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  1. Yep, just did it myself. Huge thanks to this community, you guys are awesome.
  2. I also reached out explicitly asking about the platinum for Ultimate knockout and was also not directly answered. “Thank you for contacting us about the trophies. There's no reason to worry. Your trophies will still remain unlocked and you won't need to unlock them again once the new launcher will come out. We know it might sound strange because we don't usually hear about launchers on console, but it will be possible because the game stays the same, it's only this launcher that changes. We need to keep reassuring you because this was tested on our side, so you will need to trust us when we say that you will be able to unlock your platinum trophy whenever you will want to. Please contact us again in case of any other questions. Have a nice day! Filip Fall Guys Player Support”
  3. Auctioneer is actually for forcing the most auctions with the item from community chests!
  4. Private with 4 players.
  5. Got this today on Airship by sabotage win after not popping on any other mode and method. Worked for someone I was playing with too.
  6. I have a group that boosts Overwatch weekly. It’s really not terribly difficult.
  7. Hi, we have a boosting group and would be happy to help you if you would like! They do unlock in Quick Play Classic, it is the mode we use! https://discord.gg/dujw9Q5C