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  1. >observer_, from the guys that made Layers of Fear, fits into the "obscure" category quite literally. A must-have experience if you like psychedelic horror.
  2. Mostly Dragon Ball FighterZ. Always loved the series and db fighting games, and this one is just so well made and easy to pick up. I had a ton of fun online playing ranked and casual, even at the beginning when I sucked at blocking and I would get completely rekt by those Living Legend ranks' ridiculously long combos - sometimes amidst those combos I would even have enough time to go prepare myself a nice meal, enjoy it while watching a Curb Your Enthusiasm episode, then drive a couple hours to visit my family and spend quality time with them, hit the gym on my way home, watch my football team play for the national championship, and have a peaceful dinner thereafter. I would then get back to the PS4 with some haste because the combo should be almost midway-through and I'd have to be prepared and react in case of a combo drop. Regarding the plat, I couldn't care to grind the 200000000000000 gazillion zeni, so I'd just play it for fun, practicing some decent combos myself and some techs. Stopped playing a week or two ago but I might get back to it because of the recent balance patch where they buffed my Trunksu 🤗
  3. I'm a dev. But I work closely with QA, so that's where I got the 'Expected/Actual Final Result' part I guess 😂
  4. For me, it was a Platinum that I didn't get that "broke" me. Game in question is Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 for the PS3. So here's the story, kind of hilarious and sad altogether now that I think back on it (though at the time it was only sad): So there I was trophy hunting yet another game as usual, and having some good time with Lego Harry Potter ( had always been a fan of both Lego and HP ). When I was almost done with it and the only thing left for the 100% was to colect some sort of special brick or whatever and to buy the last characters, something happens in the game that makes me plug in my second controller. (for those who don't know, lego games are always played with 2 characters, one being yours and the other one controlled by either AI or co-op with a second controller). For some reason, the AI goes full retard in some level and gets stuck, making it impossible to move forward. Then, I just said "f*ck it lmao I'll just plug the another controller and be done with this, what's the worse that could happen". Then I easily got the retard character unstuck and proceeded. Thing is that , instead of unplugging the controller I just plugged in, I just continued playing with it and unplugged the first controller. Then I proceeded to finish whatever I had left to do with the second controller, including buying the characters. Turns out this game is massively trophy-glitched when it comes to being played co-op, and some trophies are locked out when the requirements for them are met with a second controller. Furthermore, it automatically saves whenever you get something new (such as unlocking new characters, for example). So, after going character shopping with the second controller: Expected Final Result: I would get the trophies for unlocking all variations of Voldemort and 100% completion, with only 1 trophy left for the Plat that involved doing some killing with the newly unlocked Voldemort. Actual Final Result: Me waiting almost 5 minutes for those trophies to pop, only to realize that something was wrong and I had wasted almost 30 hours of my life on a plat I probably wouldn't get, and an incredible wave of desperation and sadness growing inside. There wasn't even a chance to reload a save or anything to try and get it again, because it automatically saved when I bought the last character. The trophy for 100% Completion would eventually unlock after some running around, but never the "Buy All Variations of Voldemort" one. I hoped that it would unlock when I did the last trophy that involved using Avada Kedavra with Voldemort, but it didn't. So in the end, I had 98% of the trophies, with only that little glitched bronze f*uck left to unlock. The only chance to unlock it again would be to complete the game all over again and waste another 30 hours, because Voldemort only becomes available to buy when pretty much everything else is unlocked/completed. From that day, I promise I would never touch a Lego game again. Never again.
  5. Wheat From Chaff (3.41%) Gain 25 PERFECT medals. Still another 25 to go. Pretty game, challenging and addictive
  6. The Last of Us. The jokes trophy glitched on me, lost the little will I had to plat it
  7. My Power Level is 530,000 World Match - Acquire 530,000 BP. Even though it's not that big of a deal, I'm actually proud of myself for getting this trophy the legit way after 2 weeks of starting to play ranked.
  8. I already completed the story. Guess I'll do some other stuff for the 100% and check from time to time if there's someone sitting there. Thanks
  9. So as it states in the title, whenever I go to the saloon in Valentine the FFF table is empty - which voids me from completing the challenge "Beat the five finger fillet player in every location". Is this a matter of coming back later to check if someone is sitting there? Or am I f*cked?
  10. They will reappear, you need not worry ☺️
  11. Friday 6 July Uruguay 1-1 France (penalties will decide their fate) Brazil 2-3 Belgium (a.e.t.) Saturday 7 July England 2-0 Sweden Russia 1-3 Croatia
  12. #86 Alien: Isolation Enjoyment: 8.5/10 Difficulty: 4/10 Estimated time: 25-30h A very intense experience. Mandatory for the fans of the original Alien film (1979), as it brilliantly manages to capture its atmosphere and creepiness. The stealthy encounters with the xenomorph have got to be one of the most stressful experiences in a videogame ever, and the game mechanics work really well in a very detailed retro-futuristic scenario. Lots of Easter Eggs for the fans of the Alien series as well. The least good part of it was how long the story was. It would benefit from a more compact storyline, as it seemed sometimes that the story was a bit stretched. Very straight forward platinum if it was not for the "One Shot" trophy, which makes you go through the game without dying. Nothing really hard, but it can be a pain and make you backtrack a bit, especially in later missions. You should definitely play this if you're a fan of horror games ☺️
  13. This might be a controversial one in terms of it being a good PS4 game or not, but I'll say No Man's Sky. Lazy and boring trophy list that doesn't even encourage you to finish the story. Got a little better with the Pathfinder update, but still. Also, that Galapagos trophy has got to be one of the worst ideas a human being has ever had.
  14. You're right. My conjecture was wrong 🙃 turns out I got it after making those fish with sharp teeth dance, early-ish on my Casual challenge playthrough (on Rilgar, iirc). Since I completed the game on Normal the first time, my theory goes nullified. Oh well
  15. Maybe the Disco counter resetting or not has to do with the difficulty you start Challenge Mode on? Like, if you completed the game first time around on Normal and started Challenge Mode on Casual, the counter would go to 0. Or it may even have different counters for all the difficulties. That could explain why some people only get it at the final battle with Nefarious (Challenge Mode) even though they made him dance in the first encounter (provided, of course, they completed regular and challenge mode on different difficulties). Then again, this is just a conjecture. ☺️ I'm going through Challenge Mode now, spamming the groovibomb to every group of enemies I see. Wish me lucc