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  1. Hello, I am relatively new to trophy hunting and I currently only have a ps4 pro. My current job is extremely laid back and has constant downtime and I was thinking about purchasing a Vita to earn some trophies while I sit here. I read that sony has stopped producing them which I am fine with, but I don't want to sink $100 into it if they will be shutting down online at all so I can't earn any trophies. What do you guys think?
  2. Hello everyone, I haven't seen a thread dedicated for Condor help so I'm making one. I have around 8-10 hours of attempts on regular and long tee on hole 12 with no success. Does anyone have any tips to make this a little bit easier? Here is a link that I found for reference on where to aim the ball at. (Credit goes to Metalaneor on youtube.)
  3. Just adding another layer of BS to not be able to go for it on certain days 🙄
  4. Mega cups are listed as unofficial are you sure that those count? I saw someone else state the same thing but I was not sure
  5. Have you done the 9 hole course bonus? I got a character after that but it could have been coincidence since I don't play until the evening and there is usually a character when I get on.
  6. At this point I would assume this does. The fact that some people have gotten 3 condors to beat all the secret characters but have not gotten all Vs. characters yet makes me feel like it does.