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  1. I would see about contacting support yeah. It is possible that the new update which as said was messed up at first bugged that trophy.
  2. That wouldn't be it as I got it. Though there was one thing I did that perhaps you guys didn't. I unlocked the 5 leaders for each of the factions at the same time as having 100% Thronebreaker I had enough reward points to spend the 50 needed for it.
  3. That is very odd and you only started playing after they fixed it. Only thing you can do is report it on their site where they have people that actually process your issue. Out of what could trigger it popping would be to get leaders you're missing yes, though use reward points mate. Winning 6 rounds equals 2 reward points and leaders are at most 10 points.
  4. What leaders do you have?
  5. Okay I finally got it after another 10 attempts. 1st, 4th, and 15th card. A Bronze Skellige card. However yeah, anybody starting this should be aware that the Traditionalist trophy has become much harder to get due to there being more cards. Granted it ultimately is luck based so you could get it straight away if lucky, but the % of getting it is much reduced just be aware of that.
  6. Well I did 30 attempts so yeah, it is no joke now. Event is changing over in a day or two so I'm hoping that arena events are a thing still yes as I don't see how it can be gotten otherwise. Just not going to bother with using the steel I got left after that and save it for last.
  7. Just spent a large sum to try and get it and failed coming away very annoyed. At 3300 steel or so so I still got a good number of attempts left but... has this trophy become harder? As I understand new faction cards were added which are in the arena. I've come close a few times, once having 4 different cards at x2 but never got a x3. I've read on the little I can find that at times they've had 1 faction only events in the arena... that something that happens often? It the only real way to get this trophy? If you can't count on such at thing... any tips? Like, cards you notice show up more than others? Unrelated but does the arena give more XP then standard play?
  8. I don't remember specific points given but as I said mate, these bonus points aren't relevant in HOTD4 due to the 2P trick. They're vital in HOTD3 from what I recall, but not in this one.
  9. You just shoot it a whole bunch. It appears in some points with some you being able to keep a zombie alive to give you more time. As for good points... in 1P sure, but in 2P they're irrelevant. When I was ending levels in 2P I was always getting a top ranking in score.
  10. People say accuracy, headshots, speed, score, avoiding getting hit... but honestly it just feels off to me. I was constantly getting B on the Prologue and Stage 1 was constantly A. Stage 4, with Death, also would give me A half the time. Trying to headshot things fast and being accurate, perhaps avoiding the Quadra shot and instead using a doubleshot might help in that... maybe... oddly there are a few things that could possibly help. I saw online someone mention that they got Special Agent when they set their game to 3 lives/9 credits, then someone responded saying it worked for them. I tried it, might have used freeplay instead I forget... and it worked. Got an A on the Prologue... yeah, might be worth a shot. Oh and yes, do keep shooting the bosses always. I've seen some say to not shoot the fool but considering his health does slightly go down... I think it should be fine, and besides I was always S ranking it's level so if it works against you then certainly didn't much.
  11. Responding to an old post I know but there isn't much talk on these games and perhaps it can help someone else along. First off I'm going to list something I found talk of but had to figure out exactly how it was done as it wasn't made clear where I saw it. You can actually unlock freeplay. What they said is you had to complete both HOTD4 and HOTD4SP, watch the extra video thing in full, do a ranking game, and finally you got to get a game over screen a small number of times by running out of lives when you have 0 credits. The thing that I had to figure out is of course that in the ranking game you can't just let yourself die at the start, you have to actually clear at least 1 level. Freeplay is very useful as you no longer have to watch out for loss of credits so enemies attacking the right side is cool. Now, on to your stuff. I just got the G ending, as in the ending 3. However my Results were A / A / A / A / A / S which you put down as being what gets you ending 4. The only thing I can think of is there is a range that decides what ending it gives as I've heard people talk of getting very high scores and such and mine wasn't so hot. I got 259k at the end. It could be what decides the ending is getting Rank 1/2 and if you are above X points, perhaps 300k. I'm going to play some more, trying to S the first level if I can which currently isn't going well. If I finish with the same rank setup and around the same score and get the other ending then I'll honestly will have to rule it as being random which of the two you get. EDIT: Okay, I got the other ending. First off I tried to put it to Very Hard to see if that would buff my points up by simple virtue of perhaps enemies taking more hits. Same A for everything except final stage and 294K points... G. Then I decided to say screw it and shoot for S ranking the first stage which is difficult. My advice to people is to very much go for headshots all the time as you need a great many but to do so by tapping the button, don't miss too much obviously. Basic stuff but hey, repeat the stage enough and it starts becoming easier. Oh, and don't bother with grenades on the boss. Yes, it kills him real easy but you're missing out on a lot of hits that'll boost your accuracy. Getting hit when you have freeplay unlocked is basically irrelevant, at least it was for me as I would always get a perfect for score as I'd always end the stage with a second player active. So anyway, back to the MM ending. Pointswise I got 264K but obviously that minor increase wasn't it when 30K extra didn't do it. So, while this could be wrong. It seems G is just 1 S while MM is 2+.
  12. Well I got the chance to check myself. Yeah, European save files don't work with the American version as expected. So European players got to do an extra playthrough unless they use the American version from the start. Annoying, but what is 1 more when you got to do 5 anyway... at least the 6th will have some new content... yeah.
  13. Finally got round to actually buying some stuff on the Hong Kong store so I can now do this no problem, but question, preferably to those who are in the European region as you can talk from experience. If I get the Hong Kong DLC I'm out of luck on the version I have which is the European version. So I have to get either the American (disc or digital doesn't matter) or Hong Kong version of the game. Having played a Hong Kong game recently I assume both will be in English, the only difference being X and Circle being swapped controlwise on the Hong Kong version which is annoying but whatever. Now my question is, and I have asked before but now feel I may have misunderstood... will my European version save files work? Considering you can apparently just do the DLC endgame it'd be real nice if I didn't need to do a 6th playthrough to get the DLC done. Instead just loading my endgame European save file and going from there. I know some might get testy with this, you know, sort of "what do you think idiot" type affair as it should be obvious, but I'm only asking as I've had people be wrong before on something else (told me a patched save wouldn't work on an unpatched game when it did).
  14. I'd do it yourself mate. Don't mean that negatively, just that it makes sense to rather than hope to get someone to spend their time helping you out on this thing you can do so easily yourself. Make a second account and have your main account join it's story with your character who'll one shot everything easy. Moment you can fast travel go to the DLC and then just have your main character crush everything in the main story of it until you get to the area where the mission is and then do that.
  15. Ummm, really don't recall having any trouble but maybe you're right on the getting lucky part. Ultimately though you can see where the lasers are going to go so you should be able to put yourself somewhere you'll be safe. You don't have to worry about attacking so it shouldn't be any trouble. Yeah, didn't even bother on bosses outside 101 where it can actually be helpful and you may as well as you no longer need to save them.