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  1. It was fully downloaded 100%, the weirdest part though is that it was actually open and running, and I can inch my way through the company logos, but it would continue to boot me out each time, I restarted my ps5 and it's fine now. Nah this is the worst take I've ever seen in my life
  2. I just got the upgrade, but every time the splash screen starts up, the game boots me back to the ps5 menu.... anyone else experiencing this?
  3. Someone by the name of PrototypeAlpha (in the Amnesia Game Speedrun discord) went into the game's code or something and found the dev time. Does anyone know what this means? From what I saw, it seems like the time to beat is 2 hours and 20 minutes, does anyone know something about this? πŸ€”
  4. Spoilers ahead: SO I got to Genichiro and happen to beat him, and may I add, I feel like I beat him really early on. In my mind that begs the question, will I mess up anything if I pick an answer from Lord Kuro? I've tried looking at the guide for clues but I'm not 100% what path to take and what my best course of action should be in terms of missing a trophy and having to go back through another playthrough to get it
  5. Hey, I'm looking at the Doki Doki Literature Club Plus trophy banner and I don't even think it's official art, It almost sort of amateur. If there is any other image to change it to - that would be nice!
  6. Good profile. While I don't care about completion percent, I can tell you've been really hammering it in with that 85%, 8/10.
  7. The games have been updated with a lot of quality of life changes and critical fixes, pausing mid-night allows you to think about your next move, so maybe that could be the next move?
  8. Dang you really slept on that RE7 Samurai Edge then huh
  9. The Management and Class DLC packs offer the best classes and managers for your businesses, but it's all still perfectly doable without, it's definitely easier with them but it's up to you...
  10. I'm starting a Resident Evil 8 guide, any takers for collaborators?
  11. You are playing the victim card SOOO hard, you called someone a sheep for enjoying a series and expected them to not give it back? Tf is wrong with you.
  12. I remember Outlast 2 was almost banned in Australia, until the governor stepped in and said, "Leave gamers alone", but the scene explicated showed the main character was sexually assaulted, I believe it was changed to be less graphic... There is also a fairly disturbing incident during this as well, there were voice files in the game suggesting the Father Loutermiltch and Jessica (who was a 12-year-old girl) engaged in sexual acts as well, and from the context given in the game, it gets worse...
  13. Congrats everyone!
  14. I'll start off strong with my GOTY... I believe the Persona 4 Golden guide should win this year, in fact, I think it's probably one of the top 5 guides on the site. It does such a great job explaining what you need to do each day, making it compact, and (for the most part) easy to read, really made my replay of P4G (on PC haha) a breeze, the only thing I'd say is a bit off is that it mixes the unimportant quests with the mandatory quests, and I just wish those were separated from the guide in some way, otherwise, this is a great guide! Onto gameplay, my two picks would have to be the Crash 4 Collectible Guide and the Persona 5 Confidant Guide, with Crash 4 taking a slight edge. We all know how hard Crash 4 is, so seeing these two make the effort to compile everything from each level and give detailed notes, and videos made on their own, with timestamps and everything, that is such a commendable feat, further note, Tropy replied fairly quickly to my responses in the comments of his videos. Leaving the Persona 5 Confidant Guide, while it's not entirely important for this guide to exist, I'm glad it does, and I wish I had it before I started my playthrough, saving me some mindless google searches and some not so certain dates for when certain confidants appear, which could make or break a playthrough if you mess up. Walkthrough: This goes to Demon Souls and Persona 4 Golden, for Persona I already stated above, while I'm not a huge Demon Souls person, I can definitely tell how much work, effort, and overall knowledge of the game was is there, while I can't attest if it's truly one to one with the game since I haven't played it, the guide surely looks the part, and not just on a surface level. Niche: I'm giving this to I Am Bread and Subnautica, these games both have this mysterious air around them, in Subnautica's case, it's relatively hard to get started, even harder to keep going after that, but this guide is the perfect resource for people starting this game out. And the I Am Bread guide breaks everything down so well that it makes me feel like playing it, and makes me feel like I could potentially take it on (or not haha)... DLC: While I'm not very knowledgeable in either of these (any more that is) I give my votes to Minecraft and Kingdom Heart 3. I voted for the Minecraft guide as it is really in-depth with its explanation of items, and how to get things, stuff like that, Minecraft becomes a much much harder game once you put it down for a while, so many new changes, but it's up to the guide writers to break it all down, which this guide does greatly in my opinion. While I know even less about Kingdom Hearts, I can safely say, this guide seeps with so much information, there's only so many ways I could say "This guide has a lot of stuff", but in this guide's case, it breaks down every single possible aspect, whether someone would actually have problems taking on the challenge or not, which I think people should take notes on, even myself, you never know what people will struggle on... Formatting: This goes to Doom Eternal and Trails of Cold Steel 4. I liked the Doom Eternal guide because it feels like the writer has some personality, while also being able to explain everything well. For the Trails of Cold Steel guide, I was enamored by the sheer greatness of it all, it has a great look, extraordinary detail on every little thing, yet I still know nothing about this series, it looks nice, and I can't truly attest for the actual quality of the info, but it does seem like a game a walkthrough like this would be much harder to make compared to something like Persona... Imported: My vote goes to Nocturne and the BlazBlue: Chronophantasma - θΏ½εŠ γƒˆγƒ­γƒ•γ‚£γƒΌγ‚°γƒ«γƒΌγƒ—γ€Œγ‚³γ‚³γƒŽγ‚¨γ€, at this point, I will be repeating my words a lot, saying these all have a lot of info Original: This pick will go to the Persona 5 Royal and Trails of Cold Steel IV guides, a lot of the reason why I picked Persona 5 is that it fits so much of the new stuff into an easy to sift through and easy to read guide, and for trails, it just has a lot, there's no way someone would be dissatisfied reading through it
  15. This trophy is really grinding my gears rn... hope it works...
  16. I'll likely hit my 75 platinum goal, and maybe even a 7500-10000 trophies earned goal too while I'm at it I have no clue if I'll ever get the PS5, but I know I'll get Persona 5 Strikers lol
  17. Never thought of it that way... I already added a couple of 1.5 (and 1.4 hehe) stuff to the guide, but I'll make sure to add that, conveniently, I got re-addicted to Stardew Valley, perfect timing
  18. I've been trying to get my refund for a week now... are they done doing refunds? Or is it because of the holidays?
  19. I have a shit ton of clips all saved up lol, but my trim feature seems to be not working, I'm going to keep trying seeing as Jackie literally phased through my car in one of then πŸ‘€
  20. I originally bought P5D and then I was able to buy the bundle after that... Have absolutely no clue if they changed it seeing as I bought them a long time ago, this is an awful business tactic to begin with, now having it locked up is completely stupid, Atlus is like Nintendo in a sense, but more so EA (But in my opinion worse...)
  21. I just got the 1.04 Update, not sure if it's the 1.04 we see here but yeah