raised to them so it doesn't fix any of the trophy issues yeah.
  12. People shouldn't be surprised at other broken games still being on the store. For a start most broken stuff, and I mean seriously broken, not hyperbolic a few glitches mean broken, are stuff very few people play. Nightcry on the Vita for example is horribly broken, the game playing (often a slideshow with long load times) and looking horrible outside character textures as all the other textures do not load. Not a texture pop in issue, straight up do not load ever likely because if they did they'd break the game completely (explains why they delayed the Vita version for years). Barely anyone played it on the Vita though so who cares as far as Sony is concerned. Cyberpunk 2077 is one of those big hyped up games so it being broken is going to get a lot more people complaining and a lot more attention. Additionally CDPR might be an important factor here. As lambasted as they have been getting they are, from what I recall a game that did used to get praised for their consumer policies. They might have asked Sony to do this themselves. Only thing that is strange is Microsoft not doing the same... perhaps they will very soon and their internal process has just been slower than Sony's on this matter.
  13. I do wonder what the trigger is for these glitches. Loading your game while in game maybe? It would explain why people get the trophies fine after closing the game and restarting it. Played though it recently myself and had no issues with the trophies. They all popped as they should have.
  14. Collectibles vary game to game depending on how catalogued they are in game and the type of the game it is. For example I played Daymare 1998 recently and that requires you to get all the collectibles. The game is level based and you can't replay levels for collectibles, worse it is very common for you to when proceeding through a level to get previous sections locked out so if you missed a collectible in them too bad you can't go back... which means I had to play it with a collectible guide to make sure I don't miss anything. Like most I'm sure, I really dislike having to constantly reference a guide. By comparison something like Doom Eternal does collectibles nicely. It notes how many are on the map and you've gotten and collectibles themselves show up on your map (might need an upgrade I forget but pretty sure it's cheap if so) and once you reach the end of a level it'll tell you the level is done and you can now teleport to previous sections of the level (no enemies around) to look for collectibles. Infamous that was mentioned was a pretty, yes yes, Infamous, case of bad collectibles in that you had shards all over the map. They do strengthen you from what I remember so not completely pointless, but still annoying as you're picking up all these rocks. Game does not mark on the map which you've found or tell you how many remain in a section of the city... so I remember printing out a map and tracking down all them, marking stuff off when I found it/found nothing there. Funnily enough when I was done... didn't have the trophy so that was fun. From what I recall what happened was 2 collectibles are very close together on the map but they're on different vertical plains so I went to place, got the collectible and then crossed both out in error. Later games made Blast Shards much less annoying to get all of. In conclusion I'm not against collectibles, but some developers should really consider if their game is at all collectible friendly, and if not and they still want them, maybe add some features in to make it more friendly. Also, do try to have them be meaningful is some manner. Lore is one way. Upgrades to your character is... okay. Literally nothing? Why do this? Sometimes like in the case of the feathers in Assassins Creed 2 I can I suppose see the logic of the collectibles being put in to promote you into really seeing all the work they put into making the game's areas... I can see that and still dislike they put them in.
  15. Thank you for the update. I actually got the game myself now (why I responded here to start as I was interested) and yeah, on hard mode and it hasn't popped. Thankfully games take a long enough time and you can always keep a save file right at the end so I can continue playing, though annoying to know they're glitched right now. It would explain how both people who have the Hard mode trophy do not have the in 40 seasons one as hard mode has a time limit of 25 (though there is a custom mode where you can be on hard and have no time limit... though it is unlikely I imagine you can get the hard mode trophy as you aren't actually on hard mode, but in custom with the AI set to hard). So yeah, just in case there is ever a dispute for them, right now you can get the hard mode trophy without the within 40 seasons as the 40 seasons one is glitched. Odd if it ain't affecting everybody though yeah. Maybe those saying they're unaffected simply do not have the patch and aren't stating as such. Could be those trophies are glitched for some nations and not others? I'm currently playing as the Holy Gustava Empire and they ain't popping for reference. Good to hear they're patching it in the future, hopefully very soon. On a nice note for everybody. I am enjoying the game and do feel it is solid. Might seem really hard at first but you eventually pick up on it. I don't like that as I started on hard it means I have to be very aggressive and constantly expand heavily, but once you get past the first playthrough you can really sit back and play more comfy like if that is more your thing. The custom difficulty they introduced means you can make future playthroughs incredibly easy and so quicker if you like too. Still, for those interested be mindful that this is not a short platinum by any means. Conquering the whole map as one nation takes a good while and you have to do it with 6. The challenge mode that exists is at minimum another 1 playthrough but it's possible it seems to conquer the whole map and not get 30k points. From what I've read though you can actually cheese the mode and do it very easily though so I don't think people should be put off thinking it might be too hard for them. Oh and the event trophies should not put people off either if how they're set up in the records is any indication. There is a lot of events in the game, very Romance of the Three Kingdoms/Nobunaga's Ambition like, and the game does tell you how to get them too which is nice... but you thankfully do not need those hundreds of events. All you need is the "Pages of History" events which you get all of if you complete the game as all 6 nations.