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  1. Hey Minato-San 😁

    1. Eagle
    2. konor-good


      Who are you and why are you talking to me

  2. Spoilers ahead: SO I got to Genichiro and happen to beat him, and may I add, I feel like I beat him really early on. In my mind that begs the question, will I mess up anything if I pick an answer from Lord Kuro? I've tried looking at the guide for clues but I'm not 100% what path to take and what my best course of action should be in terms of missing a trophy and having to go back through another playthrough to get it
  3. Wanna play Among Us

    1. konor-good


      Why're you ignoring my request to play Among us Minato-San/

    2. konor-good
    3. Yuna


      Have you boys made up?

  4. Hey, I'm looking at the Doki Doki Literature Club Plus trophy banner and I don't even think it's official art, It almost sort of amateur. If there is any other image to change it to - that would be nice!
  5. Good profile. While I don't care about completion percent, I can tell you've been really hammering it in with that 85%, 8/10.
  6. The games have been updated with a lot of quality of life changes and critical fixes, pausing mid-night allows you to think about your next move, so maybe that could be the next move?
  7. Dang you really slept on that RE7 Samurai Edge then huh
  8. The Management and Class DLC packs offer the best classes and managers for your businesses, but it's all still perfectly doable without, it's definitely easier with them but it's up to you...
  9. I'm starting a Resident Evil 8 guide, any takers for collaborators?
  10. You are playing the victim card SOOO hard, you called someone a sheep for enjoying a series and expected them to not give it back? Tf is wrong with you.