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  1. Do I need to play the previous game in the series to enjoy this game? I thought I read somewhere it gets confusing somewhere down the line, but I'm not sure. Would really love some confirmation.
  2. Do you guys by chance know what the music that plays on the themes? I'm not home now so I can't tell. If it's Groovy or Our Moment that would be amazing. Edit: Nevermind it says in the bottom
  3. Platinum #23: 

    Hello Neighbor 


    This is an awful game with very few instances of actual fun problem solving. This game is so bad that it is a suggested to use glitches to bypass certain puzzles.


    The trophies are even worse, they are all cryptic, finicky, and hard to figure out on your own, and the worst trophy I have had the pleasure of going for... Don't Bite Snow White requires you to continuously play the game for 3 hours waiting for a tree to grow, so an apple can drop down and grant you the trophy, avoid this game, now matter how enticing the platinum looks, or how "easy" it seems, it's not worth the money or time...

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    2. WhennesseeTiskey


      Would you say it's a generally bad game or just because of the trophies? Usually if I want a game, but don't want to be distracted by the trophies I'll pick it up on the Switch. Avoid this one completely?

    3. ee28max


      Well done! 💯 

    4. FrostIsFurious


      Thanks, it took a lot out of me to finally get the plat.


      And this game is still bad even from a normal game standpoint, the story, game mechanics, physics, are all random and don't work like they should... When I purchased the game on a whim with my friends to make fun of it, we didn't realise how terrible the game is, it's frustrating, it is very unclear on what you are supposed to do in some sections, don't buy, you're doing yourself a favor, trust me...

  4. I am in need of someone willing to help me with a guide, the only thing I ask is that you have had completed Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair. I would like help setting up the Chapter trophies, as these yield answers to the Class Trials, and there are lots of things to do, so I would really appreciate some help .
  5. Guys, I have a dillemma...


    A long time ago, I played a Garfield game on the PS2 and I can't remember what it's called!


    I remember it takes place mostly during nighttime, and the front cover has something to do with Garfield riding Odie and jumping a fence, maybe? Please I need to know...

    1. RedRodriguez87


      garfield lasagna world tour, maybe?

    2. Kittet3


      I know I never played the game you're talking about, but yet I have a vague memory of playing it :dunno:

    3. FrostIsFurious


      @RedRodriguez87 Thanks! That is it, I remember it was packaged with two different games where I got it, a pool game, and a pinball one. And... it doesn't look so good now...

  6. The nomination thread has one. If you're looking to vote, unfortunately voting is closed, but otherwise, go for it
  7. I watched the Possession of Hannah Grace just last weekend. Despite the very negative reviews, I enjoyed it! It had an interesting setting, had characters you were invested in, you felt bad for the deaths that happen which is really rare for me in horror movies, and it's not even an exorcism movie, it explores what happens if that fails and how much pressure it puts on the people involved in it. Which, from my knowledge, wasn't really done before, at least in the way this movie does. It's set in an drop-in morgue where ambulances drop off dead bodies and stuff, which in itself, I haven't seen from a movie before, it shows some interesting things our main character needs to do for her job at the morgue, and if this is what all night morgue workers, I wouldn't mind working at one lol . There are a lot of conflicting things the main character deals with, like dealing with stress in ways that make the other characters think the actual danger she is in is all in her head. My biggest problem with the movie is... it's not scary. Sure, a newbie movie watcher might be paranoid for the rest of the night after watching this, but I found most of the scares, and kills pretty predictable, and or, nothing gutwretching, sudden (unless you count jump scares). Speaking about kills, none of them are that creative, and a lot of the time the movie leads you into believing something bigger is going to happen and it just... doesn't, the deaths are more like, "No this person is going to die " instead of making your heart race. Overall, if you're looking to go see a new spin on the 'possession' genre, go see this movie! A lot of people bashed on this movie, and most of the time, I see why, but with this movie, I honestly believe it's one of the better movies from 2018 (although I haven't watched many this year)
  8. If either Life Will Change, Blooming Villain, Last Surprise, Will Power, Wake Up (Get Up, Get Out There) aren't music tracks when Joker drops for Smash, there will be riots in the streets

  9. My situation with Doom is that I play maybe half a level, and I quit for a month, pick it up, beat less then half the next level, quit for more than a month. I don't know what's about it, but it didn't click with me either...
  10. I'm very proud of a lot of my guides this year, can't wait for voting...
  11. Just bought Persona 5! Before I start playing it though, do I need to know anything from the previous games or is it a Nier thing and it's more for the die hard fans?

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    2. ex10097


      I agree with @Dr_Mayus. You should always play your first Persona run completely blind without being spoiled by the anime/guide. That way you will be able to completely immerse yourself in it and get the full experience. I really enjoyed Persona 3 The Journey all the way to the end but didn't understand the implications about that ending. Until I played The Answer and was asking


      "Where's Minato?"

      Then I heard he was in a coma and was like okay so the point of this game is to wake him up? I can live with that. But then when I heard that he had a funeral and they buried him I was like :blink:D::jaymon:😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭


      As far as I am concerned, i will NOT accept The Answer and Persona 4 Arena as canon. Minato was just sleepy and will wake up to continue living his harem school life. Anyone who says otherwise is actually a Strega fan.


    3. FrostIsFurious


      Ahhh don't worry, i was going to do that anyway 

    4. FrostIsFurious



  12. I recommend playing maybe once or twice more and make triple sure that you do everything. I.E, all path ways, getting all the animatronic sketches from Greg's path, etc.
  13. Outlast 1 and 2 are great ways to really understand what "perma-death" means. From my concern, that two games are the only ones without exploitable ways to beat said mode.
  14. Man I love disputes, reminds me of class trials in Danganronpa lol
  15. Hardest Outlast 2 Wolfenstein 2 Celeste (without Assist Mode) Super Meat Boy Challenging Downwell Crash Bandicoot Amnesia: Collection (I missed one note and had to beat A Machine for Pigs again 😡 ) Annoying/Longest Grind Injustice 2 Friday the 13th Dead by Daylight