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  1. I can't recall but either way, the super speed where several people go down instantly is not natural. Though perhaps the flash was not timed right and if it was even him lag switching wouldn't have mattered... can't say.
  2. The only one I've had where it was insanely obvious was a recent one with a Nikolai where we got the door open with like 30 seconds left. Nemesis drops down, I throw a flash to stun him so we can get through which Nemesis doesn't react to and stands still... he then goes super speed and downs 2 or 3 players.
  3. Yeah, I know, but things can become canon in future. If this game was to become a sensation they'd look into making it canon I'd imagine especially when having Annette be an AI is such a simple explanation. You know, speaking of Umbrella Corp, that games story, what existed of it, was a guy being run through experiments too. Really should be a survivor... granted... who wants Umbrella Corp guy? Well, just confirm it's HUNK and everyone will love it. I did notice the Outbreak references yeah. Nice stuff. Would be good if they added one in as a survivor. Alyssa seems to be their most favoured one considering she is referenced in this and RE7.
  4. Iron man Beat the game with Thorn and Pheng alive in hardcore mode Posting this to warn people of the above trophy. Iron Man saves after your choices so if you don't have a backup file it will cost you the whole playthrough. It's said online in the little there is about this game that Thorn and Lo Pheng can team up and so everyone lives. However when I got to the end (I chose Thorn) even though I seemed to have done a number of what appeared to be merciful choices, Lo Pheng would attack Thorn which would mean you have to kill Lo Pheng. Thankfully I had not cared to backup on the final stretch of the game so I had a save where you start as Thorn at the water Mehnir. I first thought I'd get Gleda killed before reaching Opacum... and found out that when Gleda reaches 3 injuries you cannot take her into battle. My only hope thus lay in choosing Lo Pheng after Hopper dispatches the Frisian assassins. I'm happy to say the result was that while Lo Pheng kills Reet, he doesn't attack Thorn and just leaves which makes the game switch back to Thorn for the final battle. The ending text lists Lo Pheng as alive and when the credits rolled it popped. As said, it is apparently possible to have them team up but it's honestly a bit nebulous so just pick Lo Pheng to be safe. Heck, as a bonus for picking Lo Pheng you skip the Brann battle. Though... it could be if you have a really evil Thorn and a good Lo Pheng he tries to kill Reet? But then if so... Lo Pheng wouldn't try to kill Gleda? My Thorn did some bad stuff like robbing I think two merchants so it shouldn't but... basically keep a backup before the choice of who you want to be. If you have a USB and want to be extra safe then upload a file where you're Lo Pheng and going to the Roaming Mehnir, possibly if you reload enough to get the right events you could pop off a chain of mercy events and turn him good.
  5. Okay, having finished up the plat I have to assure that you do get a better hang of it. Game is only truly hard at the start, once you get higher levelled things really do become a breeze. My team of Thorn, Gleda, Mact, Krieger, Hode, and Brett was just obliterating everyone without issue. Lo Pheng's party is weaker but Lo Pheng is the ultimate aggro tank so it's easy mode. Hopper destroys everything so no worries on his end. Iron Man wasn't that bad really. You get less strixs from battle... maybe? Honestly don't recall. Killed off every character I could for Thorn outside the listed party above and Sopp (who Mach replaces) and Skoor (if you keep him he saves you a day in an unavoidable event which basically pays himself off, and he can get good results in a number of events). Lo Pheng's party did run out of strixs but no one died and all the injured characters were ones I wasn't using. Oh and there is some real crappy events so I would close the game if it was a non battle one and just load if it was a battle one that I didn't want for whatever reason (one for example takes up a day which you don't want). A big deal though is PICK LO PHENG AT THE END. It's so important I'm going to make a thread about it. It is possible to get the Iron man trophy picking Thorn, apparently, I assume it can indeed be done as I would think I couldn't get the Reet ending trophy if I didn't have him merciful (Thorn was dead in that playthrough though so... maybe that factors in, don't know)... however even though I seemed to show mercy whenever possible he still wanted to kill Gleda. Picking him in the ending however results in him killing Reet but you don't fight him so he stays alive, you then switch to Thorn for the final battle.
  6. Seems this was moved here to the Resistance section when it seems it might not be a specific Resistance thread. To contribute I do believe the current status is non-canon largely due to Annette's presence. In canon she is dead, as is her husband, so she wouldn't be able to be around and use him as she does. Now you could say that there is a period where her husband has been mutated and before RE2 where it could thus be fit in... but... well, that is stupid. So she got control of her husband for a period, did Resistance while things were popping off, lost control of her husband, and then RE2 happens? Absolutely insane if they were to go with that. As such we could conclude that this would be set X amount of time (few years at most) after RE2 where she managed to survive and got herself and her husband out. This is helped by a few other factors too. Alex Wesker appears much younger than her Revelations 2 appearance so we can gather that this would be set way before that. Spencer while harder to make out as he is still an old dude also appears to look better, the slippers comment to me seems to imply that he ain't yet largely limited to a wheelchair like he is in RE5. However... things being made canon later especially if they get popular isn't exactly a new thing and Resistance actually has a very easy way to where Annette being present could be canon. AI. In short the masterminds are AIs modelled after high level Umbrella employees. How does William exist then? It's virtual reality thats how, hence how when you die you disintegrate, how there is a white light like when you die, so forth. Perhaps the only real Mastermind is Daniel and when he just wants to watch he loads up a mastermind AI personality he has on file. This explains Annette nicely. It explains Jill being incredulous at Spencer actually getting himself involved in something when he normally always uses proxies.
  7. I think the issues of Nikolai existed already in Spencer. The difference with both is Spencer requires you to flip around cameras gathering energy, his ultimate requires precise placing which many people struggle with and even then often just takes down one person and it can be hard to keep on the pressure to keep that person down. Lets not forget also that Spencer gets weakened in Area 3 and his area cards aren't great (his area 2 card now hurts him, no area 2 card would be better). So in essence you have to put more effort into having a strong Spencer than you do a strong Nikolai, who might have worse energy gain than Spencer but has better damage and ammo on his guns. Nikolai being easier to play just makes the issue that already existed more pronounced as more people can be good playing Nikolai than they can be being Spencer. I only play survivor for dailies and yeah. Most run ins with Nikolai tend to be a loss. Doesn't really matter how good I play if he has shot one or two players to pieces.
  8. I wouldn't put much stock in that person as I do believe only what Japanese players say matters when it comes to balancing, so if they don't take much issue with guns then nothing will change. The problem they will have is, as seen with the mod recycler nerf, one that makes cards worthless isn't good. In addition the reason masterminds use guns to start with like this is because creatures are so weak. A nerf on guns without a big time buff on creatures will only piss off Mastermind players as then they're stuck in a situation where ultimately no matter how good they might be, they ain't beating anything above an average team. However the kicker then is if creatures are buffed heavily then survivors will complain creatures are too strong and we're back to square one.
  9. Had to defeat Gabriel Celeste again for Meracle's BTs and thought I'd test the above on him. I didn't have the guard skill equipped on Edge but uh... didn't seem good to me. I'm thinking now that Baccus spamming Termination might be a better bet as you can do it further away from the Queen and because it doesn't hit much it's easy to track how damage you've done. Gabriel at 6 wings on Galaxy has more health than 2 wings Queen on Earth and I got the BT so I'm thinking there is a good shot at this working perhaps.
  10. Hello there. I've been on and off on this game due to the sheer grind of it and all and I've been coming up on the BT of having Lymle beat Ethereal Queen in 10 mins. I'm doing it on Earth because I need to get Faize's BTs anyway and because my Galaxy file has her at 6 wings. What concerns me the most as does anyone who does this fight is knowing when to switch so I was thinking... counting. The only information I could find for her health places it at 10,400,000 which doesn't seem right and even it marks it with a ?. That HP correct? So I was thinking perhaps using a character with a one hit attack that does 99,999 (max attack hits her for max too right) and counting 90 or so hits and then switching to Lymle. Edge has such an attack but perhaps I could speed it up by using Meracle who has one too? I was thinking of doing that and having everyone on manual, means a lot of switching but even if I did it slowly I read that time when time is frozen in the menu doesn't count towards battle time. I'm sure at least one person has done this before so those that have, it work? I mean, is it timely? If doing such a thing takes 15 mins or whatever then obviously it is of no use. I'll of course be going into the fight with a Super Tri-Emblum and something that has max resistances so my stats will certainly be high enough on that end.
  11. Mixtapes are a major problem and a large part why Nikolai/Spencer are so much better than the other Masterminds, but really are just the tip of the iceberg at the end of the day. The main issue that causes those situations to arise is ultimately equipment stacking hence why you get instant revives, instant explosions (though with Red Queen Mod now, you'd be able to get it without stacking), so forth. Also just so you're aware, the nerf is even more non-existent than you make out. To make up for it they can run the book that reduces both personal and fever skill cooldown on top of the mixtapes. The funny thing though is that means 20 points spent on mixtapes, mixtapes which outside Jill (if she reaches area 3) and Valerie are completely useless against Spencer/Nikolai, the best masterminds. It's why I can't really have any sympathy for experienced people playing survivor and complaining about the guns. They're running a build that hard counters creatures and don't like it when Masterminds run something which just laughs in the face of it. They could adapt and run anti-gun builds, but then, what if they run into a creature running mastermind? They won't have their cheese and they can't have that.
  12. Nikolai they likely had ready on release so they could not account for guns, and so Nikolai, being so powerful. A lot of these "roadmaps" that devs like to post these days on release are stuff already done so it gives them time to do actual new content down the line if the game is popular enough to justify it. Here though I don't even think that is even the case... I mean they could have added RE3 enemies in for Nikolai and instead what they added in was just... guns using gun models already in the game. Even his radar pulse appears to be a recoloured pulse that Valerie has. This to me would imply that down the line when they do another Mastermind, likely Albert Wesker, they'll give him the missing RE3 enemies. Watch them give him RE1 Tyrant too so they can just reskin Mr. X and add a claw for minimal work.
  13. You're in luck mate. The new update has made it so you are no longer restricted by equipment points or slots. Still need to unlock cards but you should be better off now.
  14. For whatever reason it took a while for the restrictions to come off for me as I was around when it went live. Lost 4 matches due to that as Nikolai. Kept winning since then and for the most part pretty easily too. Nicolai is extremely strong from what I've seen and I've not even unlocked 3 of the cards that'll make him even stronger. I know Nikolai was likely thought out from the start if not finished but the timing on him is actually pretty bad. People were already complaining pretty heavily about Gun Spencer and Nikolai, time will tell, but actually be even stronger than Gun Spencer. Note that I'm not putting Gun in front of Nikolai there, the reason for that is it seems that guns is all Nikolai can run. He has 1 build. Creatures are a complete waste of time with him. Disappointed there is no extra trophies, but there will be many happy I'm sure. They don't have to worry about their 100% disappearing and having to come back to get them down in online play. Then again, Xenoverse 2 put in trophies down the line which I think were things you could already do... so not impossible they could later (map update for example) release one that has trophies for both Jill and Nikolai. Easy ideas for them would be: Jill: Incapacitate Nemesis. Dodge over traps 5 times. Complete a game with only headshots (I mean she is a trained operative while the rest at best have Becca who hunted). Nikolai: Down 4 people as Nemesis in one game. Hit 3 people with 1 tentacle attack. Win a match using no creatures or guns outside Autoturrets (to reference his comment of something like "You're so easy to kill I'm even closing my eyes")
  15. Sounds like you're playing with Daniel unless you mean the partially armoured zombie. You'll want to hit level 13/14 which unlocks a skill where his zombies when you're controlling them can't be knocked back and then use that. Some people and I've used it myself do use the skill you start with over the knockback but you need equipment to make it work. Ultimately sadly until they bring in some sort of ranked match making you're going to have things stacked against you as the mastermind. As the mastermind not only do you have skills and equipment slots/points locked at low levels like Survivors do, but you have cards many of which are the best ones are locked too. In addition a low level survivor is in a team and high level players can carry them while no one can carry a low level mastermind. Also by the way, levels only matter up to 24. A level 100 has nothing beyond what a 24 would have, they've just played more with that character. Today I played a team of level 40-80 guys on a team and beat them soundly without issue. The only way to get better is to continue playing and leveling up, unlocking cards, and also when playing survivor do try and pick up on things that are happening. If a mastermind you play just wipes you out then it's good to look at how they managed it.