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  1. same here for eu Vita, only noticed when there was no platinum at the end 😒 edit: tip from Conker worked for me, big thanks. i only waited 10 mins in vita menu then started the game again trophy popped without reentering a word
  2. i spoke today with ea support on the phone, only thing they can say Fifa 16 is not supported. 🙄 Every other online mode is working properly. I read somewhere that you can still play seasons in Fifa 15 Fut. So why should they turn off 16 beforehand? Maybe it is a server issue, but over 4 weeks now... According to my research, all systems are affected. PS4, PS3, Xbox 360, Xbox One.. Every time you enter FUT -> Single Player Season it says there " Seasons are currently unavailable. Please try again. " For FUT -> Online Season it says there " Sorry, an error has occurred and we were unable to retrieve your Seasons data. Please try again. " The trophy is called Class of '16Win a division title in FIFA Ultimate Team Seasons
  3. oh thats bad ea, just bought 4 copies to selfboost this crap. Started yesterday collecting trophies. not good
  4. wtf are there 8 stacks incoming ?
  5. Thank you smashero No need for the turorial or money?
  6. Hello, Can i Do this right at the Start of the Game or Do I have to spend hours to get there? Im planning to buy it after work and instantly going for this Trophy.
  7. Any news here? Vita Version is already sold out at Limited run There is also a ps4 physical Release from Limited run i was wondering if they share this new trophy list
  8. i have both stacks installed, digital Versions, for EU Version it says Version 1.02 Size 7,38 GB and the HK (Asia) Stack says Version 1.00 Size 4,77 GB. so i guess Asia Digital will not be patched
  9. Hello Trophy Hunters, i already own the EU digital version of the game. Can i do the co-op trophy with that or do i have to buy 2 jap versions ? thank you in advance
  10. Does anyone know which stack it will be? EU or NA
  11. you only get 10 buddy points for a dig. i quit the game changed the date manually and restarted the game. from the beginning you get 40 points for the 4 dig spots then take the tunnel to any location i think my was the mines, you get 50 points for using the tunnel. back home to the store buy something to save the game then quit and change the date again....
  12. found this and it works for both of our versions very well
  13. i guess the only chance for vita might be vita tv, can anybody test it ?
  14. found this, is it really chinese only???
  15. Hello, can anybody confirm this stack is psn vita or physical signature edition from uk ?