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  1. With that pun, I'll be dead by daylight . Celeste really drained me for some reason...
  2. I'm back from the dead! My Celeste trophy guide has been submitted, and will (hopefully) be out soon! Sorry for such a long absence, I've been juggling school, work, family, and was having a burn out on this website, but hopefully, I shall make a triumphant return and gracefully get back into the swing of things, again...
  3. Wait, are the pre-orders up on PlayStation? Or is it still the Bandai Namco website? Edit: Just pre-ordered off of GameStop, Day One shipping, can't wait
  4. It's really that simple? Huh...
  5. Recently since the August games were released, the platinum percentage was basically lowered for both games, in my case, Dead by Daylight has something like a 1.50% on the site, which surpasses a couple of my quote-unquote rarest trophies. Is it glitched? Or am I doing something wrong, since I've updated my profile multiple times...
  6. Preordered The Walking Dead: The Final Season so it's the first thing I'm able to play once my PlayStation is sent back, been piggie backing off of friends, (and my really old laptop) to play and make guides for games, so once it's back, I plan to start a trophy guide for it (since it's not a free platinum anymore), I guess people can help with it, and trophy guides (by me), will be more regular, hopefully.
  7. No, he is not OP, the only instance he might be is if he had the offering called "Fragrant Tuft of Hair" and "Judith's Tombstone" which makes him go slower than normal, so it's not really OP, it's just slightly favoring Myers if he's doing his job right, his job is supposed to be a mix between sneaking around, and stalking the survivors
  8. I've been playing it on PC with the new multiplayer update, I might be able to help
  9. Why are people going crazy about this, it's a game called "Thug Life"
  10. You just need some car speakers for the most authenic thug-life expirence, it's so real you can feel your windows vibrate.
  11. God. The game got a 38/100 on Metacritic, it's a lot worse than I thought I mean, all the kids are going to buy their favorite game their favorite youtuber plays, smart business decision on Sony's behalf
  12. My End of Zoe guide just hit 10,000 views, thank you, guys!

    1. BlindMango


      It's been so cool to see just how many more views all guides are getting as the years go on, 10,000 views is just awesome! Especially for it being a DLC guide as well, congrats Frost! :yay::platinum:

    2. Phil


      Here's the kicker: I viewed your guide 9,999 times. Sorry, it's just that good. 

  13. I almost got the description part done, it's mostly making the guide look pretty and timestamps for Impress Your Friends. Help is much appreciated!