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  1. The giant orange juice company doesn't worry that Timmy down the road outsells them in lemonade. Gamepass is what decides if they're winning or not. They have more than Google and Amazon so they're winning. Sony and PlayStation Now is small time stuff and Nintendo ain't even in the running. Forget that the profit you make is the ultimate decider in who is on top, all of that will come in good time. Microsoft are visionaries for doing what they're doing (ignore that Sony released PlayStation Now before they went into this direction).
  2. Don't you know that Sony and Nintendo are small time? Microsoft does not even waste time thinking about them as they're too busy competing against Google and Amazon. Microsoft are beating Google's Stadia so they're number 1.
  3. Anyone got more than 14 snow globes? The list in extras lists 25 as attainable but from what I've seen the most people have been able to find thus far is 14. 6 being Moth Eye accessible and the other 8 not which means to get them you have to throw something at them. Either 11 collectibles are somehow really hidden or this is a Bloodstained situation where they intended to have 25 snow globes, cut the number down to 14, but left the empty spots in the game thereby making it unattainable until a patch trims them from the list. For the no death run being "reset" near the end when you need to get a key in a room is fine and does not count as a death. Also... be very careful with your autosave on the no save run. Don't take a break on the wheelchair section as that will cause the game to glitch when loading (you have no model and can "free" yourself and get the remote, but then can't move). This next one was pre 1.02 but don't take a break post freeing yourself either as that will glitch the lock on a door you have to shoot and render it unbreakable. You're safe once you break the lock and it autosaves there though if the enemy in that section grabs and throws you to the floor than your character will freeze in place (note that this is the grab to the floor. Saying this as the end of the section involves that enemy grabbing you with a different grab which you don't have to worry about). Right at the end make sure you have a back up before the final group of cutscenes. First try at them the cutscene going into the final gameplay section caused the game to hang and on loading it back up the save file listed "title" and selecting it would put it at the title screen to where it would then do nothing. Loading my back up it did it again on the same spot but this time didn't do the title thing so I was able to load the autosave and continue. Then after the next patch of cutscenes it hanged again but thankfully was loadable so I finally finished the game. Another instance I found that was glitched but not completely is the fight in the garage. If you just do it then everything runs fine but if you load the autosave that happens at the fights start than the enemy can't be stunned. They can still be defeated so they aren't made invincible but the difficulty increases. Also, I can't say I tested it but I wouldn't even use the mirror to heal yourself. You don't need it as loading autosaves restores you to full and why risk voiding the trophy? The glitch I used to get Moth Lady has been patched out it seems however there is still a trick you can use to max yourself out. Find 8 keys (there are some in the lobby/stairwell area which gets locked so make sure to find those at the start) and go to the level up box. Purchase all the "barrier" skills which at level 5 will grant you the effect of getting a key when you successfully block a stalker from opening the door (the trophy conditions for "You can't go through!" trophy). Get 8 more keys with this and max out "Luck" next as I believe it can trigger on key pick ups from blocking doors. Then max out the rest in whatever order. It is hard to say what is and isn't working. Stuff like Barrier clearly is but then you got stuff like the weapon related one which seems broken (at least the holding 2 weapons effect), which is fun as it might have been working pre-1.02 (can't recall for sure). Next thing I'll be doing will be the stalker related trophies regarding stabbing them so I'll post info I get on those down the line. Even with just the 1.02 patch the game has improved a bit. Framerate issues are largely fixed it seems. Skills are messed up still on any file that was running on an older patch/unpatched but are good if you start a new game. I can say having fully played it now that most people are going to have most of their annoyances being with dealing with the first stalker (not the guy in the prologue) as you actually need to defeat them and then the first area with the second stalker with the gun. Gun stalker honestly has to be seen to be believed in how damn bad he is. You start in a room where it is hard to avoid him landing a hit on you, which if he does you might well be dead there and then as the Gun stalker having a gun naturally can shoot you, and he shoots fast enough that he can stun lock you to death. Fortunately depending on how you get hit, if a corner then you're dead, if into a open area than you may, that is may, be able to move far away enough that he misses one of his shots. Additionally 1.02 has glitched the Gun Stalker in their first encounter as he may instead of attacking you as he should, lose track of you instantly and exit the room instead. Speaking of the gun stalker, to get past that section you have to spray the stalker with the fire extinguisher twice (do it once and run away to allow it to be useable again) and then be near him so he grabs you to end the segment. Beyond those instances though the stalkers aren't really a problem.
  4. This is a cool thread. Noted down a number of games to get in future from here. For my own offerings... honestly I have many sub 5000 games that I've enjoyed. I'll provide 3 below, of different genres to keep things diverse. AI: The Somnium Files (2,472) - I have a lot of VN/Adventure games that could go here and I would recommend them too. Though if I had to recommend something recent that would be a good intro for people who worry they might end up not liking the genre then I think AI fits the bill. It's not a full VN having gameplay to break up the reading which is nice. The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters (68) - I would list Coma 1 (938) but it got delisted (may return in future apparently though) so unless you're willing to pay big on a limited physical copy (Asia version, which is in English, has a plat while other versions don't by the way) you'd be fine going straight into Coma 2 which is an improvement over 1 in every respect. You shouldn't be lost in the plot by going into 2 from 1 I'd say. Banner of the Maid (174) - Fire Emblem set during a fantasy version of the French Revolution. There is some text issues (side quest text, before mission text) in a number of places and the little voice acting there is is in Chinese (Chinese game) which may put off some people (I'm used to it via ROTK).
  5. Not me, but the person I responded too. Perhaps that is what they meant by Life is Strange 3 yeah.
  6. Was reading through the thread and saw this. Can't find anything on Life is Strange now being exclusive, but did come across the below: "During an interview with GameSpot, Raoul Barbet and Michel Koch both expressed interest in the future of the franchise, including a potential Life is Strange 3, but explained that the rights belong to Square Enix and that decisions on the future of the franchise lay with them." So if there is a Life is Strange 3 then it would be unlikely to be exclusive.
  7. Interesting the points boost to platiniums combined with the level change. It used to take me 8-9 games platinumed to level up. Now 8 platinum trophies on their own level me up. Overall I actually do like the change though the platinum no longer being divisible by the gold as @LordBilbanes says bothers me too. 270 might have been better... though then that would be a bit off too as then you'd have x2, x3, x3. Making the platinum 360 would have it be divisible and it'd be x2, x3, x4 but then that would increase the issue that people have of platinums now being worth too much.
  8. Most fun platinums: 1 - Any interesting VN/Adventure (Zero Escape, Danganronpa, 428, Raging Loop, Somnium Files, Death Mark, so forth) 2 - Resident Evil Resistance (I don't do many online games but this one was enjoyable. Gives you targets across all the characters and it's fun to manage to hit them) 3 - The Coma 2 (little trophy information existing makes me warry but if it's something I'm interested and just released it ends up fun to me. Comparing notes with other players when needed) Most grindy platinums: 1 - Star Ocean: The Last Hope (long grind. So bad my PS3 went from not crashing to crashing a good degree on it) 2 - White Knight Chronicles (long grind which thankfully it turns out I did 90% of when the servers were up and set it aside) 3 - Far Cry 2 (not as long as the above two and perhaps a bit shorter than a few others I have... but it has a long online grind which is worse than a normal grind) Highest skill based platinums: 1 - Any Fighting game that requires doing significant challenges (Marvel vs Capcom 3, Persona Ultimax, Dead or Alive 5, so forth) 2 - Armoured Core: Verdict Day (Me and another player did this, a game that requires 4 people (so we were usually with randoms), and if someone is bad then they get wasted fast. Against online bosses that are real tough) 3 - Catherine (Babel was tough) Most boring / tedious platinums I earned: 1 - Psycho Pass: Mandatory Happiness (Bad, predictable, just dull and the only game on my list I've just skipped after halfway. None of that is it being a VN. I play plenty which I enjoy) 2 - Shenmue (Just not good and shocked me as the series has a rep. I've heard the second is better but may not bother after this one) 3 - MIND≒0 (wasn't good, interesting, and had a grind) Platinums that I did not achieve, but wanted: 1 - Resistance 2 (server closure) 2 - Mortal Kombat Vita 2011 (server closure) 3 - Street Fighter 4 (May try and do it down the road. Frustrating experience the challenges)
  9. I finished the game and I did like the story. The final gameplay segment I liked even though it was a bit annoying. Music seemed good to me. Have some information for people regarding the trophies. 1: There is a choice right at the end which gives you a different cutscene based off it. Those are the only missable cutscenes I saw so as long as you don't skip any cutscenes throughout the game, loading up your endgame file and picking the other choice and seeing the second cutscene will net you the movie viewer cutscene. I tried to view the reward cutscene but all I got was a black screen with music in the background so either it is that, or it is glitched... oh well. 2: I loaded my file whenever I died/got reset and did not get the no death run trophy. If I had to make a guess why. Recall what I mentioned previously about buying skills, loading up your mirror save and then having the skills and the keys you used? I think whenever you die it registers it on your mirror file so loading your file after a death will not work. As such, uploading your data and downloading the file will be what you'll need to do if being safe. 3: Loading the game seems to me to respawn items (didn't extensively test) so the stab stalkers 50 times can likely simply be grinded on the killer you got to let grab you after the female stalker as he will get up no matter how many times you stab him. No idea if it goes across playthroughs but I imagine so. Side note, there is a trophy for taking down each stalker though I wonder if two of the them even can be defeated and so don't count... ummm... don't know, will see. 4: Now this is a big one because, what the hell. Unless on a new playthrough you just have Moth Eye always... some of the snowglobes seem outright impossible to get as they're in segments you can't use moth eye and in some where I managed to get to their spot later... they weren't there anymore. As such the 100% collectibles trophy might well be unobtainable currently. I'm also concerned as I thought I did quite well on collecting collectibles and didn't find even half of the snow globes that seem to be in the game. No idea on how well I did on the other collectibles but a funny thing happened when I counted the milk cartons as clearly they're referencing something in the plot and yet I had 1 extra carton than the plot number.
  10. The list appears to in essence be the same list from DLC1 so shouldn't be an issue. Only needing to do way of the demon is good, anything special to way of the wise if it now exists beyond more amrita and higher +XX gear? Gear level itself raised at all?
  11. 1: There is framerate issues (not that bad but noticeable). In a trapped section the stalker animation skips (goes forward and then warps to locking the door) though this apparently is fixed now. 2: The Stalker seems too aware honestly. When sneaking up on a stalker to attack and the prompt for attacking comes up, you get a split second to attack as they instantly know you're there. 3: The starting area stalker guy straight up bugged himself in the second room for me. 4: Recent patch has completely disabled skills, can't even buy them. Patch before that had a glitch where you could buy skills and load up your mirror file and keep the skills, it is why I have the trophy for all the skills prior to chapter 1 which should be impossible (unless this is how it works by design which I would think unlikely). Even in that patch however there was a glitch that would take your items AND bought skills. Why that glitch happened I don't know, could be random on loading. I've heard death causes it too and maybe I never had a key item when it happened to me, but that one apparently took key items too which... yeah, made the game unwinnable. Recent update apparently fixes the item/skill loss of that nature. 5: Skills, when they were working, were if you had them seemingly working but it would not be surprising considering the rest of the state of the game if some were not. Survival skills for example could be bought but could not be viewed (it would show barrier) and buying them would cost 0 keys. 6: Collectibles wise I can provide some info. I've not loaded a new game but it seems that collectibles go across playthroughs, all you need is to trigger a save for you having it for good. Snow Globes which I saw 3 before I could pick up my first you have to wait for being able to pick up so don't worry. You get something called "Moth Eye" and in that Snowglobes light up yellow and you can then pick them up (there seems to be 28 in total). Prologue area has a milk carton to collect and I saw a snow globe (second room) that I couldn't pick up so I assume you do get to return to it. I hope someone is noting down the collectibles and getting a guide together because I've not been noting them... there does appear to be a lot and they seem easily missed. For example there is a segment with 3, yes, 3 stalkers, and during it there are collectibles. Though if you can return to the area in safer periods that might not be a huge deal. I think it doubtful they require you to get all the collectibles in one playthrough by the way as the snow globes literally cannot be picked up again if you've gotten them (loaded up an earlier save and it wasn't there). As such I'm making a new file if any areas possibly might become unavailable as that way, once someone has a list I can just load to whatever area it's at, get them, save, and have it. 7: Speaking of the prologue you are trapped so after getting the carton in the second room you can just let the guy take you out. The chase after you deal with the female chaser you have to fire extinguisher the guy and allow him to grab you which then instantly ends the chase. I'm listing these here because me and looking online, others, wasted a bunch of time on this segment due to the nonsense of having to lose with no indication of this. The game tells you to defeat the stalker and you are just done taking a stalker out so you assume you just have to repeat what you did to take them out... but the stalker can't die no matter how many times you bring them down. 8: I wouldn't say the game is exactly difficult. It has a no save trophy but that isn't an issue as the game does autosaves often enough which don't count towards a no save run (it only breaks if you use a mirror). It is also heavily event driven which if you have played something like White Day you should know means you can abuse the events to get past areas with the autosaves making it even easier than something like White Day. For example in the section with 3 stalkers there is a door which when you go up to something will happen which will trigger an autosave. You can then quit, load autosave, and you'll be there and not being chased by the three stalkers. 9: As for the story... I'm unsure exactly how to place it for people. I recall the story beats from the first game but I really don't recall it having this much swearing and some of it just comes off silly. A joke between two characters in a flashback seems very 2020 rather than 1973 when the game is set too. Characters from the first one are mentioned often and I have liked one of the twists they've done there. I'm looking forward to what will transpire next though I won't say anymore than that as I don't want to clue in/spoil anything.
  12. Nightcry. First off, I'm a fan of Clock Tower which this clearly patterns itself on, main guy having been involved in the Clock Tower games. Are there some interesting things in the game? Yes. However the sheer level of how terrible it runs means you have to will yourself to get through it. Framerate crapping out big time often (not talking oh damn the framerate went from 30 to 27 here. Talking single digits), bad animations if they even play and don't just skip, everything outside character models being blurry messes, massive and I mean massive load times (turning a radio gives you a load time of a minute for what reason who knows, though this is an extreme example), bad camera that in chase scenes (happen often) puts you looking at your characters feet for some reason, stalker enemy shown popping in on screen when chase scenes start, it's just an avalanche of problems. The nicest thing you can say about it is it is impressive that they somehow got a game running that badly and yet, not having it crash constantly. Don't recall it crashing even once, though it did once glitch itself and not allow me to use items. Game took forever to finally come to Vita from PC and honestly it feels like they couldn't get it running on Vita well, gave up, and then decided to just release it the mess it is. If we ignore technical issues (Nightcry is a solid enough game on PC from what I remember, the Vita version is just horrible) then I would say Psycho Pass Mandatory Happiness. I've played a lot of VNs, including those like this one that have no gameplay... and yeah, just terrible. Dull. Predictable. Takes what you think will be an interesting concept and ruins it. Only VN on my list that like half way through I just gave up and started skipping. VNs like it don't have gameplay to fall back on if the story is a dud and damn did the thing just bore me.
  13. Good to see it exists. I see what they're trying to do with the 3d models but yeah, the translation of the sprites to them needs some work perhaps.
  14. Outside Doom which has kept going high, the rest of those games... yeah, are at low points and just don't interest me personally though obviously they will for a number. I've heard somewhere that Sony failed in buying up some properties for 1 billion and 2 billion I think it was. Considering the timeframe these deals take to get made that means Sony might possibly have at least 3 billion to make a big purchase... but then they're done while Microsoft has some 150 billion in liquid cash I've heard though of course most of that can't be used. This sort of money getting thrown around was always why Microsoft went hard on pushing the whole "all in one" thing. A gaming box? Head office cares little. Gaming netflix and suddenly head office is seeing those money signs. We'll see how it shakes out. I certainly wouldn't gamble on calling if this strategy from them will pay off. I personally think the console releases are going to be vital. When a narrative forms around something it becomes very hard to shake off so Xbox getting massacred by the PS5 would really damage it's long term health.
  15. I check anybody who I have played with towards a trophy because if they're doing so then they clearly have an interest and so it is worth having a look. Have found some games on them I've noted as ones to look up.