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  1. Already updated the guide with the Torment effect, can't wait for release
  2. Surgeon Simulator, not because it's good, but it took the most out of me...
  3. That's really weird, it seems like there isn't anything online about it, but the best solution for this is to either see if it's unavailable on other platforms in your region, try to reach out to Spike Chunsoft, or create an account outside your region and share it with your own account, it's $30 USD on the American store.
  4. Yeah Darkness is really cool, i would totally follow his guide... if there was one...
  5. I will try to do it at some point, I've been watching a lot of bawkasoup and Distortion Inferno runs
  6. My top five rarest trophies are now all from Surgeon Simulator... all I have to say to that is "Why?"

    1. Mike13858


      All five of my rarest trophies are from Olli Olli 2, which isn't even a hard game. It was a PS+ game at one point which made the trophies a lot rarer. 

    2. eigen-space


      And you've got quite a nice chunk of UR trophies too!
      I just looked at the trophy list and it looks pretty daunting. Is it not as bad as it seems...?

    3. MinatoIsDeadLol


      They are daunting if you don't like having things up to chance, or things you cannot control sometimes. I.E. the Ambulance time trials will have random moments where the ambulence will swerve and inhibit your movement, which if you're unlucky, will happen back to back ruining a perhaps great run.


      The blood loss challenges are a lot less of a problem if you know what you're doing. 


      Tl;dr: It's definitely true for ambulance operations, but the rest are based on knowlege and skill rather than random elements.

  7. Friday the 13th, just... janky controls, bad gameplay, easy to cheat.
  8. Resident Evil 3 Guide is up for review right now
  9. Trick question: You don't 😆
  10. I got at least two game on launch day, idk...
  11. Started Resident Evil 3 guide, help is allowed
  12. My Name Is Mayo 😓😓
  13. Detroit Become Human, amazing game
  14. Ummmmmmm.... Judge Eyes...
  15. Persona 5 Royal in 2 days, and Resident Evil 3 in 5, can time progress slower?

    1. Yuna4353


      Luckily for me i only plan o getting P5R only for now