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  1. You can try some form of social media, reddit/twitter/whatever. They do have a site though where you can contact them, that may have more success. They have previously said somewhere they were "looking at it" when it came to these trophy requirements so they may just respond to you with that. Obviously we can't expect them to mess around with their multiplayer configurations, be it Blitz mode or quickplay. However, they can even if a bit of a hassle with Sony I'm sure, get the trophies changed so the trophies brought in line with the others and are changed to: Flamethrower Set 3 AllStars on fire in a single use of Cerberus's breaker in an online match No Escape Wreck 3 opponents with a single use of Barong's Countdown in an online match
  2. It is a big problem with today's wrestlers, especially the guys you'll see in AEW as WWE guys are heavily trained so are better in this respect. They are either heavily scripted to the point of being mechanical, or they just do every move they know every match with no rhyme or reason. A person might be very talented and able to execute moves excellently, but if they can't think in the ring and make a match flow well then well, fine if they're in the ring with someone who can call the match for them, but if the other person can't call the match? Then you run into issues. As for Cornette and training... it doesn't have to be him obviously. They simply need to get a guy who is focused on things making sense and who has the authority to tell guys to not do X, Y, Z anymore, and if they cause problems, authority to punish them. Cornette has talked about the time he spent with the Young Bucks and it forms part of the reason he hates them. They pulled a stunt in their hiring which soured them with him instantly, but their matches were also major issues. They wrestled as the Young Bucks and Cornette obviously didn't like it and let them know it and so, according to Cornette, the sulking Young Bucks did in fact knock it off... and started wrestling as if they were the Road Warriors which he took as them giving him the finger basically as that was even worse and they knew it. The issue however, beyond the fact that Tony Khan is weak and would never give someone like that the power to tell the likes of the Young Bucks that they have to dial it back big time... is that wrestling trainers these days are getting worse and worse as old veterans retire from it. The trainers these days are Bill Demote types that teach bad basics, a whole lot of flashy moves, and have you take a whole bunch of bumps. According to Cornette from what I recall, an actual good trainer needs to focus on stressing the basics which is things like how to throw a good punch that looks good. Throwing bad punches, or the over popular bad forearms (AEW is a massive offender on this), instantly hurts the perception of wrestling especially if a new viewer of it is seeing it. They need to help develop and stress the importance of your mannerisms and facials in the ring as everything has to be as believable as possible. They need to help develop your thinking in the ring so everything you do makes sense in the ring. Once you have all that sorted you're set and it is then that you can pick up the flashy moves if you need to, you'll be smart enough from your training to know of course that just because you know how to do a flashy move, doesn't mean you should do it. It needs to make sense. I agree with that assessment myself. I once saw what basically amounted to a "All Holds Match" (not officially one) between Cesaro and Sheamus and they had a good match as limited as they were by the story of the match as both guys could throw strikes well and you know, Cesaro is one of the best wrestlers in the world and Sheamus is heavily underrated by many people as he is incredibly good also. How big wrestling used to be is underestimated by a lot of people. In Britain Big Daddy who you mentioned was incredibly over to where yes, they got ratings like that. It didn't matter that Big Daddy was incredibly limited in the ring, or that he basically beat everyone (something that gets you heat today) not named Kendo Nagasaki, who he rag dolled 99% of the match before getting pinned off an illegal chop after a distraction and often chased off afterwards so he could end up standing tall in the ring post match anyway. In Japan it was... Rikidozan? Pretty sure it was him, who has some crazy stat where like nearly all of Japan watched his big matches. I've heard it said that Pro-Wrestling may have been the biggest sport back in the day though I don't know if that is true. Jericho I imagine will put over MJF yes. The issue is what it takes to get there. Stuff like the swirly to MJF and the Inner Circle wrecking Pinnacle constantly should not have happened if the goal is to get MJF over. It doesn't always work out but Henry was involved in getting Jade aboard in some capacity among others in the past that worked out. He recognises that a 6'8 tall 220lbs woman even if she doesn't take to wrestling... it doesn't matter, her sheer size is enough of an attraction and advantage. By comparison, the other big women in AEW are Nyla Rose at 5'7 and 185lbs and Jade Cargill at 5'10 and 161lbs. They're the big ones so imagine the sheer disparity for the other women. Can you imagine this Liz Cambage next to Riho who is 5'1 and 99lbs? What a visual. That is someone you instantly put the belt on and have them hold it for a long time. Then when the time comes you can turn face a heel who has been booked strong and has some size, Jade Cargill for example, to beat her for the title.
  3. The budget cuts excuse is obvious nonsense. Wyatt after having his reinvention derailed by WWE began to get combative with management on what they wanted him to do and Vince/Nick Khan (Ace is just a fall guy, he ain't making these decisions) it appears will no longer accept dissent, no matter who it is. Part of the reason why would be a claim a lot of people make I think, and I'll not comment if it is correct or not, which is that no one is a star and no one effects the ratings and whatever. If no one is a star and has an effect then even top guys like Wyatt and Strowman can be cut without issue. Who cares, they can just slot some other guy in their spot. Who? Who cares. Nobody is a star anyway. I'm not one of those people who starts shouting about unions and all that... but WWE's wrestlers really should be thinking about getting some solidarity here. WWE has always been horrible for their workers, but never to the extent that even top guys are disposable to them. Taking issue with booking, something done by top guys since forever and expected if you're going to make it as a top guy to start with is enough to be fired? Fans should play a part too, though with all the damage WWE has done on that end who knows if anyone can muster up the will to campaign. The target obviously would have to be Nick Khan, Vince's new top guy, who by all accounts has been driving all this. If shows begin to get a lot of "Fire Nick Khan" chants and the like then WWE might be forced to at least slow itself with these moves. Side note, perhaps Kevin Dunn in the future will get looked at with a kinder light. He has been hated for a long time for being Vince's top guy and while yes, he did talk against some talent at times, he apparently didn't like/want to push Becky (before "The Man" stuff) as he didn't like her having an accent... that is small time stuff. Nick Khan who has replaced him in that top spot has been a monster in the position.
  4. I just saw this as I mentioned Jade which caused me to look up related news and... AEW should listen to Henry. He is actually quite the scout and I think he would be correct in this being a massive get, not just literally but in it being money. Jade Cargill is like a titan in AEW and this woman makes even her look small. Or you know, could just hire some 5'2 Japanese indy wrestler instead. We'll see where all this goes.
  5. He was pictured like yesterday or the day before and appears to have slimmed down quite a bit which has been framed as "in the best shape of his life" which... not so sure I'd frame it that way as Bray being a bit... husky... was part of his look. I agree. The Cult Leader gimmick was when Bray was at his best. They overused him heavily as an ineffectual goof who'd say a whole lot of nothing and then lose his feuds which were all the same (attack face randomly, promos where he tells them "They're lying to you man", gets beat even with backup from two giants) which caused fans to turn on him. Bray had to reinvent himself because WWE reduced the worth of his gimmick to nothing. Ironically some comments here and there actually leads me to think that Wyatt is not actually a fan of the stuff that has done lately with him/Alexa so what fans have hated him for may well not be him. I hope he gets well if it is an issue, and if he returns to WWE I wish him luck in reinventing himself again. My suggestion would be to break away from all this stuff that has defined him up to now as WWE will always mess it up. Have someone out Wyatt for what he really is. He ain't some guy from a swamp. Powers? All obviously tricks. Lights out trick for example? He has been paying a guy all these years in the back to help with that. Wyatt grew up as a privileged upper/middle class kid who plays cult leader and takes advantaged of not mentally sound people, people who are homeless, ex-soldiers (there was an implication at the start that Harper was an ex-solider from what I recall), all for his own sick amusement. It is unlikely Wyatt would end up in AEW, but not impossible. We'll see you in that thread then if he goes to AEW.
  6. Guy said he did for Russo too and if he listened to Cornette he'd know that Cornette frowns heavily on fans attacking wrestlers as you know, many back in the day attacked Cornette himself. He was an attention seeker, not much more than that. As for Jade, as far as I know she got some manner of injury but should be back soon. Baker is going to get a bodyguard soon I seem to recall so many Jade can get that role. She is a whole lot of woman. Cornette is not as out of touch as his detractors make out. Some of his stuff is outdated yes, but much of it is timeless. He has also made a comment I found quite funny. Back when he was booking he'd get guys music which was 10-20 years old and he'd catch hell for it, how out of touch. AEW gets 60s music or whatever for guys and those sort of people think it is great. Some point simply aren't fair in their assessments. As for your comment... I don't think it really combats what Cornette says. For a start Cornette is not a "workrate" guy, at least not under the modern definition, he finds many of the "great workers" in AEW for example to be terrible workers, as to him being a great worker is about being believable not just in how you execute moves, but in what moves you do, when, your decision making basically. A guy might be limited in what he does but if believable and what little he does is done well then Cornette will be fine with it. The other issue he would take with your comment is that Cornette professes that the Monday Night War era was not when wrestling was most popular and that instead it was most popular during the Territory era where shows based in a single state would get 500k viewers so if you added them all together you'd get the highest numbers watching wrestling. I'm a fan of anybody who can get some legitimate heat as that takes some doing these days. Corbin that you mentioned is one and WWE never actually took advantage of it, like Elias he is someone WWE features heavily but never actually does anything with. Corbin should have been WWE champion off his feud with Rollings where he even did that unexpected moment where he hit the End of Days on Becky Lynch. They're now seemingly turning him face so that may disappear in future... or it'll just return later when he goes heel again, we'll see. Another notable person with this trait is Eva Marie who back in her first run should really have become champion near the end of her first run and now that she is back really should get it at some point. She gets real heat off people, something women struggle to do, Charlotte really being the only other one that can do that, and should be rewarded for it. Yeah, and makes me worried for MJF. They've been feuding for ages and likely will for a long time still. That comment Jericho made in kayfabe about keeping MJF close so he can suck him dry... yeah. As for Deathmatches... they've already said they'll have future ones, talking the exploding one. I think also that the recent deathmatch is not one they count with the exploding one. The Exploding one is a "Japanese style" deathmatch. This one with Gage is an American/Indy style one. That may be why the exploding deathmatch debacle didn't effect them doing another deathmatch so soon after, they don't register them as the same type of match.
  7. Quoting myself as I called Wyatt getting cut. Yes, you heard me, Wyatt is gone too now. Of course yes, this could be that Wyatt is having issues and requested himself. We have no way of knowing the actual reason, but I certainly had the feeling he wasn't going to be around long at the point I made that post I quoted. The extra interesting thing for me in all this was in a rare Vince comment where he got asked about AEW he implied that WWE knows that these releases usually means the guys end up in AEW. He also said that perhaps "WWE should release some more talent for them", something like that. It could be he is cutting guys he considers worth nothing when it comes to moving the needle, to get them in AEW and cause a TNA effect where eventually the fans turn on the company for filling it up with Ex-WWE guys. Khan already has bloated his roster and the more WWE guys that are "can't miss" he signs, the more bloated it becomes. Side note. Randy Orton claims another victim. Anyone who loses to Orton should be worried at this point, he beats a lot of guys who get cut afterwards. Apparently Michaels/HHH/Benoit once had a segment like that way back... but yeah, if it has happened before or not... absolute nonsense.
  8. They just can't be earned in that mode. The reasoning I assume being it is supposed to be the competitive mode and they want trophy boosters or whatever messing it up.
  9. Wow... a complete removal of all the team modes (Blitz can't pop you character trophies) meaning No Escape and Flamethrower have basically become impossible short of you getting enough players together in a boosting group, filling every single slot in a match, and then having most players quit to allow those left to get the trophy. We can only hope that a patch fixes that down the line too. If those modes aren't going to return then the trophies themselves need to be modified into something that is actually attainable.
  10. Up to you what you do. Look at it this way, at least those 30 plats will be at the bottom of your list. I get the feeling. My list at one point has some 10 of those games in a row (well, it is more 5 as each game has a PS4/Vita stack) and after seeing that I didn't like it and stopped. Now if I play those types of games I try to at least space a significant amount of games between each of them so their presence doesn't dominate whatever part of my list is being looked at. Of course, as someone who enjoys Adventure games/VNs, which are a type of game that tends to have these high percentages as they can be largely skipped quickly till the plat pops, me getting them on my list is pretty much unavoidable but that ain't going to stop me from playing them. As for easy quick plats themselves... I don't like them overloading profiles yes, but I can understand indulging here and there. It is nice after doing some 100 hour plat that had you do 20 hours to pop that last bronze, to pop a whole bunch of trophies quickly.
  11. Certain ones perhaps sure, but beyond them it is good to know that I'm not someone who has been transported to some manner of bizzaro world where everything is upside down. When I see AEW fans talk up some manner of nonsense as genius booking or something, hyperbole, but I feel like I'm having a stroke. As for AEW's finances, they're poor at the moment but it doesn't really matter as long as daddy is paying for everything. AEW isn't just dumping a lot of money on a video game (why so much if the idea is to have some manner of arcade type game anyway?), but have you seen their roster? Extremely bloated and unless you sexually assault people you seemingly don't get fired. I've heard Cornette talk on that and I think you have a misunderstanding of that. First off he was never a "booker" in WWF, he was on the booking committee for a time. As for the NWA invasion, I don't think he was even on the booking committee at that point, but beyond that, and this is from memory so I could be wrong but as the story was told that stuff was a Russo idea. Russo alleges that it was a favour to Cornette, to appease him, to stop the bad blood between them. Cornette alleges that Russo did it because he knew that it wouldn't get over in that environment, especially if badly booked on top of everything else so by its end he could point to it and tell Vince "See, all that old stuff just doesn't work today and Jim is out of touch". Cornette alleges that he went along with it to try and help the boys, but he knew it was hopeless. If that is the fear then you may as well run Punk as a face. These days you have a bunch of those fans yes that will cheer heels and such because they think they're so smart if they do that... you should not let them dictate anything. Beyond that... that is why you have a build up to a match, to sort things out like this. Look at Jericho? He has come back to big face reactions before and then converted it to a heel one... Punk can't do this why? For example, CM Punk on the run up to the match can state that yes, he stated before that he was done with wrestling... but he has never been paid so much to do so little before so he thought he'd come to AEW and take Tony Khan's daddy's money. That he knows that him winning the title is a certainty, not because he is still at the same level he once was, but because he has gotten to see the boys in the back up close and personal and you know what? Most of them are human defects like all you people in the audience watching the show. That brings him to Hangman, the champ himself, a sad drunk who is playing around with the Dark Order. Brodie would be proud, you know why? You ever thought why a star (bad mouthing the dead for an angle can be done, but is unneeded) like him surrounded himself with the scum of society in the Dark Order? It is because standing next to these putrid people makes you look better by comparison. In the big leagues Brodie had to stand next to other stars, other titans, he could not stand out as much as he did in this joke of a group here in AEW. Now I bet in the back those in the Dark Order are getting real hot at me saying this. Hey, Colt Cabana, how you doing? Perhaps that fat goof in a mask "Evil Uno" wants a match. Well you know what? None of you Dark Order losers are getting a match with me. I could beat you all at the same time with a hand tied behind my back, but that ain't the point. I'd be demeaning myself by getting in the ring with such scum and with my contract I don't have to either as I can call my shots. Take a good hard look at the AEW title folks, because when I win it at Full Gear you won't see it until the next PPV. Watched by tiny amounts of people there to see the stupid untrained goofs hit each other over the head with light tubes yes. As for their numbers not tanking on the segment... it ain't this week which would say anything on if it turned people off, it'd be next week. However, with AEW promoting this stuff and having easily convinced/deluded fans, perhaps it will hold as you now will actually see people out there saying garbage deathmatch wrestling is just another cup of tea, that it deserves some level of respect. No. The art of professional wrestling is about simulating a fight while actually doing as little damage to your opponent as possible. This garbage goes against that. It ain't professional wrestling. As for Dominos and ads. What serious respectable companies don't like is seeing their name "blowing up" online and then when they look their brand is being associated with garbage deathmatches. Why? Because normal people will see that stuff and may then think that Dominos is low class like the low class garbage they're seeing. It only hurts wrestling also of course as people who don't care/hate wrestling have a nice example of the horribleness of wrestling to point to. You know how exposing someone like Gage is on top of everything else? The man can't throw a punch. He looks horrible. He moves around like a cripple. He has no talent. And this guy is in a AEW main event? What a disgrace wrestling is, that is what normal people see and think. Word currently is the network is trying to smooth it all over, perhaps Dominos will get a nice discount on running ads to appease them and the promise that they won't ever run an ad of theirs during a garbage deathmatch again/won't have any more garbage deathmatches. An issue however is if AEW keeps having these problems with advertisers because eventually advertisers will start paying less to advertise as they'll have the concern of AEW doing something stupid that makes them look bad. Side note. AEW fans are mad and stating that people "snitched" on AEW, you know, the show on National TV, and this is why the Dominos thing happened... not you know, it blowing up and Dominos seeing it themselves. This is the same group that was involved in messaging Snickers to get WWE in trouble and have since then done it again though now to no effect.
  12. Part of the reason wrestling has suffered getting less ad money for a long time was "blood and guts". That it ain't seen as respectable. No company that wants you and your family to partake in their product wants their product advertised during a garbage deathmatch. It'd be like if AEW started running intergender matches, you'd have companies pulling ads instantly as that is seen very negatively. You could say the same about Byran's win at Wrestlemania 30 as Undertaker's streak was broken on the same show. It'd have been stupid then to delay that victory, and it is stupid now. CM Punk by the news out there right now will debut before the PPV, and may have a match at the PPV but that ain't certain. Byran who knows. If it is such a concern then they can just be delayed for the Dynamite after the PPV. They got the crowds back. Hangman is over and the fans behind him, they want him to win the title. He has already meandered for a good while and even suffered that nonsense loss to Cage for no reason. Delaying things only runs the risk of Hangman cooling off, I mean when is the PPV after this next one? 4 months? Another 5 months of Omega having the title as Hangman's victory won't mean as much if Omega ain't the champion. Not to mention that if AEW runs what Meltzer is speculating, Omega vs Christian, then we'll likely see AEW fans in attendance hijack the show, which hey, maybe is Khan's intention because he is the booker of the year, and that sort of stuff should be avoided as it breeds bad juju for you in the future. I'm going to lay this out, me random guy on the internet, so you can see how straightforward and basic all this is. You have supposedly two guys coming in, CM Punk and Byran. One works best as a heel, another as a face. Your current top face is Page, heel Omega. Hangman defeats Omega for the title. CM Punk, known straight edge guy and hater of alcohol goes after Page, who is known for his drinking. Meanwhile Omega is the "greatest wrestler in the world". Byran is thought to be one if not the greatest wrestler active today and he takes issue with Omega for his heelish ways. You have just set up your current top guys with the guys coming in. Punk naturally puts over Hangman, he has been out of the game for ages and can also be portrayed as a sad angry bitter individual, while Hangman is someone in high spirits. Omega meanwhile can job to Byran as he was just champion and one of the guys coming in obviously should go over. There is no need to overcomplicate things when you have gold on your hands.
  13. Word going round has been that Domino's Pizza has disavowed AEW's deathmatch garbage and is considering pulling the advertising going forward. Who knew that a respectable company wouldn't want to be seen near that garbage. Something that comes to mind with this is that AEW may well be doing a lot of harm to WWE's mission these past 2 decades of changing the perception of wrestling. WWE has worked to change it to "entertainment" but AEW with all the blood has been promoting the change in perception to "blood and guts". Following fan reaction to this is quite something. AEW marks talk as if they know Khan personally and really believe that he is some sagely legitimate booker of the year. I've even seen the conspiracy that if Omega vs Hangman doesn't happen then the network must be responsible because... Khan can do no wrong? Laughable stuff. Excuses coming out too such as "Hangman is going to be a dad soon so they're delaying it because of that". Oh dear. We can't discount of course that Khan could be being meta and working all the journalists including his personal cheerleader Meltzer (well, perhaps not him, I'm sure he'd play along willingly) which... why? The problem with meta stuff, most of the time it does absolutely nothing for anybody at best, at worst it hurts things. Hard to drop something you've followed so long, the habit of it. Wrestling has never been less popular. The embarrassment of it all has never been higher with even a garbage indy deathmatch main eventing AEW Dynamite. I think the only thing really keeping me going is perhaps the existence of the Anti-Smarks or whatever you might call them (ain't just Cornette fans), as that at least tells me that there is still a sizable amount of people out there who oppose this criminal activity.
  14. Man, last week I got so negative I thought about quitting wrestling entirely. I watched this one and maybe I should just be like that rumoured gimmick for Baron Corbin, "Happy Corbin". I mean sure, none of this follows the most basic fundamentals of wrestling. Sure, the referees are horrible, the booking ???, and the talent largely ill trained and have stupid decision making in their matches. Sure, they've promoted the likes of Nick Cage who is a disgrace as is his garbage deathmatch crap... all very sad stuff... but, perhaps everyone should just look on the bright side of things. It is all very funny too. When the Elite all started getting in the ring one after another to hit moves on a Dark Order guy out of nowhere while Knox, nah, I'm not even going to bother to show any level of respect anymore as he fully deserves the nickname Cornette has given him, while the corpse referee just stood there and looked at it, I laughed. When later the Dark Order all just got in the ring to gang up on an Elite guy and the ref just stood there I laughed again. WWE does this thing in their multiman matches often where near the end of the match things will "break down" and everyone will start hitting big moves until two guys are left in the ring and then a finish happens. AEW does worse stuff then that at the start, middle, and end of the match, over and over. And they're the promotion that RESPECTS TAG TEAM WRESTLING HAHAHA. JR who was comedy was sweating and I can't even imagine what was going through his mind as all this criminal activity transpired. Man, when he is no longer getting paid by AEW... oh but there was more of course. I laughed at Kenny Omega, the WORLD CHAMPION, playing the role of the weasel who keeps interfering and breaking things up that Shane McMahon played during the WWF vs The Alliance match. Of course Shane after enough crap was punished and then eliminated... which actually would have been solid booking if I can be serious for a moment... imagine Kenny acting like that and then Hangman just eliminates him and punishes his foolishness. Now that actually would be a nice bit of booking if Kenny is going to act the fool as he did, but who am I, random guy on the internet, to question the booker of the year? Anyway, back to the funny business. The finish. Oh the finish. I've actually seen people swearing off the show off it. Defenders of AEW are completely thrown for a loop, "Wait and see" is all they have. We've been waiting how long for Hangman to start his run at the title and get it? PPV is 40 days away. Perhaps though this is a set up for the biggest joke of all though I'm not sure which is bigger... Hangman not actually getting a match at all... or Hangman getting it and losing? One might be better as it has a slower burn... but I think the quicker one is preferable as there will be no excuses for it. Oh and I got to see Nick Gage in a match, truly incredible stuff from the deadly Pizza Cutter Assassin. Those punches, oh those punches. A 5 year old has better worked punches. Funny stuff but just stop Gage, just get a light tube or whatever and have you and whatever idiot you're in the ring with smash each other over the head with them straight away. What you're good and stupid enough for.
  15. And of course you are free to drive down that road if you wish. It would be nice if you didn't stop now and then to heckle others going the other way for their paintjob or it having a scratch, but you do you. Have a nice day. @DrBloodmoney said a very apt statement that describes what you're talking about. In essence they can't see the wood for the trees. They focus on certain details and miss the whole picture. If something has a negative effect then it must be stopped even if overall it actually has a positive one. Animal Hunting, Big Game Hunting, Trophy Hunting (not the kind on this site) is the easiest example for these matters, though yours is good too. So many are against it and wish to see it banned... when in actuality it is actually good for the animals (and others) overall and also good for the people who live in the places that get hunted as it is a source of income. I said what I said in the nicest possible terms as I'm not in the business of insulting people. You are free to take it as you wish, but it would be nice if you self reflected a bit yes.